Wednesday, April 11, 2007


YMCA Healthy Kids® Day - April 14, 2007 Celebrate Healthy Kids and Families with the YMCA YMCA Healthy Kids Day is a free, fun-filled day of activities designed to promote healthy kids and families in spirit, mind and body. YMCA Healthy Kids Day community-based events celebrate making fitness fun, and introduce kids to an array of YMCA programs that teach healthy behaviors and healthy ways to play -- an essential lesson in learning how to take care of themselves throughout their lifetimes.

Mitchel's event is at the McCormick Tribune YMCA :

McCormick Tribune YMCA
1834 N Lawndale Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Mitchel goes on at 1:00......Now guys........I don't know how much time I will have for autographs......but I'm going to do my very best! I can't wait to see everyone again! ........PEACE-OUT! Mitchel


Jacquelyn said...

Thank you so much for the update, Mitchel!!!!!!!!!! =D I can't wait to see u again!!!!!! almost 2 more days!!!! =DDD SOOOOOO excited!! My friends are too....i am inviting some of my friends to sleep over at my house on Friday night and then we are all going together to the YMCA to see you!!! =D We can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Well, have an awesome rest of the week!! (especially on Saturday!!!!!! =D)

Yours always,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Becky said...

Hey Mitchel,
I hope you have fun meeting new fans while ur at the YMCA and old ones like Jackie and Dani :)
I wish i lived in Chicago so i could go, but i live in old boring Oregon, which btw you should come visit! lol :)
ok have fun with ur fans!

Samantha said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I really really want to go! As I said on IMDb like two seconds ago, I want to have fun! Sadly, I will be here at home on saturday. Probably still trying to get my room organized(thanks to my dad's stinking work schedule! Sonia! I blame you and your son's wrestling match! that is why my dad is working for you!). Let me know how the whole day goes! And please forgive my rambling Mitchel. My day has not gone well, and sometimes bad days make me talk a lot...

And all you Mitchel fans that are going and read this, have extra fun for me! Hahaha.


Britt said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thats AMAZING... I love people who do comunity service... With my church we have to do alot... I feel alot of celebs dont use there time and money to good use.... Your great

Anonymous said...

i love you. i'll be there at 7:30am

Carley said...

wish i could go...

-- Nicole -- said...

Have fun Mitchel!
I know you've been there before, but i still have to say this:
You HAVE to go to the top or the Sears Tower!
hha, and i cant even spell it :]

well, gotta go snooze some Zs!

Night and sweet dreams!

-- Nicole

iLOVEshoez said...

Thats so cool! I wish I could be there and I hope you have fun! I'm sure you will!!

~Andie <3


hmmm. sounds fun. =]

but i think new jersey needs some mitchel =]



Shannon said...

Hey Mitchell! First comment! That's awesome that you are gonna be in Chicago..too bad i don't live there. Have Fun!


Anonymous said...



I <3 YOU MITCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bayley said...

Hey! Hey! I would come visit you but, the 14th is Prom. AND I live in Utah. HaHa. I know you'll miss me though. :) JK. Hope you have a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...


hi mitchel i wish i lived there so i could meet you but i dont i live in california i think thats better since you live here also i dont no but i no i want to meet you and my sisters are like you will never meet him im like yes i will lol haha some day btw you might not be able to answer this since you have lots of fan i cant see why you would not have thousands of fan your super super super nice and you suoer super hot lol haha but yea when does season 2 of hannah monatana air you no like the whole week of the new episodes do you no when it airs on tv ? well hopefully you can answe but if not ill understand lol your still hot lol love your biggest fan nicole btw mitchel you rock

Anonymous said...

p.s i no its off subject but i rember telling you that i wanted a skatboard and my mom said no but she finally got it for me yea me *claps and athen dances * lol haha bettergo nighty bye bye lol school tommrow love your biggest fan nicole btw mitchel you rock

Anonymous said...

cool! wish i could come! have a fun time!

kana said...

hi mitchel..i'm kana from the philippines..we filipinos really love your show hannah montana..and of course you!we will always give our full support to you..!especially me..!",)
^god bless always..

