Thursday, April 19, 2007


We leave for Disney on Saturday Morning!!! I'm bringing the Cali Sunshine with me! I can't wait to see ALL the fans! I hope everyone will come out and say hello!
We're working on our 14th episode of Hannah this week and shoot before a live audience tomorrow night! Very fun show this week!
AND......keep watching for Phineas and Ferb news.....the Disney Animated show begins airing this SUMMER....I play Jeremy in P&F....Jeremy is Candice's Boyfriend. Candice is played by Ashley Tisdale!!!
AND....DO NOT Forget that Hannah is on 5 days in a row next week! How cool is that? You can't miss it....The Season Premiere 2 of HANNAH MONTANA starting Monday!


Anonymous said...

hope u have fun i wish i could go and i cant wait for P&F im sure it will be awsome and i wouldnt miss the hannah montana high 5 for anything cant wait!!!! have fun in disney world!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

have a great time in florida!!
and i can't wait for season two of hannah montana!!!=)


Jacquelyn said...

!!!!!!!!!!Thanx again for the update, Mitchel!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

Oh darn.....sorry i can't make it to Disney World on Saturday.....too far away!!!! Plus, i am gonna be at a horse fair on Saturday...(it's in Wisconsin...the dairy state!!! LOL!) I'm beginning to think this world is too big....LOL!!!! =D

Guess what???!??!?!??? I was at the Secretary of State's office yesterday to take my test to get my learner's permit......and I PASSED!!!!!! =DDD I start driving in June.....but i already had a little experience today....steering is a little hard though.....but i think i am gonna get the hang of it soon!!! =D more thing.....i still haven't mailed my letter to you yet....i will mail it on Saturday when i go to the horse, expect a letter in the mail from me soon!!! =D

I hope u have an AWESOME TIME at Disney World on Saturday!!!!!!!

I am NOT GOING TO MISS THE HM PREMIERE!!!!!! I have it marked in my calendar!!! LOL!!!!!

Have an awesome week......
Yours forever and always,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Jenn said...

i wish i could go to florida and see the DC Games..
im so excited for HM season 2. like every day to my friends im like "Guess what.. hannah montana season 2 starts next week!!" haha. ima loser. whenever i say hannah montana i always say it with like a little accent.. sorta like southern.. some words i say come out southern without me trying.. and i havent even been to the south.. besides florida.. so its sorta weird. haha.


Carly said...

AHH cant wait unitl disney highfive!! me and jb are counting down until then! lol. ahh!! omg i wished i lived in flordia!! have fun to anyone going to see the disney channel games!!!!! good luck mitchel and everyone else!!!! have fun wit hannah montana!! ttyl

Lizzy said...

i cant wait until all of the new episodes of hannah montana. have fun in disney world. =]


Dani said...

Hi Mitchel!!!

Have fun in Flordia!!! The DC games will be sweet!!! Hoepfully you'll meet some awesome fans!!!

P&F sounds cute!!! My little sis is looking forward to it!!

I can't wait to see the new season of Hannah Montana!!!!! Is the the Season Premiere the one with you and the muscles? It looks funny!!

Have an AMAZING week!!! Have a rockin' time in Disney!!!


Victoria! said...

Have fun @ Disney!!! =D wish I could go, but New England is so very far away =( anyway... I totally CAN'T WAIT untill HM starts!!!!! I'm soooo pumped!! again, have fun in florida! ☺


hey mitchel!!! im so excited for the hannah season 2 premiere week!! YAY! they will be freshmen along with me! LOL! have fun filming the dc games! I wish i could go but ill have school around that time and on the weekend im going to marine world and the next day is my bday party Ü

talk to you later!
-- ashley <33

Elissa said...

ahh thats exciting!
i hope you have a blast in florida,
while i am stuck in honors biology and spanish 3. :/

ps. totally down for the HM season 2 premiere,
ive got a date with the couch & tv every night next week :]
<3 Elissa

Kate said...

Well I hope you have a fabulous time. I've never been to Disney World. I can't wait for Hannah Montana Freshman 5 next week. Love ya babe

iLOVEshoez said...

OMG!! I hope you have loads of fun!! I'm sure you will!! I wont miss Hannah Montana!! Cant wait til P$F comes out!!

Well have fun!!

~Andie <3

Cathy said...

Awesome! I love your blog Mitchel!! I cant wait until monday night for the new season to start. I'm sure it is going to be great :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Florida is fun! Good luck! (and of course, i would never miss HM all week)


coffeeheart said...

