Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chicago Trip

Chicago trip......I don't have an address yet.....but I know I will be at a YMCA and the times will be 10:00 to 2:00PM. I'll get more info. soon.



Dani said...


Thanks a million!!! My parents were starting to be like, "Where's he going?" "How can we take you!" "He's probably not even going! *laughs*" And as they do on Seinfeld, "Yadda, Yadda, Yadda!!!" lol =D!!

Yeah, so thanks for letting us know! =D


Popsicle and Izze said...

I wish Izze and I lived In California, that way we could visit you at your autograph signings! We live in Denver, but most people think of Denver as a hillbilly town so we don't see many famous people! Will you ever come to denver? We hope so!!!!

- Izze & popsicle

You shud check out our blog if you get a chance! We understand you're busy, so its ok if you don't! Adios!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Nick wouldn't give you a ticket come on your like a star of Hannah Montana I MEAN NEWSFLASH lol you should have accepeted the award or at least Emily Osment should have I mean come on thats silly anyway gotta go play some pranks no jk jk jk lol bye!

K to the I to the M (again the white gangster wannabe lol no jk) :)

Jenn said...

i live right by a YMCA in chicago.
i hope its that one.

if its not.. then i'll go to the one your at.

im so excited! i cant wait!


Claire said...

I"m really sad, because i met you at brookfield zoo, and wanted to come again, but my little sister has a play rehersal that day. But hey, maybe I'll show up anyways...I mean, I wouldn't miss you for the world :P

Molly said...

sounds like alot of funn.. i wish i lived in california or the places u go..i live like 3 hours northeast of st.louis...soo yeahh.. i saw u at dancing with the stars.. i was like omg there is mitchel and miley.. i wasnt for sure if emily was there i saw a girl with blonde hair next to miley but i wasnt absolutely for sure..and thats stupid that nick wouldnt give u a ticket..but disney is there rival channel..i love disney much more!

Molly E.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Have fun in Chicago! I wish I lived closer the where you visit, I live in California, yet I have still never seen you! I wish I could take a plane to Chicago and see you there. Well, off to go check my piggy bank! ;^)


Molly said...

ahh i wish i lived in chicago! or california.. where i live you'll never come!

Emily said...

That's sweet that you're going to be in Chicago Mitchel! :) Weee.. BUT.. You need to visit your Southern California fans also.. Preferably Orange County.. Heehee.. I love you :D

Natalie said...

hey chico!!

yeah, i was pretty depresed when i realized u and miley weren't at the KCA's, but i bet u watched them, right? but it was sad, b/c barely any DC people won any awards! in fact, i can't even remember if any of them did....oh well, we have the DC games to look forward to! and no NICK peeps allowed! jk jk, but i am excited for the games!

anywho, i also wrote b/c i really really need some heartfelt advice, and i've read your advice on other topics in magazines and stuff and you always say something really truthful and real. so, here's my problem: i have this friend, and we've been friends since like kindergarten, but we became better friends in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. but recently she's been acting all werid and secretive, and i don't know what's wrong. but then she started being really rude to me, so i told her how i felt. and then she blew up at me and started bringing up stuff from a fight we had a year ago! and i thought we had everything solved back then, b/c we became close friends again! i'm so confused, and she's super mad at me now, and i don't know what to do.....what do u think? i liked it better when we were friends.... *sigh*

i know u can't reply to everything fans write on here, but i really really need your advice, b/c i've tried everything that everyone else suggests, and so far it's just gotten worse. please help!

i hope u know ur a really cool guy, and even if u don't get back to me, it'll be nice to know that u read my comment and at least thought of me, :)

thanks so much!! u rock this world!!!

love muchos,


p.s. but don't worry, i'm not gonna let it keep me down! cuz i always try to focus on the better side of half full, ya know? :)

Becky said...

You know, Mitchel, i think you should come to Oregon. lol
oh i forgot to tell you that i went to Valencia and it's so pretty there. i love it so much. i told my parents that i wanted to move there and they said that they already had my bags packed, lol you gotta luv them.
ok g2g,

Carly said...

heyy i canntt waitt!!! ahhh ill be there!! cant wait to see ya!! see ya soon!!


