Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Show June 26th in Springfield ,MA.

Opening for Demi Lovato in Springfield, MA.on June 26th at Six Flags.

Who's coming??


158 comments: said...

Sounds amazing!!
too bad i live in Europe! :(
i wish i could goo!
i love u mitchel!!!

Anonymous said...

Will you meet the Simpsons?? xD


Paige said...

that's so close to me!
i have to see if i can go. :]

Anonymous said...

dangggg I got so excited when I saw six flags, because I am going there on thursday for my friends birthday, and then I was like wait thats not the one I'm going to. :/

carly said...

soo cool! wish i could go but i dont live in MA and thts my friends birthday! ahaha Have fun! how was hawaii??



Katie said...

OMG AWESOME, Hey mitchel do you think you will be coming to UK anysoon?


.audrey. said...

oh my gosh.
i'm officially jealous of anyone who gets to go to that concert.
you AND demi??
she's AMAZING.
and we all know that you're fabulous :]
it'll be a great show.

Anonymous said...


Annie said...

AWESOME! I'll be seeing Demi on September 5th. But I'll be in Latvia on the 26th. Random place, I know. My dad's working there.

Dude, I'm still waiting on a time for the meet-and-greet in Hartford. Haha, don't worry about it though. Please let me know as soon as you have an answer. :)

brianna said...

good luck!(: wish i could come, but i can't... im far away from there! haha. come to ohio!(:

Mariam. [: said...

hows hawaii?
ahhaha (:

arent you already go there?
thats not california baby.
hahahahha [:

Marielle said...

I would come- I live about 2 hours away- but I don't think I can :(

Julie :] said...

her last name is spelled Lovato... just so u know x]

and i wish i could... i love both u guys :] but im in Ohio... so im sry to say i will not be there. :[

have fun tho :]


Anonymous said...

whoa you were up early! dang it! i can't go...too far away but i want to! i mean demi lavato and you makes a show...a show stopper! well talk to you another time! i love you!


Anonymous said...

YAY MITCHEL!! OMG. I just noticed you spelled Lovato wrong! lol. You got a new performance and it still couldn't be in Texas could it. I have been wanting to meet you since I was 10!! Mitchel, do you wanna know how long ago that was?? Almost three years ago!! lol =] Well, have fun on the rest of your tour!!!



omg thats so cool!!! that concert would be amazing!! =]
and hawaii!! i bet that was so fun! im jealous!

im so excited to see you in kenosha on july 11!!!! idk what else to say right now so...have a great rest of the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

ahh i love that girl! <3

Disa said...

Not me :(

Metro Station ROX! said...

I wish I could, but I don't live there!

brooke said...

haha omg i can't believe your going to massss.
if only i still lived there.
eh, whatever. at least i get to see you in chicago :D!.


Ashlee said...

I think you need to do a show in OREGON, or just the west coast. seriously.

Brittany said...

I'm not going unfortunately...

Wow, just about two of my favorite people in one concert and I can't go. Rad...

Well, sorry I'm taking out my anger on you but I'm just kind of sad you're not coming back to Florida. I understand that you've been here loads of times but what if we only got to see you once! The other times, you left early because you had a plane to catch, or I couldn't go because it was too far away. Florida's a big state ya know!!! GRRRRR....

Okay, sorry. Haha don't mind me, just venting.

Anyways, Mitchel, I hope you enjoy performing! I wish you good luck haha

<3 Brittany

ps. Sorry for that little rant up there, I'm just very tired and grouchy right now :)

megan said...

demi lovato is amazing..

no offence dude..
but you need to post more..
its not like your on tour or anything!
just kidding
.. but i miss yourr post

ohh by the way the party i wanted you to come to for camp rock..

also i was at party yesterday tooo
and we were talking about metro station! cause me adn these girls are in love with them..
and i was like I MET MITCHEL and there like is he nice.. and i was like well sortaa he wouldnt marry me! :( and they were like awwwww!
:D but i told them you were nice other than that!
okay well

did you watch CAMP ROCKK?!??!?! it was amazinggg

Sierra said...

Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun. Demi is a great singer, and so are you. How was Hawaii? Hope you had fun! Have fun with the rest of your tour!
P.S.- Did you happen to get to see Camp Rock yet? If you did what did you think???

Terri said...

i wish i could but its too short of notice and i dont like roller coasters that go upside down!! And its like 2 hours away, i live in NH but im going to see you on Sept 6:) YAY!!!!!!!!!!