Anonymous said...

thank u so much im deffinitly going to be there and will u be able to sign autographs before or after u go on???????

Olivia said...

thats so cool!

Heidi said...

Hey Mitchel!
I sooo wish I could come see you!! I live in Michigan though. You should come here some time, you would probally have a ton of fans come and see you.

I think your really cool! You also look like my brother a little bit, you guys have the exact same hair style lol

Anyways, Hope you have Fun in Chicago!


Anonymous said...

Hay mitch, that is a really sweet thing you are doing for those kids. You should be very proud of you self

Yanti said...

oh man, chicago??
that's faaaaar. lool
hey mitchel, is it alright if I send you birthday pressie now?? lool
just wondering


cutieluver said...

he mitchel!!
im soo sry but i wont be able to see u lol but ill see u in Florida like i said!! yay im sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! thx soooo much!
I love u!!!

georgina said...

Hey Mitchel..x
Hope you have a good time at the 'YMCA HEALTHY KIDS DAY'
it sounds fun..x
Hope you've having a good week..x
I've finished my fanmail and im sending you a letter, poem, picture of me, a neck lace and braclet. I have probably told you but what the heck you might of forgot so i thought id tell you again lol..x
bye bye.x.
love always Georgina Lily.x.x.x.x
p.s your post to my smiley miley on IMDB forums.
saying that all your fans are beautiful, was well sweet lol awww.x.x.x

Anonymous said...

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the address Mitchel! I'll see you there!

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
That's sooo cool! I wish I could go visit! There have been soo many commercials for that on Disney Channel!

Well I went to a Jonas Brothers/ Jesse McCartney concert last night, and I got to get the Jonas Brothers autographs! It was pretty cool!

Well I hope you have an awesome time in Chicago! You totally ROCK my life Mitchel!


McKenna said...

our lacrosse team does community service every month which is fun because we all get to hang out and have fun but we help others. i def. wish i could go on the saturday...too bad i live is mass. haha a little too far to take a day trip =].

Jenn said...

yay! can't wait.
see ya saturday! =]]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

What's up?

That's so fun!I cant see you there.=(

Good luck in Chicago!

Thank you so much!
Have a nice week(for you,Mason and Marc)!

Good bye
And thank you again!=)


Elizabeth said...


Is there a reason why you were speaking in 3rd person? lol. Hope you have fun there!!

<3 Liz

By the way, I just got a cell phone! Very exciting for me!

Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel

Have a fun with your fans in Chicago!


Kate said...

Hey Mitchel why were you writing most of that in 3rd person? like say Mitchel will go on at 1? I'm not going since I live really far away. Uh I wish you would come here but you haven't.

Rokax: The Observer said...

I hope you read this before you come to Chicago. I know your really busy and all but if you could come to the Libertyvile Sports Complex for a cancer donating chairty event called Relay for Life that would be awesome. Maybe you could help in some way. I hope you can come, but even if not, have fun at the YMCA and i'm sad that i won't be there to see you. It's from seven am to seven pm hope you come.

Diane Tangonan

alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! i know once i spelled georgia wrong,just wanted to fix it. i wish i could come to the YMCA!! but that is a long way away,so,oh well. maybe someday you can come to Atlanta!(hope you can visit my blog sometime!if you get the time!)
Yours 4 Ever,

Carly said...

omg i cant wait! this is going to be such a great day! me and my friend are gunna get there really early lol! cant wait to see u!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Ahh If only I lived in Chicago. I live in Northern Virginia (by D.C.) so if there ever an event you are attending there you bet I'll be there. Anyways, hope you have fun at the YMCA thing...I know there will be tons of fans!
Take it easy,

Anonymous said...

Excited to see you saturday! welcome to chicago ! cya there <3

tiffany said...

gah, i wish i could come and see you! hopefully i'll be able to go up to minnesota and see you there though! it's cool you take time to travel places to sign autographs and meet your fans! hope lots show up in chicago :) but i'm sure they will!

