Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dixie Canyon Elementary

Just thought I would let you guys know that I read to the 4th grade class at Dixie Canyon Elementary School in Sherman Oaks today. I would have let you know sooner but it all happened so quickly. They asked me to do read for the 50th year Anniversary of Dr. Suess and I couldn't say no. The kids were Great!

I am going to a screening of Mimzy with my little brother tomorrow night. This is Not the premiere....this is the screening.......I'll let you know what I think of the movie after I see it.

You guys have a Great weekend!



georgina said...

hey mitchel... how've you been...
cool about the reading thing... i help out at a nursery alot and i read to the kids there its so cute lol....
hope you have fun at the mimzi screening with your bro...and have a cool weekend...
hope you read my comment and if you could tell me in your next comment wether you write back to fanmail or just send a pre print letter....
love georgina xxxxxxxxxx
p.s you rock

Danielle said...

Hey Mitchel! I think it's so cute and nice that you read to the 4th graders! I wish I was in that class! I just saw Monster House for the first time and I loved it! Keep up the good work and wish Marc luck for me!!

Have a great weekend!

Katieeee said...

Oo. 50th Anniversary.

: )

Your awesomeeeeeee.

Sabrina5856 said...

oh mitchel you are so sweet!

Mimzy? What's that?

Elizabeth said...


That was so sweet of you! I heard something about that on ABC News. That was just really nice. :-)

I saw a commerchial (uhhh...spelling much...) for Mimzy and I sooo want to see it now! It looks really interesting!

Have a great weekend Mitchel! Go great things!

<3 Liz

Jacquelyn said...

Awwwwwww, Mitchel u are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!!!!! I bet the kids LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DD

"The Last Mimzy" seems like a very interesting movie!!! I'm planning on seeing it soon.....Have a great time with Marc at the screening!!!!! =DDDD

So, are u taking driving classes tomorrow??? If you are, i wish you the BEST of luck!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Have a great weekend too!!!!! U are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya!!!!

McKenna said...

When I was in the 5th grade we use to read to the 1st graders and they were so cute...I think I read Curious George...We don't do that anymore though because we are at the bottom of the food chain at would be weird if seniors read to us...haha =]

Logann said...

I wish I went to that school..... except for the fact that I'm in 7th grade. Anyway, hope you have fun at the screening!

xoxo Logann

Anonymous said...

Awww... Mitchel! That was sooo SWEEEEEEEEEET, OF you to do. I would've done the complete same. I'm a sucker for the youngsters! LOL~ And , yeah, please tell us what you think of the movie! It looks pretty good! Have fun!



Ashleigh said...

Awww, little kids are the greatest. So is Dr. Seuss.

Have fun at the screening of Mimzy. ^_^


Samantha said...

Aww. You're so nice. I wouldn't of said no either. I love kids. Well, most of them anyway. What did you read? There are so many Dr. Seuss books.

The Last Mimzy looks very interesting. Bet Marc is great in it.

Thanks! I'll try even though there is some family problems right now. You have an awesome weekend! And if you have another driving class this weekend, good luck! If you don't, good luck for next time!


Anonymous said...

I hope you will have fun at the movie! Cant wait to hear how it was!


Amanda said...

OMG... you are super sweet reading to kids. I do that to for Community Service. I love it! Its like the kids look up to you as role models. I have to do 30 hours of community service for school every year bcause I am in the IB program, but i would do even if I didn't have to.
Tonight I am going to my school play to watch a couple of my friends perform in our school play, "Charlotte's Web". I will be tons of fun! My best friends has been practicing for like 4 months. Well, I hope you have fun at the movie screening.
Love ya,
Amanda *<):-)


Hey mitchel!! That's so nice of you to read to the little kids :) i'm sure they enjoyed it! have fun @ the movie screening!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh you are soo sweet going to read at that school...I cant wait til the last mimzy comes out it looks like such a great movie!! =] I wishhh so bad that our family could take a vacation and come see you in florida...ahh that would be soo amazingg...well anyway have an aMaZiNgg dayy!!


oh P.S. Do you know when the 2nd season of Hannah Montana is goin to start airing?? The episodes I've heard of sound sooo goood!!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! I remember when I was in fourth grade and the Middle schoolers read to us! All my school did was give away a vermonster from Ben and Jerry's to someone who read two books and filled out a form. 20 scoops of ice cream and toppings.... I'd love to eat it, but I would get sick after a while! Have fun at the movie!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

How's your weekend going?