~Your fan always Kerri

Allie said...

I HEARD "CONTROL" ON A BRAVO COMMERCIAL! It was crazy, I went crazy, it was WAY crazy.

OOO! If your opening for Demi, she's playing a show at The Crazy Donkey, by chance, are you opening for her there? My friend got tickets, and she is dying to see her, and you being there, I'd go CRAZY, and beg her for a ticket.

AAAAH! YOU HAVE PUPPY SLIPPERS! That's so cute! And I love your shirt in the photo, sweeeet shirt.

Allie said...

oh, and i forgot to say, I'M SEEING YOU IN BINGHAMTON! YAY!

May-September are going to be the best.

May: Metro Station/Forever The Sickest Kids/The Maine/Danger Radio/The Cab!
July: WAPRED TOUR!!!!! (!!!!) !!!!!!

so can't wait!!!!

Allie (again)

oliviaakiddo! said...

there you are i thought you haddd disappeared.
demi lovato...has a goood voiceee.

Anonymous said...

Aw! =[ I can't go. Come to CHI-TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol! Love, ♥♥♥ Lynn ♥♥♥ Your biggest fan from Chicago!

Shannon loves Mitchel said...

mitchel come to california
*hint hint* BAY AREA! *hint hint*
please please please

Livy said...

I'm going to try to make it to this concert! Are you doing a meet and greet?

Sara said...

I wish I could go :/.
Springfield is far from here.

but I most likely will be seeing you Sept 6th.

How was Hawaii?!?


Esther said...

come back home to california =[


i had a question. you know how you used to wear bracelets that people send you? do you still do that?

thanks. bye mitchel! have a SPECTACULAR day!

Anonymous said...


<3 kASEY

Alana said...

Demi Lovato?Cool!She was so awesome in Camp Rock.
Have fun!!

Katlyn said...

not me :[[[[[
come to pittsburgh!

ALEX said...

i wish!!
except thats not in WASHINGTON.
& its the day after my birthdayyyyy :)

Chioma said...

Aww dude, if you were coming to Chicago, I would totally go. And with Demi? That makes the concert even cooler =]
Love ya, Mitchel!

Lauren said...

Ahhh...I so wish I could go but it's like 3 hours away from me. That would kill my gas tank haha. But I WILL be at the meet and greet in september!!! <333

Madison said...

Sorry Mitchel I can... :(
You did great in Hawaii. I wish you were staying longer. At least I met you. When my mom asked you "What has been the best thing you've done so far", I love how you said "The concert and meeting you two!". That was awesome. It was hilarious how that girl hugged you than you hugged her for like 1 second and she kept on hanging onto you. You were trying to get her off but she wouldn't move. :D

josiee(: said...

Mitchel & Demi?!
Awh, I wanna go. D:

hannah said...

rather or not your going to read this..
you should come back to hawaii.


sinnnce you were crazy busy.

oh& of course i had to look you up. haha


KT J. said...

If only i lived there. *sigh*

Miss ya lots, come back to Alabama soon!


Anonymous said...

That's nice.
But it's not IL.
Dude, I swear all my friends read this blog. I had 3 call and ask if I could take them to come see you. xD
See you in September kiddo.


Cassie =] said...

YEA! I AM SOOO GOING! i was already going for demi... but now that your going there is NO way i am missing it :)

please post info on if there is a merch table and if we can meet you :). cause i have never been to a show of yours

ah! now i seriously can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I saw you last night in Hawaii and I wanted 2 say that you did an amazing job!!! Thank you so much for coming!!!! I love you Mitchel!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you so much! Your Hawaii Concert was fantastic!!!!! Did you have fun here, I really hope you did? Thanks for coming!!! Love you! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved it when you threw the rose into the audience, I wish I caught it! Love you Mitchel!

Daniella said...

i am! (:
for my birthday present..[cos its today]
cya there <333

maria Evangelista said...

7EEEP! my friend and i are going (: we wanna meet you so much!! do a meet and greet.

babixlinds said...

i can't wait! comment back <3

maria! said...

hey mitchel,
put up info about meet and greets!!!!

babixlinds said...

ps: will you PWETTY PLEASE do a meet and greet at 6 flags?! i would be so happy to meet you <3333

Anonymous said...

