Friday, June 13, 2008

New Concert Dates & How about TRL??!!

Did you guys watch TRL yesterday. big brother Mason is about the coolest guy I know. That was AMAZING and congrats bro on ALL the are my IDOL!

Hey guys...just wanted to pass along a few dates:

Tomorrow I will be in Knoxville, TN at the Knoxville Convention Center and they will have a few things for sale at the booth. I think if you buy something you are suppose to get an autograph. We are not running the booth...but check that out if your there. This particular event is a meet and greet only. Looking forwrad to seeing you guys tomorrow. Doors open at 10:AM Meet and greets are for 2 hours and there are two of them. One at noon and one at 3:PM

Concerts: Merchandise for Sale at ALL concerts!!

June 20/June 21 - Honolulu Hawaii Aloha Stadium 7:30PM

June 25th -Bloomfield Hills, MI - Cranbrook Education Center - PRIVATE PARTY by invitation Only - sorry about that. If you are going...I will see you there!

June 28 - Denver, CO - Elitch Gardens 299 Walnut Street 7:00PM Show starts

July 11 - Kenosha , WI - Kenosha County Fair - Doors open at 3:PM SHow starts at 7:15PM Other artists will open

July 19th - Venetian Festival Downtown - Saint Joseph, MI - 3:00PM

July 24 - Ionia Free Fair Fairgrounds- Ionia, MI.- Mitchel onens for Corbin Bleu at 7:00PM

Jul 26 - Ocean Front Arena Wildwood - Convention Center , Wildwood, NJ.- Drew Seeley at 2:PM, Mitchel at 3:15PM , Raven at 4:45

July 27 - Emmet County Fairgrounds -Petoskey, MI. - Mitchel opens for Corbin at 6:00PM

July 28 - Modern Woodmen Park, Davenport,IA - Mitchel opens for Corbin at 7:00PM

Aug 2 - Otsiningo Park - Binghaton, NY = Mitchel on at 2:30

Let me know if I will be meeting you soon!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Still no Florida dates? We are anxious to see you, so come soon lol. Hope you have fun at the places you are going.

GiGi said...


YAY, I might be able to go to a meet & greet in DC or NY, or both! My mom was wanting to travel up to NY anyways...we may not make it to the concert Aug. 2, but the DC and NY meet & greets are strong possibilities!! That would be so awesome, seeing you for the 3rd time! And maybe this time I can get a hug! Haha. =]

Well I hope to see you then, and can't wait to hear stories from the other concerts! You rock!


leanneee =] said...

oh. my. gosh.
i jumped.
and like stopped breathing.

Sun. Sept. 7 - New York. NY - Roosevelt Field - MACY's

all i can say is:

omg. mitchel you dont even know. i love that mall too lmfao.

ps- im shaking right now.

Sara said...


You're coming back to Boston!!!
I love you so much right now :D.
You just made my day.
and its amazing enough that today was my last day of classes.

I watched TRL yesterday and now i'm craving milkshakes because of Mason and Trace giving out shakes hahaha.

You just made me really really happy.


amy said...

awwwwwww!!! mitchel. u are the sweetest brother. mason and trace were funny on TRL. i cant believe mason threw up on alex suarez's jacket. lmao anyway. i'd love to meet ya but no FL dates. :( but have tons of fun on ur tour and meet and greets and stuff. :D much love. <3

Ashlee said...

i don't like those meet and greet locations. west coast is cooler than the east coast.

LauraaaRawr said...

Hey Mitchel!
Sorry I haven't commented in awhile.
Busy, busy! =P
So I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it to your show in Binghamton.
Can't wait to see you there!
Much love<3

leanneee =] said...

& carly

lmfao sorry people i cant think straight.

Alana said...

Why isn't Florida on that list?!
Start talkin' mister!hahaha
At least consider Florida in October(my B-Day month.).But if you don't like Florida just say it!!...............just kidding.
I am sorry but i missed TRL yesterday(don't hurt me).But i'm pretty sure it was awesome.

Congrats on the more dates!but pleaseeeeeeeee come to florida!!!
Don't make me beg!!(wait i tried when i commented a while ago)
<3 ~ByE~ <3

P.S:Do you like Macy*s?

P.S.S:i saw i pic of Noah waring a "I <3 Metro Station" tee shirt.I thought that was so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just posted on The other post, but i'll post on this one too, Your coming to MI so many times this year!! I knew this was going to be THE year that would be AMAZING!! I'm so excited!! Thanks! your AWESOME! I will be seeing you July 19 for your concert, hopefully July 24 and August 9 as well!!! Have an awesome day tomorrow!

-Katie R.
p.s could you maybe add a FL trip...for my dear friend Molly?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes, I DID watch TRL yesterday, I got really excited when Mason and Trace came out. its SO exciting to know how BIG Metro Station is getting! I clapped when they came out. And i have to say, Mason's milkshakes looked yummer then Traces...LOL and he looked like he had fun handing out that BIG bowl of milkshake! YUMMY!

-Katie R.

hilary said...

...come back to california!

Taylor said...

awhh .
Mason is my hero !
loll .
hes suchh an ahmazingg singer !
just likee youu !
tell him congratulations !
awhh .
yer nott comingg to floridaaaa ?
loll .
well ,, good luck at yer concerts
&& meet&greets !
i lovee youu mitchel !
:] <3
&& I miss youu !

Anonymous said...

dang it mitchel! you ain't no where near me!!!!! but i did watch trl yesterday. it was like one of the coolest things i have ever seen in my life! mason was sooooo cool! he looks sooo fantastic in an apron! lol! have a good weekend an father's day and tell your dad i say "happy father's day!" to him! and tell marc and mason i say hi!!!!!!!


Carly said...




Anonymous said...

I'll be meeting you in PA on August 23!!

Hardcore Hammii ((Hannah-Lee))

kellyyy said...



if you are lucky.
i might go.