Hey dude you need to come to georgia! Becuase nobody ever comes to georgia! please come! ♥ yoo!

♥MoRgaN♥ ™

Jacquelyn said...

Mucho thank you Mitchel!!!!!!!! Haha like Dani said, my parents were starting to ask the same

I can't wait!!! I don't think i have ever been to a YMCA in Chicago....but i'll find it!!!! Muchos gracias, Mitchel!!! ;-)

~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

amber said...

okay!!! just give an address and ill be there!!! i cant wait to see you!!!! well buh bye!!!


Alicia said...

i dont like there but my cousin does maybe she can go and meet u for me althought she probably wont sooooo mitchel i wanna see u in persont make plans for Sugar Land mayb u should try 2 come to the mall its the First Colony Mall plz check it out

PS- congrats on ur permit

Devann-Dianna said...

Aww, I wish I could go!
Chicago is five hours away from me though, =[

I said it before and I'll say it again:

I'd write you more but I have to get back on my English project on my future career. I don't mind though, since it's acting for me =P

P.S. Did you know your blog is in April's Popstar?? Do they tell you these things? Like when you're mentioned in a magazine, do they call you up and say, "Hey Mitchel! popstart here, just letting you know that we've got some scandalas info on you on page 54 in May's issue! Catch yah later babe!"

Kidding, nothing scandalas, and I have no idea what's on page 54, or what the people at popstart talk like!

Juuust letting you know.

Samantha said...

Thanks for the info Mitchel. My dad was considering taking me, but he has to work, so I probably won't be there. If only I lived closer than Michigan... If I'm not there, I'll miss ya!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Chicago!


Echo said...

oh i wish someone famouse would actully come to Nebraska!! It is so Lame here! i guess that would make it exciteing if someone did =]]! okey well bye!


Yvonne said...

*sigh* This is sooo depressing... Listening to other people say they're gonna meet u and here I am.. dying. Lol. In New Zealand.. where people probably wouldn't know where I am. Anywho, stop the depression and just wanna say.. haha popsicle and izze loved how u used the word "hillbilly" cracked me up. Reminds me of Billy Ray. HAHAHA!! Love u mitchel hope u hav a greeat time in Chicago..


Dani said...

Haha, I forgot to add in my other comment, when you said you were going to the YMCA, I totally started singing the song by the Village People; “It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!” Yeah, I was doing the hand motions and everything. lol Good times, good times………=D


Anonymous said...

Awesome... YMCA....:):):):)

Thanks so much! You KNOW that I'm going. My really good friends , Emily + Lexi are coming too. They almost had a heart attack when I told them that are coming to Chicago! Lord, help please! Anyway, I'm sooo Excited. Hope you like CHHHHOOOCCOOOOLAAAATTTEE...
From, Lynn:)

Michaela said...

I was just there two weeks ago,too bad my uncle`s mother in-law`s b-day wasn`t on the April 14.I really want to go.You should come to Wisconsin and see a packer`s game(if you like the packers if you don`t that`s fine,you can come anyways) and then I`d 4sure be there(cause it`s down the street)lol.Sorry I`m a little late but tell Marc HAPPY B-DAY!!!! Have a great week :)

M. said...

Mitchel, that's so cool that you'll be back in chicago! i'm going there too, but the week after :( so close...

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
My birthday was April 1. and I just wanted to tell you one of the things i got, I got a REAL signed autograph from you, from my parents, and my mom found it from a lady who went to the childrens choice awards last year, the one Hilary Duff helped out with. she got it off Ebay. I thought it was the BEST gift i have ever gotten!! To be honset i cried when i opened it! In front of my whole family! LOL. it was just SO cool! I am going to get a frame for it. So in a way, Thanks for my present!! Your the best! Have a GREAT week My Friend! Katie

brie said...

10:00 to 2:00?! I MIGHT BE ABLE TO MAKE IT!!! YAAAAAYY! I have to find out the address, though. I'm praying that I'll be able to make it!!!!

luv, brie

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
Chicago... sounds like fun!!
I love the YMCA! I like the song too, hehehe :)

I really hope I can go to Disney during the DC Games! I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed!

