Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ok guys.....the real reason I wasn't at the Nick Awards.....Nick wouldn't give me a ticket. I would love to make up a good reason why I wasn't there...but the truth is....they said I gave up on that. They mentioned that if Miles won, they were going to announce it during a commercial break anyway.

Just wanted to make it clear that I really wanted to go.......but I guess my stardom was just too much for Nick!...........just kidding...



amber said...

that stinks that Nick wouldnt give you a ticket!!! but it wouldv'r been awesome to see you there!!!!but i cant wait for you to come back to chiacgo!!!cant wait for you to tell us!!! well i have to go! buh-bye!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's dumb! Disney should do an awards show like that!

when are you going to know where you'll be in Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I didn't really watch the awards anyway. I can't believe Nick wouldn't give you a ticket. Oh well, have a great weekend. :)

~ Rachel (The girl everyone mistakes for Miley)

Jacquelyn said...

Awwww....u should have gotten a ticket!!! Oh those Nick!!!!!!!! was your weekend?? Mine was fine......darn i have school's the end of my not-so-exciting spring break already!!!!!! Oh well.....i think i can survive..i hope!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! =D

Happy April Fools day!!!!!! =D's time for me to's my grandfather's birthday today!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! C u in 2 weeks!!!!!! =D

~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

That's too bad... maybe they'll give you a ticket next year! Besides, where one door closes, another opens! You'll probably get invited to something even cooler! I just performed in my school's talent show... it went really well! However, on the first night the microphone was messed up and on the second night I had to cover up two mistakes, but oh well! I still think it went well. ttyl!


Popsicle and Izze said...

That's so mean!!!!! They probably wouldn't give you a ticket cuz you're from Disney Channel. Oh well, its thier loss anyway!

My Family and I went biking at a reservoir today... I have asthma so let's just say i didn't do too well... anyway I had a blast because in the end I was really proud of myself for doing it at all, no matter how long it took me. I tend to get really frustrated because I fall so far behind everyone, but i realized it was just the fact that I did it that counted. Oh ya, did you know that people can dress you up on Its pretty funny!

- Popsicle

I agree, your probably just too cool for Nick to let you come! You would make them look bad cuz of your awesomeness ;D

LJ said...

Aw! Definetely was dissapointing that you weren't able to go. I heard that if you're a celeb, it's VERY hard to get in, but if you're not in the business, then it's easy to get in.

I'm sorry you couldn't get in! That's ok, you're better!


Emelie said...

Aw, you're the best anyway :) <3

Rachel said...

omg bummer! no way they said no to you... awww I really wish you went. Oh well, that's NICKs' fault.

buuuut on the BRIGHT side... GUESS WHAT MITCHEL! Last Friday my school play had our 1st public performance! I was one of the main characters and it was AWESOME! The feeling was sooooooo AMAZING! At first we were nervous but maaaan after the curtain call everyone was juss standing and clapping and taking pictures. I wish you saw me! haha. I was so happy! Our COMPETITION is next week agains other school plays... I HOPE WE WIN 1ST PLAY AGAIN! Pray for us! BTW, our play is called "LOVE IS A HOT FUDGE SUNDAE" hehe... it's very dramatic & kinda funny. There's not really any love in it. haha. =]

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

(A)(L)(E)(X)(I)(S) said...

oh that sucks oh well maybe next time i hope

Nicole :] said...

AWW poor Mitchel!
It woulda been awesome to see some Disney Stars there, heck, i think it was rigged cause none of teh disney shows or movies won anything!

And yeah, if miles won, they woulda said it on a commercial. what crud.

well, you should make sure that no Nick stars get into teh Disney Games.. show them :b

-- Nicole

Anonymous said...

You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooo coooooooooooooooool 4 nick see you on July 14 2007



Anonymous said...

It's ok Mitchel.Your to good enough for them.Lol.I was upset that Cole Sprouse didn't win.But at least Miley did! Oh yeah happy April Fools Day!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! That stinks that they woulden't give you a ticket! Oh, well! Mabey you can go next year! Thats exciting that miley won an award! She definatly deserved it!

Good luck on all of your driving tests! All the driving ive ever done is in Disneyland on autopia...


Anonymous said...

that sucks that you couldn't go!!
but i'm sure you were cheering on miley from your house!!


Elizabeth said...


Thats not nice! You should have gone. Your right are too famous for them. Pshh..... They missed out.

<3 Liz

Jenn said...

that sucks! Nick sucks! haha

they were probably jealous of your stardom. =]]


Anonymous said...

