Sunday, April 08, 2007

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not get the blogger to work for the last few days and then I got home from church and it was working! YES!

Happy Easter.......I hope you all had fun and are having fun this Easter. Miley is at the White House doing an Easter Egg Hunt! Cool huh??

I Will be in Chicago next Saturday at the YMCA....April 14th 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM......address soon to follow.....I PROMISE!! I'm just waiting on my publicist to get the address to me.

My brother Mason is in MN. He and his band were signed with Columbia Records on Friday and they are recording their first two songs...Kelsey and Comin' Around.....both Songs were written by Mason!! We are so excited for the whole Metro Station Group.....Trace, Mase, Blake and guys are going to be HUGE!!!

We go back to work on "Hannah" in the that's where I'll be ALL week.

Also....The Disney Channel Games are in Florida this year. We leave in two weeks. I hope our Florida fans are all coming to see us!

Have the most awesome week!!




hey mitchel!

wow congrats to your big brother!! theyre gonna make it big time :)

have fun continuing to shoot hannah episodes.. i cant wait for the freshman high five!

happy easter to you and the family!

- ashley <33

brittany said...

happy easter mitchel! :]

im really excited for metro station, they are amazinggg.

Samantha said...

Glad its working now! Man, I had to be at church earlier today! I was so tired!!!!

The White House? That is too cool. Hope you're having a good Easter. Did you have some ham? Haha, we did.

I almost got a yes from my dad to go, but then he found out he had to work. All day. So I hope you have fun in Chicago. I'll miss ya!

Finally! They deserved to get signed! Metro Station rocks!!!!! Mason is so talented! They all are! Don't worry Mitch, you are too!!! Haha.

All week? Then you have to get to Chicago. What a busy boy you are. Haha, I wish I was busier...

Have fun! Hope your team wins! And hope you get to be the green team again. Its my favorite color!

You have an awesome week too, and I'm sorry I talk a lot. Hahaha.


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! happy easter.

do you think you could let us know the next time you'll be on dancing with the stars for billy ray because i want to know when to look for you. hes doing a great job.

thanks and have fun on the set!

Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel!

I went to go to a cinema on Saturday to see Blades of Glory.
It was quite fun!
Did you have fun this easter?
In Japan, we don't celebrate Easter so I felt strange a bit.

I hope you meet a lot of your Florida fans and Chicago fans!

Have a great week!

cutieluver said...



Anonymous said...

omg i cant belive ur coming to chicago i would not miss u for anything in the world!!!! im sooooo excited c u soon!!!!! and im excited for mason's band hope they become huge!!

ur biggest fan (and im not just saying that)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!--

OMFG!!! Mason got a record deal!?!?!? That's too cool! Omg...thats so exciting!

Miley in D.C. It was bound to happen someday! That's really cool too!

Have fun filming Hannah and I hope you have fun in Chicago! I bet all your fans up there will be happy to see you again!

Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny left you something sweet and sugery! :-P

<3 Liz

Hope said...

Happy easter to you too!I can't wait to watch the disney channel games on tv!I didn't get to watch it that much last year ,but i was ruiting for green!

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!

I hope you are having a great Easter too!!! I was, then I got sick! I just hope its one of those 24 hour bugs! Call me a nerd, but I hate missing school! =D

I can't wait till this Saturday! It's gonna be rockin' awesome! My little sis has caught the YMCA fever and has been singing all day!!! =D

Congrats to Mason, Trace, and Blake!! Honestly, I have never heard their music...I don't know where to listen to them! But congrats to them...they are gonna be the next big thing!!!

I hope you have a great week filming HM!!! The commercials for the new seasons looked funny! Did you like being squirted in the face by a cell phone?!? lol! Jk….jk…. =D


Jenn said...

Happy Easter!! =]]

that's pretty cool that miley is doing n egg hunt at the white house.

that is soo cool that your brother's band got signed. they are really good. once they have their first cd i/m buying it! =]]

that's cool that ur staring up hannah montana again. i wish i could come to the DC games, but i dont live in florida =/ its so nice there! its getting cold again here in chicago. hopefully it will be nicer when you come.


Cecile said...

happy easter mitchel [:

Kate said...

well congratulations to your bro. I can't wait to hear what he's got. I hope you have a fabulous Easter. Good luck on Hannah Montana and have fun in Chicago. I don't leave remotely close to there or Florida so you should come up to Washington...Do you go see Billy Ray on Dancing wiht the stars weekly? I haven't seen you yet.

karina. said...

happy easter! congrats to metrostation and your brother, i can't wait for them to go on tour this summer so i can actually go see them!
that's really cool that miley's at the white house lol. did you do any easter egg hunts? i just went to my sister's house, now i'm doing homework all day... funnn =/ NOT heh.
hope you're having a wonderful day!

Rachel said...


Oh that's so awesome about Metro Station. I love their song "California"! That's my fave right now.

I can't wait to watch all the new epis of Season 2 of HM! =]

Have fun in Chicago & Florida! I wish I could be there... but I can't.

Keep ROCK'N!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Ashley said...

Happy Easter 2 u too!!! And congrats 2 ur Big Brother!!! I can't wait until the next season oh Hannah Montana!!! I saw the preview and it looks like this is gonna be a GREAT season. Well i wish you could come 2 North Carolina, but have as much fun as possible as you can in Chicago!! Gotta Go, and Happy Easter, aagain lol.

Love Love Love and Love,

alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! HaPPy EaSTeR!! good luck to Mason and his band! if they make a CD,i'll totally give it a try!