WOOT!!! Oh how I cant wait... The live audience with you is SO lucky. I went and watched the playwrite Julius Caesar today and it was the awesomest ever!!! I wish you all luck and I wish I could see you in the Magical Land of Florida, but I live up in VA and theres nothing of any real coolness, unless for some reason the whole cast comes up to the D-Day Memorial...
Nighty Night you Sexy Beast!

Emily said...

Ahh! THIS SATURDAY? Wooww. I'll be at my friend's sleepover Saturday morning, ahaha. Go Mitchel! Show FL how much CA rocks :D Haha. I'm really excited for next week for Season 2, five days in a row. (: Good luck in the Disney Games!

Devann-Dianna said...

Alright so, I'm going to vent a bit through complimenting you.

I just want to say that I wish there were more amazingly sweet men like you out there. Guys that respected girls and were kind and caring like you are. Today i found out that my dancing partner in West Side Story was going around calling me his "plaything" and how it's so easy for him to flirt with me and such and it's just so agrivating because I don't show him any more attention then my other guy friends.

Move here and give the guys an example to follow!
Now I'm seriously pineing to go to LA for 3 months to do Hollywood Pop Academy-- I just have to find someone I can legally stay with. Ohio is tearing me down!

End rant.
I feel somewhat better.
Thanks, Mitchel!
I just-- ughhh!

Have fun in Disney world! Taje lots of photos and give out a ton of hugs! I know I'm not the only girl in the world that needs one right now.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the next season of Hannah Montana! And it's everyday next week, not just on the weekends anymore! I'm sure this will be an even better season. I wish I lived in Florida so I'd be able to see you, but I can't because I live in Northern Virginia. Atleast you will be on the east coast :)

xx Jessica

p.s. I'm sure Phineas and Ferb will be great too..can't wait until that airs!

Kad. said...

Ah, finally it logs me in...

You can delete the other comments left by me, hehe...

Have a nice time in Florida! I can miss the season premiere because I don't live in America, sadly... but I will see those episodes.

Keep on rocking. :)

Alicia said...

alicia m

Samantha said...

Disney World! Woo! I want to go! Hahaha. Send me some Cali Sunshine. Michigan could use it. Haha.

Live audience, always fun!

Ashley is awesome!!!

How could I forget!? Never! I can't wait!!

Have loads of fun next week, and tomorrow, and remember the fans that can't come out to see you at DW, are with you in your heart! Yeah, I know, I'm cheesy, but I'm telling the truth! I hope you win all your games!


Ji said...

mitchel you are sooo lucky
all i do tomarrow is turn in a pretty big project i started today
and take a PE and social studies test.....
that is really depressing.... :[
anyway good luck MITCHEL!!! :]

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel!!

first comment yay!!! lol
that's so cool!!
i wish i could go to flordia to see you but i live in cali.
oh & don't forget to keep us posted on IMBD while your there!
if u could that would be awesome!
and i can't wait till Hannah Montana next week!!
it's going to be a great season!
well i hope you have a GREAT time at Disney World!
Have fun for me! lol

luv your fan,

Tiffany said...

i'm so excited for the freshman high 5! i bet it's cool for you to film on a "high school" set, since you don't go to a regular high school! you should come visit and spend a day with me at my high school sometime! lol...don't i wish :) well have an amazing time in florida!!! i wish i could come! but my parents don't want me to miss school...if it was spring break, i would so be there!!! i can't wait till the game are on disney! have an awesome week! try and update while you are there if you can!


Anonymous said...


hi i hope you have fun and yea california rockes lol haha and well yea i have to watch that i cant wait im all going crazy and stuff lol haha yea and well yea i hope you have fun wish i could go lol ok so me better go so ttyl love your biggest fan ~Nicole~

Lauren said...

Aw yay. Hope to see you at the Disney Channel Games!

Yvonne said...

OMG!!! AWESOME!!! I wish I could go. Im sooo sad. Wow.. It might burst ur bubble but I've already seen the first two eps of Hannah Montana!! And they suck.. Lol JOKING!! never.. ever. They rock.. Mitchel u rock in them.. Haha handcuffs. Awesome dude. Love u rock on have fun in FLorida!! remember, you're loved.

Yvonne, NZ

chantal said...

i hope u have alot of fun
i was also wondering what you thought of the virginia tech massacre?
and if you you wearing hokie colors today..
but yes have a really great time
the VAgirl

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
Aww man. I don't think I can go to the DC Games :(.
But my dad signed up for tickets to the Disney Channel Games Concert on Friday, but slim chance that I'll get the tickets!
Well I hope you have a good time in Florida!

becky said...

