Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Enjoy a few little pieces of the show! I will see you guys soon I hope!

and "Hollywood Girl"
if you haven't seen it yet, it's become one of my favorites! YOU Are MY HOLLYWOOD GIRL!



Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I just saw that video!! It was so awesome!! A few clips of the songs that were played were AMAZING as usual!!! Can't wait for more!!!


Fer said...

aww that's soo cool!
I'm really glad you're having an amazing time! The video is really cool, you're AMAZING! =D

love you<3

Allie said...

sweet, i'll check it out.

my band concert is in a hour, wish me luck! we sound horrible, but my sister straightened my hair and i'm wearing contacts and i feel pretty :D.


Anonymous said...

hey yeah i havent watched it yet,
but i can guarantee you that i will!!
i know this may sound wierd,
but ever since i saw you at darien lake in new york on saturday, i havent been able to stop thinking about you :)
thank you so much for making my day perfect,
you should listen to the song "hum along" by ludo.
it pretty much describes how i feel!
keep it real and rock it hard::

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel you are sooo amazing! I love you!!!

Shayla Boas

P.S. come back to Texas

Allie said...

so i watched it, adn this is what happened that got me down:

Host: So are you single?
Mitchel: Yeah, definitely single and always will be.

that means a) you will never date someone b) you haven't found that one person yet c) you don't have enough time.


Allie x2

Anonymous said...

ok ok i know i just commented
but i was just wondering
when you're record will hit stores so i can buy it!!
and the video is AMAZING!

oh i wrote a song and im going to try and sing it and put it on the video :)

ok NOW for real
keep it real and rock it hard::

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

We loved your video!

We are so excited that you're single! Maybe we can all get together? Can't wait to see you this summer!

Amy said...

hey i heard you were in cohoes friend said her mom teaches at the school and she said you came today for a girl that won a contest. that's nuts. her mom was like "oh i would have picked you guys up from school but...i didn't know until little girls were screaming everywhere"

that was you right?

Mariam. [: said...

very nice mitchel.
they put the picture of me kissing you when you were talking about lizzie. weird ahhahaha

whered they get that picture, ive never seen it before in my life!
well, not that angle of it.
i look really bad in it, but you look cute. obviously.

i miss you.
cant wait to see you <3

megan said...

heyyyyyy :D

whats up?? have fun in alabama. whats up with you and these theme parks. lmao!

hahha omg love the vid.
even though i saw it live

haha so i had band today and i asked my band teacher when were gonna start playing hannah montana and he gave me a blank stare.

remeber at the concert.. when you were playing the drums.. HAHA IM WORSE THEN YOU!! :D

love you,

KT J. said...

I'll see you friday, honey ;)


Popsicle and Izze said...

A friend tells me that you are going to Denver and doing a show at Elitches. Is this true?

ℓαnα , said...

the songs sound amazing Mitch !! I can't wait to hear all of them! btw, your r looking very amazing 2aha !! :)
anywayy i gotta runn, i'm up to my head in homework. YIKEES?!? all my teachers decided to assign a bunch of projects the week before exams .. it's not funn. But i'm glad your having funn, and it only just started !! It's gonna get even betterr :)
keep it up budd <3

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

aha nice!
that crazy fan wow thats crazy aha she is lucky though she got to kiss u on the lips;)haha!
i cant wait to see more!ur too amazing mitchel!!!


Tricy said...

Hey Mitchel,you and Em's music video received over 600 000 views on youtube! Congrats!

lizzieeeee said...

oh that is amazing...
i feel famous or something

Anonymous said...

I watched it earlier.
It was awesome.
Can't wait till Friday.


Annie said...

Ahahaha, amazing video!
Wicked dance moves, by the way.

Can't wait to see you! :D

Ashlee said...

that video is awesome. they used mariams picture!

come to oregon.

MeganP2010 said...

awww mitchel that was the cutest video everrrr I love you! It makes me want to see you again! Please come to northern california, I'd love to meet up with youu!

As for your music, i'm REALLY liking your sound, and I can't wait for you to release some more tracks!

I guess I should send you a letter soon... we need to connecttt, ya?


leanneee =] said...

LIZZIE! lmao. i saw that a while ago. lizzie is awesome yo.

haha i saw hollywood girl the other day. i loveeeee it!


Anonymous said...