Well, I really hope I can at least see you again!

Have an awesome week!
p.s. Did I tell you that YOU ROCK MY LIFE?!?!? :-D

Kaileys-blog said...

Hey, Mitchel.. My mom lives right near Garland, so maybe I'll see you. But, you don't know me, so yeah.. But If I see you, I'll say Hi. Bye!

Love, Kailey.

Katie said...

OMG I cant wait!! Whoo Hoo!!! You have no idea how excited I am!! I've been freaking out ever since figured out you were coming back. I have been like sugar high for three days! It's sooo fun! lmao

Thanks for letting know where you're going!!!


Anonymous said...

cool to bad i live in california thats not to bad lol i live the same place you live hahaa thats cool i need to meet you i will some day hahaha il ask my parents lol some people say im lucky to live in california well i wish you guys could also me love cali except it dosent snow ugh lol

Anonymous said...

hi how are you doing? i am your biggest fan.

Chrissy said...

Hey, I was totally wondering when you ganna come to NJ. I hear all the time how your in L.A and etc. but I never hear about you coming to NJ. It would be mad cool if you did, it would be a change from like a known place. Lots of my friends and I would love to meet you. I also hear about you dating fans, i know tons of girls would die to have a date with you, but it would be nice to get to know you better,I hope i get the chance. ha I know you have tons of fan mail and probally wouldnt find the time to read this with your hectic work schedule and everything, but I thought it was worth a shot. Who knows anything can happen if your willing to give it a try. ha well I better wrap this up because if you are reading this your probally wondering when it will end. well it was fun commenting you but i have to go.
\/ pce
( ) <3 Chrissy

Rachel said...

MITCHEL! I wish you'd come somewhere close to where I live in Texas. Go to SAN ANTONIO! I can like drive over there. hehe.

OMG! You cannot believe it... our competition for our school play moved up to WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! Ahhhh! I really hope we win 1st place again. PLEASE pray for us! Thanks a bunch. =]

ROCK on.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Kimi said...

hey mitchel!! GUESS WHAT!! i just saw Mason and Trace (Cyrus) at the mall today. i live by you and he went to our mall. i wont say which one! it was cool and they were with someone else but i didnt know who.


Nicole :[#] said...

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago. I miss it there. Funny, I used to live there :]

still, i wanna go.. but yeah.. her.. in dallas.. wayyy far away.

BUT ITS COOL! cause ill see you when you come here soon XD

-- Nicole

Sierra said...

that's cool. Hey,do you ever come to corona or riverside or something? Ever been there?

Monica said...

ahh hey whats up umm....i met you a the zoo as well last time (i was the gal who asked you to homecoming hahaha) and i am for sure coming his time as well, for my sweet 16 prepared for my bff (KATIE) who is going to faint when she sees you (she likes you that much) So i will see you in 12 days!!! ah i am so excited!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till the CHicago thing! I plan to ask my mom when you have all of the information so she can make a decision knowing EVERYTHING! Question, is it going to be like Broookfield Zoo with 800 people where we have to wait HOURS in line to meet you? Also, are you just signing autographs or are you going to just chill with us? And do we absolutely HAVE to come at 10 or could we come later? Sorry to ask so many questions, but it should help my mom make her decision. I'm hoping we don't HAVE to be there RIGHT AT 10 because that would be A LOT harder for me!

I haven't gotten my poster yet!!! :( I set you the one with your hands shaped into a heart over your chest and I asked you to sign it and I NEVER GOT IT BACK! :( :( :( I hope it's comming soon!

Oliver is going great! I know ALL of my lines! It's a TON of fun! I have a few funny scenes, too! I have to throw water on a lady's head and I have to lock Oliver in a coffin!!! Charlotte's an EVIL CHILD, EVIL I TELL YOU!!!!!! hahah!

Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with my mom, da, and little bro. We're either seeing "Blades of Glory" or "Wild Hogs." Either way, both movies look good!

Well, that's all you'll hear from me for now! l8r, sk8r boy!

luv, brie

p.s: I was on Bop's website today and may I just say that Mitchel Musso is my favorite actor! He has such sweet dreamy chocolate brown eyes! MMMMMMMMM! lol!