My school's basketball made it to the sectional finals and the game was yesterday. We lost but it was a ton of fun. Our cheering section was pretty big and on the way to our seats we made a HUGE backup. It was great:D

Oh, those lucky 4th graders. They must have really happy.By the way, do u know the dates for the DC games. I wanna come and see.

Have a great weekend Mitchel<3
p.s. srry its so long, just wanted to share the good news:P

Dani said...

Hi, Mitchel!

That's so cool! That was really sweet of you to read to kids! Little kids are adorable; until they start screaming in your Can you say little sister? Yeah, she screams and she's 12!!! They never out grow it! Grrr.. But, in the end, it's all good, frieneds will come and go, but family is forever!

I bet Marc did great in Mimzy! Can't wait to see it!

Have a rockin' weekend!


Molly said...

What is a screening? How is it different than a premiere? That is so cool that you read to those kids!!

Have an awesome day!


cutieluver said...

have fun mitchel!!!!!

i love you!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck hope everything goes well :]

melinda said...

omg!!! that is sooo sweet you read to little kids!
yeah my mom's a teacher and she let the kids eat green eggs(like the book green eggs and ham)...she didnt know how she was going to make green ham??
or was the ham actually green or was it just reagular ham??
these are the questions that should be on the 6:00 news....
then i would actually watch the news instead of the news being about britney spears and all her problems but if thats wat the world is wanting to know thats fine by me i guess??
well anyway....
ummm you also have a great weekend!!

heatheR said...

aww!! U ARE SOOO SWEET!!! well i gotta start this ipc project thats due on wednesday!! lol peace!! <3 me

karina. said...

aww, that sounds great! i bet those 4th graders were really happy to see you =) haha, in my chemistry class yesterday my chemistry teacher took the time to read us "oh the places you'll go" by dr. seuss, and it's a good poem and all, but i was kind of weirded out when she got a bit emotional at the end. i've heard that in other periods she started crying.. ok so yeah! hope you're having a good saturday!

Lauren said...

hey mitchel...
AAAWWWWWWW!!!!!! that's soooooo sweet! i think thats awesome that ur gonna do that! i hope u have fun!
i hope i get 2 see that movie soon! i wanna see it so looks really good! tell me how you like it! love ya always and 4ever!


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know... there is supposed to be a total lunar eclipse tonight!


coffeeheart said...

I doupt you'll actually read Senor Musso, but oh well. I'm gonna straight up say youre the hottest guy on TV right now, and I aint the most beautiful.. ever. Any way, good for you reading to children. You know you made those kids day. Yay for using you social power for good. Now dont go all Brittney Spears on me and shave your head. *shudder*

Love "Snow" (Never putting real name)

Rachel said...

Hey Sushi Boy/M&Ms! haha.

that's so awesome you're reading to kids... that's so sweet of you. Ooh have fun at the Mimzy screening!

BTW, if I send you a poster in your fan mail will you sign it and send it back to me? I hope so! Because I'll be sending you something soon! =]

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Tiffany said...

haha, that's so cool that you went and read to them! you're really sweet :) i saw a commercial for "the last mimzy' today. it looks really cool! have fun tomorrow :)

JENN!!!! said...

i cant wait until i see the Last Mimzy! Good luck to Marc! Mitchel, remember that you are the coolest for reading to that 4th grade class (i would want to be in that class too!!) that is too cute and totally nice!
Have an AMAZ-ZA-ZING weekend and the bestest ever week!
J to the E to the double-N!

(p.s. If the DC Games are coming to Florida in April, i might see u b/c thats around my bday!! if only dreams could come tru!)

renee said...

mitchel you are soo sweet to people and i love that!

Lindy said...

i had 2 write a report about dr. seuss and read to my class while my teache video tapped me! there's no way i could ever act i'm 2 camera shy :(

Monica said...

OMG, i just saw a commercial for the last mimzy and it looks realllllllllly gooood. i cant wait to see it!!!! have fun seeing it in advance :)

remember, YOU ROCK MITCHEL!!!
Monica :)

Anonymous said...