You are a an undercover spaz.

lizzieeeee said...

oh yeah, and hollywood girl is my favorite too :D

Sara said...

ohhhhh Lizzie :)

So I heard you were in Mass about 2 days? I had nooooo idea. Sunday night my friends were telling me you were going to be on kiss 108 and I didn't believe them because I figured thats way to random so I never even listened :/. I'm disappointed now. I should probably believe my friends more, but figures the one time they actually weren't lying about something like that I don't listen to them. Oh well.


Anonymous said...


You are an undercover spaz. You act all nice for the camera but really you are nonstop BOING.



You need to come to Chicago. I have rad signs. And wear the silver pants. So I can make fun of you. Just kidding.

Or am I?!?! will never know......


Anonymous said...

I saw that today! i liked it! and as I said in my other comment, Hollywood girl is my favorite too! it has a nice beat to it! and I love music with a good beat!
I hope your getting excited about Friday! I'll be thinking of you all weekend wondering how it goes!

Have fun!!

-Katie R.

Alana said...

I love the song!!
And its good to know you are single!:D.And the girl kissing you was..awkward?lol.That must have been interesting.

~Keep on Rockin!!~

Kelly said...

mitchel, you are just like my guy friends, and i knowwwww if we knew each other we would get along so well, and we're the same age too. i feel so lame for saying this in a comment and you dont even know me hahaha buttt whatever its cool. i seriously hope to meet you one day, and actually chill, & not have it just be a quick fan encounter for you. if i ever visit california, i will make sure to go when a metro station concert is planned in LA, cause for one they have been my favorite band for about 2 years now and id love to see them, and two, hopefully you would be there. your so amazingly talented, and you honestly have an amazing voice. definitely runs in your family, cause Mason is beyonddd amazing. you are the most gorgeous boy i've ever seeeeen. haha im like head over heels for you. a little cliche to say, but its the truth. love you mitchel <33


Kelly said...

haha also, your just my type. long haired boys who wear skinny but yet a little bit baggy jeans, into clothes, cause i know you love your hoodies, and have good taste in music, cause im the same as you. i love hip hop, especially lyrical songs, which mainly come from lil wayne and kanye, just to name a few. and i also love alternative/powerpop/pop rock, like metro station, the maine, forever the sickest kids, and much muchhhh more. hahaha and im also into the other side of you thats kind of hidden ;) haha you do have some Mason in you ;) & i loveeee Mason and his bad boy mentality :p
keep doing what your doing, you can only go up from here. love you <33


Fer said...

Mitchel!! I know I'm posting again, but w/e..I just had to say "Hollywood Girl" is awesome! It's so catchy and really cool..I love it!

Oh and btw, go here

Just thought you'd like to see the new layout.. "shake it" is in it=D
Ok, I'll go now...Have a nice rest of the night.


Anonymous said...

hollywood girl is an awesome no wait fantastic song! i love it!!!! all of it was amazing (the other vid) i wish i could see u but i can't...come to nebraska! lincoln preverably! =)


Jade Murry said...

Hey Mitchel guess what!
I'm going to be in LA on June 8th but wanta know some sad news. I can't go to the charity event your proforming at. I mean I want to go more than anything but I don't have 2,500 dollars for my fam to go. I mean I bet I could pay 250 for my ticket but it's a fam vactaion so I wish you best to luck!
Your Biggest and Longest Fan

Jade Murry said...

Maybe you can do a show right after the charicty event maybe in mu hotel room? LOL! I'm so dissapointed I really wanted to see you profrom and meet you in person! Seriouly I have tried so hard to meet you in person I mean first their was the waterpark thing a couple years ago then the DC Games were you didn't come up to my section even though I was screaming your name so loud! Anyway I'll be in LA and SAN DIEGO the 7th though the 22nd of June. Please put on another concert! LOL or at least come to FLORDIA! When I can come! Lol Love you forever Mitchel!

Angelica said...

Hey Mitchel ,

Wow . I`m glad you had an amazing
time with your current performances
and all =)

Good Luck in your other concerts and
such ! You`re really amazing . And
may I say , your voice is just PERFECT ? Hehe . Keep singing and
we all will keep listening !

Loads of Love ,


omg i love that song! the other ones ive heard are amazing as well. =] cant wait to see you july 11!

christineeee (: said...

hollywood girl is my favorite too. i love that song [:

okay. i miss you.
cant wait to see you again!

i love you.

carmen said...

aww i love you mitchel and your music and your dance moves and your acting and your skating and your hair and your eys and your pinkies and your....list keeps going on and on lol :DDD ♥♥

Abbster said...

mitchel, mitchel, mitchel.
you just keep getting bigger and bigger! im so excited for you!!
i cannnntt wait to see you in concert hopefully! lol.
you looked amazing in the video, and the dances look really cool! i really hope to see ya! =]
you rock my life!

maddie said...

hey! how can i win a meet and greet with you??? i will see you in bessemer alabama on june 6th! i am so excited. maddie

Anonymous said...