HeatheR said...

hope u hav fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I´m your fan,I watch Hannah Montana every day(is amazing)and my favorite character is Oliver.
Thank you!

PS:Can I talk to you by e-mail?
Because I live in Brasil and I cant send you a letter.

It is every
Bye bye!=)

Anonymous said...

It is cool!
Good luck in Chicago!
Have fun!
When u go back?

Thank you so much!

Your big fan

Katherine said...

Hey Mitchel,

When are you going to come back over to Los Angeles?

Talk to you later!


AlextheSinger said...

hey my name is Alex!
i live in Illinois and I am recording my new CD recently!
i thnk im going. April 14?
I might be able too! with some of my friends.
We love all of your hard work Mitch! Thanks so much for takign time out for your fans. Hopefulyl youll see me and my friends there.
And maybe ill being a copy of my new CD...

Anonymous said...

Last night I went to the Dallas Brass concert. It was sooo funny! It's ironic though because none of them are from Dallas or Texas! Wow that was random! Oh, and I saw a commercial for Hannah Montana season 2 where you were all dancing... was that the episode you posted about at one point? It must have been so fun! Bye!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! do u think u can ever come to atlanta or milledgeville georgia sometime for an autograph signing. or u can come to macon. i would really like to get a REAL signed photo from you but i can never find the address to send u anything. please come visit in milledgeville,atl,or macon! love you.....and your hair! lol :)


Anonymous said...

THIS is my 3rd P.S. but, who's counting anyway! Please post the address! My friends are killing me about it! ¡Bonito por favor! It means : PRETTY PLEASE in ESPANISH! *It gives the sentence mucho flair, I have to say!*
And, I can't wait to hear from you again~


Lyz said...

Aww. I'm in California. *shrugs* Oh well.

So, I sent you something about....two and a half ish months you think you got it yet?

Leanne =]P said...

I live halfway across the country(NY), but I'm usually interested just to see what you're doing... but it makes me sad that I can't go.

My BFF Jessica was going to a Josh Hutcherson signing last weekend and then Josh got sick on the plane and they had to cancel it. Luckily, Jessica's the too-nice type of person, but if that was me I would've been mad the rest of the month.

Carmel101 said...

hey i heard that you live in garlnd, tx. is that true? i live in grand prairie. i called my friend nicole who loves you and i told her you lived in garland and she goes cool he's a texas boy! lol

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...


This might be totally random but there's a doll of you on! So we can dress you up in outfits and clothes you've worn! It's really cool! If you have time, check it out!

Have fun in Chicago!

<3 Liz

Ms.Massacre™ said...

YESHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I live about 20 minutes away from my house!!! yayayayayy im so happy!!!!! I cant wait!!!=]

Anonymous said...

-on JRA posted an interview of you at the premiere of Nightmare Before Christmas but he left of the part when u start u have any idea where the full version is?!?!

sara! said...

hey1 can we please please have that address soon!??!?!? lol, i NEEEDDD IT!

Dani said...

Hey, Mitch!

Just seeing what's up with you! I know you are just counting down the days you come to Chicago. *cough* 8 more days!!! *cough* lol! =D

I keep singing the "YMCA" to my dad. He is just amazingly excited to be surronded by screaming girls! lol jk! Yeah, me too....jk...when you came to Brookfield, I didn't scream; but my little sis, who didn't even want to go, was probably the loudest!!! lol! It was pretty loud in there!!!

Well, anywho, I hope you have a great Easter weekend! I hope you're having a nice break from Hannah Montana, too!!!


Crystal said...

heyyyy ! i added you as a "fantastalistic site" on my blogger =) keep up the good workkk =)

xkristinax said...

hey Mitch whuts up hope u have funn in chicago. Hey to bad u cant visit Philladpia. I so want to move to CA its so much bigger and funner lol. oh that sucks that Nick wouldnt get u a ticket. Hey they should make a award show for Disney Channel too.
well cmb back when u have the chance
kristina <3xoxo

Popsicle and Izze said...

COME TO DENVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please? no one interesting ever comes.

(tee-hee,JK. Popsicle made me do it!

