Friday, March 16, 2007

Dancing With The Stars!

Don't forget to watch the show Monday night!!! Everyone needs to vote for Billy Ray Cyrus!!! And....yes I'll be there! Look for me....but


Katherine said...

COOL! Billy Ray Cyrus will be on DWTS! I am so watching it now! thanks for telling everyone who, like me, might not have known!

Alicia said...

i cant wait!!!!!!! and no worries mitchel if billy ray cyrus can dance as good as he can sing he is sure to win by the way do u no who his partner is??
PS- plzplzplz make plans to come to houston more towards the sugar land area plz and thnx and good luck with driving BIIII
ALICIA !!!!!!!!

Linzi said...

Of course I'll vote for Billy Ray Cyrus,(who wouldn't!)LUV YA mitchel, ROCK ON!!!!! ur the best!!!


KOOL:)! ummm where is DANCING WITH THE STARS AT?? Well I'll see if I can come! I probally can! well I luvzh Ya! Have A great Day and remeber me! Ya # 1 FAN!



cutieluver said...

I <3 THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Lissa Jo said...

Definitely voting for him! It's weird because I was just goin to ask you if you guys were going to support him...Well, Looking forward to seeing him dance, and possibly seeing a shot of ya'll in the audience!


Jordan said...

Of course!! Who else would I vote for! I'll definately keep an eye out for you though!

Elizabeth said...


I was planning on watching the show anyway but now that you'll be get the picture.

Billy Ray won't have to worry. I mean, he made the Achy Breaky Heart dance a hit! Ok....theres a problem... :-P

<3 Liz

Carly said...

<3 carly

Jacquelyn said...

OMG Billy Ray Cyrus is gonna be at Dancing with the Stars?!?!? That's SOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!!!! =DDDD

Wish him luck for me!!!! This is something i CAN'T miss!!!!!! Thanks for telling us about this!! ;-) I saw a commercial for that and i thought i saw a short clip of Billy Ray in it......and now i know for sure that i did see him!!!!! I'm DEFINITELY gonna vote for him!!!!

Good luck with driving on Sunday!!! Oh, and here's a little thing i made up about a stop sign: STOP means Slightly Tap On Pedal!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow......and also......!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

brie said...

Hey Mitchel!!! I'm DEFINATLY going to watch Billy Ray on "Dancing with the Stars!" He's going to do great! Tell him that I wish him the BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

Today was our last day of ISATS (YAY!!!) Today was the longest! (We've been testing for 4 DAYS all together! Can you believe it?!) We had to write TWO essays back-to-back! GRRRRR! I think I did well, though! For one of the essays, I had to write about a time when everything went right for you-a moment that was too good to be true. Guess what I picked? I picked the day I met you at BROOKFIELD ZOO!!! Do you remeberme? I was the one who gave you the guitar pick and Blink-182 tab. (I hope you liked it, by the way!) It turned out really well! It won't be a while till I know the results, but when I do, I'll let ya know!

I have GREAT news! Remember how I told you I was trying out for Oliver last week? Well, my drama teacher called yesterday and said that I GOT THE PART OF CHARLOTTE!!!! I really wanted that part!!! I was sooo HAPPY and EXCITED!!! The play is near the end of April! I can't wait to get started!!!

Other than ISATS, school is going pretty well. I am organizing Spirit Week with the President right now. We're having Pajama Day, Wacky Day, Dress Up Day, Jersey Day, and Twin Day!!! I can't wait! We are also having a Teacher vs 8th Grade volley ball game (I'm SO signing up!) The best part is that all of the 8th Graders get to paint their faces with "Class of 2007" stuff! It's going to be AWESOME! We're also having another dance. I have to organize the music and make a CD. I'm almost done with the list. We have some Fall Out Boy, ACDC, The Fray, Cascada, and even some Grease on there! We're going to have a BLAST!!!

Well, I guess that's about it for now! Have an AMAZING weekend and tell your brother HAVE A ROCKIN' SOCKIN' BIRTHDAY!!!!!

luv, brie

Kristina said...

Cool..I will so Vote for Billy Ray Cyrus! I am looked foward to seeing him Dance, hopefully he is good at Ballroom Dancing. I will look for you there too!


Ashleigh said...

