Thursday, March 29, 2007

Metro Station

If your in the Burbank area....Mason and the band will be at Romancing the Bean on San Fernando Rd. at 7:00PM tonight March 29th.



iLOVEshoez said...

OMG!!! I just left that area!!! I wish I could go back!! I live in the Palmdale / Lancaster area. It isn't that far away, it's just that I was at my grandmas house for a week and she lives in Sylmar and my dad just picked me and my bro up. And if I would have known I would have gone! Their internet connection really stinks over there...But thats ok...Maybe next time!

Ok, well, I'm glad you are having fun with your driving! And hapy birthday to Marc!!

And on April 14 is my brothers birthday!! Thats when you will be in Chicago apparently...

Well. I hope you are in the area for my birthday (MAY 23) I turn 14!

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Cool i wish i could go but i dont live in or around burbank....anyways i saw you ,emily,and jason on this commercial thing and you guys wer double you did reely good!!

Love, Leslie

tiffany said...

hey, i'm going to be in california on april 1st and was thinking of going to their show, are you gonna be there?

Holly said...

hey mitchel will you ever come on the east coast?

melinda :] said...

hey mitchel!!!!

that is soo cool that you ahve your permit!
i wish i had my permit but it would probably be a safer world if i rather not have it!

i think you know where im going with this!

anyway i'll definatley pray for teh guy and/or women who sits next to you but then they will probably be too distracted that your mitchel freakin musso!!!!!
lol j/k
but i mean i would be too distracted looking at you and just give you your liscence?! because your too darn cute!!

see i should also not get my lisence because i cant even spell the word!?
soo yeah i'll be riding a bus my whole life but hey wats wrong with the bus a bus is a god place to be........i guess?

good luck on your driving.....
remember to keep pennsylvania in mind to come and see....
<33 melinda

Jenn said...

I would totally go see them.. if i lived there.

they should come to chicago with you!! that would be awsome. :]


Nicole 8{D said...

again, wish i could go.. but NOOPE! dallas dallas dallas XD


faces rock XD
well, im watching the thats so sutie life of hannah montanna right now.. and i just noticed.. your not on it!
thats not cool >:/

i g2g now, but ill comment on your next blog post

-- Nicole

Jacquelyn said...

Thanx for the update, Mitchel!!! =D

....Oh darn it.....I can't go....California is just too far away from here =(....I would love to see one of Metro Station's performances sometime!!! =) Only if they come to the!!! I love their songs!! =D Well, even though i will not be there, i hope they have a great time!!! ;-)

Wow.....after today it will be officially 15 more days until u come to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! =D (i know...i'm a freak....i'm already counting down the days until i meet u...(for the second time!!! LOL!!! =D)) I'm just soo excited!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! =DDD

Weellll, it's time for me to go! I'll talk to you later and of course i will see u in Chicago in April!!!!!!!!! Have an AWESOME week!!!! =DDD

Yours truly, =D
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I wish I could see them, but I'm here in the windy city. But, I'm so ecstatic about you coming to my BE-A-U-TI-FUL city! Please keep us posted about the place/time. I can't wait to see you. Much Love!!!
From, Lynn:)

Natalie said...

Hey m-i-t-c-h-e-l!!!

wow, i haven't checked back to the site for about a week and i missed so much! omg, u have your permit! my prayers are sent! hehehe, well i'll pray for both of u, cuz ya never know, u may end up with one of those psycho driving instructors like u see on tv where even if u do awesome they don't let u pass cuz they're just weird and mean. but hopefully that won't happen, lol. let us non-drivers know how the roads are! hey, do u know if there's ever a slight chance u might come to AZ? i know it's all hot and barren desert, but it rocks anyway! if u ever think about it, phoenix is pretty awesome! (and no im not just saying that....well kinda, lol)

well, u never cease to amaze me and all the rest of ur fans! we love ya!

muchos muchos amor, :)


Anonymous said...

really thats awsome i think so and i think your toally awsome and thanks for telling us i want to go your brothers badn is awsome love ya biggest fan nicole mitchel you rock

georgina said...

errm i dont know what to say but i wanna right something sooo...


lol sorry :P
bye bye xxxxxxx
love georgina xxxx
p.s do you surf board? X ?

sabrina5856 said...

OMG i so wanna go there S0 bad its not even funny

hey mitchel please i am entering the M! date contest but my mom said it would be a "hangout" not a date

good luck with the driving and DO NOT CRASH!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously i will like throw a cring fit if you were to die............................................................................. OMG I CANT BELIVE I JUST TYPED THAT!!!!!!


ok so let the girl with the name

Alyssa M******* winn {LOL}

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived around there...


Yanti said...

I just wish I could got to America for a few months or weeks.. or maybe days so I could see HM in concert or HSM or Mason's band. They';re awesome. so are you mitchel, so are you. lol XD
hey mitchel, come round to london someday?? ask your brother band to come too maybe? lol
oh and thanks for the autograph you sent me, so sweet of you, if i have time next week, i'll sent you another letter =]

pass my birthday wish to your brother Marc too, hope he'll grow up like his talented brothers lol

that'll be all
Yanti from London xxx

Anonymous said...

That's cool! I can't come, but say good luck to Mason!


Emelie said...

