Monday, June 02, 2008


You stole my heart! Thank you for coming out and supporting me. The croud was absolutely amazing and I had the best time of my life. I can't believe this is only the beginning!

I got to meet a lot of you and I appreciate you standing in the long line and waiting. I loved the park! The Superman ride was CRAZY and I had to sit in the front everytime.

Alabama, Arizona and Los Angeles, I'm coming at ya this weekend ready to show you a great time!

I can't wait to meet you all!

By the way, the Los Angeles show is a charity event for the Elizabeth Glacier Pediatric Aids Foundation on Sunday June 8th. I am hoping to do a show in LA that everyone can go to, but if you happen to be going to this charity event, I'll see you there!

P.S. "If I Didn't Have You" is still in the top 100 on itunes and "Shake It" is that's what I call cool!


Molly said...

Hi Mitchel!!

I saw Hollywood Girl yesterday (actually, Katie showed me it) I LOVE IT!! I think I would like it even more live!!! *hint Hint* hehehehe. I'm trying really hard to let my parents let me go to NJ for the concert (I'm trying AZ but it's not working....:'( )

Anyway...I'm so glad If I Didn't Have You is doing so well! It went up to #25 in the top 30 on Radio Disney!! YAY YOU! haha.



Anonymous said...

June 6th, Alabama.
can't wait.
I'm gonna get there 2 or 3 hours early and stand outside the gate.



brooke said...

aww i'm so glad you had an
awesome time in new york (:
i can't wait until you come to ohio!
keep having a great time touring.


Alana said...

Good 2 know that New York was awesome!!And "Shake it" and "If I Didn't Have You";thats awesome too!!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

*Sniff* I always thought you liked Florida the best. Well, I guess now I see the TRUE you. x(

Nahh...I'm just kidding!! (Did I fool you?) hahahaha!!! I'm glad you had fun!!!

Molly (again)

carly said...

Glad ur having a blast at ur concert! and U should be excited for the rest of the concerts ahead they will be amazingg! hope i can go to the one in wisoncsin!

and congrats on the song still on top 100 its a 57 right!!




Ashlee said...

funn. but, I think you would like OREGON better. there's SKATE PARKS here. which is totally raddddd. annnd there's ashlee. :]


Leanna Marie said...

Hahaha Didn't I tell you the Ride of Steel was great?? So I am TOTALLY BUMMED about missing your concert. BUT I WILL be at the Balloon fest in August and I must must MUST meet you in person!!!!

It didnt rain on you on Saturday, did it? It rained on me, haha.
<3 Leanna Marie

abby said...

wooop wooop! everyone loves you mitchel! :D
im possibly coming to Tuscon to see you!

hopefully i will be there! :)


Angelica said...

Glad you had fun Mitchel ! =)
Maann , I wish I could`ve came .

Loads of Love ,

Rachel said...

that was the best day of my lifeeee,
i was in the second row of people for your concert and it was sooo amazinggggg.
your music is freaking awesome, i loved all of your new songs.
I was soooo excited to get your autograph too, your soo nice!

:) haha the supermannn, that was sooo funny how you had to get escorted and everyone was following youuu.
i was kind of following you too, hahahaha, and then the security guards were all standing there and then you'd hear on the walkie talkie "he wants to ride it ONE more time"
haha they said that like 4 times !
i also rode the swings ride with your amazing drummer!!! :D
i loved your band and your dancers.
Everything was amazing.

thank you sooo much for giving me the best day ever.
i love you so much.

Annie said...

Ahhh, that's great! Sounds like you had a blast. Wish I could've been there.

And about iTunes - that's amazing! It apparently runs in the family. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad u like new york! too bad i didn't see you, but i do live here! and i've ridden superman more times than i can count! the back is the most fun though! did u go on the skycoaster (the bungee jump thing)? that's great, but it costs money.
i'm glad you had a great time!

oliviaakiddo! said...

Mitchel. LA, what are you talking about?


Anonymous said...

Hey I was there!
I asked you if you wanted to go on the viper with me but you said maybe.
Then when i tried to talk to you again it was nearly impossible with all your security
I have some AMAZING pictures and videos of the show. If you would like them to remember your first concert of your tour i would be glad to send them to you just have you or a manager or something e-mail me at
I had such a blast
you guys did terrific
i hope i can see you again in the future!

mitchellover16 said...

Hey Mithel:
I Love you so much but hey I have one thing to say if you thought New York was awsome Then Denver Will blow your mind away. I can't wait to see you it's been since like 4ever well actually since February,but still I was wondering if you will give me a shout-out since I am the Validictorian of not only the class but of the whole school!!!!! See you on the 28th,of June.