Wow mitchel that IS really sweet of you to do that for those thats soo awesome..well have a good time at the screening and the movie looks good..well have a awesome day and weekend and week, and month..etc.

The one and Only Leslie

Jacquelyn said...

!!!!!!!!!!Hey there Mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!

How has your weekend been???? Mine has been OK.......I was gonna go ride my horse on Friday, but the weather got bad, so i'm going tomorrow......It'll be nicer tomorrow!! =D

Ahhhh......4th grade.......that brings back memories!!!! I remember my teacher read us "Charlotte's Web"...i liked it! =D Good times, good times!!!! =DDD

Don't worry....there's no snake this time...(lol!)...but my Biology class is getting a guinea pig!!!!!!!!!! =DDD And someone has to bring it home and take care of it over the of my friends is gonna have it for the summer!! lol

I hope u had a great time at the Last Mimzy screening with your younger brother!!! =DD Hey, your older brother's birthday is coming up, isn't it??? Well, tell him i wish him a VERY happy birthday!!!!!! =DD (that is, if his birthday IS coming up this month...) ;-D

Have a GREAT time at your driving classes tomorrow!! (I mean, if u are gonna be at them tomorrow!!) Good luck!!!!!!! And avoid crashing into pedestrians!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! =DDDD

Weeeeeellllll, i better get going!!!!!!!! TTYL!!!!!!!!!


Natalie said...

Hey Mucho Musso!!!
(hehe, i figured since everyone says the same thing, why not change it up a bit!)

anyway, u know what i just realized? i was just at the el capitan today!!! and u were there five days ago! i could've met u!! i was so close! i was in LA and Hollywood for the past 3 days, but i didn't see u! oh, well, it'll happen sometime! also, i thought it was cool how u wished everyone in march a happy b-day, cuz my birthday is this wednesday! im so excited! but while i was in hollywood, guess who i saw??? VINCE VAUGHN!! it was amazing! but i bet that'd be so normal for u, lol. we all went crazy!

well, i hope life's being good to ya and hopefully it stays that way! also, just so ya know, all your fans (including me!) really appreciate all the work u do, and i just wanted to say thanks a million!! u make every day the brightest!

love ya lots,


Emily said...

ahhh gotta love Dr. Suess!


Never heard of Mimzy =x

Have an awesome weekend/week


Dani said...

Hey Mitchel,

Weel, it's Sunday and you know what that means! Driving Classes!!! Yeah! Good luck! Rememeber; if you see a tree or child in your center line of vison, hit the brake! lol! =D You'll do fine! I have to drive today with my dad, so I have to listen to, "Go! Go!!! No...STOP!!" Confused? Yeah, I get confused, too, and me+confusion+big car=DISASTER!!! lol =D

I just saw a commercial for The Last Mimzy. It looks really cute! Tell your brother a big CONGRATS from me!!!

Yesterday a friend and I went to the library and filmed a project for school; it had Freddie Mercury in it!!!!! One part anyway, it was actually me in a mustache!! lol My friend and I had a lot of fun! Yes, it WAS for school, it's just school made fun! =D

I hope you're having an amazing weekend! As you can tell, I did! lol! Have a righteous day!


Abbster said...

Thats so awesome that you read to the fourth graders! Like Danielle said, I wish I was in that class!
I can't wait to see the Last Mimzy! It sounds so good, and with Marc in it, it sounds even better!
Well I hope you have a great time at the screening!

Ashley said...

Hey Handsome! --
How are youuu? hmmm. well you seem like you`re doing greattt!
haha guess what! Friday My show choir and i went to Indiana for a
show choir competition! it was AMAZING. oh my gosh i had so much fun!
We got 1st runner up in class C and then we made it into FINALS! and we got
4th runner up..which wasn't good at all. =( but at least we didn't get last!
and we beat how many other schools! PLUS;; i made some AMAZING new friends from
one of the other schools! and they love us SO MUCH that they came to sit with us
the rest of the day! it was so sweet of them! one of the people i met was jeremy,
and he looks like corbin bleu. its creepy. well like his hair and stuff is like
corbin`s and he looks somewhat like him. hmm. but yupp. i just got back today!
we stayed in fort wayne for two nights. it was a lot of fun! =]

awwww. you read to the little kids! how adorable. ahhh. that just makes me love you even more!
You are so completely sweet. =] ahhh. you are definitely my favorite!