Some girls are crazy about you ;) huhuh =)

alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! i wish i could come and see your brother. i can't wait to see the mimzy movie! wish you would come to Dothan Alabama! i would love to meet you! good luck to mason!!!

Shannan said...

I don't live anywhere near there more like thousands of miles away.
My sister just got her permit a week ago, and I am truly scared to ever ride in a car with her.
YOu know, there's alot of people who birthdays in March. One of my friends was a few days ago and one of my other friend, who's Cerebral Palsy's, birthday is Sunday. Of course my birthday isn't for another 10 month's and 6 days.
Anyway, have a fun weekend!!

alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! good luck to mason! wish i could come!

brie said...

HEY MITHCEL! The play went GREAT! Iy was really funny and everyone LOVED it!

I just watched the new Hannah episode! It was really funny! I also can't wait for Season 2!

I REALLY hope I can come on the 14th! I'm not sure though..depends on the time. I know my little bro has his baseball parade @ 9 in the morning, so it all depends on time and place of the signing. I'll try my best 2 make it!!!

I got sick today when I came home from school. :( I have a fever and the sniffles and a dry throat. I just chilled all day which was pretty great. I hope I fell better soon!

Today was the last day of Spirit Week at school. It was pretty fun. Today was Twin Day and I dressed up with my buddy Christina. We also had the Dance. It wasn't THAT fun because the other 8th grade couldn't come because they got in trouble. That's ok, though. I had fun dancing with my pals. My friend Edwin likes to dance a lot, but we thought he wouldn't be able to dance cause he was on crutches (he sprained his ankle yesterday.) But he actually danced! He was waving his crutches in the air and just kept dancing! Talk about a party boy!

I forgot. Yesterday was the 8th Grade vs. Teachers Volleyball game. There were 3 different games because there were 3 8th grade teams. Overall, we lost 2 out of 3, but the good news is my team won our game!

Well that's all I have 2 say 4 now. Have a great weekend! l8r, sk8r!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Marc! Hope he has a great day.
Sadly i come to anything your going to or your brothers cause i live in Australia! which sucks..but i love Australia!

Love Naomi

Anonymous said...

im a fan of yours and i live in Australia! which i could meet you, but maybe one day if you come here i will. lol. oh and happy birthday to Marc.
Love Naomi

karina. said...

gahhh. i'd so go to a ton of metro station shows... if northern california was closer to southern california, i actually lived in southern california, or metro station actually came up north. i like that last one the best. and you should come too. =) we miss youu!

xo, karina

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
That's so cool! I wish I could have gone!
I just downloaded a bunch of Metro Station songs onto my iPod, they are REALLY cool! Seventeen Forever is really cool, so is Dear Hannah.

Well, I am totally excited for the DC Games! But I have no idea how to get tickets, but I will probably just go to Disney and hopefully see you there!

Have an awesome weekend!


OMYGAH well thats been passed but w/e! Have a great week! Oh yeah I saw yew double dutching sooo ador-ah-ble! [.hehe.]!

♥Ya! ™

Anonymous said...

yo yo mitchel (yes i am aware i am a white gangster well trying to be lol)thats so freakin awesome you got your permit good luck driving your awesome car yo!
Tell your bro Marc i said happy b-day and congrats on being 12 its pretty fun at that age
I voted for you in the Poptastic Awards for Male Hottie,Star I'd Love to Meet,Put you in for all-time idol award,official site,movie for monster house,male style idol,and tv actor.
Yeah i am showing my support for mitchel musso yea yea ok well i gotta go listen to my panic! at the disco cd bye byes
FYI:My fave song by them is Build God,Then We'll Talk!
hehe bye
and u rock my yeah lol
ooh i hope i win that popstar win a date with you i never win anything and if i do win be aware i am a dorkerella so yeah lol
-K to the I to the M :D :P ;D

Rachel said...

Oh that's cool! I wish I could watch them.

OMG! Mitchel yesterday [March 30th] was the publice performance of my school play, LOVE IS A HOT FUDGE SUNDAE!!!! IT WAS AMAZING! At first I was nervous but then when the play started I just did what I loved to - ACT! =] And after the curtain call everyone just came up to us and took pictures & everything. IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING I'VE EVER FELT! It was my very 1st really big-part play! I wish you could've seen me... it was sooo... words cannot describe! haha.

My friend was like "OMG this is how movie stars must feel!" lolz.

Our COMPETITION is next week! AHHHH! I'm still kinda nervous. I really hope we win 1st place again. We worked really hard for the past couple of months. =]

Rock ON!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

Metro Station is too awesome.
Probably the best band I ever heard.
Your brother's got talent!
And so do you of course (:

Kaileys-blog said...

Aw I want to go, but I live all the way in Canada ;_;..

Anonymous said...

Today is July 4, 1776! April Fools! May you prank everyone who pranks you!


C.Holler said...

i wenttttt, and i saw mason, trace, blake annnnnd anthony.

amazing, wish you were thereeee. i saw matt! :D

okay bye.

kath said...

i didn't go to that exact show.
but i saw them april first.(:
pretty awesome show!
metrostation is awesome.
my favee<33

would you ever go to their show?

Jessica said...

hi mitchell! I'm so psyched that i found this site!! You are my fave actor!
I love to act i know its hard work! in fact i have acting lessons today! lol!