I am SO voting for Billy Ray Cyrus!!! ^_^

I hope your weekend is fun. I have Ring Dance tomorrow night. Soo excited! Most of my senior friends are going. <3

Anonymous said...

totally hes got my vote lol and well yea ill look for you ans vote for him lol ok have a nice weekend love your biggest fan nicole and mitchel you rock


hey mitchel,

i am so excited for dancing w/ the stars. i heard about it a month ago and i was sooo amped up!! hope to see u on tv!

have a good weekend :)
~ ashley

Becky said...

I love Dancing with the stars! when i found out Billy Ray Cyrus was going to be on there i screamed!i'm so excited, i can't wait to watch it and see you!
no worries, im so going to vote for him!

Shweta said...

I had no idea that Billy Ray Cyrus was going to be on DWTS! That's so cool! I'm totally voting for him!

Molly said...

I heard about that, my family watches that show,, and i will look for you,, and i will vote for him..have funn with driving,,im going through the same thing too its fun but hard..but worth it.
Molly E.

Rachel said...

OOh yeah! I'm SOOO watching it! Oh yay you're going? I'll def look out for you on the show.

Keep ROCK'N it. =]

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to watch! Go Billy Ray! Have fun!


tiffany said...

you are going to be there?! omg i'm so watching now

btw, you would make a kickin' robin hood for sure ;)

Victoria! said...

I was so excited when I found out he was going to be on Dancing with the Stars!! Hopefully we'll see a shot of you in the audience! ☺


Katie R. said...

Thats so cool! I thought that was just a rumor. Because Billy Ray Cyrus doesn't seem like the Dancing with the stars kind of guy. But its a really cool experince for him to do!!! I'll for sure watch it. Have an AMAZING weekend my friend!


coffeeheart said...

Hey Mitchel!! I'm at my b-day party cuz I turned 16 on TUESDAY!!! I'll be sure to use my first week of sweet sixteen-ness to watch n vote for billy ray!!


Popsicle and Izze said...

That is soooo awesome! Wish him good luck from the two of us, and we'll keep an eye out for ya!

Please visit our blog! we haven't had any visitors. If you do come, please leave a comment (no one has yet!)

Do not get freaked out by the many posts mentioning you. I don't know what came over me(Izze).

Ya she does! She LOVES you! (Popsicle)

you rock Billy Ray! Good luck & kick some boo-tay!!

Lo said...

That's really cool Mitchel! Thanks for clearing that up. I hope you have fun Monday, I'll definitely be watching! (And tell Billy Ray Cyrus to break a leg!)

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel, nice to here from you again. Billy Ray Cyrus has my vote. I hope you get my fan letter soon, it is the one with the mitchel musso petition. have a fantastic saint patricks day. we have snow. not a lot but enough. ttyl
mission to meet mitchel

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm kinda a new fan... just wanted to say I think you're a cool guy... and a good actor... keep up the good work! =)

Mickey said...

Sounds cool!!!! hope he a great weekend Mitchel !!!!!!!

Ashley said...

OMG!!! I cant wait to watch it! i will definatly vote for billy ray cyrus! I will be looking for u in there! I am so looking forward to watching it. thankx for posting.

Love u Mitchel!
Your #1 fan,


Katie said...

of course i'll vote for him!! who else would i vote for? i'll be sure to keep an eye out for you in the audience! do you know if and when you are coming to the st paul area? i actually live in WI, but my uncle lives near st paul. we are planning to visit him and my parents said i could pick the date, and i wanted it to be when you are there. thanks so much!


Ashley said...



Kerry said...

Yay I can't wait to see Billy Ray get his groove on! I hope you have a fun time at the show supporting him, and don't forgot to scream as loud as you can! =)

By the way, wish Mason a happy belated birthday for me!

Keep bloggin'

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


jenn!!! said...

i LOVe dancing with the stars and i CANNOT believe that Billy Ray got to do it! I'm gonna be rooting for him the entire way!
my friend Abby went to the taping of Hannah Montana just yesterday! She called me while waiting in line to go in, and it was like 6:30 here. but the COOL thing was was that is was like 3:30 over there! And she saw Miley and Jason walk into the building!!!!

have an AMAZING week!
Mitchel u rock my LIFE!
with lovee times infinity!!