BY THE WAY!;; how is your driving classes going? hope they are going superly. [ is superly a word..haha. well if is now!!
Well, hope you
I heart you. ;]

sabrina5856 said...

ok i googled mimzy

now i know

lovelie said...

Hey mitchel thanks for taking time out and blogging, it's really nice of you! Well I read on IMDB that you're planning on attending Kid's Choice Awards! I really wish you would have been nominated! And I was just wondering if you were going to watch Billy Ray Cyrus on Dancing With The Stars? :D Yeah I know random but it is in the LA area so I thought I should ask! Well have fun tonight!

georgina said...

hey again sorry for commenting twice first of all...
YES!!!!! my comment is first sorry lol had to say that...
also i wanted to ask you a question, you dont have to answer it but its a good
if you could make an invention that did anything what would it be???
i would make a portal thing were you could go through it to anywere you wanted...
love georgina.x.x.x.
p.s when i send you my fanmail i have put this necklace in ii bought you out of my argos catologue... dont worry its a boys neck lace and it mathes your style i hope you like and wear it lol...
byeeeeeee gota go do my english asignment on macbeth.cya.xxxx

Anonymous said...

u r so nice and giving, mitchel! ur such a sweetie!!!

speaking of 4th grade, i have a question. in 1 of my magazines, it said u had ur 1st kiss in 5th grade. then in another, i read that u got ur first kiss in 4th grade! which mag made a mistake? i'm just curious.....well, talk to ya l8r, sk8r!

luv, brie

iLOVEshoez said...

That's SO great Mitchel!

Tell me about it soon!

Andie<3 :(

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel! I luv kids. they are always happy! I hope driving lessons are good. The most driving ive ever done is on the cars of autopia in disneyland! :^)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! That`s awesome that you read to the 4th graders! I remember 4th grade it was sooo fun! and now it seems soo far away now that I`m in High School Ugh it`s fun but you think of people then ya don`t pay attention and then you fail not soo much fun! I just saw Fantastic Four it was pretty good and Jessica yep you guessed it Jessica Alba was in it soo yeah Stay Awesome!!


Lindsay said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm also gonna see a screening of Mimzy in a couple of days...wish you were at that one! Anyway i gotta basketball game Tues. so wish me luck! Good luck with drivers ed. and your schedule. Just wanna tell u that youre really lucky and that you have a life so many people want, a life so many people didn't get. Hope to see u soon.
~luv Lindsay from Chicago

Anonymous said...

omg i love u!

Lauren said...

omgosh that is soo deep!!!!! ur such a great persoN!

thats good that u did that u should be really proud!

sounds like funn
love you,

Yvonne said...

OMG!! Thats so sweet. By the way, hey Mitchel. Can't believe I just found your official blog.. lol. Got it off AH!! Cant wait to see the Mimzy movie.. Btw I'm in New Zealand (Hope u know wer that is as its on the other side of the world!) so don't think it'll be here any time soon!! Ah, I dream every night that you'll come visit me here.. *sigh* Well back to my sweeet dreams and have a great week!!

Love u,

Yvonne in Auckland, NZ! xoxo

Katie R. said...

Awww... Your SO sweet. I bet the kids all enjoyed that!!! I know i would. I help out with a 4th grade class at my church on Wednesday nights. Only I don't read to them. instead we play Hangman. Its pretty cool. I hope you have an awesome week! Katie

P.s you never answered my question from before. and i know your pretty busy. But I was wondering what kind of Starbursts do you like? because there are SO many!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, Mitch! i wuz wondering if u go tmy letter. u probably did! i sent it 5 weeks ago!!! i hope u liked it a lot! i hope u liked the bracelettes and drawing, too! man, it was hard to pack everything in that envalope! haha!

it is now officially ONE WEEK until our first performance of the play!!!! i'm really excited and nervous! i'm afraid of falling because in one scene, i have to literally be DRAGGED across the stage by "security" while yelling "I'M NOT FINISHED YET!!!!!!!" it's pretty funny!

on a good note, my knee is felling A LOT better! my friend Caroline is still limping a bit, but i know she'll be ok! and Alex still has that bruise :( but soon she'll be back 2 normal!