I might be aable to go but um hey I have a question do you always fly U.S. Airways or which ever one you can find only becasue my mom works for u.s. Airways and it would be sooooo cool if I saw you on a flight to somewhere o and is there a special discount for fans to get into the Elitch Gardens because my parents sooooo can not afford that right now so ttyl

LOVE your BIGGEST fan literally jk but yea aka Jamie Salmen or Sniickerz

Anonymous said...

No. I don't live there.:(

come back to alabama sooner than soon, son!



natalia said...


Love ya, Mitchel!


Carissa said...

Hay mitchel sounds like you'r having tons of fun!!! you have to swing by FL. some time. try my home town of jacksonville! you were here with miley back in january. we would for you to come back. by the way my bestie are really sorry! you were walking up the side walk, all we could do was looking and scream!!!! sorry you got mobbed. we love you your a great acter. peace and love

Nisha said...

Hey!!!!! I wish I could come!!!! Just a quick question, are you and Emily related?????!


Anonymous said...

:| Unfortunately I can not go because my mom has to work. Demi Lovato too?
I guess I will not be able to see you in concert, but...I am still looking forward to August's meet and greet! :) lol, make sure you go on some of the roller coasters!! :) I have never been to Six Flags New England ...(actually I have not been to any six flags) I hear the Superman ride is almost too extreme (My brother went once I think) Oh, I forgot to tell you, I graduated modeling on Wednesday, I was really nervous...But I think It turned out all right. In fact They said I have to learn not to be so nervous... :)
Oh, I found the book online (The one with the building in Providence on the front, its on :) here is the website if you want to see the cover of the book, the building is very beautiful...
-Tales-Smallest/dp/159629387X/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213988235&sr=8-2I unfortunately I had to cut it in half...I think they made it look way more haunted then it actually looks though... :| ok... :) I am actually going to see if I can make you laugh with my randomness... :D
1. Today's weather is partly cloudy with a fifty percent chance of spraying my sister with a water gun...Have I made you laugh even a little yet? ok... :)
2.We found a wolf spider in the bathroom once...I named it Matrix...I actually cried when we had to kill it.
3.(This is a random comment on the superman ride...which I find that I make a good point) I thought Superman is supposed to save people...not practically kill them on a ride... :|
4. I don't know why but my brother and I gave my mom the nickname Bob...(I guess we just thought it was kinda funny to call our mom Bob)...5.Once when my mom and I went to the Providence mall...when we pressed the button for the would not turns out there was another elevator behind us opening and shutting...I think that was the elevator we were supposed to go on...I just laughed...

ok...I guess I will try to make you laugh again next time... :)

-Coral (The girl from Rhode Island)

p.s. did I make you laugh?
(a) yes
(b) no
(c) maybe
(d) All of the above...

Anonymous said...

Ahh! I wish I could go!
I went on Saturday and saw that Demi was going on Thursday!
I would be going but we leaving for Myrtle Beach the next day I so I can't! :(
But have funn!
<33 Tami

leanneee =] said...

i wish i lived in mass right now haha. maybe sara can gooo! (:


Kerry said...

Mitchel! You're finally come to my area, and I'm leaving for China on Wednesday!

I've hung out with your brother six times, but I never met you even though you were what led me to my obsession with Metro Station.

Well, I'm glad you're finally coming anyway, and I'm definitely going to your meet & greet in Hartford on August 17th- two days after I see your brother for the seventh time! =D


Anonymous said...

ill be there! will there be a meet and greet?

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha springfield,i luv the simpsons!!aha but anyway i live in canada:( i hope u come here some tim u would make so mant people happy!including me:)<333333333
i luv u X).hope u have an amazing time..


Liron said...

mitchell ! hey sweetieee

please pelase please come to floridaa liikee ahh im begging yuu.

yur an amazing singer and i believe in yu so muchhh. pleasee
tryy yur best to come down heree.
every day i would look if yu post new dates for yur tour. and their never in florida only for the raven concerrt which i bought tickets to but it was canceleed. so please please please try yur hardest.
i love yu
haha =]]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mitchel !!

please come to floridaaaaaaaaaaa
please please pleaseeee

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Sarah said...

So I was in the MTV store today and on the screen was your brothers band talking about their "Shake It" video, then it started playing and in unison like 20 people around me go "I love this song" it was really funny

megan said...

so uk earth science, well thats required at my school, and i SUCK at it. i was literally failing all year aand had to have tutering and all that fun stuff!!
well then today my teacher called me and was like do you know why im calling and i was like ohh crap i failed and she was like NO YOU DID AMAZING YOU GOT AN 87!! i was like OMG!! are you kidding me!! so now im all exctied
love you!