J to the E to the double N

tiffany said...

so i went on to your brothers myspace and wished him a happy birthday, even though he has no idea who i am :/ lol, actually his song "how much" is my myspace song right now. it's pretty sweett

anyways can't wait to watch the show monday and see you. :)

i'm leaving for california in less than 2 weeks for the kids choice awards! i hope to see you there! i went last year too, but i don't know if you went last year or not.

so yeah anyways, have a great day :)

Nicole said...


haaha, I deffentally will! and ill be on the lookout for youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

well, Im still not sure if ill be going to MS's concert tonight.. but I might at teh last minute.

I just noticed.. like half of your blog titles are HEY GUYS!!!!!!!! haha, but thats cool!

Im still working on the picture of you.. and doing acouple more bracelets, so i havent sent them yet.

Im gonna go for a walk now.. then come home and sleep and wait for the Endurance finale to come on.. so ill comment later!

Happy 18th Birthday Mason!
-- Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Tell Mason I say Happy 18th Birthday!!

I just saw a commerical for Dancing With The Stars as I was reading your post. Weird huh. I love that show, i've watched every season. When I found out Billy Ray was going to be on this season, I was so excited. I'll vote for him.

Suprisingly I had a really good friday. Those girls i've been telling you about left me alone. I did well in all my classes and I was im-ing my crush for about an hour.It was a good day.

You have to come to New York sometime. NY's a great state. It has the statue of liberty and...umm... Well it has me, so enough said. Lol.

Lst Mimzy comes out in 6 days and I go to Florida in 18 days. I'm so excited!! Anyway have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Will do!! I already have my voting fingers ready!!

And I'll be sure to look for you!

Yvonne said...

WHoah!! Can't wait.. But we don't have it in New Zealand :(. So can't vote.. :'(. But I'm sure he'll win anyway!! Spread the luf.. Luv u Mitchel!!

Yvonne - Auckland NZ

Dani said...

Hey Mitch!

I will definatly watch DWTS!! I usually only watch it if someone I know is on it! Like last season, John O'Hurley from Seinfeld was on??? Yeah, I watched it, he was great! I can't wait till Monday, I'll look for you in the audience!

Have a superamazingbicycleracingrockin' week! (I'm being unique and I got Queen stuck in my head! lol =D)


Ina said...

mitchel -
I will be sure to watch it and vote =) i hope you still read and respond to your fan letters because im sending mine soon...i would have sooner but im very busy and it has to be perfect.. also i just read your post about the last mimzy and remembered about a movie i just watched..its called "the ultimate gift" and its out right now..its really really good and i think you should watch it..if you have time. i think you'll like it. well anyway i cant wait to hear from you again..and good luck with the show and all. =)

<33 Ina

Anonymous said...

I'll watch it!I actually haven't watched it before but that is so cool that Billy Ray is going to be on it.I hope they show you in the Bye!


Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see it tommorrow
i will definately vote billy ray cyrus

luv ya

Samantha said...

I'm definitely watching! I watched the last season and loved it! I've been psyched since I heard he was going to be on it! All my votes shall go to Billy Ray!

Dress up nice now Mitchel!


Elizabeth said...

Yo yo yo Mitchel!

I saw 'Bridge to Terabithia' yesterday! Woo! I thought it was pretty good! They stuck with the book which most movies don't do these days.

Afterwares I joked around with my friends saying "Hey! Lets go see 'The Last Mimzy'!" They yelled NO because they know your brothers in it and it's all I've been talking about lately (besides American Idol).

Just had to share my weekend adventures with you. :-)

<3 Liz

heatheR said...

aww i have to go to church class tonight!!!.....aww....wish i could watch it!! have fun!!!!!

Caroline said...

OMG! I will be watching out for you!!!

PS-COME TO HOUSTON!!!! Wait, come to Sugar Land, it is near Houston!!! I really really want to see you!!!


christine holler said...

boohoo, i cant make it tomorrow. i bet youre bummed you cant see my ooglay face tomorrow night huh. i wish i could make it. i'll just catch the last mimzy when it goes out in theaters. it looks cool so im gonna get my friends to come watch it with me. so idk when i'll see you again, until next time...

ooh my friend thinks Matt's really cute. HAHAHA i just thought i'd tell you. alright.... byeeeaah.

TiMeFLySwHenUrHaVinFUn said...

hey mitchel i dont know if u know who i am but ive met u a bunch of times! hope billy ray wins!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel i 'm watching dancing with the stars right now and i just saw your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paige said...

