Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another Post on the same day!!

Hey guys....two things I've been meaning to tell is about where I post......I only post information on this Blogger and on IMDB under the name PEACE-OUT. That's it! Now....if Ally gives you info through the website......that is a reliable source of true information as well because Ally and I talk about things before she posts.

And....I needed to tell you that if you write to me and send a poster or something for me to sign......I am only going to sign one. Some people send like 4 or 5. I can only sign one because what happens is.....that some people end up selling the extras on EBAY. You can always get an autograph from don't have to buy it on EBAY.

You guys have an awesome day!



Dani said...


HOW RUDE!!! Not to you, but those STUPID people on ebay!!!! They ruin it for everyone!!!! How mean, how uncool is it when you try to do something nice for someone and they just stab you in the back! Grrrrr!!!! Well, I have to say thanks for signing my posters, they didn’t end up on ebay; they ended up in a binder with plastic protectors over them! =) Haha, my little sister was like, “He’s so nice for signing those!!!” And she had gotten something from you the day before! She was ecstatic!!!!(Her autograph got ruined in Brookfield because it was raining so hard!!!) So thanks from both of us!!! You rock!!!!(That’s like the 897375 time you’ve heard that!!!!) lol! =D

I hope that doesn’t happen again to you!!! You’re too nice!!!

Have a great week!!!


Jenn said...

i sent you a christmas package thing back in january.. i hope you got by now. haha. but i understad it takes a long time, but i have bad luck with the mail. everything i send gets lost in the mail somehow. and people dont get it for a few weeks or months..

i dont think that really had to do with the post.. but whatever.


Kate said...

ebay is crazy. people make stuff up on it and it's ridiculous. but anyways I sent you something like in Jan and still nothing back uh I'm sure it's just because you're busy and all. Are you getting excited for your new win-a-date thing in m magazine? well anyways Happy Easter

Claire said...

Hey Mitchel, what color are you in the DC games? and is miley on your team again?? keep on rockin! XD

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel--

lol. A few months back i was bidding on one of you autographs. But the money was going to a charity so...yeah. Won't do that again! I'll be sure to send something soon.

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

um i sent u a poster like 2 months ago so if u get anytime i would appreciate it if u could like sign it and send it back thanks sssoo much!
ur #1 fan,

natalie said...

You'll really sign posters if we send you them? OMG thats soo nice!
I can't beleive that people would sell them on ebay!! I mean, thats soo rude for them to do that. Anyways, hope you had a great easter... I can't wait to watch the new season of Hannah Montana!

Peace to You too!

~*~natalie hocking~*~

Rachel said...

Ooh really? AWESOME! I'm so sending you my mail SOON! =]

Have an awesome week!
Keep ROCK'N it.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Emily said...

hey hey hey!
hoppy easter! lol! hope the easter bunny was good to you! lol! i got alot of candy, imagine that! my b-day was on the 2nd but we just celebrated it today, along w/ easter and my aunt's b-day. lol.
well, ttyl, alligator.
bye! hugs! Emily

Anonymous said...

can u post the fan mail address one more time...i sent u somethin in january but im guessing i had the wrong address...i got it from popstar! anyway if u could repost the address that would be great!! thanks soo much!!

alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! that is just so mean that people sell your autographs on Ebay!i mean, you sign so much stuff (just guessing) and people take it as a way to make money! so rude!


I havent been able to write [.yoo.] yet! and just soo yoo know I write you(yoo) Just so yoo want think I'm A RERE! LOLZ! I can drive know its sooo awesome well luv ya and HAPPY EASTER Luv Ya! ♥MoRgaN♥™

Alexus said...

Hey Michel Have A Wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!

Carly said...

Oh MAN im gunna send u something!! lol! i would love a poster signed by u!! cant wait to see u on sat!!

Brittany said...