<3 tiffany

Elissa said...

tooo bad i live in los angeles!

ps! i thought you were filming hannah all week?!
i got to go to the set today and you were totally not there, neither was emily.
serious burn.

maybe next time.
<3 Elissa

alyssaa said...

mitchel!! i love you soo soo much! if you're ever visiting anywhere in new york or new jersey, i'll be there in a second!!

Anonymous said...

I'd go, but hey, I'm in Japan.


I hope you have fun!



alright, so, i dont remember where you posted this and i know it was a while ago, but i just discovered yr blog and i would like to inform you that i LOVEEEEEEE playradioplay! yes. he is AMAZING. and yes. i also quite enjoy metro station. definately. kelsey is my favorite song everrr. today me and my friends were sitting at a busstop rocking out to that song. indeed. oh, and, i also kinda love you, too:] i saw you at tanforan. mhm. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh my god
hey hey mitchel,
thanks for the updates
its really annoying but i cant be there because i live too far. just wondering. what is emily osment doing lately havnt heard much on her
love sarah

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch,

My friend and I both asked our moms if we could go (we live five hours away!) and they both said no...well, hey, our families love Chicago so we thought it was worth a shot. But anyway, our local YMCA is having a 'teen night' so we're going there. It's so much fun! My friend Kayla's birthday was on the 9th so we're going to the Y to celebrate her birthday more. It's freezing cold here and they have an indoor pool, so we'll get to swim. (God, FINALLY.) Anyway, I hope you have a great time.
Love and peace,

ali said...

HAy sorry i cant come i live in STUPID, HOT, DRY, FLAT TEXAS.
Mitch you may like it but it's to hot and flat i wish we could trade lives for like a week that would be sooooooo fun

ali said...

Hay mitch i wish i could come but i have to stay back here i little old irving, texas.

vicky said...

i'm so mad!!!!! i didn't find out about this until yesterday, which is weird since i'm your biggest fan, but anyway, i can't go cuz i'm going to my sisters's college. at least i've met you before, brookfield zoo, 9/23/06, never forget it. i love you!!!

Rokax: The Observer said...

hey, earlier i said seven am to seven pm. i meant seven pm to seven am. it's an overnight thing and even though I know your really busy but it would be really awesome if you could come. Maybe take a break from work or something and just have fun. Remember Libertyville Sports Complex tomorrow. Hope you have fun at the YMCA

Diane tangonan (aka member of the funky monkey)

Katie said...

OMG I can't wait!!! My friends and I are leaving at like 5:30 am. That means I have to get up at like 3:30 to take a shower and get ready and stuff. We don't even live that far away, just around Milwaukee. We just wanna get there extra early. Front row baby!!!



Anonymous said...

Yes!!!!!!!!!! Sweet freedom!!!!!! I have Spring break now!!! YAY!!!!!
I'm also happy because Avril Lavigne's new manga comic is out! (It's called Make 5 Wishes) She's my favorite singer. I'm also kind of excited because her new CD is out on Tuesday! Have you heard of any of her songs? I would recommend her song "Who Knows." Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

OMG Mitchel! I wrote a message a while ago saying i hoped my mom & dad could take me to chicago but they can't! My mom's babysitting all weekend & my dad has to work all weekend. Plus i guess it doesn't help that i made plans to go to the movies...LOL. anyways i am SOOOO sorry i can't come. although you don't know me so you won't notice, plus you have PLEEENTY of other people there for you!! LOL. ill think of you for sure though!!

<33 ya soo much!!


sabrina said...


OMG come to kansas i will DIE if i dont see you by my bday in July\
our bdays are like 5 days apart

why are you doing the be healthy thing?

Alex said...

hey Mitchel!!!!I'm at Jacquelyn's sleepover!!! can't wait to see you tomarrow!!! =DDD!!! i will be the one in the blue NEW YORK sweatshirt!!!! yay!!! o and my friend Ineta thinks ur HOT! SSSS SIZZLE!!! OK LOVE U MUCHO BYES!!!!KISSES

Kristen said...