Hey Mitchel!
It's a commercial break at Dancing With the Stars right now. I just saw BRC perform. He was great. I liked how they used his own song. That was definately cool. The judges should've given him more credit, though. I might vote... If I'm up that late.

Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!!!

I did see you in the audience sitting next to Miley! I hope you are having a great time! (since right now, the competition is still going on! lol) Man, Billy Ray, only a 13/30???? I don't think so!!!! He was great! I can't wait till those phone lines open!!!! Maybe I'll get through to the judges and give them a piece of my mind!!!! lol! =D *singing* I want my mullet back! lol!

Hope you are having an amazing week so far!!!


Dani said...

Hi Mitchel, sorry for commenting again, but I thought I saw Emily and Cody in the audience, so I was wondering...Were they actually there?



Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Dancing With The Stars just ended right now......Billy Ray did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just so sad he came in last.......It's those darn judges, i tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I voted for him 11 times on's the maximum that u can vote...)....hopefully that will help him come in 1st!!!!!!!!!!! For a country star, he was awesome!!!!!!!! haha, i was singing along to "I Want My Mullet Back" while he was dancing!!!!!!!!! =DD I saw you in the audience a couple of were next to Miley!!!! Was Cody Linley there too????? Cuz i could have sworn i saw him in the audience!!!!!!!!! Maybe it was just!!! Hey, are you gonna be there next Tuesday for the elimination round?????? Just wondering..... I am crossing my fingers and toes for him that he won't be the first to leave the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Billy Ray that he did a great job for me, OK?? =DDD Cuz it's true....i really liked his dance!!!

In speaking of music and dancing, there are auditions for my high school's choir, and i (of course) am auditioning tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! the choirs i am auditioning are for Varsity choir, chamber, Company, and...the one i REALLY wanna be in......MADRIGAL SINGERS!!!!!!!!!! We don't only have to sing, but we have to sight read and identify the keys....(when i say keys i mean like the key of D flat, F sharp, C, and things like that.....) I'm not nervous about the singing as much as the sight reading!!!!! Cuz to get into the Madrigals group you have to be a great sight reader and singer....(the Madrigals group are all the 2 best 1st sopranos, 2 best 2nd sopranos, 2 best altos, 2 best tenors, and 2 best basses in the whole school.....)...But i'll try my very best!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!! ;-) did u do with your driving tests on Sunday??? No crashes??..(i hope!!) Remember to put the car in drive? LOL!!!!! I know you did fine!!!! ;-D

Weeeellll, i better get going.......Have a great rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I had a blast at the Hannah taping. It was amazing, you were amazing, everything was just amazing!
Noah was the cutest thing ever!! When the host (Bill) called up all the girls to dance, even me :], Noah was the best. She is so adorable!
But what was crazy was when my dad and my brother went up and did 'Rappers Delight.' ahh that was so funny, I guess. :]
But I think that the best part of the whole taping was when I got to ask you a question! (and tell you that I was a huge fan!) That made me so happy :]!
But the thing that stunk was that at the end of the taping, I wanted to get your autograph, but I couldn't because I didn't have a wristband. darn it. :[
But I got Shanica's autograph! She is so nice!!
L.A. was so cool! I got to do a lot of things like go to Santa Monica, go to the El Captain, and go to the Hannah Montana taping (which was the best!!)
Well, I am back in Florida, and I miss L.A., the Hannah Montana taping, and YOU!

I saw Billy Ray!!!!!!! He was amaaaazing!! I can't believe that they danced to 'I want my mullet back'! They were the best. I couldn't believe that they got the lowest score :[
But I voted for them on my cell phone, my house phone, and online, and I maxed out my number of votes!! :]
Well, don't want to keep this going on too long!
I hope you have a great week, and I hope you had a great time at Dancing With The Stars!!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for him! Lol, I only watched it to see him. I didn't know you're brother is in The Last Movie. I have wanted to see it. That's awesome

Tiffany said...

hey! i watched and saw you on dancing with the stars with miley and cody linley (i was surprised to see him) you looked snazzy in your suit :) but who was that other girl with you, i couldn't see her face. i also saw miley's big sis. so yeah, hope to see you there again! tell you website person to post tv captions of you all! thanks! <3

iLOVEshoez said...


~Andie <3

Natalie said...