Wow. I think Hollywood Girl is my favorite, too.

Carly said...

omg i love the video! well both of them! HOLLYWOOD GIRL IS AMAZINGG

hey i saw a commerfcial for now 28 and the first song they showed was shake it! i was like omg!! ahahah u probally knew already i was just mentioning it! ahah alright ttyl!



josiee(: said...

i'm in love with hollywood girl.
i seriously can't wait to see you.

GiGi said...

Hey Mitchel!

Oh my gosh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Hollywood Girl"! "Leavin'" used to be my favorite song of yours, but when I heard "Hollywood Girl" I just absolutely loved it! I ripped the audio from that YouTube vid and it's on my iPod. It's really low quality, but what can I do until your CD is out, right? I gotta have something!

I hope to see you on your tour, after that Kissimmee concert and the DC Games 2008 (where we met Marc) your my mom's favorite celeb too! She said she's willing to drive out of town to go to another one of your concerts. Isn't she amazing?


Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel !!

Oh my gosh i saw this video.
You were so good and the song is awesome =)
I cant wait to hear more.
I am still upset =( Awww poor me =P
Still want to come to the USA for you =P

Lots of Love
your Mareen ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I love that song too.

I think you did an amazing job on it and you know everyone is lovin it.
My birthday is on the 9th of june and it is comin up soon.
Hope you have a good time in Alabama and in Cali.

Have a good week!!!!!!
Summer is here!!!:)

KT J. said...

Mitchel, me and Chynamusso<3 may meet up and we'll definitely see you tomorrow! Look out for us ;)
Plus, I cannot wait to rock out to your new songs!

Peace.Love.Pink/ K.T.

Anonymous said...


cool, I will look at the video later today (I have to ask my sister to see it on her computer because I don't have sound)
I have to ask my dad if I can go to the concert, so I will try to ask him this weekend :)

Superman ride? Is that six flags, or another park? I was thinking of going to six flags this year, but I would rather try to go to Disney sometime this year, or early next year instead. Also I have only gone on a roller coaster with a loop once, and I am not sure if I am ready to go on the superman ride yet, lol :)

My Brother Graduates from College In October, :D!!!! That means I will have to go to North Carolina!! :)

I wish you more luck, and hope to see you soon!! :D

oh, it's getting warmer here, still rainy, but warmer :) hahah

My B-Day is in only 28 days!!!! lol

ok, I say again, I will stop talking now. Can't wait to maybe see you in concert, XD

-Coral (The girl from Rhode Island)

P.s. thanks for saying
Otsiningo Park Binghamton, NY, otherwise, I would never of been able to find out where it was because I would not of known it is in Otsiningo Park.

Daniela said...

Hey you!
WOW I love your new songs!
they are great!!!
and I love to eat to!!!
there's people that eat to live.. I'm living for eat!!!
and I wish you good luck in you shows you are great like always :)
Daniela (from Israel)

meredith kelly said...

i lovee hollywood girl.
its like a acutally amazing song.
keep it real

natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

Wow! I love Hollywood Girl, it's simply awesome. It's become one of my favourites as well.

Have an awesome day!

Love Ya,


Annie said...

hah i love the interview one it was funny [about the crazy fan encounter.] anyways good luck with your upcoming shows.

Nisha said...

OMG! I love this song!!!! It's awesome!!! :P Can't wait to hear more! :P


Anonymous said...

I love the song!! =) I think the show was amazing!


p.s.: you're a great dancer! =)

Brie said...

Hey Mitchel,
i just loved the song! it was so great! i can't wait to hear the rest!!!!!

Brie =)

megan said...

hahhah yupppp i know i'm your hollywood girl!
uhmm so quick ?
i heard miley almost got hurt beacuse of an accident on set of the movie. did her or emily or anyone important get hurt? lmao!

<3 haha love you!
by the way im telling everyone when i asked you to marry me... i told them what you said.. but i also said it implied a MAYBE!! && now they all wanna kill me cause i keep talking about youu!
(not that im obbseesed or anything. gawdd)
:D love you

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Young Hollywood interview and heard clips from your songs and I won't lie--prior to this, I was a huge fan of YOUR's, and there were songs of yours that I really enjoy listening to, but I've been waiting for your music to suit you, for you to find your sound, your niche. Now, it seems like you found it and it's fantastic. I'm really very excited for you and for your future.