Elizabeth said...


I cant help but say this, but I'm a little hurt. Throughout this whole tour, you arn't stopping in TX. Your home state! :[

TRL was amazing and I'm really surprised at how big Metro Station has gotten over the past year and a half.

I'm really proud of you and all of your tour stops and meet n greets! Keep on rocking, Mitchel! :D

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

So it's not a concert.
But I'm still bringing beastin signs.
Yeah, DFridge.
Bring MarcMarc too. I need to scare that kiddo. In person. ahhhahha


KT J. said...

I loved metro station on trl!!!!

i have two (i guess thats the plural lol)

lol awwe not alabama again? =(

its ok, hopefully i'll see ya again soon!

Happy touring, Mitchel ;)

Katie said...

Mitchel i'm so happy you're coming to Michigan again! The first time you come i'll be in France...I was so upset I couldn't go! Do we need VIP passes to meet you?

lizzieeeee said...

wooo chicago :D

Lauren said...

Ahhh! You're coming to my town on Sept 6th at Macy's in Braintree. I will DEFINITELY be there. An early birthday present to me!! :D
--Lauren [:

Jenny said...

YAY MITCH! you're coming to minnesota finally! haha. the mall of america huh.. well, i'll see if i can go.. hopefully. if my mom says! haha. no concert? oh well, i'm fine with the meet and greet. ... if you beatbox for me! and maria. haha.

oh haha "GRESST"
haha sorry. i always correct you =/

cyaaaaa mitchieeee.

laurennn said...

florida? :(

lovemitchel2000 said...

Hey Mitchel just to let you know you might be seeing me on June 20 or June 21 in Honolulu and to let you know I'm coming all the way from Mesa AZ. I might also see you in Denver June 28 and or in my grandmothers home state on july 11 Kenosha Wisconsin so see you there maybe. O and please message me it would be the ending or the highlight of my day.

Anonymous said...

u nead 2 come 2 Boca Raton, Florida!!! the last time u came sorta close to here i was sick and i couldnt meet u :(


Alicia Price said...

i will be at woodfeild i live like right there that is my mall!!!!!!!
omg i can't wait to meet you

Alicia Price said...

OMG i will meet uoy in chicago IL more like shaumburg but wat ever i like like 10 min form there and i cant wait to see omg its so exciting!!!!!
can u look at some of my photography it would really mean a lot tell me what you think thanks!!!

Disa said...

Woah slow down turbo... WHERE'S SEATTLE :(
Hahah. Even if it's just a meet & greet... you still need to come here :D

I missed TRL :(
It was on at 12:30 here and I was at school and I forgot to set my TV to record it soo I was pretty mad when I remembered. Laaame.

Kel said...

i watched ittt :)
mason was a little quiet though haha, a little weird cause usually in videos of him on youtube and stuff he's always hyper and fooling around. he looked so cute. trace also :)

duuude, thats so cool that your actually gonna go chill in some sweet cities.

philly, where im from :)

your definitely living an awesome life. congratulations. best of wishes <333

Brittany said...

heyy mitchel :]
i will def. be going to the meet & greet in chicago.
well, see you then :]


MeganP2010 said...

aww lame, still no san francisco! I'm sure you're working on that though, righhhhht?? ya you are.

and I TOTALLY watched trl! trace and Mason were cute as usual! haha mason's story about throwing up on alex suarez... lol, poor guy.

so, i'll be coming on over to LA soon, hopefully while you're in town... i'll have a meet and great, and you can get my autograph, kay? good plan.

-Love, Megan.

hay. said...

i'm excited.

oliviaakiddo! said...

ooh y ou're dads gonna be famousszz.

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
i most def did see trace and mason on TRL! it was awesome! hopefully blake and anthony can be on there with them one day!

man oh man mitchel, you are a BUSY BEE! sounds like its fun though. dont work too hard now;)

josiee(: said...

omg. you're gonna be at the mall of america! i'll definitely be there. (:

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

aww that sounds so cool!
cant wait!!i think i might be going to the one in bost!and if i do ill faint and cry and deff' scream becuase i never met u before and ur a really big deal to me!!
i hope u have the best timee!!

megan said...

so i know you already did one in upstate ny.. but.. how about one
in spencerport AT MY HOUSE!! we can go seimming!! hehehe.

in fact if you come on the 20th i will be having a bumch of GIRLS SWIMMING OVER!! lmao..

omg mason was amazing on trl!! :D

so yeahh about my house... come over.!

cause dont you want to meet me again?!?!??!?!??

love you!

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

aw man, still no Florida dates?
=D lol
i can NOT stop watching the music video for "Shake It"!! I love that song! I can't get it out of my head. =D i've played at least 6 jillion times hahaha.
Have fun at all your concerts and meet and greets and all that jazz! =D

God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

brooke said...

omfg, your going to braintree..
that's right next to my hometown.
ahah that is SO weird.
ahh, my dad said we could go..but i have to see if i'm in school and everything.
whatever, i could just skip :D, loll.
woo, hopefully i'll be able to go to that one..
or the chicago one!


Anonymous said...

AH YES HARTFORD! haha i'll be there :)

Anonymous said...


Come to Florida.....
We miss you here.

Anonymous said...

Metro was awesomee on TRL!

aww. no alabama?

hopefully I'll see you if you go on another tour, which I hope.

*crosses fingers*

I bough a hat and a dog tag.
they are COOLLLL!


Terri said...

Wow!! There are no concert dates for MASS

Thats ok there is a meet and great and i will go!!

CYA SEP 6th :)

Your fan always~ Kerri

Allie said...