Wow so thas really gay! Sry to hear ppl would try and sell it on ebay! (I have to buy one) JK!! ;) MAN!!! Bout the DC games i just moved from FL...i knew it was a bad idea(lol)!! Visit my blog everyone including Mitchel. Its awesome and plz leave me a comment. I recently posted a funny u guys should read it

Cybill said...

man! Dani's right, that is rude. I'll bet you probably do get loads of fan mail all the time anyway. Do you actualy go through it all and read it, cause if you do, you are one of the best people out there. whenever my parents found letters from our old complex, they would just trash them! you are awesome mitchel. how did you become so famous anyway? its like you come right out of the pacific and eat the sun!! That's just about how big of a star you are right now!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz e-mail me!!!!!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jordan! said...

Why would anyone sell that stuff! I would like frame it and hang it up! My mom hasn't bought me a frame yet and I got your auto in the mail in August... Oh well! Anyways, do you know any more about your trip to St. Paul?

Zena said...

Hey,I just wanted to say i think your a awesome actor and person.All the pictures I see you in make me laugh beause u make the funnest faces on them! :P And also cause your having a great time. I hope that people on eBay will stop cause its stupid, dumb and uncool. I hope you have a real great Easter ( if you celebrate it) or just have a great day/week/month/year/LIFE!

P.S I didnt know that you autographed things that people sent u! am so sending something!lol :)

P.P.S. Your totally cool and dont ever let haters or stupid Ebay people get u down cause you'll always be WAY WAY cooler then they'll ever be - A loyal fan ^.^ :) :p :) <3

Anonymous said...

omg i would never sell anything of urs on ebay those people must be crazy but im glad they r so i can buy things off of ebay lol but im going to meet u in chicago were i will get an autograph of urs that is truly mine i am to excited
Luv Ya


hey mitchel!

the ebay thing reminds me of that one hannah montana episode, debt it be! LOL!

youre an awesome person, mitchel, and remember to always stay humble like you are now :) you're doing great so far!
-- ashley <33

M_Mussolover said...

i sent a poster like 2 months ago so maybe it got lost in the mail, u may have already sent it, or u may have just gotten but if u haven't sent it if u could send it sometime that would totally b AWESOME! o btw i love ur fansite!

Emily said...

Ebay? o-0 I find it sad how people buy autographs when they can simply get one through fanmail :) I totally understand why you would only sign one. It's better than nothing! You rock Mitchel (:


Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

That is soooo mean of people to take advantage of you like that!
I know I wouldn't do that! I know every single one of your fans asks this but.... are you coming to Denver anytime soon? There are sooo many people here who absolutley adore you, and would give anything to meet you in person! OH ya, how's the driving coming? My sister is getting her permit 2mrw morning!
OMG the craziest thing happened today! I was at my grandparents new house, and they were showing us around. We went to the basement, and there was a window in a pit - ya know, one of those fire escapes - and outside on the window sill were two shivering baby bunnies(It was snowing out). The mom was nowhere in sight, and the babies were litterally as big as my fist. We took them to the Dumb Friends League, but it was closed becuase it was Easter! So we took them home, and we have to keep them for the night. They're okay now, but if we hadn't found them, they would have starved because there was no food down there! They are so lucky someone saw them! It was the best Easter of my life! Well i g2g, so see ya l8tr!
:) :) :)


Jacquelyn said...

!!!!!!!!Happy Easter Mitchel!!!!!!! =) Hope u had a great day!!

...I should send u a poster to sign! But i don't think i will send 4 or 5...i don't want them sold on!! (I never buy anything on eBay anyway!! LOL) I'm pretty sure u got my Valentine's day gift, right?!? Hope so...

I'm so psyched for Saturday!! =D It's gonna be a BLAST!! =D

I hope u have a fantastic week!! Happy Easter!!!