I knew you had SOMETHING, but now EVERYONE will know, everywhere you go.

BTW, you turned two devout fans into legends in that interview. Sweet.

I can't wait to see you perform live.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...


That was SO amazing, of course, cause your songs ALWAYS ROCK!!! I love your dancing, I want to dance with you SO bad!

Anyway, I wish I could come to see you, but I can't go to LA this Sunday. I totally wanted to, though. IT'S SO CLOSE. And any other day and I could have, too!

Here's a funky idea: Bring your concert tour to CA!!!!!! ;] Maybe in the future? We're dying over here, Mitchel. I'd get a ride all the way to the top of the state just to watch you play.

jessica said...

hi your adorable, i met you in ny [:

Meeghanherexo said...






Anonymous said...

I saw the videos they are amazing!!! Are you going to add anymore shows??? I really hope you do!!

Anonymous said...

come to chicago !

Anonymous said...

OMG; the video on
It's not like i didn't know this before, but your SO talented. WOW!
It made my day ;D

I'm glad everything's going so well for you right now :)

Oh, and "Hollywood Girl" is just amazing, too.

Have a incredible weekend!;

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!!

Have I mention how incredibly a-ma-za-zing you are?

Probably a kazillion times. Hahaha.

But I felt the need to say it again.

I hope you and your fans are having fun!

Katlyn said...

it makes me upset that your not coming to pittsburgh :'(

Karolina said...

love your songs!
awwww lol, im ur hollywood girl

love you!

PS. go to chicago ;]

Madison said...

Hey Mitchel! I wanted to say I'm sorry for not being at your concert... My brother has been really sick! I am one of your biggest fans, though. In just about ready to put up your posters!

Amy said...

Wow... I love that song! I got to say that it is also one of my favorites!!!



Madison said...

I know. It's me again. I just hope I can meet you someday! I think you're the coolest guy ever! Have you visited Saratoga Springs before? It's in New York. I live there and it's beautiful! All summer long we have horse races and huge parties downtown. I think you might like it if you check it out! Hopefully see you soon!

Molly said...

Shake It is number 7 on iTunes! I would by it again to make it go up, but I got it when it was free back in October! Good Luck at your concerts!

Molly E. =]

megan said...

WOW! have fun at your show tonite.
well your at your show i will be at a PARTAHH!! :D
omg its freaking 90* thankgod for a pool!!
my dog went in my pool today she like was swimming it was so funny!
i went on my diving board! which was fun!!
well partys soon then to my grandmas!! :D hah ilove my grandma! lmao
(but make sure you don't have more fun then you did at ny)

Amy Lynn said...

I just looked at both of the videos..
I have to say, that "Hollywood Girl" is also one of my favorite songs.

I sure hope to hear that song on your CD one day.

As well as, "Leavin", "Red Carpet" and "White Striped Gloves".

Absolutely AMAZING, absolutely.


Alana said...

Mitchel,On a Disney 365 did you say you worked out 25 hours a day?


Anonymous said...

Wow mitch.

You're getting A LOT better.


The music in that little interviewy thing... I can't wait to hear it when you come around NJ. It sounds REALLY good. Like, 1940235983495870239485702389457 steps up from 'Let's Go'.

I'm already impressed.... can't wait to see you live.

By the way, does this mean you're done filming for HM?

Anonymous said...


I'm turning 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could you please give me a birthday shout ouuuuut ??

pretty pleaaaase?

hahaha xoxoxoxoxox

- Charlotte !

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

so i havent commented you in a really long time!
Well today im going to Nyc for the whole summer. I got an agent and im going to try to start an acting career! Im so excited! And if your ever gonna be in ny while im there i might see you ;

I hope you have a good week !

Jessica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

i loved everything about the video!
espescially YOU! ha
and "Hollywood Girl" is by far my favorite..actually i like all your songs but thats my fav.

Anonymous said...

gah micheal ur so BEUTIFUL with ur hair and eyes!! and also i went to ur ALABAMA concert at alabama adventure and u were EXCELENT! after u sang all of ur songs u asked anybody if they had questions and i got to ask the FIRST QUESTION!!! i asked why didnt u touch my hand? lol such a retarded q. i know. but hey u hed my hand for a while and i was so friggin happy!!! thank you micheal and i CANNOT wait for more. and i ABSULUTLY LOVE HOLlYWOOD GIRL!!!

