Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

to everyone having a Birthday today or this week!!! Marc ( my little brother)turns 12 on Thursday!!!!!!

Good News! I am coming back to CHICAGO!!!! I am Very excited! I had the most incredible time my last visit...I can't wait to come back. I can't give you ALL the details right now....but I can tell you that I will be in Chicago on April 14th and more details will follow.......I won't be at the Zoo again......it will be a different location and when I find out where it is....I'll let you know.

I will also be in Florida at Disney World for the Disney Channel Second Annual Disney Channel Games! Big Fun at Disney....PLEASE....everyone come out and support your favorite Disney Stars! This will be sometime between April 21st and April 29th.

Marc and I had a blast at the "MIMZY" Premiere! Great movie....he did an awesome job! And the "Meet The Robinsons" movie was Great too! Go see them both!

Now that I have my permit....I start the driving portion on Thursday....pray for the guy sitting next to me while I drive.........no.....just kidding....I'm pretty good at driving.

Hannah Montana's second Season rolls around in April.....get ready for an incredible Season! Disney is gonna have a great start to the new Season so keep watching Disney Channel for some exciting news !! I just can't wait for you to see the Season Premiere!

FAN MAIL!- Hey....keep sending it! I love it.....always remember to include your return address. Every once in a while I receive something with No return address.....I gotta have it so that I can send something back. And........thank you for all the bracelets and guitar picks!!! You guys are amazing. I really love the pictures you draw too! I have the best fans ever! Remember to always include a self-addressed envelope or $1.00 to cover the cost of shipping a picture back to you.

I hope everyone voted for Billy Ray on Dancing with the stars last night!!!! Gotta keep him on the show! He appreciates your votes!

Everybody have a Great week!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marc! Jacquelyn should be excited about you coming back to Chicago! (I expect she will post soon). As for fan mail, I have a performance on thursday and friday, so depending on how well that goes I might send a tape. I wish I could come to the DC games! I can't wait for Hannah Montana season 2! That pretty much wraps it all up. Oh, and go Billy Ray!


Anonymous said...


I love you!

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I'm super psyched that your coming back to Chicago!!!! I was like, "MOM!!!!!! MITCHEL'S COMING BACK TO CHICAGO!!!! CAN'T YOU WAIT TO HEAR MORE SCREAMING GIRLS?!?!" She groaned and was like, "Well, as long as you don't scream like you didn't at Brookfield, I'll go, but keep an eye on that screamin' sis of yours!" =D lol!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARC!!!!!! My sis says happy birthday to him to; she thinks he's cute! lol =D

Yeah! You got your permit!! Speaking of driving, today I went with my mom and my dad called. My mom was like, "Pray for us! PLEASE!!!!" lol, I'll pray for you and the dude and I'll stay off the rode while you're driving, and vis versa for me!!!! lol =D jk!!

Haha! I sent guitar picks, bracelets, AND a comic I drew to you! Hopefully I remembered my return adddress; I think I sent a SASE..Now, did I put enough stamps to cover for all my posters?!? lol!

I did vote for Billy Ray!! I watching DWTS right now!!! Hooray for Billy Ray!!! =D

Sorry for the long comment!!! You have an amazing week!!!!!

Rock On!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD... CHICAGO!!!!! Are you serious? Mithchel you're coming to my city!!! You HAVE to tell us ALL the details about the location, etc. It should be at Navy Pier. You'd have such a blast. WOW, this is the most amazing news EVER. Anyway, tell your brother that I wish him the happiest of ALL birthday's! By the way, that was so funny about what you said about the person sitting next to you in the car. That was hilarious. I was rolling on the floor. Good luck at the DC games. Can't wait to see you in the windy city.
From , Lynn:)

Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey mitchel! It sounds like so much fun being abke to drive! and tell Marc happy birthday for me and that he did a totally AWESOME job in The Last Mimzy! I wish i could be in a movie... anyhoo, i can't wait for the new season of hannah montana!
Ya know Izze and i were going to send you something, but we haven't decided what yet... whatever it is it will be really awesome!!! Adios!

- popsicle

If your wondering, Izze isn't here right now!

you should check out our blog! and if ya do, please leave a comment!!!


Jacquelyn said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE U ARE COMING BACK TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDD I can hardly breathe right now!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! This is soooo exciting!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!! Where ever it is in Chicago that u will be at, i will DEFINITELY be there!!!! So will my friend Anna!!! She has been DIEING to meet u!! (she is also one of your great fans!!)=D !!!! =D

!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

I hope you have a GREAT time at the Disney Channel Games!!!!!!!! It's in Florida, huh? Darn.....i would LOVE to be there, but it's just too far away...=(....ooohh maybe i can convince my parents to go on a vacation in April to Florida!!! LOL!!!!!! =D Anyways, i hope u are on the green team again!! (Green is my FAVORITE color, and to me it means good luck!!!!!!! ;-)) Have a GREAT TIME!!!!!!!! =D

Glad u had fun at the "mimzy" premiere!!!!!!!! My friends and I are going to the theaters tomorrow....maybe i will see it then!!!!!!!!! =D

Woo hoo!!!!!! Yay u have your permit!!!!!!! That's awesome that u will begin to drive (finally!!!!! LOL!!!!!! =D) on Thursday!!!!!! I am crossing both my fingers and toes for u!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!! =D

Lastly, i TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT UNTIL HANNAH MONTANA'S 2ND SEASON!!!!!!!! It's gonna ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Of COURSE i voted for Billy Ray!!!!!! The results show just ended a little bit ago and it turns out that........BILLY RAY IS STAYING!!!!! YIPPY!!!!!!! Our votes helped!! He did great!!!!!! =D

Wow.....i'm just soo excited right now....my heart rate isn't even back to normal yet!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! =D Ok, maybe it is.....lol

Well, better get going......Thanx for the awesome update!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Your extremely excited fan, =D
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Lexi... said...

The DC games sound like so much fun. I am having my knee surgery tomarrow, I am super duper nervous, and I am not allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING after 12 pm. I wish I could come up to Chicago to meet you but its like a five hour drive from where I live.


macy_nicole said...

hey mitchel!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC! he's a pre-teen. lol.
i just got my liscense. i scare the crap outta my mom when im driving.
when i was taking my test [during rush hour] the instructor was like "are you aware that there are other cars on the road? this isn't the indie 500 macy";haha. :]
but the odd part was; i passed. he [the instructor] probably didnt wanna drive with me again.lol
but anyways; you'll do great. just dont run stop signs like i "accidentely" did.lol.
have fun!

bigblackdogstar said...

Oh wow, your brother's birthday is the day after my best friend's. Of course, he's not turning 12, he's turning 16. <3

Yay Chicago! Next time, shoot furhter east?

Gah, April 21st - 29th is a week AFTER my Spring Break. Don't think my school would be too happy with me if I decided to celebrate Spring Break for two weeks.

I'm dying to see The Last Mimzy!

Haha, I have my permit. But I'm really bad at driving, especially parking.

Woo second season! I'm dying to see it!

I'm planning on sending fan mail soon, I've just been really busy. Between Drama, homework, and my social life, it's kinda hard.

So voting for Billy Ray Cyrus!

Well, Mitchel, I hope you have a great rest of the week. <3

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Marc!!!

Chicago? Wow, I only live a few hours away, I wonder if I can get someone to take me...Doubt it, but you can bet I'm gonna definitely ask!!!!! I mean beg!!!!!

Disney World! My dream! Wish I could go.

I will see them both! If I get a ride.

Man, I need to take drivers ed!
Hahaha, glad you're a decent driver.

Wooo! Can't wait.

I should send something soon...

I voted for Billy Ray, and he is safe! Woo. Although I was sad to see Paulina and Alec go, Alec was cute! Haha.

You have a great week too Mitch!


carly said...

Happy Birthday MARRC!!!

Kimi said...

hey mitchel! i think its cool that ur going to chicago to meet some fans. i live like right by u so ive seen u a few times but i dunno if u remember me! hope u have fun in chicago!


Anonymous said...

P.S. Mitchel, my friend Emily, is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! , EXCITED YOU'RE COMING HERE!!!WE'RE BOTH SO EXCITED!!!! Please, tell us as soon as possible where it's going to be! Finally..... You're HERE! I'll have to save you a slice of my city's famous deep dish pizza. And trust me, knowing myself, I'll pop up with a whole large box of Gino's East pizza, out of thin air. And, you'll LOVE it! I promise. I'm so happy! Well, I CAN NOT wait to hear from you again! I want details!!! Much Love!
From, Lynn:)

Tiffany said...

omgsh, so i was looking at your website, and the new gallery pictures, and the pictures i sent in are up!!!! of me and you and and of me and marc! omgsh, my name's tiffany, and i've been sending those in forever and they fianlly put them up!!! they are from after the radio disney concert in texas back in november! ah, omgsh! please go look at it, here's the exact address, http://www.mitchel-musso.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=108&pos=5, but just look at the new additions in your gallery pictures of you with fans :) omgsh, so cool!! coming to kids choice, see you there :)

ah!! so incredibly cool :)

tiffany said...

and yeah, the one of me and marc is in the random rare images :) i'm so random and rare. what can i say? lol, jk, just thought i'd add that :)

Anonymous said...

hes turning 12 wow almost 13 a teen well he will just have to wait lol well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARC hes so little an cute but you your hot when i see you im like wow hes so hot lol .........
yea thats awsome lol ill pray for you anyways i bet your a good drver ill get to learn next im 14 almost 15 yea and well im glad you guys had a good time and im going to go see both of those movies ok bye love ya biggest fan nicole mitchel you rock
p.s. i need to meet you what suckes is i live in cali close to you and still havent meet you ugh well some day i will but when i do meet you i will be shy i no you dont really like shy people but when i get to feel confertable ill get super hyper and i mean hyper lol oh .............
p.s.s i voted for billy ray last week they showed when he was praticing and miley and her lil sis was there it was awsome well like you always say but the names diffrent since im not mitchel lol thats funny peace out nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mitchel!

Thank you for wishing birthdays.
The 23rd of March was my birthday so I was really happy you wish your big fans and me:)
Today is my best friend's birthday!

I'm going to see "Meet The Robinsons" on easter holiday.

I'm thinking about taking driving course when I go back to Japan.

I can't go to Florida but I promise you going there next time!

I'll write to you again. Next time, I'll include a self-addressed envelope.

Have a wonderful week too!

Love, Erika

Jessica said...

Have a Happy Birthday Marc!! That's great that you got your permit...I still have to sign up for driver training but hopefully it'll happen soon. What kind of car do you want? I want a Mustang and hopefully I can get one. I know you like skateboarding and I was wondering who your favorite skateboarder is. I like Rodney Mullen...he is amazing. I can't believe what he can do with a skateboard. Anyway I hope you have at the Disney Channel Games and in Chicago.

georgina said...

wow cool i wanna go to florida for the disney channel games :(
hope you have fun there.x.
glad you had fun at the MIMZY premiere and the "Meet The Robinsons" movie.
lol... good luck with your driving exam... ill pray for the other people on the road lol just kiddung im sure you will do great.x.
i still havnt sent my fanmail because my brother wont develop pictures and i want to send you a picture of me lol.. but ill deffo send it you soon hope you write back theres lots of stuff in my letter.x.
bye bye xxx
i was soo dissapointed when i couldnt see miley cyrus in london yesterday, stupid manchester
well im gonna go play out with my little nieces bye bye xxxxxxx
love georgina xxxxxxxxxx

Valerie said...

Hi Mitchel!
Tell Marc I said Happy B-Day!! Your going to Chicago!! I used to lie near by there but then I moved! :( Have fun at the DC Games!! I wish I could go! I'm going to send you a letter pretty soon so hope to expect a fan mail from me!! I'm also going to send one to Miley and Emily! well thats all for now!!!

Brooke said...

My moms birthday is on thurday too =]. Oh my gosh! Maybe this time I can actually go to Chicago; last time I was sick. Yay:].

Anonymous said...

that is SSSSSOOOOOO cool i wish i could come see you. tell marc happy birthday!!!! and my birthday is april 21st!!!!!!! that would be awesome if i could see you on my birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

tell marc happy birthday!!!!i wish i could come see you on my birthday since you will only be 24 hours away!!!!!oh and i am SSSSOOO glad that he didn't get kicked off the show i was so nervious!!!!

cutieluver said...

mitchel im soooo goin to FLORIDA to see you!! i will be lookin for u!!
your number one fan..


Ashley said...

Happy Early Bday Marc!!!!!!!! Loves from Ashley. Hes gonna b a preteen!!!! U gotta look after him now, mitch hes gonna b interested in girls now. lol. well cant wait 4 ur 16 bday!!! July 19th here we come.


jordan said...

Any info on St. Paul yet? Tell Marc, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh man driving is super scary, maybe because i'm so bad... oh well

love jordan

Amy said...

hey mitchel you should totally head down to indianapolis while you're at it. i'd love to meet you!

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
My Birthday is This sunday. I'm turning 17. Totally not ready to turn 17 but i can't really stop that now can i. Although if you saw me in person you'd think i was 13/14. So i like that part! LOL.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!!! Being 12 was awesome! And for Fan Mail, I just sent you something a couple of days ago. and for Hannah Montana, I CAN'T WAIT!!! its going to be AMAZING!!!
and as for driving, its So cool that you got your permit!! I am going to start Driving classes sometime after my birthday. I'm looking forward to it.
I voted for Billy Ray Cyrus last week 11 times. and this week i couldn't get through. So that was a good sign. I'm glad he made it to the next round. I'm sure everyone will look forward to seeing you in Chicago! I wish i could but I live here in Michigan. yes it is right next door. but yeah. The DC games are going to be AMAZING!! I'll have to watch it on Disney Channel!!!! Well, got to go now. