Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hey guys!

Just checking in to say hi! I am working on Hannah this week. Very fun as always.

My trip to San Fran was amazing on Saturday! A little crazy....but Great!

I did finish the book portion of the driving test and now I've got to get in my driving hours.

You'll be happy to know that the Metro Station Band (my brother Mason and Miley's brother Traces band) is safely in Texas. They have a show in Austin tomorrow and will be in Dallas at "The Door" on Saturday night. I wish I could come....but I have to work this weekend.

My brother Mason will be turning 18 on Saturday...sooooooo......HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!

Marc's premiere of "The Last Mimzy" is Tuesday night. I plan on walking the red carpet with him. I believe it will be at Westwood......but I'll have to let you know.

I hope you guys are all having an incredible week!!



Meaghan said...

"incredible" is probably the farthest adjective for how to describe my week. maybe "god-awful" or "stressful" or "mindnumbingly, hands down, the worst week in a very long time". those phrases would best describe my week=D
glad to hear everything's going well with you though.

emily said...

*is jealous of you driving*

7 months until I can sit for my learners test!

Happy Birthday Mason =]

LJ said...

Yay, Mitchel! Hey!

Glad you had fun at San Bruno. I couldn't make it :[

Happy Birthday to your bro! & glad he's safe & sound. His band is pretty chill.

I want to see The Last Mimzy so bad. Looks really good. & rainn wilson! Love him to death.

:] Looking forward to new premiere pictures, later!

"oh yeah, lj the crow girl"

Dani said...

Hi Mitchel!

I'm glad you had fun at the signing! And; every signing will probably be a little crazy! lol

Done with the book part already? Cool! How many hours do you have to get in Cali? I have to get 50 hours!!! Ugh....But I guess the more, the better! I've already driven halfway there!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MASON!!!!! The BIG one-eight!!! Coolbeans!

And congrats to Marc! I bet he can't wait for the premire!

I hope YOU are having a rockin' week Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

wow, i didnt know that your brother had a band. Thants so cool. I cant wait to see him in the last mizmy. Please tell Mason happy birthday! Have a great day!


Jacquelyn said...

Thanx again for the update, Mitchel!!!!!!! =D

Glad to know u are doing OK!!!! Metro Station's concert seems like it will be a lot of fun!!! Sadly, Dallas is too far away from here.....if i lived closer, i would have gone.....But i hope your brother has fun no matter what!!!! ;-)

Glad u finished the book part of the driving tests!!!!! I can't WAIT until i start driving!!! (starting in June after school's over!!!!!) I already had a little experience of driving: when i was about 2 or 3 years old, i got in the driver's seat somehow, and i must have put the car in drive and i drove through the garage door!!!!!! That's not gonna happen again....(i hope!!!) LOL

Have an AWESOME time at Marc's premiere!!!!!! =D

....well......better get going.......yup, another boring day of school.....oh well....i'll survive!!!!

Have a GREAT week, and good luck driving!!!!!!! Just promise me to not crash into garage doors!!!!! (like I did!!!!!!!!) lol!!!

the crash-dummy, =DD
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Lexi said...

Get those driving hours in, seriously when I first got my permit I wanted to drive all the time but later on i kinds just quit driving. Now I have to go renew my permit and everything, anyways.... Knee surgery in a week and a half, did you know that the night before you have surgery after 12 am you cant have any food or water? I might just starve, I am most def a breakfast person.

Did you and Miley know each other first or did Mason and Trace know each other first? and What is your Favorite Metro Station Song?


Lexi said...

PS> your brother needs to come and perform in Kansas!

Becky said...

Tell Mason happy Birthday from me!! lol

well that's very cool you're almost done with the driving class, it's gonna be so cool when you get to drive everywhere!

oh i'm going to cali for spring break at the end of March, and i'm going to six flags in your area, so maybe i'll run into you.
have a Super week! :-)

Molly said...

My brother's birthday is on Saturday too! Okay...random...:D

Have an awesome week!


Michaela said...

Hope you have fun at the premiere!!! Wish Mason a happy b-day,my friend has the same b-day as him.

georgina said...

hey mitchel, cool cant wait to see more new hannah montana episodes!!!
hope you do well with the driving part of your test, ill pray for you.x.
happy birthday to your brother.x.
have a good time on tuesday
let us know how it went...
omg i had my polio, tetnus and diptheria needle today it didnt hurt but now its hurts like mad partly because its all numb and partly because everyone had been punching each other in the
p.s please answer my questions on your post about the school reading thing...
lots of love georgina hesketh.x.x.x.x
you rock.

Natalie said...

Hey Mucho Musso!!! :)

wow, u are so incredibly busy!!! i think i would go crazy, but since it's all super fun stuff, i might not, lol. seems like ur not the only busy one in the family: marc's movie, and now mason's b-day! let him know i said "happy birthday!" oh, and if u remember, please tell emily that i said "happy late b-day!"

lol, well, i gotta finish my breakfast- fruity cheerios, yummmm!

have an amazing week!

love ya and god bless,


heatheR said...

hey mitchel!! cant wait for the new hannah eps!! try to look for the grated cheddar guys wen u walk the red carpet!!

ashlee said...

hey Mitchel!!! It was SOOOOO much fun meeting u. I hope u liked the bracelet i made u. (i was the one who put the bracelet on u) You made my life by hugging me!!!! I didn't know that mason and trace were in Metrostation till Sat. That's so cool how ur brother and mileys brother are in the same band. Well G2G!!!BYE!!!


Samantha said...

Hi! Hope that Miley, Emily, Jason, Billy Ray, the crew, and you are all doing well!

Glad it was great!

So, are you a good driver? Glad you are done with the book portion.

Very glad they are safe in Texas. I'm listening to them right now. Wish I could be there too!

Happy Birthday Mason!

Have fun at the premiere.

Hope you have a good week too!


Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday, Mason! The big 1-8! Woo!

I just got my permit the other day. My driving hours is two so far. That's about it. Driving is kinda scary.

I'm taking my four-year-old little brother to see The Last Mimzy, he's really excited.

Have fun on the set of Hannah!!


Katie R. said...


and i hope you have a great weekend

Katie R.

P.s sorry if you get this twice...i had a problem. hehe.

Porter said...


I am home sick today so i decided to check your blog to see how u are doing! Congrats on passing the written portion of Drivers Ed. haha 50 hours here you come! =]

whoa i love metrostation, ive got all my buds listening to them now!
[happy birthday mason!]

Wow i am so excited for marc's movie!

Well have fun filming hannah this week! =]

=] Porter

Valerie said...

Hi Mitchel!!!
It's me Valerie! Glad you had fun at San Fran. Tell your brother I said Happy B-day! I saw the comerical(i hope i spelled that right) of The Last Mimzy and I want to go see it!!! Well just wondering if you know that the mailing addresses in mags like popstar and stuff when its like "write to the stars" if its correct...because if it was i really want to send you a letter! cause i love sending letters and i love decorating it!! and i will literly(i hope i spelled it right) faint if you replyed!!! Even if it takes a year!

Rachel said...

hey Mitchel!

you're such a nice bro.! You guys are all close huh? hehe. Say HAPPY 18TH BDAY to Mason for me! I'm so going to watch the Last Mimzy.

Guess what!!!! I ate SUSHI yesterday! I was soooo FULL! like seriously. But it was SOOOO DELICIOUS! I had CALIFORNIA rolls! & Fiji rolls too. Have you tried Fiji rolls? Their really good. I know you like California rolls so I ordered that because it reminds me of you & I wanted to try it. haha. =]

Keep Rock'n it.

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you passed the book portion of the test! Congrats! Tell your brother Happy Birthday! I also can't wait to see a video or something about the premier! (I might have spelled that incorrectly because my mind is in French mode!) As for me... everything is boring as usual, but wait... what's this? There is a pilot in the local auditions section of the newspaper! Tomorrow is the last day of CMT's (a statewide test, but some people call them Continuous Mental Torture.) The school news paper comes out tomorrow, so I will be at school at 7 for distribution (I'm the layout editor) Oh yeah, tomorrow there is a dance that might be canceled because of weather, and on one of these days I will go to Ben and Jerry's and see my teachers scooping ice cream for our school. Speaking of which, I will be scooping ice cream with the girl scouts as soon as a date is set. On the 29th and 30th I have a talent show to sing in, and I have a big project that is essentially due tomorrow. Luckily, I didn't procrastinate! (not that I had a choice: my teachers assigned bits and pieces anyway.) Well that's pretty much everything in my life for the next month. g2g! :)


Katherine said...

Yay for finishing the book part of driving! Now it is time for you to drive...i think you are ready grasshopper! jkjk! Good luck!
Katherine (15)

cutieluver said...

when ru domeing to the DC games at walt disney world?! i cant wait to see u!!!

caroline said...

hey mitchel, hope you have fun filming hannah montana and happy birthday to your brother. Love his band by the way, very techno/ hellogoodbye-like.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!

Is your borthers band ever going to come to Plano? Cause I'd love to see them sometime but there too far away (or so my parents say).

Good luck with your driving hours! That was my borhters favorite part of the lessons. Hahaha! Your brithers birthday is on April Fools Day? Thats so cool!