Hey Mucho Musso!

omg, billy ray did awesome! those judges don't know what they're talking about. :) well, even though they've been doing the show for a while... lol. his dance was totally funky fresh, and it rocked! oh, and i saw miley, it was cool! even though i didn't see you, it was cool to know we were watching the same thing at the same time! ttyl,



hey mitchel!

omg no way! billy ray cyrus danced to his new song that they also played on Hannah Montana! LOL! my mom was like.... that song SOUNDS just like his voice. haha!

And i also saw you from far away and miley too!

have a good week!
- ashley <33

Jackie =] said...

hey i watched that last night and i voted many many times!! they told me i reached my calling limit on my home phone and my cell phone so i had to stop =[ but i voted many times!! i hope he wins!! oh and i saw you there mitchel with miley and emily and cody! i was looking for you the whole time haha i hope you had fun

Anonymous said...

i watched it last night and billy ray cyrus was good but he needed to loosen up a little more. the cameras showed miley but i dint see you. are you going to be there next week

Anonymous said...

i saw u on there
u were wearing black and u were next to miley who i think was next to emily right
even though bill ray got a okay score i will still vote hiim

cutieluver said...

hey mitchl!
umm lol i didnt see u there! :( ohh well i knew u were there! Billy Ray did awesome! and i saw miley there

Anonymous said...

HEY MITCHEL!!!!! I saw you,Miley,and Emily on Dancing With the stars last night..... i think you were sitting by Miley and Miley was sitting by Emily.... You looked HOT!!!! as usuall....

Lissa said...

I thought Billy was great! Judges, not so much...I saw you, Miley, Emily, and Cody(who I didn't expect to see)! I gotta say, I love what Emily and Miley were wearing. :P No offense. I have to be honest and say, I gotta know every little detail, but jeez Miley sure talked alot to you during the show! What in the world was she saying? Well, it was fun though. The beginning was awesome... We've got another performance in band this Saturday, but this time it's for judges and we get a ranking of poor-superior. I'm really excited! Well good luck on set, at driving, and just because some people need luck!

<3 - Lissa

Anonymous said...

I watched it,
Haha it was great.
Guess what I bought todayy.
The hannah montana cd special edition! :]
I have two hannah montana cd now.
Haha,iloveit. :)


alexxxxxxx said...

ok so i was watching dancing with the stars and rite after heather mills was on i saw u it went random girl miley then you then there was no one else next to you there was like a lite diagnol from you and im liek OMG ITS MITCHEL and mi mom was like who im like mithchel shes like who and im like the guy on mi wall shes lik o0ooo and (i pointed ware u were) and she was like yea that is him i noticed cuz of hi slong hair im like yea then she was all he should get a hair cut and im like mom noooo wayyyyyy not ever and she was like alex ur wierd fro liking guyz with long hair im like mom no im theres mi story =]


i saw you when i was watching it!!
i saw you in the first row on the opposite side of the judges??
i think that was you or it couldve been someone that could be your twin from far away!
how was it??
was it cool to sit there and watch the dancers.....well dance!
i want to go se one i think that would be fun.
soooooo i hope you had fun!
and have fun doing whatever your doing this week!

Rachel said...


I watched DWTS!!! I saw you in the audience! And Miley & Emily too. =] Billy's a good dancer! haha.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

I wish I could vote, but our shows are kinna late in Japan, but yeahhh.

You rockkk, by the way.
But of course, you've been told that bajillion times.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

hahah i saw you and miley and cody!
too bad billy ray didnt do as well..i thought he did pretty good. very original!! those judges..I STILL VOTED FOR HIM LIKE YOU WANTED THOUGH!!<3

im seeing mimzy this fridayy with my friends and im excited i bet marc will steal the show!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see you Mitchel it makes me sad!!!!!!!!!

karina. said...

ahh mitchel. were you sitting next to miley during the show? because i could've sworn i saw your hair. =P
but aww hopefully he'll do better next week and that people vote for him. will you be there again next week?

xo, karina (haha yes i have the same name as billy ray cyrus' partner)

crushin' on you said...

I can't wait for the show. Much luv to all

Dani said...

Hey, Mitch!

Just checking to see what's up! Hope you are having an amazing week so far! I'm happy because its almost Spring Break for me!!! No school for a week! As my french teacher says,"WOO-HOO!!!"(She's a little Woo-hoo herself if you know what I mean! lol!)

See ya later, alligator!!!! lol!!!