I can't wait for hannha montana next week!!
I hope you have a safe trip to florida, and have a blast at the disney channel games!!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to see the new hannah montana, can you give us an update if there are going to be any auditions for hannah montana?

Cecile said...

take care, mitchel.
and i hope you have tons of fun [:


Anonymous said...

Have fun! :D I can't wait for F&F to air in England, will be wathcing close for DC games as well, hope you have fun again!

P.S Katherinelee from MMo forum ^^

Danielle said...

Hey Mitchel Whats up??? I wish I can go to Disney World but I`ll be hoping you fun have fun!!! haha yeah Can`t wait till Season 2! Are you on the green team again? Well whatever team Miley,You,Emily and Jason are on I`m rooting for! But yeah It must be soo fun to perform in front of a live audience! I haven`t had that chance yet. Well Dreams Will Come True If You Just Believe It!!!! A Quote from Me to you. ``Smiles Are Free,But Are Worth A LOT!`` Yeah I always have a different quote each day! I`m that kind of person! haha Hope y`all have fun out in Florida!

The Dreamer,

Danielle (The Other One)

Anonymous said...

i went to the Disney Channel games last year, that was tons of fun. I wish I could be there this year, its gonna be so much bigger and better.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Disney! I would come, but I had vacation this week instead of next week. I can't wait to see Hannah Montana season 2 and Phineas and Ferb! Have fun and I'll be voting for your team! ttyl!

~Margaret :)

bigblackdogstar said...

You have NO idea how bad I want to just skip school and go to Disney World next week..... soooo bad. <3 <3 <3

Well, have fun with everyone else. <3

Emelie said...

You're the best. =)

brie said...

Oh, boy! You're a busy bee! Have fun in Florida! I'm going there for vacation, but not until June. DARN! Maybe you could go back towards the end of June. DON'T GO TO CHICAGO WHILE I'M IN FLORIDA!!! I'm going for 2 weeks and I don't wanna miss you if you have the chance to come back here!

I'm just about ready to send you a letter. It's 2 1/2 pages long! I put some stuff in there and I hope you like it!

Oliver is only 2 WEEKS AWAY!!!! I'm really excited and I have all of my lines memorized! It's a really great play and all of the people are really funny!

Well, that's all for now. Have a rockin sockin weekend and have fun in Florida and with Hannah! Hopefully you can update your blog while you're up there!

luv, brie

hpluver4ever93 said...

Oh, my gosh! That's so awesome! I bet it must be really cool to do the DC Games at Disney World. I really wish I could go, but I'm just here in Illinois :( But I did get to see you in Chicago at the YMCA! I was with my two little sisters and my cousin! And I also can't wait for the new season of Hannah Montana!!! I'm so excited! Well, I guess I'm gonna go now! Have fun in Florida and I hope to see you on Hannah Montana! I love you, Mitchel! :)
~ Jessica

Maghan said...

hey mitchel!! i wish i could come to disney world,but i went with my family on spring break a week ago. hope you have fun! i will definatly be watching hannah montana with my little sister all week! also,good luck with the live hannah audience!!(hope i spelled that right;D)
yours forever,

Linz said...

Hey Mitchel!

Good Luck with the tapings! I hope they go well for you and the cast! :] I'm sure they will.


Anonymous said...

omg mitchel i cant wait for the new hannah episodes!!! =] and i cant wait for ur new show! im so excited! hope to meet u someday soon!!! i sent in fan mail to u miley and emily... its in a lime green envelope... OPEN IT PLEASEEEEEE!!! haha. and sign the pic inside. there is an addressed envelope and its stamped so please send it back! lol well pc out!


ps. i love u ur so hott!♥

Kristine said...

WOW! you sound very excited about that! lol i cant blame you im excited too i cant wait to see the new episodes. i will be watching all week fo shoo! i especially cant wait for the one where you all dance that one looks really cool! Florida i seriously wish i was there. its like 69 or 70 here but its suppose to rain tomorrow i think which is kinda the pits! but anyway have fun in florida and all hope your team wins!


Natalie said...

OMG!!!!!!!! u have no idea how excited i am for season 2!!! twice the good stuff!!! i was figuring out my schedule for next week and i made sure that everything revolved around hannah montana that night! lol, im practically jumping outta my seat! well, i hope u and the rest of the dc stars have a total blast in florida!! im so jealous! but i know your team will totally win! hahaha, well, try to post even though u'll be on the other side of the country!

much love,

Holly said...

OMG thats so cool. I cant wait to see the new season. Have fun in Florida! Also good luck on the live audience show! Cant wait to see HM!!!!!!!!!

Kasey Musso said...