YOU ARE COMING TO LI! FINALLY! Roosevelt Field Mall is literally 15 minutes away from my house. I will be first one on line again, and I will be like, I'M SEEING YOU AGAIN! AHHH! Hopefully I'm not shaking this time... maybe after we can scope the mall for some cool clothes? Biggest mall in NY! I know a store that has some Glamour Kills, and Macy's is right next to the Apple Store, and then we can get some tea at Teavana, and maybe get some sushi at this food court (there are 2 places, I know the cheaper one!). YAY! THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT I WILL BE THERE. MITCHEL IS COMING TO NY! My heart is pounding right now. I can't believe this is happening!

I saw them! Like I said, they looked kinda tortured giving out milkshakes, and they talked more about Trace's tattoos and Miley more than the actual music... NEW CD ANYTIME SOON?!

With much love.
Allie (i almost wrote alloe)


Anonymous said...

Bleh. I didn't realize your Denver thing didn't start 'til 7pm. I was going to tag along and see you live but I don't think I can make it :(

BUT, I definitely will be at Elitch's that day and I'll warm up the rides for you :)

AND, I know someone who's going to make a special appearance at the Mall of America on the very same day as you. She's a bit of a local celebrity, but with definite global potential.


ya chicago!!! i hope i can go to that one too!!!! have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I wish you would come to Montreal!
But maybe I could go to the one in N.Y.


Nisha said...

Your brother is like really awesome!!!! I like him, but not as much as you!!!! Do you like every place you go and do you get souvenirs? Oh you have little typos in here just to let you know! :) None for Ohio???


leanneee =] said...

oh yes and i did watch trl
ahaha i loved it!
especially when they made the milkshakes (:

jackieee said...

which concerts do you need meet& greets for?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!! Ur coming to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE THERE MITCHEL for sure! OMG, I'm so excited now!! Much love from ur biggest fan in Chicago!!! ♥♥♥ Lynn ♥♥♥

Beth said...

I don't got to much to say so cool cool.
I know boring but whatevs right?


Macy said...

it's my store!
jaykay, but no, i really was named after the macy's store in california. :)
there's really nothing exciting here, except for sea world!

your amazing! :),
<33 macy

i saw mason & trace on TRL!
their amazing!


Danielle said...

i'll be there Sept 7th =)

Valerie said...

ahh mitchel i'm soo going on august 9th to macys at lakeside!!!

can't wait to see you!

Rosario said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I haven't commented in a while. I've been soooo busy.
Anyways, I hope you come to Florida!! My best friend wants to meet you lol and so do I but I already did. :p
I saw ur bro on TRL he was amazing! My friend alicia loves Metrostation! Her fav. band!! :D

-XOXO Rosario :D

Sarah said...

I hope you come to Utah sometime soon!

Mar said...

Hey mitchel!
my friends and are already decided were going to see you on sept. 14 at Woodfield :D I'm really excited! hopefully i'll get to take a picture with you this time haha. But yeah, I can't wait!
i'm gunna start a countdown thingy ahhaa. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

hey i dont remmeber if u said this or not. but for the last tour tht never happened (sadly) did u say u were going to have a tour bus??

are u this time?

ALEX said...

ayyy boyyyyyy
whatchu know about the WEST COAST?!?!?
seriously, i'd come as far as like... portland to see you. i did it before :)
im sorry seattle sucks and is unappealing!!

shireen said...

i completely love you.

im DEFINATLY seeing you on the 25th of this month.
i may possibly see you on aug.9th.

"July 24 - Ionia Free Fair Fairgrounds- Ionia, MI.- Mitchel onens for Corbin Bleu at 7:00PM"

do you mean Livonia?
cause i havent heard of a Ionia

see you in 11 days!
ily- shireen

Annie said...

i didnt see any Florida dates up there mister, but good luck in all your upcoming shows and meet and greets!
and dont forget florida down here, we miss you!
have an awesome day
annie :)

Anonymous said...

*very shocked* Are you kidding? your coming to RI? lol
I am actually smiling right now, that is awesome! Thanks!! This has got to be the best day ever!! (I went to the zoo, got a new bike, we got new fish, and now this)
This meet and greet, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME BEING THERE!!!! I will most likely be going to the mall as soon as it opens... :D (I am so exited I can't keep from laughing)
And its on a Saturday that I am not with my dad!! oh, and just to say, there is a new Red Panda at the Roger Williams zoo (So cute, though I still love the wolves more)!! Hahahahah there is also a butterfly exhibit now, its pretty cool, but they did not have my favorite kind.
lol, I hope you get a chance to see the bike's really cool. let's see what is in Providence...well lot's of stuff. Most of the buildings are brick...a lot of old buildings. Hey want to hear something creepy/cool/awesome/interesting? There is this old yellow and black building in (or near) Providence, I always stare at it when we go by, and I told my mom that I thought it looked haunted (It looked very dark inside and pretty creepy)
Then just recently, I saw a book (In Borders at the Providence mall)
about Rhode Island haunted places, and on the cover is what looks like the same exact looking house that I always went by... lol last night, I finally saw the last Indiana Jones movie...we were out after midnight.

lol Thanks so much!! I still can not believe your coming to RI!!!

-Coral (Your extremely exited fan from Rhode Island)

Nina said...

I have some buddies in Knoxville. But I don't like visiting them, Tennessee sorta gets me down.

Have Fun, I wish I could travel all the time, although its nice to relax sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Have fun guys! I hope all of you'll meet him =)


Dakota said...

Hey babe!
U will be seeing me in colorado!
your surprise is almost done, i just need a few more materials..
Have the best day ever today, unlike the one that u were telling the reporter about!

Luv, Dakota

Annie said...

Mitchel, do you know the time for the meet and greet in Hartford? I'm supposed to be flying out of there on the 16th for school on the 18th, but if it's early enough, I may be able to stay and see youu!





Tess said...

Still no Florida?? Isnt there a squeeze where you can add something me and my friend Katie got you a gift!! We want to give it to you soo bad!! Well I guess we could mail it but you dont open the letters do you, we send themto talent works address!!