TAYLOR said...

oh man! your coming to chicago and guess where i'll be?! in washington for orchestra! grr i wanted to come see you again (met you at Brookfield Zoo)! oh well, promise you'll come back again? haha


p.s good luck with driving :) i'm going through the same thing, i have to admit its fun driving, but parking is a bummer i for one am probably the worst parker.

brie said...

Hey, Mitch! I talked to my mom about the YMCA thing. I think she'll let me go!!!!!!! She said it depends on the YMCA, but I don't think she'll care. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited! I made you 2 things I know you'll love and I'll give em to you at the YMCA if I go. If I can't make it, I'm mail them to you!

Today my mom and I baked for Easter. We're going by my aunt's house on Sunday. We made 4 pound cakes and 100 cookies! WOW! It all looks delicious!

That's all from me, Mitch. If I don't talk to ya tomorrow, then I wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you everything you want! (Me, too, but I don't think you'll fit in my Easter basket! lol!)

luv, brie

Brittany said...

Wow, i can't believe i'm actually talking to the real you! There are too many imposters out there! I heard about this site in a mag the other i'm like totally ecstatic right now!! i'm a huge fan of you and your show! By any chance do you have a screen name or anything to that extent?

XOKellyOX said...

You are my favorite actor ever!! Your character Oliver is so funny!!! You are such a talented actor! I NEVER miss one episode of Hannah Montana!!!!
I hope I can meet you when you come to Chicago!!
I can't wait!!

Kelly =]

katie said...

Please please please please please please post the address soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Whats up?
Good luck there and have fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy almost Easter!


Jena ; xxo said...

Oh myy! I sooooo wish i lived in Chicago or somewheres near! i would LOVE to come to that.
But seriously! you should come to canada! you would love it here! and if you come to canada. Go tot like, the capital of new brunswick! because my town where i live is to small for a big star like you! haha.
Much Love;;

Heidi said...

Hey Mitchel!,

Have Fun in Chicago!! Your so awesome! I wish i could see you but i dont live in Chicago, i live in Michigan, you should come here some time, it would be awesome if u came!!

Happy Easter!! :)

Natalie said...

ever planning on coming to winnipeg, manitoba? man, nobody ever comes here!! hope that you do though... anyways.. you're the best!!!


Anonymous said...

You are cool!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mitchel,

Chicago is so cool,I want to go there some day.Have fun there!

I watch Hannah Montana every day(is amazing)and my favorite character is Oliver.

Thank you!

Everyone wish you good luck in Chicago!!!=)

Thank you for get infos about you!!!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! just wanted to tell you
That you should come visit your fans[me!:)haha] in southeren cali!
Ohyeah,I had a dream last night about you.
You hugged me & kised me in it!haha.
Damn,why can't that be

Have a good weekend!

Savannah said...

Mitchel!!!! OMG. You should so come to NYC to visit me & ur fans! That would be so cool if you could come. I love Hannah Montana. I never miss an episode! You were so funny in Debt it Be: I think I'm in love; Aww, you're wearing avocado, aren't you. LOL!!!

Come 2 NYC,

Erika said...

Hi, Mitchel!

I hope you enjoy staying in Chicago!

I'm going to send a fanmail to you tomorrow!

Love, Erika

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Just dropped by to say
(and mary-margaret!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!


Len said...

Hey Mitchel! Im so excited your coming to Chicago again =] I met you at brookfield zoo and now I'll probably meet you at the YMCA...hopefully ^^ anyway i'll be checking to see when it is and stuff so yeahh, im really excited ^^ hehe anyway im like all hyper now xP gosh, you see what happens to us when you decide to come where we live :P haha. well i have to go help my mom cook easter dinner. bye mitch. HAPPY EASTER!
xoxo, Len

len said...

Hi mitchel
i know i just left you a comment saying that I was gunna go but now I might not be able to beause I'm taking an acting class on that day =[ but i might still be able to go if im an hour later to my class but im not sure...i hope i can go.

Anonymous said...

I hope you come to Chicago around April 12 because i'll be there. You ROCK!!!

<3 Nicole

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Mitchel!


alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! i wish i could come and see you, but i live in georiga, not there. hope you have a great break!