Cool!! Im so watching the D C games!! I cant wait to see season 2 of Hannah Montana, and Phineas and Ferb.... ill be watching!
o and this guy named Nik Loconsole looks exactly like you but shorter! he goes to my school, he's in 8th grade.

Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel...
OMG! i soooooooo wish i could come out to Folida and see u! i would but i live in NV and i'm in skool(gag)! plus we don't really have enough $ to fly all the way out there! but i still love ya Mitchel! i hope u and all the fans that get to meet u have a blast! love ya always and 4eva....


Popsicle and Izze said...

I am so happy for you! Have fun in Disney World! Izze and I entered to win a date with you, and we are so excitied! And if we don't win, there will be other chances to meet you! Today at school was scary. It is the anniversary of Columbine, and a crazy teen with a gun came to our school. We went into lockdown for three hours. THe police were patroling everywhere, and Izze and I were really scared. Finally they caught the idiot, and he was arrested. I am just so thankful that none of us were hurt, and that the guy who tried to hurt us is getting mental help. Well ANYWAY... have fun in Disney World! Izze and I litterally cannot WAIT for the new season of Hannah Montana! CYA!

- Popsicle

Anonymous said...

too bad i won't be there because i'm not in florida yet.

that bites.
i'm going there in july.
well, whatever, i hope you have fun.

and this sucks, too, i don't get to see hannah montana here because i don't know, they cancelled it or something?

well, have fun!

-nikki from japannn.

Amanda said...

Hi, Michel,

Thank-you SOOOOOOOO much for the update! I hope your trip goes even better than you plan! I'm cheering for YOUR team! I'm defenitly going to watch the second season premiere of Hannah Montana! I wish I could go to Florida, but I live in Cleveland. Maybe you could come up to Cleveland! <3 ! Thank-you SO much again.


Crysta said...

I can't wait to see the premiere of season 2! You're always so funny. And it's funny that you said you're bringing the sun with you cause we're singing a song in choir that says "and when he comes back that day is fine, the sun will shine" Now whenever I sing it I'll think of you! I hope you have a great time. I also can't wait to see the new show you're in.
live, laugh, love!

tiffany said...

i saw the premiere online today! it's really good!! i figured that was the secret all a long, but didn't except the rico ending! lol

have fun in disney world!!

Anonymous said...

i saw one of the new episode of HM it was awesome! Mitchel you are so funny!! I was happy to see you In Chicago! have fun in flordia! Hope to see you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I hope you tons of fun and I can't wait for P&F!! i hope I don't miss the hanna montana high 5 but I guess ya never know! Love ya,

ANGELA! said...

I'm guessing you all are going to the LAX airport? haha Have a safe flight!

esther said...

so much for cali sunshine. haha. its raining. lol. but have fun in Florida, Mitchel!

Amanda said...

Thank-you SOOOO much for the updates! I can't WAIT for season two of Hannah Montana, to start!

Have a good trip to Florida, and I hope your team wins!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

It is cool,
Have fun and good luck in Disney World!

Iwatch Hannah Montana everyday,I wouldnt forgetthe hannah montana high 5.
I cant wait to see The Season Premiere 2,It will be cool!

Good luck in Phineas and Ferb too!

I wish you a great week!


Anonymous said...

someone seems pretty excited that ashley plays their girlfriend :O

lol...i think she's a little too old for you, but everyone can dream

jkjk :)

Katie said...

Have fun in Disney!!! I can't wait till Monday!


Anonymous said...

Ashley Tisdale's your girlfriend? i wish i could be her sooo bad....what show is it i definetley want to know so i can watch u and i will be watching u on 'Hannah Montana' so i hope u know i'll be there

Sam said...

Well, I guess I'll see you in Disney :)

Dani said...

Hey, Mitch!

Well, you should be in beautiful Flordia right now!!! You are so lucky!!! I wish I could go with you and do those crazy challeges; I mean, who doesn't dream of being stuck in a ginormous hamster ball, right?!? lol...Good Times...Good Times...

Even though you'll be running around with the games, I hope you still get some chillax time!!! You're a busy dude!!! As The Eagles said, "Take it Easy!"


Katie said...

hey mitchel :) hope you have fun at disneyworld. haven`t been there before but i hope to oneday :D

you rock <3


Anonymous said...

hi! can't wait til HM starts. i'll watch it all week.....and p&f is gonna be funny!

Natalie said...

I can't wait for the movie to come out!!!!! and i can't wait for season 2

Yanti said...

awesomeness, your character's dating ashley's character, gah-awesome. cant wait to see it lol

Anonymous said...

Umm well i do hope you have fun in Disney. Oh and i recommend you ride on the Splash Mountain!