Nyra said...

OBVIOUSLY i'm there. :) i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Did you have fun in Hawaii? I hope so! Next stop...Michigan! I hope you like it here. I sadly won't be at this one....BUT I will be at the July 19,24 and August 9 events! So I will meet you then!
I love all of your songs so far! My 2 favorites are "Hollywood Girl" and "Tell Me". You should definitely explain what all your songs mean to you. Cause I'd like to know, cause some of them are very sweet and pretty, then some just have an amazing beat and are fun to dance to!! Have an AMAZING week! I'll be at camp, So I won't be on for awhile. Camp always has amazing adventures, So If I experience any..I will be sure to tell you!!

See you in a few weeks!

-Katie R.

p.s. I think I will make you my famous Apple Jack cookies I made you last time I saw you!!

Carly said...

hey mitchel! so i am officially going to the wisconsin show and the chicago meet and greet!! (u kept ur pinky promise yay!) im so excited! like i cant wait to see u in concert FINALLY! i heard u were amazing! i am so excited to see u perform hollywood girl! fav song! :] im getting there really early. my cousin is really excited to see u since its her first time. im excited she gets to finally see u since she couldnt come the last times. well see u soon!!



liz said...

wwowowowo im going hopefully but seriosuly you dont leave any details like where is it considering i live 2 hours away i dont really know my way around springfield
i wannna go telllll meeeee

haley said...

never been to six flags, but sounds pretty sweet, so good luck to the both of you (you and demi derr lol), I'm sure you two will rock ;]

and think about coming to cape cod sometime because its the place to be!

and peace out cub scout ;]


ALEX said...

miiiiiitchel :)


Molly said...

Aww darn, I'm flying into your state/area(cali) at that time, but I have no where near that state soo.... I just bought you in doll form though. =D One of my friends who lives in Cali for our 16th Birthdays we bought eachother either Lilly or Oliver. So I bought her Oliver and she is getting me Lilly, it's an inside joke and my mom doesn't seem to understand why I can't spend $10 on something else.. parents they will never learn *sigh*. But yes I have to find my way around LAX by myself.. I can handle like other places but LAX intimidates me. Also sadly I have to miss Hannah in the Street with Diamonds( I stayed in a house at Seaside, Florida called Lucy In the Sky and the other small connecting house was Diamonds one year, now we have to have 2 houses every year there.. my family keeps growing were rounding near 23 or so.) and the DC Games, because I will be at summer kamp for two weeks.. sigh.. I'll watch it on youtube later.. anyways! I hope you have fun!!!!

Molly E.

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
you AND demi?!?
that sounds fantatically awesome!!
man oh man i wish i could go!
oh well.

omggg393 said...

mitchel i love you IM GONNA BE THEREEEEE

r u gonna be going on rides and stuff??? and PLEASE do a meet and greet


Laura said...

I MIGHT go to your performance in Denver. [I don't know if my mom will let me]

I hope I can!


from the post below, WOW youre gonna be in michigan alot. (:

i think i need to go to the ionia free fair, since youll be there. xD

<3 ally.

Esther said...

Hey! I just heard Metro Station's Control on a commercial for s reality show on Bravo called Shear Genius.

I was like WHOA. hahaha.

Just thought I would let you know


Angelica said...

Oh well ... it soounds fun anyways .

Loads of Love ,

Anonymous said...

I really want to go to your concert on July 11! I live in Hawaii and went to your concert here (loved it!!!) and am visiting Minnesota this summer. I am trying 2 get my mom to drive me and my friends 2 Wisconsion to see you!!! I hope to be there! Wish me luck with my mom!

Alyssa said...

Ahh im going!! i was soo excited when i found out you were gonna be there! i thought it was just demi!

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

Mitchel, you are amazin! We love you!


Ahshanaye said...

Hey Mitchel biggest fan here. I just recently found out about the Teen Choice Awards (oh and big props on this year host MILEY CYRUS) I was just wondering if you could tell your many fans to vote for Hannah Montana because the show is up for a nomination!! CONGRATS!!! Also your fans should vote for Miley who is also up for like 3 or 4 categories!!! Thanx that'll be awesome

ALEX said...

guess who just turned sixteeeeeeeeeeeeeeen


babixlinds said...

TOMORROW <33333 can't wait :]
love youuuuuu of course
look for me!
me and my friend maria are painting our car for you and demi :]

Breana said...

When can we start buying your songs?!?!? because i am dying to hear "Rock Track" again!!! I love it!
Pleeeeasse let me know!! my e-mail is

<3 always
New York
(yeah i was at darien lake! woho!)

GiGi said...


That's so awesome! I saw Demi in concert the beginning of this month, and of course at the DC Games this year. That's going to be an AMAZING show at Six Flags! I wish I could go, have a great time and ROCK OUT! Can't wait to see pics!


Allie said...

AHHH MITCHEL! You did the weather! How was that? My mom tried it once and said it was so hard, and she kept on pointing to the wrong thing, but you did a great job!! I love your sunglasses, those look sweeeet.

Have fun in Massachusetts, I go there for vacation every year, an din Chatam there is this candy shop, literally, its so small, and every piece of the wall is covered in candy. Its the coolest thing. THAT REMINDS ME!

When you come to Roosevelt Field, we are going to Dylan's. Its a candy shop, and they have the coolest candies. The walls have real candy, they have a giant milk chocolate bunny, and they have jars and jars of candy, its crazy. And they have a ice cream bar to die for. They have frozen hot chocolate and hot fudge brownie sundaes, its SO GOOD!

Have fun this week!


Kennedy said...

i wish i could go... grrr
so i wanted to go to a metro station concert but unfortuneatly its the same day as my brothers birthday:/
oh well

peace out

Anonymous said...

OMG! You did the weather! you did an OSSUM job. (notice: OSSUM is MUSSO backwards!lol. I made that up! hehe. That is another thing we have in common. I am auditioning to do the weather here in lubbock! (Except you didn't have to audition! XD)


Shayla Boas

Alex :) said...

Could you tell Demi that I want to borrow her rubrics cube!

Cassie =] said...

just got back and... woowwwww... it was amazing. me and my friend went for demi but we walked away talking about you. it was awesome. my friend was the one you gave the flower to. (i was in blue :) please come back you were amazing!


Anonymous said...

omg mitchel!!
i went to that concert
it was soooo awesome
you were amazinggg
did u go on any of the rides there,because i saw you walking by the crowds coming up from the ride?
i also saw marc
i liked his sunglasses!
anyway it was an amazing concert!!!

Anonymous said...

im seeing her tommorow in NJ
AAAHHHH i was all excited for a second =[[[
uuurrrgggg !
come to the one tommorow too !
GGGRRRRRR ... i still love you

- xo michele

eddy from RI said...

haha you were behind my friend brooke on superman! she was frewaking becuase you were behind her lol :]

Samantha said...

My friend Mia was there! She said you were awesome! I know you were! =]

oliviaakiddo! said...

im up way too late.
thats hilarious though.
i wonder if that was fun.

i wanna go to an amusementpark

Nyra said...

dude, i was so there rockin second row & my friend rockin first.

i feel like every time you come to MA its always a meet & greet only, but yesterday seeing you perform for the first time was AMAZING! :) i'm so happy i got to see it, unfortunately the next time you come back its a meet & greet only. :(

its cool though, i'll be there of course! :) do me a favor and don't ever ever change, you're so talented, so cute, and the sweetest person ever met. i guess thats all, this comment is pretty lame. haha

peace! stay mad fly.
<3 Nyrizzle :)
p.s. your little brother is so cute! haha does he like older women? hahaha just kidding.. ahem.. a little. :)

Megan said...

AHHHHH!!! haha. i went to that yesterday and i was like second row in the vip section!! AHH you were AMAZINGG (: I am TOTALLY going to macys on august 17th tooo (: ahh i love youuu. haha (:

Kendra said...

OH MY GOD!! Mitchel!! I went to that and I have to say I was going for Demi, but I left and all i thought about was you. You changed my life last night at the concert. I was overly obsessed with this guy and his music and all I ever did revolved around him. Seeing you and when you touched my hand when you ran down the long line made me think, What so special about that guy? You basically saved me from my own worst enemy - me. Now, I'm not obsessing over this guy. I'm so grateful to you and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a hat signed by you or even one of your concert tshirts from the night that changed my life. Hopefully I get that chance soon. I love you and good luck with all your future success. You deserve every minute.

Alyssa said...