~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

Aww your so nice,for signing the posters,which I'm sure you would Well Happy Easter!It's technically still Easter where I am,so I guess it is where you are Sorry if I am confusing you at all.I do that sometimes.Alright,well I just want to say that I can't wait until the new season of Hannah Montana.I wish we could skip all the days until April 23rd (I think that is when the new season starts).Except for we can't skip my best friend's That would be Her birthay is April 17th so if you could,on the week ok April 17th,wish everyone a happy birthday that is having a birthday on that week.Then I could show her that you said Happy Birthday too her,not personally but you did say it!!lol =D She has a huge crush on you just like me,but surely she doesn't have a as big of a crush on you as I do.=D You are so cool.I think every boy in this whole entire world should follow in your footsteps Mitchel!! Wouldn't it be great to have a world full of Mitchels.It would be great for the girls.haha Well I think I have typed enough.Have a great week Mitchel.Always remember that I love ya!



Anonymous said...

your so nice! :)

Melissa said...

Dear Mitchel,
I am sending you, Miley, and Emily a letter tomorrow in the mail. I hope you get it soon. I just want you to know that you can trust me not to sell your autographs. Enjoy the letter, and Happy Easter!!!

Melissa from PA

Kimi said...

hey mitchel! i wish you could come to my drama class to talk to my other classmates cause i thought it'd be cool. when my sister was in drama a few years ago (when she was in junior high) Zac Efron came and talked to them cause his cousin went there.That was b4 high school musical and his huge fame! let me know if ur availible for it(probably not) because i live close 2 you and you probably or your Lil bro probably knows some kids from there. A lot of my friends live on your street! that'd be fun. probably wont happen tho!:(

Yvonne said...

Hey Mitchel,
Yeah I totally reckon that is soo stink how people would sell your autograph on ebay.. Coz the money would be going to them!! Ah, how annoying. I wanna send somethin to you, but I'm all the way in New Zealand and I dono if it'll get lost in the mail... Ah... :( oh well. Have a great week filming hannah montana and really hope 2 meet u one day!! COME TO NEW ZEALAND!!
P.S, my friend said she saw a magazine (here in nz) that said win a date with you. I was screaming my head off when I got her text. HA! Unbelievable.. u would come to new zealand to date me? I mean someone here. Lol. WOW! NEver had a dream come true..

Love ya, rock on and happi easter. Have a great year.


Yvonne, NZ

Carley said...

Just wishin you a happy Easter. I just found out about this blog and I think it's pretty cool that your fans have a way to see what's goin on in your buisy life! It's great that you do that for your fans.

Well, good luck to your bother and you on Hannah Montana!


georgina said...

that is not cool that people flog (sell) your autographs on ebay
i wouldny buy one id much rather get one from you anyway lol
well by the way i have wrote you fanmail and its kinda like 10 pages long maybe more, but its small paper...
i will shorten it if you want coz my mate becki says 10 pages makes me seem obsessed but im not
well ill send it and ill get rid of some of the stuff about me coz you proabably dont care
well bye bye
love always georgina xxxxxxx
oh and you should post on the official site that would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
cool lol.. well if your busy thats ok but yeah anyway bye xxxxxxx

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
Two posts on the same day, YIPEE!! :) is like the BEST website in all of the world wide web, and Ally rocks! I go on the website everyday, same with this blog!

I can't believe that people would actually SELL your awesome autographs on EBAY!!!!! How rude! I mean, if people wanted your autograph, they could write you, or go to a meet and greet!!!
Plus, anything on EBAY could be a lie, like it might not even be your autograph! You can't trust EBAY.

Well, I hope you had an awesome Easter, again! :)

Katie said...

gahh.. i hate ebay. the only reason i would want more than one autograph is to put them up all over my room. lol. ya but anywho, i am SOOOO excited for saturday!!!! i can hardly wait!!! im not sure if i should bring my favorite poster or my skateboard for you to sign. hmmmmm.....idk ill make up my mind soon.

see you in 5 days!!!

Ashley said...

people sell them on e-bay? pshhh.
That`s horrible. anywayssss. So,
I am very very VERY excited for Metro Station!
They are my FAVORITE band & I cant wait for
future things involving them!

Hope your easter was good? Mine was ok...
awww you went to church!? =] me tooo. But,
I got stuck watching the 2`s and 3`s class!
there was 12 KIDS! it was a nightmare haha.