Have fun at the premiere of the movie and I have been having a incredible week! Thanks! I hope you've been having one too!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

About that local pilot I told you about before... didn't work out. They want a 7-9 year old girl. Maybe I'll have better luck next time. Good luck with anything you're doing!


HTML---Help said...

Hmmm...Westwood - might have to drop by.

glad you finished the book portion - good luck behind the'll do great...can't wait to see you driving and then I'll be like 'OMG, it's Mitchel!! In his carrr!' Except I won't chase you down...haha.

Glad HM shooting is going well...

LOVE YOU && :]


Carly said...

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY MASON!!! and happy premire Marc LOL!! that sounds like fun- the premire thingy. well have fun working on hannah Montana!!!! i love u!!!
<3 Carly

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I cant wait til The Last Mimzy comes looks like a really good movie!! Happy early Bday to your brother!! Do you know when the 2nd season of Hannah Montana starts?!?!
<3 Kendra

Elissa said...

heyy mitchel!
the book part of driving is the worst part, trust me.
anyways, my sister went and saw your brother @ the apple bar in austin today, because she goes to University of Texas.
lucky child.

&& i might be going to the last mimzy premiere which is a sweet deal.
maybe ill see you there, who knows!

have fun @ the hannah set!

<3 Elissa


Hey wuz ^??? I hope that you had fun shooting HANNAH MONTANA! Well even though I didn't make the cheerleadin' team, I found out today that I can act, I tried out for DRAMA CLUB and made it! It wuz soooo awesome, and only 10 people made it and 22 tried out! and we are gonna perform for our school in 6 weeks, and at the end of this MONTH we are going to DRAMA CAMP, it's gonna be at our opera house and their gonna bring 3 famous actors to come and help us with our ACTING! IDK who the famous people are! well I cant wait to find out!I hope yew have a great time this weekend and next week! I ♥ Yew!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the season priemere(I think that's how you spell it) of Hannah Montana.I here your going to be in high school so that's really cool.I hope we can see more of Cody Linley...but DUH he is so not hotter than you,Mitchel!! =)Yep that's a smiley...a good smiley.Sorry I am random Anyway The Last Mimzy looks very good,from the commercials I've seen.Tell Mason HAPPY BIRTHDAY,which I am sure you will but you Just make sure he wears green because I don't want him to get pinched on his birthday.Oooh and I am having a good week!!I have no idea why but it's been one of the best weeks this week.


Bye!!! ~Meagan~

Christine Holler said...

my aunt got a ticket to the premier. if you see me before i see you yell at me xD

but if i see you first, no doubt i'll throw a wave.

hopefully my aunt will drive me. haha

alright, byeeaah

Sara said...

Wow...I hope the movie "the Last Mimzy" great&& wow im the 1st comment..surprised because your a really great actor,a really cool guy,& of course,gorgeous!lol.
And just be careful while try-ing to drive, i ues it is sort of easy. But kind of hard at the same time!lol.Later Skater!


Nicole said...


well, it turns out im not going to the MS concert in dallas.. long story but i cant :(

lets all hope you dont mess up on the driving portion.. cause we all know you want too drive soon! haha

I was at the movies for Bridge., and the preview for Last Mimzy came on and I screamed.. but I didnt see Marc :/ he needs to be in the previews.. BUT NOOO! haaha

well, I have about 4 bracelts made for you.. and I'm working on a drawing of you too, so look out for that soon!

Much Love and Luck with Life,
Nicole XD

karina. said...

happy birthday to your brother! i hope you're having a great week too, i know i am because of my sweet sixteen (today) =).
haha, san fran was crazy! you looked pretty busy, but it was still so much fun.

xo, Karina

Lolah said...


happy birthdayyy mason!!

{i was wonderin how long it takes to get fanmail back. cuz i sne t u a poster and its been a year so is it lost??}jww


Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

You have a totally awesome blog!! And good luck with the whole driving thing! Sounds like lots of fun!

-Popsicle and Izze


Jacquelyn said...

Hey, Mitchel!!!

I wrote u a comment on here this morning, but it never got posted.....So, i'm trying to write to u what i remembered......=D

Oh yeah.....i said that i wish Mason a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! =DD

I also said that I wish u luck when u are driving on Sunday.....It's funny: I haven't started driving yet, but i already have some experience!!! When i was about 3 years old, i got into the driver's seat of our car and put it in drive somehow and i drove through the garage door!!!! Thankfully there wasn't any really bad damage!! But we had to replace our garage Just try to avoid garage doors!! LOL.....well, anyway, good luck!!!!! I am crossing my fingers and toes for u!!! ;-)

I wish that u have a great weekend, and have fun at Marc's premiere!!! =DD

the crash test dummy,..LOL =DD
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥


hey mitchel!!

tell mason i said happy birthday!! Ü and i hope the last mimzy premiere goes well too!

have fun continuing w/ hannah episodes. i cant wait for the next ones!