Well have fun!! You know the day you go to New York, New York!! Well the day before that I leave from my vacation!!

Have fun every where you go!!!


Tess said...



I never knew you didnt like florida!! WHAAAAA that makes me want to cry!!


P.s. second comment in the last five min!! 5 pionts for me!!!

Allie said...

oh, and your Binghamton date is spelt wrong, I MIGHT GO TO THAT ONE! It all depends. I might have a bigger chance of going to that one since my sister goes to college an hour away from there, and after we can spend the weekend with her. I NEED TO GO!

A bunch of my friends and I were talking about Metro Station (we are die hard debut album fans) and now I NEED to see them again. Like not even funny. TRACE IS SO FN HOTT! The entire time he was on my side of the venue he would smile at me. It was awesome. I still can't believe I saw them live, let alone was close enough for water from Mason's water bottle to get on me. It was the best night EVER. My best DAY EVER was when I met you back in May last year. I can't believe its already been a year since I met you! Wow, I was 13 then, and you were 15. Now when I see you again, you will be 17, and I will be 14 (like I am now). Wow, it has seemed like forever.

its thundering. i better get off... but talking to you is the best part of my day! I'm not joking. I'm serious.

And i just realized you shouted out to me in your Valentines blog. wow.




Marielle said...

YES Mitchel you're doing a meet & greet in Boston (Braintree)! And I can go! YAY! But do I just show up there & it's free?

Julia said...

sweeT1 i might be seeing you Aug 17! :]

Amy Beth said...

My daughters and I enjoyed meeting you at Adventure Con today. I hope you have a safe trip back home.

Amy Beth
(Adam's sister)

ashley said...


Sierra said...

I just happened to catch Metro Station on TRL when I got to my hotel yesterday. They were awesome! And just so you know, you're like sooo sweet to be so supportive of your brother, you're the best! Have fun with the rest of your tour!!!


Alana said...

ahhhhhhhh remember when i commented about Friday the 13th in your last post?Yeahhhhh,don't answer that.
You must have guessed that i read your interview.

And heres a tip about certain days about/with moms and dads:don't EVER procrastinate.
And that is my tip for the night.


P.S.:i requested "if i didn't have you" on Radio Disney.That 1 number may change the world......(ah,song rating wise)

Hazel said...

i might be coming to see you at macy's in providence on the sixteenth my dad isn't sure cause he has a meeting that day but either way i love you and you make me want to stay in bed all day cause i have posters of you all over my room... i love you soooo much you are..... so great i cant explain.

Marie said...

How do you get invited to your concert on
June 25 cuz i really want to see you in concert and not just a meet and greet?? Please let me know, it would mean so can comment back on my site if you want....

Anonymous said...

guess what!!!!! my friend got two new puppies!!! they look like stitch too! but they aren't stitch. they're boddles. kinda weird but they are so cute!!!!! XD i went with them to get the puppies. their names are lill and phil cuz they're brother and sister! phil is the funny run around one and lill is the quiet one. but i still love them!!! i hope i can see you sometime! but here's the thing..come to nebraska! or kansas! or iowa! pleaz?? :) pleaz? pleaz?????? :) i love you!


sarah said...

I'll be meeting you in MA again!

Emily said...

do a meet and greet and/or concert near los angeles ;) haha. i miss looking forward to stuff youre doing here.


Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel
there still aren't no ohio dates? grrrrrr.
oh well haha.
and yes i did watch trl and i loved every single minute of it. your brother is such an amazing musician. i have GOT see them in concert soon.!! i'll tryy and work on that. lol. i've bet your summers been really good. well of course, duhh.!! lol. i hope i get to see you really soon.!! and your brother too.!!!! haha. i better go.
hope your shows go well.!!!!!!

Allyson said...

SEPT 7TH!!!!!!!!!!!!

jennnn said...

YAY :]
roosevelt field!
me and my friend have like loved you since the first hannah episode.
and were finnalllyy gunna meet you!
haha youre so cute :D

see you in SEPTEMBER!

Marlen said...

SO mitchel. =)
hi.... ok enough with the calmnes. haha
i met you back like 2 years ago maybe? at the brookfield zoo. yepp it was pretty exciting! but i was SO nervous I forgot to give you a hug but not this time! hahaa. i cannot wait and its already on my calendar! but do we need anything to get in or do we just show upp?
ooh and! im going to metro station concert july 8th here in chicago you should go it would be fun! we could watch the show together :D hahaa.!
but yeah cantt wwaittt!!!

Anonymous said...

wish you were comin to new orleans again but i hope you have fun at the places that you do go.

oh and i was watchin tv and "control" came on during a commercial for the show "shear genius" metro station is gettin big huh?

emily h.

Anonymous said...


What? There's like 500 Michigan dates! That'd be awesome, but...I don't live in Michigan, I live in Cali. :(

Please come to Cali!!!

[I know you don't hate us West Coast fans!!]

ALEX said...

hmm mitchel.
i just saw MGMT live, it was so amazing. i was in the front row.
besides the point, you should come to seattle liiiiike,
right now.

ashley said...

lol i have been watching marc's youtube channel
he's trying to get you on it lol
me and my sister gave him a video resonse for you to give a shout out to me

and i added a myspace but i;m not sure if it's yours or not, but it was on marc's huge list of 3 friends lol

Mareen said...

Hey !
Oh man I am soo jealous now xD
I want too. But I still cant!! Urgh..
But they did awesome on TRL btw =)


Allie said...