Ahh the concert was sooo good!! you were amazing!! now i really cant wait till august 16th to meet you!! Are you going to the metro station concert on august 22nd?

Ashley said...

I was there. You did good. Before the concert, I was sitting on a bench and you walked by my friend and I, and then 5000 girls screamed. It was kinda funny, lol. And we were leaving the grove at the same time you were, and I saw all these girls start chasing you. It was scary :(

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I hope you had fun in MI and MA!! I'm sure you did. I hope your tour is going amazingly!!! You always do an amazing job at your concerts!!


Samantha said...

Mitchel you rocked this show! I was so excited when I found out you were going to be there with Demi! Definitely was an amazing show! :)


dude, post the pictures your drummer took yesterday! :) i really wanna see them.

Jessie said...

heyy Mitchel!I just went to that show last night and you were fabulouss! haha me and my friends were like WE LOVE YOU MITCHEL and you yelled it back :) haha thank you andd even though I didn't really get to meet you, I touched your hand when you got off superman :)haha and I'll see you at one of ur meet and greets in august! i can't wait!! hope you had fun on superman :) good luck with the rest of ur show!
xo Jessie

Vanessa Diaz said...

Haha so i was there and I really wanted you to sign my lime green poster and I chased you everywhere but then the park closed. Anddd I wrote your name wrong on the posterr, my badd. But yeah I love you and your the bomb. You really are smokin' oakin'.

emilie said...

hey im going to the meet & greet in boston on september 6th! :) im sooo excited to meet you, you are amazing :)

Kate said...

I went! I was in the front row!
You were absolutely amazingg! (:
Your voice is great, and I loved all your songs (:

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel when is your album gonna come out???
that concert was AMAZING!!!
i would totally get it!

Bryce said...

you told me you loved me i was the one in the black mitchel shirt with the white sunglasses and i pointed to you (:

Dakota said...

hey babe!

I heard you had a good show!

Keep it up when you come to CO

see you tommorow,Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

you did incredible :]
i cant wait to meet you on august 16th!

megan said...


that is soo
cool ;)

that ur opening with demi

you guys r amazinngg

btw when r u comming to chicagoo??
im kind of excited to c if ur going to come back again =D

<3 megan

liz said...

you did really, really good i
but i think i was the oldest one there, or at least around me
everyone was lovin marc though it was kinda weird but he was so cute.
i talked to you fro liek a second until security like pulled you away
but i yelled to marc and he looked so happy
you're cute<3

Anonymous said...

Crapola. You brought rain to the high desert. What were you thinking?

I hope you don't cancel...

liz said...

you went on superman! i chickeneddd out but i wouldve gone one with you :) i was lookking for you all day

melissa said...

ya i went and you were AMAZING! ure brother gave me his basketball which was so nice. and u gave ure basketball to my friends brother. idk if u remember us we were the crazy screaming girls who were like following u and taking tons of pictures. it was a lot of fun at the concert and i thought it was sweet of u 2 give the girl in a wheel chair a rose at the concert. i still cant believe i got ure brothers basketball and touched ure guitar and touched ure hand!!! lol hope to see u soon i heard u mayb coming to boston ma for a meet & greet im just waiting for a timee & place & ill b there.
lov ya & tell ure brother marc i said hello

Anonymous said...

Hey you, I'm back from camp...and lets just say it wasn't the best of week... The first day, I was playing soccer with a friend, while wearing flip flops, and i bent my toe nail back...I will never wear flip flops again.
and The second day, I slipped on some stones and scraped my knees. and then yesterday morning i woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I also lost my voice and had a like 90 degree weather...not cool. I'm glad to be home! although I love to camp. except for having to shower there.. Ok some girls where not wearing flip flops while they showerd. and you know how your suppose to, because well..its gross.. yeah, it was nasty. We also played like the coolest game ever one night, its called outpost, everyone has a small flag and your suppose to try to get the flag away from them, and if you do then you have to take them back to the "jail house" and they have like 3 lifes. well, we all had glow stick bracelets. and we had green, it was so cool in the dark, I flet like I was in the matrix or something.. and I got away from 3 big guys trying to get to my flag, they were like picking me up and stuff.. I was impressed with my self! You went on Jet skis?!? I love those things, I haven't gone on one yet. but I will. and you make an awesome weather man!! you make it fun! Did you have fun here in MI on Wednesday? I hope so. Can't wait to see you July 19th!! Its going to be awesome!

Have fun with Ally in Denvor!