PS: mY LIL SISters CAN'T WAIT to see you and the are only five and twoshe wants to marry you is that not one of the cutest things you have heard a 2 year old wants to marry you.

Disa said...

Awesomeee (:

You're lucky.
While you're out having fun on tour I'm sitting here trying to write an essay for college scholarship applications. I've been sitting here for 2 and a half hours trying to write one and I only have 4 sentences D: How lame is that?

Come to Seattle :DDDD
Coffee capital of the world, eh, eh?
(I find coffee rather disgusting, by the way).

Anonymous said...

Oh and By the way
Please tell Leland that
i appriciate him calling my mom for me! He will know what i mean :D


Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

i did not know you were coming to l.a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm flipping out!
hopefully my parents will take me, even though it's 7 hours away.

christineeee (: said...

LOS ANGELES???????????????????
you're serious right?

Mitchie, HURRRYY & TELL.
ii DIE wondering where it might be haha.

ii miss you
soo SOOOOOOOOO much.
see you soon, right?

Nisha said...

I'm glad you had fun there!!! I love the song Hollywood Girl!!!! It's amazing! If I Didn't Have You and Shake It should be at least in the top 10s!!!


Anonymous said...

I just heard Hollywood Girl!
I loved it!

Can't wait to see it live!


molly said...

cant wait for denver :)

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, and Cat! said...

Oh I see what you did there, Mitchel.

We're your biggest fans and were just hoping to get a shoutout! Can you holla at ya girls Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna?

Thanks bb. We love ya!

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

P.S. Let's go to Disneyland together! We want to captain your submarine!


i was there (:
i gave you a sexy bracelet (: haha
i loved ALL your songs!
i had the time of my life.
PLEASE come back, please.
it was so much fun.
your amazinggg ! (:

megan said...

YEAH!! im glad you loved us lol but you should have gone on the mind eraser you go upside down and you have to dangle your feet and omg its fun! && i had to sit by myself..cause only 3)including me) of my frends went on!
you could have sat next to me lmao.

oh well. come back soon to ny. (maybe closer like.. uhmm spencerport..) :D

leanneee =] said...

you make me wish i was there.
lmfao. glad you had fun (:


brie said...



luv, brie

KT J. said...

lol that is pretty amazing!

6.6.08- be lookin' out for me ;)

<3 K.T.

Mareen said...

Yeah that is all awesome !!
I hope you had fun =)
Through I am a bit jealous -.- xD
Cause I want to come too.
But no .. grr.. I cant
Now I cry .. again

Lots of Love xx

Annie said...

ohh glad you had fun in NY sounds like it was a blast. your making everyone in FL jealous. come see us!!
have an awesome day :)

christineeee (: said...

where is the foundation going to take placceee?

& what time?

pleeeasssse spill.
& yes, do a show in LA.
ii would lovee itt [:

Daniela said...

I'm happy that you had fun :D
I hope someday you'll come to Israel :)
so keep having fun and smile :)
Daniela (from Israel)

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

i live far fron New york but i saw the youtube videos i LOVE!hollywood girl u have such an amzing voice!


karolina said...

mitchel, how about chicago!!
were waiting!!! lol.
i love your new song, hollywood girl.
best song ever.
remember me when you come to chicago, KAROLINA



Cassie =] said...

totally not related to the post. but your website posted a link to a video that is the making of "if i didn't have you"

here's the link

maybe you could post it for your fans

josiee(: said...

2 of the musso's on itunes' top 100? that's pretty amazing. (:
<3much love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchie!!! Glad you had an awesome time!!!! I had fun too...only I was imagining I was there seeing you but not actually I know one thing's for sure though...I can't go see you at Elitch Gardens...I so wanted to go but my mom, dad, and brother wanted to go too but we're busy that week plus my dad has to go back to work.. :( PLEASE SAY YOU ARE COMING TO KANSAS OR NEBRASKA OR IOWA!!!! Cuz then I'd so be there!!! I'd be there no matter what :) Cuz you rock so hard!!! Oh last night I spent the night at my friend's house and it was like midnight and we were watching t.v. and all of a sudden you come on the screen and I take in this huge gasp cuz I was really surprised and my friend said I scared her so bad that she had to pee!!! Good times, Good times. Hope to see you someday but until then I'll pretend I'm there and hopfully you'll pretend I'm there too! ;) Love ya bunches!


natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

That's awesome! I'm glad you had a great time in New York.
It sure was fantastic.

Love Ya!


Anonymous said...