Sierra said...

I watched the video and it was great! I love the new songs, can't wait to be able to buy them on iTunes!

Anonymous said...

im in love with all your songs
i cant even pick a favorite !

-michele xo

Anonymous said...

Mitchel,I just saw the "Hollywood Girl" and was realy amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are very good at performing songs ;),long time no see,I didn't write for you these days,because I've been studying so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'd really want to know how is the feeling in acting and singing that good,but I'm not good in that.....Keep acting and singing so good as you are!!!
Rafael(the brazilian)
P.S.:if there is something wrong in my comment(I think there is)don't forget,I'm still learning english :D.

megan said...

today is my sisters BALL! and im so excited because i always miss these pictures (dinner dance.prom) but i finally made one!
yeah but have fun!
with doing whatever lmao
love ya!

KT J. said...

hi hun~

last night was so awesome- as soon as your album drops, i'm picking it up!

it was really cool to meet you in your dressing room or w/e that room was lol

you're really funny, chill, and down to earth, i loved that

i'm posting my new profile picture of you and me.

i miss you lots, and so does chyna, so come back to alabama soon =)

Happy touring!
Peace/Love, K.T.

KT J. said...

maybe in your next blog you can give chyna and me a shout out since we went =) lol

Anonymous said...

Do you realize because of the beginning of your song, I now have I Wear My Sunglasses at Night STUCK IN MY HEAD?!?!?!
Still love you kiddo!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel...

Katie R and I were wondering if you would post the lyrics to Hollywood Girl on your blog! We have most of the lyrics except like TWO lines, and we are dying to figure them out! hehehe



Sierra said...

Hey Mitchel! I saw you perform Hollywood Girl and it was awesome just like the video. The interview was really cool too!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Luv ya!!! :)


I was at the Alabama Adventure concert!
And you did Great..i loved it!
I lovee every single one of your songs :)
You need to get them on itunes..cause i thought they were but then they weren't so i was sad.
But you need to come back to Alabama!
Gadsden,Alabama would

Emily said...

Hello Mitchel =)
I saw you today at the Sierra Morado concert in Tucson, Arizona. It's nice to know that someone as fabulous as you would ever come to Tucson. I hope you enjoyed your time and felt welcome! You have an amazing voice, if you come out with a cd I will definatly buy it!! I loved all of your songs. I think you are very very attractive! (I'm sure you get that all the time) Well I do hope you will come to Tucson again. =) I also hope that I will have the luck to talk you.

Much Love from your fan

Chloe said...

Hay Mitchel :D
the video was freaking cool as! I'm puzzled when you said "Yeah definitely single and always will be"
LOL! Your probably just way too busy at the moment and waiting for the right girl to come along :)


- Chloe

Madison said...

hi Mitchel! I visit your website every day. I love that you're always updating your blog! Hope your tour is going well.

Madison said...

Hey! Maddie here. I was just wondering if you were coming back to New York with your tour. Like I said, my little bro has been super sick so we can't really do anything. Ay ya ya! Please visit Saratoga.... Pweeze pweeze pweeze?

Annie said...

ah, i was listening to the american top 40 tthis morning and shakie it was like number 17. woooo hooo go metro station.
enjoy the rest of your sunday.
annie :)

Sierra said...

Ok sorry I know I've commented a couple times already but I was just wondering, Mitchel, if you read this, when the songs you sang at your concert are gonna be available on like iTunes or your new cd soon??? I loved all the songs and wish I could listen to them more!
You rock!,

Anonymous said...

i miss you! post a new blog soon please????? :) pretty please with sugar on top? =) i miss you still!!!


madsies27 said...

Yo! It's Maddie Loo! Yes, I know. It's one of the wierdest nicknames ever. What nicknames do you have? I mean, other than Boo, Precious, Bubba, Tator Tot, and Pumpkin. My aunt calls her dog Bubba. His real name is Nicco. Silly Bubba!

Dakota said...

I saw the vid.
mow i definitely beleive that u have been working out 25/8.
and when u come to CO, be sure to perform wearing that tank top. ;)
Hollywood Girl is my fave song now 2!

I'd Swim the Ocean for You♥ said...


QUESTION: Why are you so amazing?
Also, are you ever gunna answer my letter? I sent it three months ago. I know you're busy, I just want to know that you got it ok.