-Katie R.

megan said...

i am seeing metro station, boys like girls, and like the maine or something!!!

omg omg omg omg

oh yeah your cool too

Kaci said...

Heyy Mitchel it's Kaci (the cheerleader from your concert in Oregon back in like March). I forgot my username & password to my blogger account so I guess I have to do it this wayy. You haven't made an effort to come back to Portland. ): Me & Arani miss ya. Write backkkkk.

Amy and Kyah said...

Hey Mitchel! Your show in Denver was AMAZING! We hope that you got our pink tiger that we through up on stage....If you did then can you let us know. But yeah, we are so sunburnt from waiting in line for 7 hours but it was so worth it. LOL. Anyways you were amazing and we cant wait to go to another concert of yours.
~Amy and Kyah~

Taylor said...


I saw you tonight in Denver! You were amazing! Come back soon, please. :)


oliviaakiddo! said...

i hope you had fun in i think it was....CO. (:
i did an allnighter and didnt end up crashing

sweeet tea and green teaa will do that to you!

dont just post about your dates about how you are doing..
im in a great mood :]
and i got hated on a lot too!
but im still happy :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha someone said crapola... hahah

Miiiitchel baby
i miss you :(

Kyah said...

Hey Mitchel!
Amy and I were at your concert in Denver, Colorado! You were simply amazing. We had a wonderful time!! Your mom told us that she would give you the tiger we threw up on stage and we were wondering if she ever did?? Thanks for giving so much to your fans! You are great!

Anonymous said...

i went and it was amazing<33333

Anonymous said...

dude mitchel....marc is an amazing singer. why didn't you tell us all of the musso boys could sing? wait can mason act too? :] tell marc and mason and your parents i say hi!


ℓαnα , said...

Oh WOWWW ! That sounds like so muchh funn Mitchel ! I hope you have a blast :) .. or had a blast, I'm a little late complimenting! And how was HAWAII??? You are sooo lucky Mitch !!! I soo wish that I could see one of your shows one of these days !! If only I didn't live in Canada ! ! :(
A talent search organization came to Hfx last week. John Robert Powers I think it was ?? My Dad and I were driving when the add came on the radio, and he said I should give that a try. I thought it would be cool, so he told my Mom, and she called in and schedueled an audition. The day of the audition was CRAZYYYY, seriously, there where about 10,000 auditioners and I had it set in my mind that there was nooooo way that I would ever get a callback. Not only that but I messed up my screen test !! :S
We had to do certain comercials depending on age group, and I was suppost to act out a G.A.P commercial. There was a little girl in front of me and she had to do a Corn Pops commercial. When I got up to do my commercial I said my name and age, but instead of doing the G.A.P commercial I started doing the Corn Pops commercial !! I caught myself half way into it, so I started over. Just a little bit embarassing, aha .
After that we had to have an interview with a 'talent scout'. My talent scout was a guy named Barry. He was VERY nice. While I was talking with him, he said he had worked with some people from Hannah Montana, and also others like Shai LaBouf and Zack Efron. I wasn't completely sure if this was true, but I found it really cool either way, aha ! After meeting with him I shook his hand and went back home with my Mom, still thinking that I didn't stand a chance of getting the callback. But it turns out that we had to go back two days later to get the results of our audition. We met with Barry again, and he said that after watching my screen test they wanted me for a callback. I just sat there, I was stunned ! I couldn't believe I got a callback ! The only thing that really bites is that we couldn't pay for the lessons he offered, (we just renovated our house) so all of our money was put into that. But I guess the best thing was having that experience! It was amazing to be a part of it, I would definately do it again! :)
Woahhhh, this is probably the longest comment I've written :S
If you don't want this comment to be shown I totaly understand, next time I'll keep it short :)
Anyway, I have to go budd, keep up the AMAZING WORK !! You are doing awesomeee ! <3 Have a good onee !
- lana

carly said...

mitchel post something soon!! i havent heard anything latly. except tht ur concerts are amazing!!

and im soo excited for next friday! like ahh! ahaha!

well see u soon!!



carly said...

so i am soo upset! metro station added a chicago date and there playing at six flags...but its a wed. when like everyone is back in school! im soo madd! lol

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! im going to one of ur shows soon! and i was wondering do u think u can post lyrics to ur songs?? tht would be great thx

Marlene said...