I was planning on watching baseball..but NO.
there is to much dang snow in ohio..and the Cleveland
Indians game keeps getting delayed! errr.

So ohio is driving me nuts. I hate living much snow!
Now I can see why Metro station says its to cold..haha. yeah,
the band commented my myspace. =] but they said it was to cold
here..but they`d like to come..eventually..haha.

Well have a good day & week. =]
*Later days handsome. ;]
Love, Ashley

jenn!!! said...

hey mitchel!!

ugh i HATE people on IMDB who always say that PEACE-OUT isnt u! but i believe u and Ally, cuz u guys would know!

and why would someone sell a Mitchel Musso autograph on Ebay?!?! That is one of the stupidest things to do! i mean, if u asked for it, wouldnt you just keep it? I sent u fanmail a while back, and i sent a bracelet and 2 pictures: one for me and my friend abby. But i havent gotten anything back. That was before my friend Danielle started to love u.

ok well i think im dragging this out a little to far!
happy spring mitchel, U ROCK MY LIFE!

J to the E to the double N!

Samantha said...

Thanks for letting us know Mitchel.

One thing, got it. Hahaha, I wouldn't buy your autograph off of ebay for the reason that I could get it from you! I mean, not only is that twenty times cooler, but its cheaper. Hahaha. Yeah, I'm cheap. I only get twenty dollars a week though, and I usually spend at least 8 on magazines with you in it Mitch! You are making me go broke! Hahaha. Just kidding.

Have an awesome week on the set of Hannah!


P.S. Sorry again for me talking too much. Hahahaha.

brie said...

That IS rude that people sell you're autographs on EBAY! Your signature is something to be cherished and held on to! (lol!) NOT SOLD TO MAKE CASH!!! You are VERY sweet for sending autographs to your fans! Tha's why you have the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!!!!

I'm so EXCITED about YMCA! I think I can go, but Mom is still unsure. I HOPE I can go so I can give you your presents!!! They're super-awesome and I know you'll love em!

Well, that's all from me for now. I hope you and your family had a GREAT Easter! The Easter BUnny wrote me and said he couldn't fit you in my basket....DARN!!! (just kiddin! haha!)

luv, brie

Katie R. said...

Sorry i mentioned the whole EBAY thing. My mom was just being kind to me and thought i'd like it, so she got it for me for my birthday. So Sorry.
i still like my picture that i got. it means alot to me. i know i can ask YOU for an autograph. and i did, but i never got one back. i even sent you one of my pictures of you. and the EBAY people are probably just selling them because they know it will make some young girl happy! well, sorry again for mentioning it. Have a great week. Katie

Anonymous said...

ur the CUTIEST actor ever!!!!
i whatch hannah montana just to see u!- yep, a crazy fan!

it's awsome that u skateboard!!
- i live on skateboarding!(a day can't go with skateboarding)

ur brother band is awsome too! so stoked that they got sign!- keep the details coming !
<3 skatergirl:)

Myra Cowart said...

Hope you had an awsome easter

Love always,

Tiffany said...

hey! when are you going to MN? i think i might drive up there with my family to meet you. i live like 7 hours away, but i drove 12 hours to meet you the 1st time i did, so the drive isn't a huge issue ;)

but yeah, i live near missouri, not in, but near. come to kansas city or something! alot of fans would show up :)

peace out :)

<3 tiffany

Brittany said... this is crazy! my computer is like all symbolly. everything is a symbol, luckily this message wont be!! we dont know what is wrong (my brother did something to it).

Lexi said...

I am soo happy we dont have to get scammed on Ebay to get your autograph


Nicole is Green. said...

NEVER trush EBAY. i got a pair of shoes from it once, 4 sizes to small. lol

so im watching WEE Raw on USA.. and i was wondering; do you watch wresteling? if so, who's your favorite?
I like John Cena & the Hardy Brothers, & Lashley.