-- ashley <33

Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!

My first comment didn't post, so I'll try again! I swear I didn't swear!!!!! lol!! =D

We'll I'm glad you had fun at the signing!!! Everyone who went said it was great!

Wow! Done with the book part already??? It took me a month in the summer to do...and I have to get 50 hours of drive time!! I already have 25!! Hopefully I'll get my license by my birthday in July! How many hours do you have to get? Hopefully you'll get yours done too!! Good luck!!!!

And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MASON!!!!! I hope he has a ROCKIN' birthday!

Marc must be so pysched for the premiere!!! I hope you two have a blast!!

Have an AMAZING week!!!!


Tiffany said...

this week i am in my high school's musical. our performances are next thurs-monday. i excited but still kind of nervous, hoping the show will be ready. hopefully it will all go well :)

i forgot to tell you that when i went to "the last mimzy" special preview last saturday, they gave everyone who went little "Mimzy" bunny key chains. lol, they are fun

so yeah, i'm mason's friend of myspace (lol) so i'll have to wish him a happy birthday and tell marc he was great in the movie

have a great week :)


<3 tiffany

Mitchel.M.Fan said...

I Can't wait t see The Last Mimzy. Say Happy Birthday to Mason for Me. Can't wait to here that you are soon going to be driving.


Yvonne said...

Hey Mitchel. Great to hear that you had a blast at the signing. I wish I could make it. If only i didn't have school, I would've flew out there from New Zealand to San Bruno just 4 that signing!! Hope all goes well.. Also, Happy burfday 2 Mason.. Spread the love! Can't wait till I see the last mimzy.. probably like a year after it premieres as New Zealand is always last at gettin the cool movies in theatres. Have a great weekend at Hannah Montana and cant wait 4 ur next update!!

Yvonne - Auckland, NZ

Ashley. said...

yay! i got to meet you!
you were freaking a hott way. so i think that when you get your license... you should come back and visit me again=] It sounds like a plan.

Erica said...

happy birthday mason! mine was on the 13th :] congrats about your test mitchel

Abby!! said...

Hey Mitchel!
I can't believe it, in a couple of hours, I am going to be at the Hannah taping! yipeee!! But pray that they don't cancel us, but I don't think that they would.
I'm at my hotel right now, and L.A. is awesome! On the plane, we flew right over Texas! :]
But anyways, yesterday, I got to go to Fox Studios and go on the set of that show House, which was amazing! Well, I don't know if know that show, but it's like a really cool doctor show.
We got to go on the set when the actors broke for lunch, so everything was right were it was when they were taping, like all of these books were opened and stuff, which was so cool!
I also went to Santa Monica Pier and I rode the ferris wheel and that spinning ride next to it. (I don't remember the name :])
Well, I guess I better go get ready!


tell your brother i said happy birthday!!
cuz im cool like that!
i really hope that you do great on your driving test!
that would be fun!
my parents dont really want me taking the driving test!
cuz they know how it will end up!
yeah nuff said!
sooo i hope you and your brother have fun on his birthday!
he's turning 18?
wow he is now officially an adult!
i think thats the age for turning an adult?
well if it isnt im sorry for being stupid trying to act smartical!
^^^^there ya go right there
again nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Juss wanna say have a fun week workin and happy birthday mason


Shweta said...

Wow, well, tell your brother-"Happy Birthday!" from me. The Last Mimzy sounds really cool. I'm definately going to se it the week it comes out.

Anonymous said...

thats awsome wow i knew that mason was your brother but iddnt no tracy was mileys brothe they look nothing alike oh and well thats cool hope you have fun and have fun working lol and well yea thats cool you and your lil bro ok well yea i wish you all the luck love ya your biggest fan nicole and mitchel you rock

Emily said...

That's so cool you can drive soon yay you! lol. I can get my permit on LEAP DAY next year (I think its a leap year lol, if not, wow I sure am smart ;) ). I was wondering did you go to the Metro Station concert they had a few months ago like in CA (wow I forgot where it was and all that). Anyway if you did I'm kicking myself because I was going to go but didn't end up going. so yepp. that's pretty much it.

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

ANGELA! said...

It's always at Westwood haha. I went there today! Last time I ate at california pizza kitchen across the street. My sister goes to UCLA there so you might see her if she gets the chance to come out. (:

Emelie said...

I want to drive too, I'm getting jealous here?! =)

Good luck with the driving, Mitchel.

// Emelie.

Jamie said...

hey i just wanted to say that i'm new here and i adore you. if you wrote back to me i would be honored.
well, bye