you're probably not THAT interested, but today i went shopping for a dress for my Ribbon Ceremony! it's at the end of May. all the 8th graders get their awards that day! it's pretty kool! the dress i got is turqoise (my favorite color!) with a ruffled band in the center! it's really pretty! then for Graduation, i have an ivory dress with a layer of black lace over it! it's gonna look great! going to High School is exciting, but i want the year to last longer. i'm going to miss all of my friends and teachers :( *sniffle* it's sad because it's my last year and some of my friends are getting "clique-ish" and others are fighting (not physically, thank God!) it really upsets me, but i'm glad that i don't have a BFF. i have a lot of close friends, but not one BEST friend. i kind of like being that way: i don't have a BEST friend, but a TON of close friends! if you have any tips for me, PLEASE let me know! i could use some great advice!!!

i got the new Popstar! today! it's pretty kool! i wish there was a poster of you, though...oh well. there will be others! i read about the Barney incident! that's so funny! don't be embarassed! my I-Pod has 2 Spongebob songs and a song about a guinea pig! lol! i actually lost my I-Pod recently, but i found it! my mom pulled my bro out of school for a doctor's appointment and she had my I-Pod in the car because when she and my dad picked me up from school, they were taking us to WISCONSIN for the weekend (it was really fun, btw!) and somehow, it fell out of the back seat and into the snow! the ironic thing was, a few days later, my mom got a call from her friend and she said she found it! the weird thing was the lady's son, well, he was kinna mean to a friend of mine last year, but that story's too long! i was so excited! when my mom picked it up, the lady's husband said "You're lucky I didn't keep it because it has some AWESOME songs on there!" lol! i have a lot of ACDC Aerosmith Good Charlotte and stuff like that!

woah...LONG post! sorry bout that! well, talk to ya soon, Mitchel! have a ROCKIN' week!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Wish me luck! I'm going to audition for The Sound of Music tonight. Good luck with Hannah Montana and any other acting you're doing!


Victoria! said...

ooooh i saw a commercial for the last mimzy... it looks good!!! can't wait to see it! have fun at the screening!☺


sabrina5856 said...

that is SO sweet of you

im gonna get a google account soon so you can see my profile OMG I WANNA GET CONTACT WITH SUCH A NICE PERSON AS YOU

yeah georgina is right
so do you??? you know rewrite any of it or just send a pre print letter?

Tori said...

hi mitchel, was wild hogs good? i want to see it but not if it's ridiculous. i can't wait to see the mimzy movie!

tiffany said...

woah, that's so cool that a girl from new zealand left you a comment! dudeee, you're going worldwide!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! You should have read at my sisters school lol. or mine. of course, I really don't think we freshman would pay as much attention to the reading as we would to the guy reading it. haha. I saw the preview for mimzy the other day and it said "special screening saturday" or something. I almost told my mom we should go. i'm kicking myself right now because I didn't. ok well i'm gonna stop babbling now. teehee.

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel thats so cool i no kids are amazing lol thats why i want to be a pediatrician when i grow up but yea anyways thats cool and well yea thats ok and you have fun and dont work to hard its really hot out here in cali right ? hey can you answer this when does season 2 start of hannah monatana ok bye love ya biggest fan nicole and you rock mitchel oh yea lol

Anonymous said...

how sweet

Anonymous said...

awwww!! that is so sweet!! be sure to tell us what you think of mimzy!


Jacquelyn said...

Heyyy, there Mitchel!!!!!

How has your week been??? Eh, mine's as boring as usual....i got my midterm today, and it turns out i'm getting all A's and B's!!!! And a very high C+ in Algebra.....but that's usually my average grade for math =P!! Wait, why am i telling u this?!?!? Eh maybe it's because u are so fun to talk to!!! =DD

So anyway......

to get to the point....wait, is there ever a point in my comments?!???!?!??! Probably not.....;-P

But let me get to my....well....point-that-isn't-really-a-, my school's Turnabout dance is this Saturday...and i don't have anyone to ask!!!! I wanted to ask u, but in reality that would be literally impossible for u to come all the way to Illinois for one hey, a girl can dream, can't she???!!!??? =DDDDD U are probably busy that night anyway...but oh well!! I thought i might just ask u anyway!!!!!!! lol!!!

I REEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYY hope u got my Valentine by now!!! I REEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYY hope u liked it!!!!! It's been about 3 or 4 weeks since i mailed it....u should have it by now....and yes i got u two cards....i liked them both!! Hope u like the guitar pick necklace and bracelets that i made u!!! =DDDD

Well, i better get going......i have to do my my homework.....bleh...another boring day at my boring school tomorrow....well, there's about 3 more school days left, and then the weekend!!! LOL

!!!!!Have an awesome-er-ific week!!!!!!!

Yours truly,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥


Hey I heard about thay.. awwww that wuz soo sweet of yew Mitchel..
I also visit ur offical website a lot..LoLz... But guess what next MONDAY, im going to macon,GA to record a CD, and then me N my band Precious Addiction r gonna send it to a record producer, His name is Keith Thomas and he owns Levosia Entertainment which is what Jordan Pruitt is signed to..

Well i hope to see yew on the RED CARPET really soon.. It would be really Kewl if yew wuz one of our fans, I'll be extatic when i met yew!!! Oh yeah and cheerleadin' tryouts r next wednesday, and everything is really hard!! OMG I love yew sooo much!! Yew r my fav. charcter on Hannah Montana ...

Oh yeah that last episode about the Ow Wow!! commercial! I loved Ur outfit on there!!! I read that yew can't sleep with the TV off niether can I.. Cuz when yew have no TV its like yew can hear every little noise and it just freaks me out.I'm very active i love Rollercoasters, and OMG i have the most wierd life, I guess who could say that i'm a one and a kind..

Like today at cheerleadin' practice I did a Roundoff, backhandspring, and i wuz tryin' to do a tuck after that but I have a broken leg and right know im wearin' a brace sooo u've got to give me credit to even do it with a Brace well nywayz i wuz done with the backhandspring and I fell tryin' to flip to do the tuck, and i ran out side cryin'..LoLz... IDK Y... I'm Just a RERE(RETARD)..HAHAHA..... well TTUL... ILY... C*M*B!!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN' Mitchel!!!

-MoRgaN :ur # 1 fan{4real ask me any question about yew i can get it right i love to research..LoLz...}

amber said...

hey mitchel!!! i need a little cheering up!!:) see me and my boyfriend broke up!! please cheer me up if you have time!!! thanks!!! have a great week!!!


ps.. i got your picture i sent you to sign!!! thanks!!

Lissa Jo said...

That's really sweet!! I've seen trailers for The Last Mimzy, and it looks really good! So how have the driving lessons been? The only thing I can drive right now is my dad's golf cart. I can't get my permit for another year...Well, right now, I'm looking for auditions, and I'm auditioning for the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz(I'll keep you posted on how I do!)! I'm so excited, I can't wait to continue acting and singing again! Well hope your next few days are awesome!!!!!

Your favorite Southern Cali girl,
Lissa Jo
p.s. Remember, it's like lissuh, not Lisa. :)


Ur sooo lucky ur bout 2 get ur permit, the only thing i can drive is my{PUASE} BIKE!! LoLz..
I can drive a 4-wheeler{but not very good} I fell of the other day bcuz i hit a bump and the 4-wheeler flipped, but i didn't get hurt, thank god!!! ssoo I hope u have a great week and member me UR # 1 FAN!!!!Dang, i spelt syrup on my freakin' keyboard and my SHIFT KEY is disappearing!! HAHAHA!!!

<3 MoRgaN

Lissa Jo said...

Hey! when I said I was auditoining for WoOZ, I meant for my school! ;)
Well tomorrow I have a band concert, and we're so excited! I play the clarinet, you know the black one about the length of a flute, but played the other way around? Well, I'm excited... My friend and I are going to a Special Preview of The Last Mimzy on Saturday! We are can't wait!

Your favorite Southern California Girl,
Lissa Jo

Ashley said...

Mitchel ! I wish i was in the fourth grade now, just so i could see your amazing face ! I wrote about you in my SOL test today haha. You are absolutely adorable, and i want to meet you!

-ashley. <3

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel sorry for not posting for a while I have been preparing songs for a start in a musical career and have been in contact with a studio who said they might give me a chance ! wish me luck .
and you never no someday there could be a duet with Miley . From what seems to be the only guy here ( except you ) lol Curtis

P.S Tell Emily I said hi and Happy Birthday k Thanks PEACE DUDE

Anonymous said...

Is your brother Marc the little boy in the Captiol 1 commercials?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!!!