I STILL havent sent in the picture I drew of you yet! lol
i have i think 2 pics i want to send in.. so if i want to to keep both, but send one back signed, should i make a copy of the one i want signed and send all 3 with stickes saying what to keep and what 1 to sign? haha, that probably made no sence, but still :]

comment again soon!
-- Nicole :{D

ali said...

oh mitch i hope you had a great easter tell aly and jordan i said hi, do you know what is weird my name is ali and my brother's name is jordan how weird is that.


Allie said...

Hey Mitchel!

You my favorite actor in da world!

Also, If Miley didn't tell u that, I just did. :)



Mickey said...

hey Mitchel!!! My friend used to do that...she wrote to the stars and put different names each time..but she hope you had a great easter!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wha hoo
its the *hot* mitchel musso
i love u so much!!!!!!
i no this is random
havnt heard about emily.o since i dont no ages now. how is she? where is she? what is she doin?
im gettn worried do u guys like her.
shes awsome.
biggest fan!!!

Anonymous said...

mitchel musso .
your soo cool. posting on here. spending your time writing to yout fans. you are so awsome for that. just came to think about it. i have heard nothing on EMILY OSMENT . and i heard a lot about u and miley (which is still a GREAT thing) but hardly nothing on her.
is she alright?

Anonymous said...

That is INSANE selling autographs from AWESOME people on Ebay and I saw on your official site that your name is spelt Mitchel with one L cuz your parents didn`t want ``hell`` in your name Well I thank your parents for naming you Mitchel with just one L because your a gift from heaven NOT hell and a comment back to Dani Yeah it is uncool when you do something nice to someone and they stab you in the back well that happened to me I got my best friend together with his crush and all he did was cause a fight between me and my boy-friend (We`re not together anymore THANK GOD! soo I can love you all I want! lol) BYE! Peace Back atcha!

The Other Danielle

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
how r u dude?
love u so much!
u seem such an awsome person.
ive got a question 4 ya . do u no what emily is doing lately there is not much news on her. and all her fans want 2 no what she is doing? thanks for reading. love u loads.

Anonymous said...

Hiyaa Mitchel,

I Cant Belive People Would Sell Your Autograph On Ebay. How Nasty! But I Say They Would Get Lots Of Money 4 It.. :P As Its YOUR Autograph.
Have a Great Week.
Take Care
Oh Yeah By The Way. Emily Osment Hasnt Really Been In The News Lately She Is So Awsome (Just Like You) And Theres Been Nothing??) Could u Please Tell Me Why I Get Worried Wit Things Like That. I Always Think That Your Not Friends Or Something. I No It Sounds So Stupid. But That Is What i Think!!! :(.. Hehe
Thank u.
Tara x

And Again Take Care

Anonymous said...


I want a sign...

BUT,I have a little problem
I CAN´T send you a letter
because I live in

If you can tell me...
How can I get/buy a sign?



Lyssa said...

Hey mitchel!! Who would sell your autograph?!?!? they should keep it even if they had 8 of them. Welll hope your having fun in the hannah montana new season..i got a question who or what inspired you to become an actor?

Lindsay said...


I think you are a great actor! You are so funny on Hannah Montana! My Easter was OK. Do you get anything for Easter???

Kelly! said...

when are you going to find out the address??

have an amazing day!

Alyssa said...

That ruins it for eberyone!!!!! that is HORRIBLE and that makes you feel bad 2!

knowing you cant trust some MEAN fans who just are using you for MONEY oh they are just al self-seeking people then!


and that is SO sweet of you to do this for your NICE and DECENT people you have as fans not the MEAN and NOT NICE people who use your genorosity for at least still signing one for each person!

Anonymous said...

Its u!!!
i love u so much. im your biggest fan ever! your so hot.
by the way no-one has asked what emily is up to?
just wondering i havnt heard a lot about her. and wondering if u did?
xxxxx love ux

Brooke said...

Mitchel! Oh my gosh. I'm coming to see you on Saturday, for the very first time. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment. EEK! I am absolutely extatic. Just look for a 14 year old girl; about 4'11; going crazzy! Ahh I cannot wait!