Yeah i went 2 church too. but anyway I just read in a magazine that Miley Cyrus's non-Hannah Montana CD is going to be dropped bcuz her band wasnt playing live in her DVD livin the rockstar life and she wasnt siging live either, it was in a TWIST magazine and it also said that the crowd was told when to cheer! Is THAT TRUE! HAPPY EASTER! Luv ya! TELL UR BRO AND MILES BRO GOOD LUCK FROM ME!

♥MoRgaN♥™ ♠

Carly said...


Emily said...

Ahh, HAPPY EASTER MITCHEL! (: I'm happy that the blogger is working now because I've missed reading your blog entries. :D

I'm so excited for the Disney Channel Games this year, it's gonna rock! Major bummer it's not in California this year because I missed going to it last year :/ Poo. Rock on!


Kayley said...

sounds like things are amazingly awesome for you right now!
i hope you had a good easter!
i'm also super duper STOKED for metro station. they're pretty much my favourite band right now!
much love<3

Heidi said...

Hey Mitchel!,

Hope you had a good Easter! Miley's at the White House? Thats awesome! Cant wait to see Hannah Montanna Freshman High, it'll be cool! Im almost a Freshman, next year I will be in 9th grade so thats cool!

I so wish I could come to the Disney Channel Games in Florida but I live in Michigan, wish you could come here sometime, it would be really cool if you came!

Have a great week!~

M E G A N said...

hey mitchel! happy easter! i went to church this morning too! i had a great time! i didnt go easter egg hunting, but my lil' sis did. anyways i hope you had a GREAT day! God bless you! you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

That's ok about the blogger, I'm gald it works now! And Happy Easter to you too! That's cool about what Miley was doing! Give a big hug to Bush from Ol' Lynn! I can't wait to see you in Chicago! And by the way, GREAT job on the band. That's amazing! HAVE FUN AT THE DC GAMES!

georgina said...

Hey mitchel
hope you had a great easter
hope you didnt eat to much chocolate lol :P
blogger can be sooo anoying sometimes
coz i will write a really long post and then the bugger wont work lol
so it stresses me out
anywayyyy thats great news about ya bro and his band,
and thats all i gota say
soo bye bye
love always georgina xxxxxxxx

Katie said...

congrats to Mason!! that is sooo cool!! i love all of their songs!!
i cannot wait till the new season of Hannah comes out! the episodes look really good.
Ya, a little late but I hope you had a great Easter!!!!

5 days till Chicago!! whoo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow thats soo cool that it started to work! I was just in DC a couple of weeks ago to bad i wasnt there yesterday to see the egg hunt going on..anyways thats awesome that metro station got a record deal!!!!!!!! I bet their excited! anyways have a great day and dont forget the reason for the season!


jenn!!! said...

yola mitchel!

woah, congrats to Mason!!Metro Station really is awesome!!

keep doin a rockin job on Hannah montana! u play ur part soo well!

i wish u a happy day-after-easter (lol) and keep up the brilliantly ama-za-zing work!!!
J to the E to the double N

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I hope i will be able to come out to florida to see the Disney Channel Games. I cant wait to hear your brothers new songs! My name is Kelsey so im really excited to hear that song in particular!


Sara said...

Happy Easter Mitchel!! (yeah i know im a little late lol)

Congrats to your brother. im sure he'll have tons of fun recording.

I soooo can not wait for the new season of Hannah Montana. im really excited about it. im sure it'll be just a great as last season....maybe even better ;).

Have fun filming the DC Games!!! I don't live in Florida so i cant go...i'll watch on TV though. :)


Anonymous said...

i love ur brothers band !!!!-there so different than any thing else a round!!!-u and ur brothers are so cutie!!:0-have a great week:)

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!!

i happy for ur bro...they are gunna make it big! im so happy for him! i hope you have fun shooting with miley and kelly and everybody!! also..... florida's the bomb isnt it?? well..i think so! its hot there and so r u!

Anonymous said...

/_|_\ happy easter!! and how wierd is this?? ur bros song is called kelsey..and tht is my name! how coincedental?? anyway! happy easter

Kristine said...

WHOOT WHOOT congrats to MetroStation im a big fan can't wait for their cd to come out =) dont think i can go but have fun in chicago! make sure to ride the ferris wheel before you leave its awesome! i really hope mason records some of his solo stuff its awesome i actually have his song eternity on my myspace now yay! lol but have fun shooting hannah this week i cant wait till the week of the 23 its my mom & dads anaversary & my moms birthday so were going to watch the shows together that week! but yeah better go tell mason congrats for me! have an awesome week


bigblackdogstar said...

Congrats Metro Station!!!! <3 I'm totally buying their CD when it comes out.

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have fun on Hannah!

Katherine said...

Glad to hear you had a good Easter! Wow! So cool that Miley is at the White House! Why didn't you go to?


Nicole said...

GO METRO STATION! I'm so proud of them!
i wanna go to the DCGames, but im in Dallas, Dallas, Dallas :b

have fun in Chicago, and don't eat yellow snow! {if there is any..}

love you a Bushel and a Peck!!
-- Nicole

Ellen Ann said...

omg! i love your brothers band! i have all the songs on my ipod!!! congrats to metro station!! <3 <3 <3

Linz said...

Hey! Linz here from Virginia. I'm going to visit my sister Britt in Chicago tomorrow and will be there till Saturday! :] Hope you can get the info up soon so I can check and see if she lives near the YMCA. She goes to Moody Bible Institute if that helps. :P

Happy belated Easter and good luck! <3


Anonymous said...


Happy Easter to you too!!!

Congratulations to Mason.

I wish a great week to you,Mason and Marc.

I wish you sucess to you.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

well thats awsome congratz your brother i love metro station when my mom talking i turn it on and ignor her lol haha and well yea i wish i lived in floirda lol not really i like california because you live here haha thats funny love ya mitcel your biggest fan nicole and its kindda late because i went to la for easter so yea sorry