I was reading that interview, man, that's one horrible day! I had some times like that too. My mom, little sis and brother and I were traveling upstate to see my older sis in college. Except it snowed. BIG TIME. People were spinning out of control, we saw at least 15 accidents, and our windshield wipers were so full of snow, the last few miles to the diner (which by the way, is in an intersection of a HIGHWAY, and the highway has a TRAFFIC LIGHT!) were horrible, we couldn't see out our window! We almost crashed too. Then, there's no cell service there, so we couldn't call my sister to let her know we were going to be late, and then after we cleaned our windshield wipers, and hour later, we got stuck! We were stuck on the highway for i guess 15 minutes? But still, it seemed like we were going to be stuck. It was crazy. That sucks that your flight got cancelled.

And the Miley thing, you are so right. I hate gossip magazines. All they do is put people down, just because they CAN. It's a horrible thing. She is a sincere person, I can tell, she looks like the coolest person ever (besides you, you are freakin' awesome), and its just a photo-shoot, don't show it to the kid! And she and you and Emily are just kids. seriously. you guys are people too, with feelings, and emotions, and lives, and have friends, and have teenage problem to deal with. you just act and sing along with that. urg, this is why we need to bring down the media, it ruins everything.

ROOSEVELT FIELD! SEPTEMBER! I don't know if I could wait that long. I'll asl my mom when I'm ordering the new The Maine adn Danger Radio CD's/



brianna said...

heyy. yeah, i saw your bro on trl (: he wouldn't dance though ): lol. ahhh, i hope i can go to the meet and greet in michigan... i live in ohio ): you should def. concider comming! you rock and are one of my idols (:

<3 brianna. (:

Anonymous said...

I met you on the 14th at the knoxville convention center we drove 3 hours 1 way just to meet you but it was tottaly worth it. I highly doubt you'd remember me but I was the first person that ased for a high five. but anyway I totally love you and hope to see you again.

peace out

brie said...


gosh, I'm a nut job, I swear.

And a BIIIIIIIIG Happy Daddy's Day to your Daddy!!! He rules!!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

i'm coming to your concert in new jersey, and i am also traveling to PA and NY just so i can meet you again. i am so excited! <3

- Lauren.
ps. i LOVE your brother too. :]

Anonymous said...

Come To Canada Mitchel! :)

Anonymous said...



or HOT-STUFF!! lol

OMG!! I'm angry/upset/hungry.
( I haven't eaten breakfast)lol
Your not coming to your home state!!! grrr. you reeeeeealy need to come to lubbock and have a meet and greet and a concert!!!!! like seriously! lol

So how was your friday the thirteenth? it sounded pretty bad. I am so glad that I have never gotten pulled over by a police man. And I haven't lost any luggage, and my flight has never been delayed. So I guess you would call it a pretty good day! and my phone has lost connection before so,it was HORRIBLE! hehe

Oh, yeah, and before i forget, I'm trying to say ths as calm as I can. I CAN"T BeLIEVE YOU TURNING 17!!!!!!! I'm only going to be thirteen and your going to be 17!!!! in less that a month!! that's not fair!! =[ Well, thats how things work I

Anyway, apart from all the things that happened friday, HAVE A GOOD TOUR AND A GREAT TIME IN HAWAII!!! YOUR so LUCKY!!!!!

~*~ Shayla ~*~

abby said...

MITCHEL! are you doing a concert, or meet and greet on your birthday?
im in california for a month, so if you are doing something in california, i will come down and see you for sure! :DD

let us know! -abby

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Woodfield?! Seriously?! Mitchel, you just made my day. I live only fifteen minutes away from there - so you best bet I'm going to go!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

mitchel, you're kiling me hereeee
nobody ever comes to ky =[

AH DUDE "if i didn't have you"
is on disney now! lol how weird. ahaha

anyways, hope you're having a great day! (:

i wouldn't have nothin if i didn't have you! [[=


oliviaakiddo! said...

i will not be meeting you soon.

Tabitha S said...

Hey Mitchel:

My name is Tabitha.
I was just checkin out ur site & found ur blog & read the latest entry (this one obv lol)
& saw that on Sat. Sept. 6 your coming to the Macy's in Braintree Boston, MA.

I’m gonna see if I can come because that would be pretty cool.
Ill post back when I know if I can or not.

hope 2 see ya in Sept.

Brittany said...

Yup, I watched.

How could you?
This really sucks.

Oh well, hope all the people seeing you enjoy it and have fun! And good luck on your upcoming shows Mitchel. You rock, you rock on (From Camp Rock. You know. We rock, we rock on. haha. Ok that was so not funny)

Anyways. Mister Mitchel. You better come to Florida or I will seriously HURT YOU.

No jkjk.

But I will be mad/sad.

By the way, I'm watching Hannah Montana now, the episode where Miley's dad and Lilly's mom like eachother haha and the part where you talk about the HOTliday dress just came on lol

<3 Brittany

ps. COME TO FLORIDA. (Preferably South Florida haha)

Diana said...

Hey mitchel! OMG did u already come to L.A?

Anonymous said...

that is so cute that mason is your idol ! (:
and i may be able to see youu !
(im really happy now)

Kellie said...

Mitchel Tate Musso....U need to come to Texas more often, your home state!Girls want you to come to Texas....haha well good luck with your concerts!

Mitchelshollywoodgurl1142 said...

you already met me but i want to meet you again i enjoyed your concert in Tucson it was amazing and I loved it sooooo much even though i waited in line 4 hours i loved seeing your concert i was front row you grabbed my hand twice and it was AMAZING!
Love ya,

ashley said...

oh yeah... i forgot to tell you...
lol =]
but really. you rock so much and you're so nice to your fans. i would love to meet you. i want you to sign my ipod.

Molly said...

Sweet! Still no dates near me =[. You need to come to Missouri, actually j.k. I don't want you to be scared off by the hickish-nis. Actually just don't go to southern Missouri, then it's all good. But Branson is good, I go to a christain athletic summer camp there called Kanakuk(well they have like 9 different kamps you can go to depending on age and length of how long you want to go, they even have one in colorado for like hiking, extreme biking and stuff too) for two weeks every summer, I have since I was 7. Shake It is number 3 on iTunes! I feel so proud, coming so far since from when it was the free song on itunes. I made a loliver video to it on iTunes, i'm koolaidmakesmewhoa if you ever get the chance to check it out, which i doubt it with your busy schedule! Well I need to pack for cali, I'm heading your way next week, but I have to pack for it now, since I have a busy week going around state for things. So yeahh! ADIOS AMIGO

Good Luck In Life! It's treated you well ;-).

Molly E.

katie said...

august 24th! yay dc again :)
2nd time meeting you.
and you should open for corbin august 12th at the prince william county fair. yeah? cool, thanks.

Anonymous said...

lol u make a lot of typos
my sister does too

Tami said...

I might go to either the Providence or Boston one!!!
I can't wait!! That blog post literally just amde my day!!
OMG! :)
Love you! <333

Lauren Wilcox said...

Mitchel your coming to iowa! =] I never thought you would. I really hope i can go and meet you that would be pretty sweet haha. It's kinda far from Charter Oak but im gna try and make it. I'll start asking my rents to take me now then mabe by that time they would say yes lol. Well im gna go (tell my friends and all that P)
<3 Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!!! Are you planning going to Reno,Nevada! Cuz I lived there and No Disney Stars comes here! If you do It will be the first! Well hilary duff went here a long time ago! still Please have a concert here!!!!!!!

Kaleigh said...

so my friend elizabeth, she's a sophmore in high school but she loves ur show lol, she tells me ur from Garland and it's only apropriat for me to say that she wants you to put that in with your tour dates lol i however am from plano so its cool you arent coming, im not disapointed but anyway her dad owns X-drenaline, the paintball park, its in Grapevine, idk if you've heard of it or not but if your ever in town you should come check it out i start working there around july or so, you know where to contract me if u wana come, and hey im not a crazed fan so no worries lol

Cassie said...

Love You Mitchel! I wish I could go to one. :(

karolina cieslak said...

mitchel, ill see you in chicago.
i was waiting for chicago to be in your tour dates but you did say you were having a concert in chicago and now your saying only a meet and great?
thats to bad, i really wanted to see you singg :[

like reallyy
its ok. at least its the meet and great and i hope to see you there and maybe youll have a concert in chicago some other time :]

and congrates to your brother :]

(remember me in CHICAGO)
plz. ill ask you if you remember me
when you come to chicago

Terry :] said...

Dudeee, no Florida? :o

Please do a meet and greet in south Florida...mainly Miami :)

good luck on the tour <3



aww! yayy! :) you're coming back to boston. :) its so far away but i'm so excited. i haven't seen you since december man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Are you gonna have a concert in California soon? And could you probably make a meet and greet in California near the Los Angeles area or the OC area.

~Emily~ said...

OMG mitchel musso, coming to RI???? i have waited my whole life for this!!! i have wished so many times to meet you and finally i am getting the chance!! i love you! me and my friend hazel are so abbsessed with you. i must have like 20 bajillion posters! you are the hottest guy i've ever seen! i mean you are perfect! you have the hair, the eyes, the face, the muscles, the build everything! i didn't know a guy could be so perfect! its unbelievable!
i love you and i look foward to seeing you in providence!

your #1 fan
Emily C.

P.S.- i hope you can shake my hand and sign a shirt or something


Alisha said...

OMG UR GUNNA BE SOMEWHERE NEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally. IM JUST SO GLAD AND EXCITED THAT I may HAVE A CHANCE TO MEET YA!! maybe.

u r so awesome!!


Allie said...

again, Mitchel again, I can't make it to your meet and greet/concert. my dad is racing and is taking us. UGH! I'm going to convince him to take us to another race, or leave me behind with a friend. I HAVE TO GO! AND I AM GOING! NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Ok, no more commenting on this post.

And my friend Alexis might come. She'll be like "hey!"


Kaitlyn :] said...

I'm thrilled about how big Metro Station is becoming, and I'm even more pumped on seeing them at the Val Air Ballroom on July 10th! :]
That date can't come soon enough; I absolutely love concerts.

I think I may have seen your tour bus headed toward the Nashville area last week. (My family was headed back from our 2 week Disney World vacation...22 hour car drive...woo-hoo, haha.) I could be mistaken about that, but the dates seemed to match up....

Have a great time at the meet and greets, but don't strain you wrist from all those autographs! ;)

Cassie said...

Really? you're coming to Minnesota? That's going to be awesome, hopefully I can meet you... And you'll be 17! So I should get you a present, lol jk that would be late...

But coink-y-dink! I have the same B-day as you but I'll turn 16! Whoo! So maybe I can drive to see, who knows! Hopefully I can meet you!


tubaaa! said...


I get to see you this august bayybayy!! w00t! im so excitedd :P

you just made my dayy by givin out a date to phillyyyy! ilyy!<3


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
It is awesome to hear that you are coming to Michigan finally! I have a quick question, what time does the meet and greet start? Does it start before the concert in Saint Joesph MI or after?
Anyway, I can't wait to see you soon!

ANGELAAA! said...

i'm so excited that your coming to dc!
me and my 2 best friends are coming out to see yah(:

i'm super exciteddd :D

btw. i've been a fan of metro station long before they were on the radio.
i even saw them in concert. i know all the songs(:

<3 angela

abby said...


It was a Popstar! Magazine contest! :)

im soooo excited.

i mean, i already HAVE a CD of course, but this one is signed.

<33333333 -abby

christina said...

COME TO FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
south florida!!!! =D

Sidney said...

Hey Mitchel. I`m still begging my parents to get tickets for the July 28th concert. Will you sign autographs there???

Molly said...

so im siked for denver, but i have a question, is the meet and greet before or after the show?

Ashlee said...

shake it is #4 on itunes. :]

Anonymous said...

hey how was ur dads father day??!

im so excited for july!!!!!!!