Haha I went with my friend and we were just sitting on the bench watching all the girls freak out and then you walked by. You did really good though! Also happy birthday to us on the 9th :)

cat said...

omg!!! mitchel. i went to the concert you were amazing!!! me and a few friends were actually talking to you b4 the concert!!! hopefully you member us. you gave us ure basketball you won!!!!!

luv you!!

liz said...

and maybe you i guess....

Anonymous said...

you're opening for Demi Lovato?!?!?!
i wish i could go to that show,but i live in Cali.
wow,it's going to be an awesome show!
have Mitchel!
-krystal :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! That sounds awesome! I wish you would come to Bloomington, Illinois!! Urg, that'd be ah-mazinnn!!!!!

i♥you mitchel!!!


Ashlee said...

somebodys' 17th birthday is in 8 days................

Anonymous said...

mitchel...i miss you! post a new blog soon please? oh and only 8 more days!!! yay! :)


Anonymous said...

we loovvveeee you Mitchel.

Amy<3 (prom Girl)

cya in Kenosha <3

christineeee (: said...

ughh ii mean its like 5 hours away from where ii live!

come to los angeles. please?
ii miss youu soo much!
so does everyone elsee...

los angeles, okay?

krissy said...

hey mitchel!

i was at this concert it was amazing!!! :)
but i went to buy a tshirt and it was all sold out... is there anywhere else online i can buy it?? it was the black one with your MM logo on the front and your name on the back haha it's my favorite!!
also you said you love doing concerts at amusement parks.. so i was wondering if you'd consider doing a show at the topsfield fair, its in topsfield, MA the last week of sept. or the first week of oct. either would be great! it's a huge fair and it's really well known. Jojo performed a few years ago and they do a concert every year so it'd be awesome if you went this year!!

i love your music and i can't wait for the CD to come out! good luck for the rest of your tour! :)


Anonymous said...

Mitchie!!! Write in your blog before you turn 17! PLEASE! It's been a week and two days!! (three days by the time you read this!)

I am so excited! I amd going on vacation the day after your birthday, but guess where I'm going. Indiana. What fun right? (NO! Unless you're there. lol) JUST KIDDING!

Your are turning 17 in less than a week Mitchel! What am I going to do with you?? lol (Can you stay sixteen for about three more years?) I'm turning 13 three weeks after your birthday. (It's on a Wednesday like your b-day!)


C u l8er!


Shayla Boas

brie said...

Hey Hey Mitchay!

I've been on your blog, just haven't posted in a while...sorry!

Dude, can you BELIEVE that next week is our birthdays already?! Mine's on the 12th, and I'll be 15. I'm soooo excited! I'm having some of my friends over for a pool party and cake and stuff...and maybe even some fireworks later on! And today, they have a Fourth of July Parade in town, followed by a movie in the park...JAWS! As long as it doesn't rain, me and my pals are gonna go and get all the candy we can grab! lol

So I'm really REALLY hoping I can see you in September. That mall is like an hour from my I'm kina begging my dad to take me because my mom doesn't really like driving that far. I think I'll bring my friend Erin along with me. Oh, and you better make sure that there's a piano set up somewhere so I can play "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" and "Seventeen Forever." God, that would be wicked sweet.....

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

mitchel mitchel mitchel mitchel! i got stitches today!!! on my finger and it hurts really bad! like right now how i'm typing...only 7 more days now too...r u excited?? i love you and have a great 4th of july!


Anonymous said...

I wish i could meet you but i am come to michgain becouse i live in mi this is Felicia happy brithday mitchel.

Colleen :] said...

i went!!
you were amazinggggg!

i wish i could have met you but sadly that didnt happen.

i love how you came around and gave the line high fives..
i waited in line for 6 hours!!

but i would totally do it again to see you!!

you were amazing :]
and so was demi!

i love you :]

Taylor said...

I might my Mom is Still thinking about it
its a long drive from ohio

Anonymous said...

I went to see you at the show and you were amazing. i loved it!

Kat said...

Hi Mitchel,

I went to your concert at six flags. You walked five feet behind me when I was eating with my friend and we were so surprised I didn't have time to ask for your autograph. I was also one of the girls to touch your hand when you were comming off of Superman and going past the long line. You probably don't remember the short boy that got a picture with you and saw you when you were shooting hoops somewhere but he was one of my friends that were with me that day.

Sorry for the long comment. I'll see if I can get pictures to you somehow.

Jen said...

this was an AMAZING show, mitchel.