Okay so i was SO excited about you coming to alabama, but i have freaking work! I guess that's what you get for being 16 :/ haha
Well HAVE FUN and come back to bama everyone loves you here! Oh and don't laugh at our ghetto theme park. You know you are going to love it ;) hahaha Well LOVE YOU!

Amy said...

i hate it so much, i was supposed to go see you in buffalo last weekend, but i got in trouble so my mom canceled last minute. i live near Albany so it would take a while, i was so excited. :[

Brittany said...

Hey Mitchel! I haven't commented in a while...

I'm glad everyone loved you! I mean, why wouldn't they? Haha and yeah! I heard Shake It on the radio the other day. Pretty cool!

Ahh summer's almost here! Just two more days! Whoop!

PLEASE come to Florida. I'm practically begging you. Mayb on August 11th? Heh? Heh? Haha that's my birthday so it would be amazing!!!

Anyways, hope you and your family are doing well.

Peace out home skillet :)

<3 Brittany


im so glad you had a great time in NY. it looked like so much fun! 'hollywood girl' is amazing. definitely my new favorite. i cant wait to see you in 38 days when you come to wisconsin!!! its gonna be amazing! have fun in alabama, arizona, and la!!!

eisha said...'s eisha agin..i was soo there....i still cant believe i talked to you! were like..."hi,how are you?" then i ws like "hiiiiiii..." and hen you asked me the same thing again..and again..i said the same thing"hiiii'..then finally my friend behind me was like"Eisha!he wants to know how u r!"then i was like "goodddddd...' then i walked away...hehe.....luv u lots =0...see you in binghampton,NY in august! e-mail me! ->

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am SO glad that your first concert for your tour was AMAZING for you!!!! I saw some of the video's people put up on youtube. and I have to say " Hollywood Girl" is my favorite!! its such a cute song.....ok, who is it about?....I'm just kidding..I don't need to know.
I can't wait for you to come to Michigan!! I've always wanted to see one of your concerts! You had asked me if I was coming to any of the Jingle Jam concerts,I was so bummed that there wasn't any around me. I hope you have a BLAST this weekend! Its only the beginning and its turing out so well! Its so exciting!

Ok.. well, Give stitch a hug for me!

Miss ya,stay safe!

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

which park did you go to?

chelsey said...


i was there at darien lake!

but im soo scared to go on the superman!!! haha

but anywayss, i have such sweet pictures of you at the concert,

if you want them..just write back pleasee!!!!!!

thanks and ily!

Gennine said...

Shake it is my life. lol. Hey Mitchel! I'm asking my parents for the Wildwood show, even though it's more than an hour away from me. I really hope I get to go, and I really want to see you in concert! Hope all is well!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Jenny said...

i'm glad you had fun mitch =]

sooooooo, are you going to announce more tour dates anytime soon? theres more right... haha.

sara said...

I saw you at Darien Lake satuday, you were awesome!

I met you on the boomerang, and you winked at me and covinced my friend to go on the ride :)
maybe you remember me?
i/m me: laugh x its sara

megan said...

yo :D


if we write to you on your fan mail will YOU write back like personally or will we get some pre-written letter?? or nothing???

mmmkay well peace

Allie said...

MITCHEL MITCHEL MITCHEL MITCHEL MITCHEL MITCHEL MITCHEL! I can never stop saying that over and over and over again whenever I see you sing or perform. You are so amazing, and I can't wait for your Binghamton show. I want to go to the NJ one, but thats on Warped! Forget the Warped invite then, your busy doing something better (im serious, i want to be there)! (but please come over if you get the time!)

I saw you and Emily recording, you have some serious chemistry there, and you are the best spinning dancer ever. and what did Emily draw on your arm? Allie + Mitchel forever? Or Screw Allie, you love me! (as in Emily).?

COME TO LONG ISLAND. 3 HOURS FROM BINGHAMTON AND NJ! COME SOMEWHERE CLOSER! If you were still doing that Raven tour and you came to Uniondale, I would have SO have gone, but Raven cancelled it! COME TO LONG ISLAND!


PS: Did you see the MTV Movie Awards Sunday? WAYNES WORLD! WAYNES WORLD! I love Mike Myers, HILARIOUS! "The top 10 Movie Porn Star Names" THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! "Horton hears a ho"! OH MY GOD. You have to see it if you didn't.

Emily said...

i would love to go to the los angeles show, but i can't afford the tickets for that event... i hope you can do another LA show too ;) i know a lot of people who would love to come and see you!


Yulia said...

Oi garotinho,
I am an admirer its of Brazil. I passed to say that its work is fantastic. Kisses and good night.
Rafaela. :)

Madison said...

Hi Mitchel...well I was at your concert at darien it was AMAZING!!!
I was in the VERY front if you are looking at the stage i was on the right side (i am 10.)
You looked and pointed at me!I think thet was me!!well I had puffy hair but it was down then up again........I hope SOOOOOoooOoOoO hard you remember me!

Madison!! :)


hey mitchel! :]
idk if this is really you but i'm going to write anyways.

but yes i was one of the new york girls. i hope that you did have fun because i had a blast. idk if you remember me but i was the one that was making the heart with my hands. yes i did stand in that ridiculously long line just to get your autograph and talk for a quick second. you were a really nice chilled and laid back person i really liked that. yes the superman is crazy btu i love the front seat it makes it so much better :] and i hope that we can meet again! :]
haha your concert was amazing come back to new york! :]

kellyyy said...


if you think new york is a party
wait for colorado
im going with colleen.
she was one of the girls your papi brought backstage.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you that you like what you're doing and you would NEVER see me on that Superman ride, nu-uh!
Hope you had fun at your concerts and many more to come.


chelsey said...



just wondering (and sorry that was all in caps, i didnt realize it)

anyways..if you like leave your email, will he email you back or something?

soooooooo yeah can some people just let me knoww?!?!

kay thanks babess



juliey said...


Mitchel I am sooooooo stoked for you to come to Saint Joe.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel!
are you in the hannah montana movie?! if you arent i probably wont enjoy it! (:

OH MY GOSH YOUR COMING TO MICHIGAN TWICE WOO ! im gonna try and go both times

shireen said...

No, my dear,
having two Musso's on the Top 100
is not cool.
It is COMPLETELY boss (:

21 days till I see you!
Hooray! :D

I love youuuu,

Anonymous said...

ok i just watched the video of you recording if i didn't have you & i have never laughed so hard in my entire life ! im sorry the second you started dancing i lost it ... i love you ! me & you should go dancing together mhhmm hahah i love you mitchel <33

-michele xo

Anonymous said...

hey i was at the concert in new york!!
my sign was the one that said
"superman with me?!"
i'm making a video compliation of all the pictures and videos i got and ill be posting it on youtube when i finish it, so keep your eye out for it :)
and thanks for getting a picture with my friend and i before you went on the superman. (it was her birthday)
and tell your dad thanks for getting us the chance for a picture. i owed it to him big time.
keep it real and rock it hard::

Kennedy said...

wait till u get to Tucson haha
we will rock each others sox off

Peace out

jessica said...

youre adorable, i met you in new york [:

Madison said...

Yo mitch its Madison.....I was wondering if you can post on your blog if you DO read and write to fan mail......(just wondering)cuz it would be AMAZING if YOU wrote back to ME!!! :)


Alyssa! said...

Hey Mitchel!! I was there for your show in NY and you were amazing! Your CD needs to come out RIGHT NOW! :) I'm glad you really enjoyed yourself on the Superman (and the picture was hysterical-btw). Yeah-I had the Birthday sign. Thank you SO much for getting a picture with me and my friend. It really made my birthday amazing. It was the best I've ever had thanks to you! And your dad! It was extremely nice of him to let us get to see you. So thankyou! :) You're hysterical and I love watching you on Hannah Montana!
Good Luck with everything and maybe I'll see you back in Buffalo soon! :)
Love, Alyssa <3

Ericka said...

omg i live in new york. if i would have known you were going to be here, i would have gone =( i love you and mason sooo much!! ttyl xoxo

buffaloblonde89 said...

So, I was at your Darien Lake concert and I have to say that it was pretty awesome. I tried to get your towel. It was going right to me but it fell short. I didn't get to meet you because the line was so long, but I would have loved to. Meeting you would have made my day.

Katy said...


ALEX said...

btw seattle.

Madison said...

Ever since the concert at darien ALL i talk or think about is YOU!!! :)
My band teacher said hi!I play the piano the clarinet and a little bit of the acustic(?) guitar.
You seruosly do not know how much you & i have in common!! i posted factes about Mitchel on my wall is FILLED with ONLY you!!!!!So i kinda know like everything about you!!And believe me!We DOOOO have ALOT in comon!!!


Katy said...

GAH I take back what i said about Metro Station being #4 on iTunes...

ITS #3!!!!!

XxNotxAxNormalxFanxX said...

I went to the show. Actually, I was backstage. My dad is Tom McGill, the productions manager for the show. It was great!I feel like an idiot though. I spent the entire Saturday with you, and completley ignored you.I wanted to talk to you, but I couldn't think of anything to say. Im sorry. CAn you maybe write back? Id appreciate it.


XxNotxAxNormalxFanxX said...

By the way, Happy Birthday.