Leanna Marie said...

Mitchel.... It is impossible to find a poster of Metro Station... You should tell Mason he needs to amend this, because Leanna in NY needs one on her wall now, or she will cry.

:) I still loves you though!

<3Leanna Marie

Leanna Marie said...

And speaking of which... I just checked... And Shake it is now number five... :(

I like Control and Kelsey better...

:) And they both have videos!!

<3 Leanna Marie

Anonymous said...

I hope you come to florida soon!! I really want to see you in concert again!! Love,
:-) :-D :-P

megan said...

post agian soon!
waht your favorite metro song?


omg, you're coming to illinois. ! really want to make that show. &+ maybe get a hug? haha, do you know what time it starts at woodfield?

<3 justynaaaaaa.

Jenny said...

i'm bored. boredish. so i WILL COMMENT YOUUU :)
hows it going?
yeah okayyy. goodbyeee now. haha short pointless comment. i'll make it unpointless. ...
there. pointless comment made unpointless. haha OKAY BYE! :P

Anonymous said...

I am DEFINITLEY coming to meet you in Hartford.

that is probably the most exciting thing everrrrr<3
i saw metro station at bamboozle and now i get to see you - perfecttttttt.

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL. I'm a little disappointed you aren't doing a meet and greet in Denver seeing as your concert is the day after I'm there. You need to come to Washington. the actual state. we're getting concerned that you don't love us.

nikki said...

ahhhhh im crying on the inside right now no fl dates wahhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

Samantha said...

i saw you wayy back in december here in michigan, I have a video of you rapping cheese jerky! haahha that was such a good day, you totally touched my hand. hmm, i'm excited that you're comin' back though. I'm not sure where any of the places are that you're comin but i'm going to try to go if it's not too far away. gas is psycho expensive these days. well, hope to see ya soon babe. :)

ps-if you ever see my myspace ( i have great pics of you that i took. ha

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I am so excited that you are coming to Elitches I have a pass and look forward to meeting you for the second time.

sammieegirll11 said...

hey mitchel! :D oh my gosh. i just found out that youre coming to michigan like ten times. haha. and youre coming to lakeside! whoo hoo! i think and HOPE that ill get to meet you. youre awesome. :DD

Disa said...

I'm still pretty sure there's like, a gajillion people who want to see you here in Seattle/Washington.


Kerri said...

Sat. Aug 16 -Providence, RI - Providence Place - MACY's
Sun. Aug 17 -Hartford, CT - Westfarms - MACY's
Sat. Sept. 6 - Boston, MA - Braintree - Macy's

I'll deff be at the RI and MA ones, and depending on how we feel we'll come to CT too!

I also heard you playing at six flags new england on thursday with demi lovato! ILLLLLL BE THEREEE!

Steph said...

OMG!!!!!! im totally goin' 2 c u at macy's in chicago!!! i can't wait... SEPTEMBER 14!!! im marking this on my calendar! i lurv u and ur AMAZING!
-ur biggest fan eva

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel i am very happy for your brother that song is sooo good!!!! Good luck for "if i didnt have you"!! You are amazing and keep up the great work. Its great that you are coming to PA have fun on your tour!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Will you ever come close to coming to salsbury,Md.?

Kelly said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm Kelly! I came to one of your performances in MI and it was great to be like 10 feet away from you! I really wanted your autograph! I am hoping that I can see you at another place here! Cuz your coming to Michigan like 4 times, but I can only go to 2 if my mom even lets me! I love your sense of humor, your singing, your hair is really cute, ahhh I love you! You and the Jonas Brothers are my idols!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i soooooo work at the H&M at Lakeside Mall...which isn't in Detroit, but close enough :] haha
i'll probably be working that day so i'm going to totally stop by to meet you!!


Alana said...

Hello!I'm bored so i'll bother you will my comment!

Hows Hawaii?Bet it was a ton of fun!!And a long flight.

Camp Rock justed finished.It was pretty cool.Now i really wish i can sing.

July 27th.Thats the date of the DC games!Why so long?Last year,it was in June.That weekend will be awesome since the HANNAH MONTANA MILEY CYRUS CONCERT 3D MOVIE WILL SHOW ON THE 26TH ON DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!That is sweet!!

Okay,i'm done!Oh,and 2 girls want you to come to South Florida and i just want to say...i agree with them.Ha Ha.


Sarah C said...

youre coming to michigan on the 25th!
its a private party though, shoot!
ill find a way because
1. i live like 5 min away from cranbrook
and 2. you are coming to my SCHOOL!
thats i right i go to cranbrook!

Annie said...

Mitchel, please let me know what time the meet-and-greet in Hartford, CT will be when you can. It'll make a difference whether or not I can go and we need to make plane reservations soon.
Thank youu! :D

Hopefully I'll see you sooon.

Angelica said...

Awwehhh i really hope i can go to those places that you`re visiting . it sucks that none of those places are in edmonton canada =( oh well , it wasn`t really expected anyways .

i really really want you to come here in canada mitchel . you have AMAZING fans here as well ! =D and you will have the best time of your life is you come here !

Loads of Love ,

Lexi said...

Dude I remember when your blogs would only get 6 replies. It is sooo awesome that you love your fans so much. I think you NEED to come to kansas or missouri or Nebraska. I amy be able to make the Iowa date but I need to chit chat con mi mama.
just practicing my spanish


ALEX said...

mmm mitchel your in hawaii!! im so jealous :(
i was trying to get my parents to schedule a vacation for this weekend, but that didn't happen.
i bet youre having so much fun :D
have fun in michigan on the 25th while im in seattle turning sixteeeeeeeeen!