They wouldn't give you a ticket...
OMG who wouldn't give your sweet face a ticket...
Are you serious?

cutieluver said...

aww.. poor mitchel!! a lot of ppl missed u out there!! it wouldnt be the same without u there! well see u for the DC games!!!! cant wait ill be lookin for u! lol byes have an awesome week


Erin91 said...

haha ur just too much competition for nickelodeon. but thats still weird cuz im pretty sure Raven was there one year. oh well. ur too good 4 nick

Sara said...

That's really stupid!!!! You're one of the main characters on the show. I didn't get to see if Miley one or not. Did she??? Anyway, nice closing paragraph. Made me laugh ;)


Anonymous said...

THAT IS SOO NOT FAIR! lol You rock! Well at least Jessica Alba was there and Miley won!


I agree with the Anonymous person Disney should do an Awards show like that! BUT IT WOULD BE BETTER!

bigblackdogstar said...

That is ridiciliculous! Nick wouldn't give you a ticket? They just can't handle you is all. <3

Bunch of jerks...

Becky said...

I can't believe they turned you down!! They obviously don't know don't know how amazing you are! anyone who's anyone would LOVE to have you at their awards show. lol ok well i'm sure your going to be there next year! Oh and your going to be nominated and your going to win, well duh your going to win! lol

k, well have a great week.

ally said...

ahh thts soo meann of them!! i feel soo bad that u didnt get to go!! i didnt even see the awards tho!! well ttyl

coffeeheart said...

You're right. Nick is doing crappily anyway. The only good show they have is Avatar... don't worry about it. Theyre just jealous. They wish they still had your talented self on Avatar, but, no offence, its still going strong without you. Bet more chicks would watch if it twas your voice.

Dani said...

Duh, that's why!!!! lol =D You're just too cool for Nick, Mitchel!!! =D


Alex said...

Don't sweat it Mitchel, its probably cause you're a Disney kid. They're just jealous :D Keep us posted!
Love ya,

(E)(L)(Y)(S)(A) said...

oh well your to good for them anyway

Anonymous said...

Well, Mitchel you're a big star in my eyes. Who meeds the Kids Choice Awards anyways? By The Way, I was wondering if you were going back to Disney World this summer? I might be going and it would be awesome to meet you there. Have a great day!

.x. Kristen

Devann-Dianna said...

Pssshh, their loss.
You should have your OWN award ceremony. Forget Nick ha ha



they seriously didnt give you a ticket? aww im sorry :( and i agree that disney should have an awards show like that too!!!

maybe theyre jealous that disney has better celebs and shows :)

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, they didn't give me one either?

~random girl named Emily

Lauren said...

sry they wouldn't let u in.....that sux! well, ur to good 4 Nick anyway! lol....i love u Mitchel! and i hope that the best comes to matter how hard life gets! love you always and forever....


Mal said...


Nick are Disney channel haters!

Yvonne said...

What!! Thats outrageous. Lol. You deserve to go since milez was nominated. !!! Ah.. that's sooo stink.
Was it becoz ur like the star of Disney right now?? Lol. Ha, that's so stink. Anywho, hope you're having a great week. Ah, all the way in NZ, whilst you guyz r havin an awesome summer holiday I'm still at school!! Eeeekkk!! Hope everythings well and hope 2 see ya one day!!

Luf u mitchel.

Yvonne - Auckland NZ

Katherine said...

That's too bad that Nick wouldn't let you in to KCA! Disney should do their own awards show thing! I would definetaly watch it!


Anonymous said...

Mitchel, NICK STINKS! Don't tell anyone this, but I always liked Disney a whole lot better than I liked Nick. Nick is NOTHING. I SAY WITH YOUR HELP, we could BOYCOTT NICK! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Does anyone like my evil plans??? Mitchel RULES!
From, Lynn:)

alexxx said...

i laugehed for like 4 minutes when you wrote .....just kidding... idk why i thot it was so funyn but i did haha

Samantha said...

That is just mean!!!!!!

Hahaha, no, seriously, I told my friends the reason they wouldn't let you come is because they were going to have you for Avatar, but they dropped you, so Disney grabbed ya, and now you are big with the teen crowd and they are jealous because they didn't keep you. Hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Thats weird.... ANd yah Disney should do an awards show.

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
That stinks, your so awesome! If it was me, I wouldv'e given you tickets for you and your family and friends!
Your stardom was just too much for them, totally! :)

Go Miley! She won, but she wasn't there! Isn't she in the UK? I think so! That's soooo cool!

Well, I have been really sad because I dropped my phone at the beach in the water, and I think I killed it. But I have faith that it'll all be okay. I hope. :)

Well I hope you have an awesome week!
p.s.- happy april!