I love youu.

Dani said...



I just gotta to tell you this!

One of my best friend's, who is a big fan of you, was really sad...She can't go to theChicago signing and she was so upset!! =( So.....I got one of the posters that you signed for me and gave it to her!!! She was so happy!!! Then I told her, "Remember, boycott Mitchel's autograph on ebay!" And she looked at me like I was crazy! lol...I had to explain...So yeah, even though, second personly(if you know what I mean)You made someone very happy today!!! =)

I hope you have a ROCKIN' week!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! i know you might not check this very often, but if u do, then I FLIPPIN LOVE YOU! i know u probably hear that alot.hah.ok girls BACK OFF! he is mine! lol just kidding. i know this like awesome (well i was flippin out),but iv never met anyone that has to sleep with the TV on but u! like my friends are like can we turn the TV off and i say "NO!!!!" lol but u are the only person i have ever heard of that has to sleep with the TV on,i was like FLIPPING OUT when i saw that video of u saying that!!me and my best friend have an obbsesion over a guy,and it is crazy! ur mine and hers is Josh Hutcherson.u see we went to see 'Firehouse Dog ' and she could not sit still the hole time! lol well im watching american idol so ill try to talk to u again sometime.!

-payton xoxo

Anonymous said...

GIRLS BACK OFF! lol kidding!

Anonymous said...


hi mitchel how r u well yea that is so rude if there doing that because like your totall awsome and well yea if there doing that then there not a true mitchel musso fan lol i am lol i love you so muc mitchel lol haha bettergo to bed lol have school tommrow lol haha love ya biggest fan niclle btw you rock

Anonymous said...




alexx said...

i knew you were PEACE-OUT =] im on imdb alll the time im mainly on the hannah board and ur board! welll have fun in chicago=]

Anonymous said...


I love you. :] Your perfect. I mean, I know Nobody's Perfect [haha, HM song] but, you are just a millimeter away from it.

I sent you a fan-letter, but I couldn't add a dollar or anything to it, but I hope you can still send it. I don't know if you did or not yet, but I hope you read this before you do. I sent them around December 20, so i've been waiting for quite some time. :]

I sent yours, along with Emily Osment's, Miley Cyrus', Corbin Bleu's, Spencer Locke's, Ashley Tisdale's, and Ryan Newman's.

Anyways, I love you, and hope that you come to Virginia. I mean, I live in a popular city in Virginia, but, so far, you've been coming to REALLY popular cities. I just really hope you come here, or I just get your autograph. I really wanted to send you a present, so i'm going to. I'm going to get a beach bracelent [from the beach, ha] and send it too you. =]

Tiffanyyy <3.

Kristyn said...

me and my friend shelby(cell phones that you signed at brookfield zoo) went to the YMCA signing in chicago to see you again. i thought it was really cool that you remembered shelby =]
She has actually liked you since you were One Nad in Oliver bean.
I think that it is really funny you two are like practically the same, you two have so much in common. i too think you're a very cool person, considering the fact that shelb's my best friend and you two are vert much alike. I hope you had a nice time in Chicago and decide to come back again soon.
btw Shelby has no idea im writting this to you, and she has been really stessed over all her rehursals for the recent mucical she is performing in. We gave you her number at the YMCA signing in Chicago. Please call her it will make her day.

See ya,

Ordinary Girl Diary said...

I would never ever buy something on ebay especialy if it was something with a good price. For one, they could fake you out. 2, if it was a poster, maybe you didn't even sign it! So that is really mean to do that!!! Love yahhh

Think about you ALWAYS said...

I'm SOOOOO sorry!!!!! People in this world are so messed up these days!! What has America come to!?!?
You are the sweetest! I'll send you letter and poster to sign ASAP!! I love you Mitchel!!! U R THE BESTEST!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

Maryann! said...

ewh what jerks!

thats pretty low of them to take advantage of the fact that you sign anything for them at all.

grr stupid people.

Anyway have a great dayy!