Tricia Johnston said...

heyyyy mitchel.
you should make an appearance near pittsburgh pennsylvania.
thatd be cool.

im going to the metro station concert on august eighth.
it would be amazing to see you there haha.

well me and my friends are throwing you a birthday party.
when i write you ill send you pictures =]


Mariam. [: said...

meet and greet at city walkkkk!
one year anniversary of the launch of your music career.
i know its easy, but im sure you could find a way.. [:
i miss you <3

hah. a girl can dream right?

ifd said...

Hey, I heard you were opening for Demi LoVato at Six Flags New England... is that true?

Anonymous said...

mitchel post a new blog please! i'm getting impatient! please? and remember hugs make the world go round!


alyssa! said...

I am absolutely BEGGING you-
please please please get your CD out ASAP.
I keep watching videos I took from your concert in Buffalo and I'm absolutely DYING for it to come out. The songs you sang were just so amazing. And i think your website should sell merchandise because i never got the chance to buy a shirt and id definately buy one with your face on it :)
haha well good luck with the rest of your tour!
Love, Alyssa

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! Please come to Georgia :]

Anonymous said...

ahh! I go to Woodfield all the time... that would be awesome if I could meet you!

Alyssa said...

im going to see your brother on august 22nd! and im deff. gonna meet you on august 16! hah that will be a very musso filled week =]hmm mabye i can beg to go to conneticut and boston too =/ ehh the'll prob. say know =[ but its worth a chance!!

Alyssa said...

hah and i totally forgot your opening for demi on thursday soo ill see you then too!!

Anonymous said...

you were just at Macomb Mall in Michigan and i was right across the streeet but before i could get there you left
and you never even said you were going to be there

so now im a little upset
but i will be seeing you on august 9th :)

<3 shelby

Allison said...

Mitchelll (:
Ahh , I can't wait until August 16th ! I am soo totally coming to meet you at Providence Place Mall with my bestie Deanna (: We were supposed to come see you perform today with Demi Lovato but my friend got really really sick and couldnt go and she was my ride ): But I cant wait to meet you ! :D

Megan said...


Anonymous said...

When will you be coming to Texas????

Tori said...

Hi Micthel! I was at the private concert in MI and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The reason I came was to obviously see you but I ended up leaving with a great appreciation for your work. My favorite song was the one that talked about the in crowd. Keep singing and acting and I wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

hey i was just wondering im a big fan of u and i wanted to know the costs of some of the concerts like the one in petosky MI

carlie said...

i have never heard of any of those places so i wont be you for a while but i would go to the end of the earth to meet you so see you some day

carlee said...

just to let you know i live in the middle of nowhere (not really i live in NJ) and you never come here but i am determined to meet you one day so when that day comes i'll see you!!!!

Lynn Agee said...

Mitchel, it was great meeting you guys last night. My son had us shellac that drumstick as soon as we got home and it is now hanging on our deck drying! I was pretty impressed with how down to earth you are. Kenny was most impressed that you liked gummi bears and has now decided it is his favorite snack. I really appreciate you and the guys being so great to him. Of course Taylor (my daughter) was just thrilled to be within two feet of you! :o) But thanks again, it meant the world to him and I wanted to make sure that I got a chance to thank you and tell you how much it meant to him.

Ashlee :D said...

is there any way you could come to the other side of michigan?

i know your going to the mall,
but that the day im going camping

come visit us more on hte east side :D
love ya!


Anonymous said...

OMG I WENT TO THE PRIVATE CONCERT IN BLOOMFIELD HILLS!!! I WAS THE ONE WHO GOT YOUR SUNGLASSES WHEN YOU SANG HOLLYWOOD GIRL! oh p.s. none of your songs, that are like Hollywood Girl and stuff aren't on iTunes. When will they be?

alex said...

u dont hav it up yet but ill be at the meet and greet on August 16th for sure soooooo excited..
ps- ur concert at six flags was amazing!!!

Karely said...

OMG! I SO WANNA COME TO THE CONCERTS IN MICHIGAN! im gonna beg my mom to try to get tickets! (:

i <3 you Mitchel! <33


karely said...

omg! mitchel you play a concert on august 2nd! thats the day before my birthday but its in binghaton, NY. im in MI but that would be so sweet if you were in MI on my birthday in detroit! (:

hope to see you soon! i love you!


Yours Truly said...

Heya Mitchel,
It was wicked sweet to meet you in Denver over the weekend!!! I was in the zebra striped shirt!! You and your fam are real chill plus you put on a great show, loved your earrings are real sexy!!!!

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

im going to see you august second at the spiedie fest(thats what its called for those of you who dont live in binghamton) (:

Anonymous said...

you need to come to texassss

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! I am going to be at the July 26th concert in Wildwood! I am so excited because your concert is five days after my birthday!!!! I got fifth row on the floor on one of the sides!!! By the way, when will they have the meet and greet to meet you and where is it?? I can't wait!! :D

Breanne N.

feljw712 said...

heey, mitchel. i was wondering if you were going to the july 21 date in wildwood, too ? or just the 26. this would be a big help if you could let me know. thank you. :]


danib72 said...

Took my daughters to see you in Kenosha. Sorry the fairground attendance and provisions were a flop. You were great and it was a lot of fun in the mud. Your song about the "in crowd" was awesome for all the girls who don't always fit in.

Thanks again!!!!

kelsey said...

so the beginning of this was ADORABLE....i love both you and mason more than u no. do you think marc has a future in music? id certainly think so with 2 such talented bros!!

i saw mason in concert last night...HE WAS INCREDIBLE...and looked amazing too...they did so well and they all have such a good time on stage...i loved every minute of it. i also FREAKED wen they played kelsey (thats my name).

YOU NEED TO COME TO CONNECTICUT! i was so angry i missed your new york show...i was in texas...grrr...ive seen ur bro in concert and now my goal is to see you...i am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

kelsey (i'd swim the ocean for you...)

Anonymous said...

ahh will u be meeting fans at the fair in michigan

Anonymous said...

can you please come to hartford