How is your tour going? I hope you're having an amazing time. We miss your daily blogs :P

i get out of school on thursday after final examss.summer tiiime. me and my friends are having a party after, you should definitly come:-*

seriously though. i think you need one day when you could just hang out and be totaly normal. SO if you wanna take me up on that offer everrrr just say "mmkay" in a bloooog and i will write you a letter with my address&phone number:)

i'm very optimistic:)

so have fun on your tour and you other projects with your amazing VOICEEE and ACTING SKILLS

and just remember...the words "mmkay":)


Anonymous said...

Wow coming to New York must have been a great accomplishment, Not many come all the way out here. So I would kill to do what you do must be amazing, to sing and dance all the time living the dream i long to have. Going to your concert was like an inspiration. But even though and cant live my dream im glad someone is.
Just some one who cares
back here in New York Buffalo

Anonymous said...

Hey its me again the one who cares who just wrote a few min. ago so i was wondering if you would like to contact me i would love to here from you and no i am not like the other girls you have ever met. I am unique and i would love to talk with you if your up to it just email me, you wont be sry, Also i have always wondered what it would be like to be on stage to know that people look up to you as a some body and not a nobody so on your next blog or your next updaye give a shot out to me some one who cares!

Anonymous said...

Heeyyy Mitchel,

friday night was awesomee.

you need to come back to alabama soon, me and katy miss you.

Don't know if you remember us, but were the ones that got to meet you in your dressing room or w/e.


And Marc accidectally pressed the record button when he was trying to take our picture.:)


I put my profile pic of me and you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Boii.

You should give me and Katy a shout-out on your next blogg.



megan said...

you need to post
you havent posted in FOUR days!!
ahh tortore!!

whats up with guys!
first my boyfriend doesnt call me anymore
adn you dont post!
love you!

Anonymous said...

mitchell you have have have to come to connecticut...
you should REALLY be on tour with your brother and metro station.
the two of you are amazing people.. just in case you didnt know.

<3 denise

heather said...

hey mitchel you were alsome in ALABAMA friday. o what was u verey frist T.V show. did you have a T.V show when you where a kid?

Anonymous said...

yay! #63 for u and emily on itunes and
#3 for metro station on ituness!!!

christineeee (: said...

ok. ii miss you.
& your daily posts [:

pleaaaaseee come to cali.
im gonna eat myself this entire summer if you dont come.

the last day of school is the last day of finals, june 17. ii seriously cant wait for that. haha

alright, hurry up, mitchel.
i love you.

emilyann! said...

hey mitchel! shake it is number 3 on itunes at 11:17 on june 9! congrats to mason and all of metro station. i hope you come to texas on your tour because i would love to see yall perform.

lovee, emily

abby said...

i couldn't come to your show in Tucson, and it REALLY made me angry.
know why? because i live in scottsdale!
and gas prices these days are so expensive haha!

come to glendale, or scottsdale! (:
add more concerts pleassssseeee~!

love ya!

Brittney said...

haha, that is my video. i find it pretty gnarly you chose to post it out of the couple that were taken from that show.

Annie said...

so have you seen my "i love mitchel musso" vid i posterd like 4 or days ago maybe you have i dunno anyways glad you had fun at all your shows they sound pretty exciting as ive said in all my other comments come back to florida ! and speaking of metro station my mom came up to me after this concert i just got back from and was like guess what i bought and i was like what mom and shes like a METRO STATION CD and i was like wow you know who metro station is and shes like yes my new fav band and i heard mitchels bro is in it and i was like i know!!!! hahah sooooo i thought i would share that! and ofcoarse ill be wathing the dc games !!!! wooo cant wait.

Kaitlynn said...

Hey you are so amazing i can't wait to see you in Michigan you should listen to the song sleepless by until june i listen to that song while i think about you which is all the time

amehboo_x said...

Hey Mitchel :)

Just wanted to say that I just watched both of them videos, and some more that I found on youtube ! Your shows look awesome and your amazing at what you do . Keep doing what your doing and keep smiling . :)

Oh yeah, and COME TO ENGLAND!

We wanna see your shows !! :D

Much Love . Amy xx

kelsey said...

heyy mitchel!

you look amazing in the videos and i love the comment about mason! i love you both and i love the fact that u look up to him! you guys are both so talented and i wish there was more about u two out there so we could either see videos or read up on!! u guys are so great and wen i heard that i was like aww and started driving my friend crazy talking about it haha...cant wait for the album and to see you on tour!! you sound amazing!!