Hi I LoVe YoU So MuCh!!! I wish i was in chicago right now all off my family lives there! i want to see you in person! i love you so much!


I live like a hour from Chicago... but unforunatly I will not get to go. Have fune. I am in the process of making a couple braceletes ;P

Annaa <33

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

well yea right now its like 8:30 in cali haha you should no but i just wanted to tell you i was just watching Hannnah Montana and no need to answer my question they told me lol haha love ya mitchel i so wish i could meet you and well yea btw thats an awsome thing you doing for you fans and btww haha im going to do my name as N~I~C~O~L~E so you would no its me lol haha btwww Mitchel you Rock = )

Anonymous said...

Hey Hunny
Your So Hot.
And Your So Awsome
I LOVE YOU.. And I Meen That Literally.
Oh Yeah. Not Much News On The Awsome Emily Osment. You Got Any?
Thanks For Reading Babe
Love YOU..

Anonymous said...

Oh My God..
Heyy Mitchel.
That Is Soo Cute That u Go 2 Church It Really Shows That u Use Your Time Doing Something Good And Usefull.:D
Have Fun At The YMCA.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel ♥
your so cool letting fans see what you do in your everyday life. not many celebs do that. and using your time to write on here is awsome. ♥ ♥ . do u no what lola lily. i forgot her real name oops :p oh yeah thats right EMILY. what is she up to. not much news. ??????

baby_rachey said...

Thanks For The Update Mitchel.
Its Soo Awsome That u Let Your Fans Communicate With u Like This. You Dont No How Cool It Is..:D
Hope u Had Fun At The YMCA.
Have a Great Week.. :D
*Biggest Fan*
♥ R~A~C~H~E~L ♥

Alex said...

OMG........Can't wait to see you Mitchel!!! =] its just me and my sister going.I just figured this out today.Again, can't wait to see you!!

Alex x3

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW MAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD GO TODAY BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( That YMCA is WAAAAAAAAAAAY far north of me. It's a REALLY long drive for my mom, and she doesn't like to drive very far. Dad can't take me because he's at a baseball game with my bro. DARN!!!!!! Well, I hope you have a blast, after all Chicago LOVES you!!! PLEEEEEESE come back to Chicago again cuz I MISS YOU!!!! Puweeeeese?! Pinky swear? lol!

Yesterday was pretty fun. I made a movie! I made a "Godfather" movie using my brother's wrestling action figures. It was HYSTERICAL with a great end twist! Maybe when it wins an Oscar, you can see it! haha!

Yesterday I was in for a HUGE suprise! My parents have talked about getting me a cell phone as a Graduation gift. But they TOTALLY shocked me yesterday! I found a note sticking out under my bed with a cell phone number on it! I was jumping up and down shouting "WHERE IS IT?!!!" Then my dad handed me this AWESOME cell phone!!! It's red and silver and it's flat and it's a Samsung!!! IT'S SO KOOL!!!!! I set it up last night. My voicemail is kool cuz at the end I say "Ciao!" (Gotta show off my Italian pride!) Today I'm going shopping with my mom to buy a case and charms as part of my Graduation present!

;uv, brie

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i had a great time at the YMCA center! u were awsome at pingpong. i wish i played you. welll thanks for the pic and the autograph! hope to see you soon in CHicago!


Sabrina said...

o thx mitchel im in KC!!! kansas city

come there!
oh jacquelyn you are SO lucky!!

what is you fan mail address again?
i dont know your official site so.........?

ChicagoGaL037 said...

I saw you today at the YMCA in downtown chicago . i was my friend Jenny-and you didnt know how to spell taylor [my first name]..but i guess you always have to ask no matter what. and mapquest gave us the wrong directions but w/e lol . thanks for coming! i understand how hard it is to have people so all over you because you seem like a really sweet/nice guy who would be a fun person to have as a friend. just so you know- i didnt stoop so low as to scream when you came out lol. hope you had fun- i know we did!keep up with acting , your really funny! -taylor

=D said...

i wish i couldve gone =[
PLEASE MAKE AN APPEARACE IN CHICAGO SOON! i love you and your amazing!

haha i know that anonymous person who went at 7:30

Jacquelyn said...

!!!!!Hey Mitchel!!!!!!!

It was a BLAST seeing u at the YMCA!!!!!!!!!! I loved it soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U should DEFINITELY come back in the near future!!!!!!!! I miss u!!!!!!

My friend Alex was extremely excited!!! (she was the one with me....i was wearing the green American Eagle top and brown belt...) Oh and i am sooo sorry that i was giving u the wrong letters on how to spell my name!! I was like, ", C!" And u were like, "Wait.....C?!?" Then i was like, "No i'm sorry i mean J!!!"....that was my bad!! When i saw u i completely forgot everything, even my own name!!!!!! *conscience speaking to me: "Get it in your head, Jackie, your name starts with a J!!! J J J J J!!!!!!!! Not C!! Then your name would be Cackie!!!"* LOL!! =D So i am!! I'll spell my name the right way next time!!!!!! ;-) =D

The ping pong match was great!!!! Let's just say i am not so great playing ping pong!!! I can't hit that little white ball!!!! UGGGHHH!!! Well, i had fun anyway, even though i did not play!!!

I hope u have a great week.....If u are driving tomorrow, i wish u good luck!! And have fun!!

This day was sooooo much fun!! Huh good thing it didn't rain this time!!!! =DDD

Your fan whose name begins with a J!,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Devann-Dianna said...


I wish I could go and see you, but it's to far!

I hope you had fun! (I'm just now realizing it was today)


Anonymous said...

Mitchel you're an awesome jump roper.

Megan said...

Mitchel I was so HAPPY when I saw you at the YMCA on Sat. That is something I will never forget!!! My friends and I waited in front of the stage for 3 hours (until you came out) but I would have waited forever for you!! I couldn't believe it was actually you because I never met anyone famous before but I am glad it was you!Can't wait to see the new season of Hannah Montana!

Megan said...

Hey mitchel,
I was so happy to see you yesterday
I was so exited!!! I couldn't believe it was you! in person! I never met any one famous before but i am glad it was you!!! I waited 3 1/2 hours in front if the stage for you to come out but I would have waited a life time for you!! you are my idol!! I don't know if you remeber me because you see thousands of people a day!!! You signed my PInK razor Cell phone Now every one wants my phone now but I won't let any one touch it or look at it! Its my prize possessiton! I hope you come back to Chicago soon!! LOVE megan

Carly said...

hey mitchel i had the funnest time yesterday! it was the best day ever. thanks so much for coming!!! ttyl

Alex said...

I had a great time seeing you Mitchel!! Thanks for the autograph and the picture!! (All my friends are gonna be so jelous..)haha.

Hope to see you again!!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel you should go to the gallery and see all of the crazy obsessed comments that some girls leave you..their pretty funny to read!!!!!!! But you have alot of really good pics so i dont blame them for leaving the comments.

Ps im one of those crazy obseesed

ChicagoGaL037 said...

Thanks for comin to chicago! my friend and i had the best day and you were really nice . i know you said you would date a fan- but of course you wouldnt because you never know if they like you for you or for that your famous. i understand that but someday i really hope to meet you because you seem like a sweet guy. hopefully ill meet you on the set of a show because one day i hope to become an actress -pssibly on disney/nick/abc etc. anyways hope you had a good time in chicago! its a beautiful city-hope you got see it a bit before you left. -Taylor [wondering if you remember me...probly not,i was wearin white and i think i was taller than you and i had brown hair]

Lizzy said...

Ohh man i wish i could have gone, i'd love to meet you.

Anonymous said...

yesterday was the best day ever mitchel!!

jessica said...

i met you there :)
your so nice
i love you xD