Anonymous said...

ugh that suckes im sorry you didnt get to go and well yea they be hatin lol j/k but really thats messed up well we still love ya lol i really do lol love Nicole yur bggest fan Mitchel you Rock lol hahahah = ) btw cant wait for season 2 ya

brittany said...

thats so messed up, especially since people from disney were nomiated. how lame.

everyone knows they love disney kids more anyways<3

p.s. your brother wore your jacket at his show last night;]

Anonymous said...

I heard that they announced her during a commercial, because she wasn't going to show up. Wasn't she at the Radio Disney Awards, or something like that?

Kate said...

that's really weird that Nick wouldn't give you a ticket. You are too good for them babe. I didn't watch it I would have but I had other television things actually I watched a movie Accepted yeah it was weird but kinda funny. anyways love you tons.

Cassie said...

thats really really stupid.....u so deserved to have a ticket.....Disney should do an awards show like that too!!!!
then I would defiantely NOT miss it for the world!

Heath said...

lol yeah i was saying how sum of the disney channel stars should have been there!!! nick vs disney heh..jk it woulda been awesome if u were ther!!!

Anonymous said...

i would have gave you a ticket!! they didn't want you to come cuz every one would have been jelous of how super hot you are -lol- if it makes you feel better i still luv you!! awwww,-lol-! love ya!!


Anonymous said...

That stinks! That would have been cool to go :[
Well, there is always next year right?

PEACE kelsey

jenn!!! said...

awwww that is SO not cool on Nick's part!!!! i wouldve DEFINATELY given u a ticket!!! i mean, who wouldnt, ur MITCHEL MUSSO!!!

And yeah, Miley won for best tv actress, but i dunno why they didnt announce it like aloud. Maybe it's b/c Nickelodeon is jealous of Disney's awesomeness.

ok Mitchel, i love u, u rock my LIFE, and i hope u have an awesome week! (my spring break just started yay!!)
J to the E to the double N!

Leanne =]P said...

Wow. That's unfair. One because you just are too awesome. Two because Miley was nominated. Three because you used to do Avatar, the show ON Nick.

Anonymous said...

nickelodeon has betrade us all...T_T...
i'm sorry that u didn't get to go if i wuz them i would totally let u go

~GoD bLeSs u,ur friends and family

Anonymous said...

o.O well that stinks . sorry you couldn't be there !

Horseluver(that luves Mitchel) said...

That stinks. If i had known that happened I would have called them up and given them a piece of my mind,well maybe not. but I still think you are cool. your just to famous for nick. oh and you should go to Georgia sometime. and I can tell all that stardom hasnt gone to your head.YOUR AWESOME AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that stinks. ohh well ther's always next year.

M E G A N said...

its actually a good thing you didnt go, because i thought that was the worst awards show. (no offence to Nick.) but, like, nobody cool was there, like you or miley or anybody. (except for Drake Bell). but i was REALLY looking forward to seeing someone really cool. :(

nadia said...

that sucks! and i wish they would have announced miley's award during the show not a commercial... totally random but i was reading in popstar that you like playradioplay. I lovvvee his music! oh and its so cool that metro station got signed to columbia records! cant wait for their album. later mitchel!


Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure nick folks (the adults, not kids) dont like disney folk. Did you hear how much louder the screams were for not only the suite life, but also for cole sprouse? But american idol won (????) and drake won 'cause hes nick.


Anonymous said...

that's not even right!!
i didn't get to watch it this year... but oh well....

they're just jealous

danny said...

hey michel. =]
when i read this, i remembered that when me and my friend jennifer went to the kca, we saw victoria justice and erin sanders with their friends trying to get in [and we almost got in with them! like they let me, jen and her dad "escort" them in and everything, cuz they didn't know where the entrace was :P] and when their friends tried to get through the gates, the lady at the door wouldn't let them pass! what a meany butt-head, right? well, in the end, they got in, we got in, and had some fun; don't worry, you didn't miss much. =]
so i hopefully will see you tomorrow at the hannah montana set. it's now tursday, april 12th, and me, jen and her dad are gonna go. well, have a good night!

E[: danny

Ordinary Girl Diary said...

lol!!! Well i would have loved to see you there because you are so good looking!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

O that sucks he shoul of totalty gave u a ticket how could he resist

Angelica said...

Heyy Mitchel.
Sucks that they wouldnt give you a ticket, i know that this is WAY late, but my friend and i got into the afterparty cause her uncle has connections, and we were hoping to see you :/

Then on april fools day, we saw you at magic mountain, with you and your friends! And we rode the batman ride with you! Hopee you remember, but if not, i totally understandd. Love to hear back! Hope everythingss good.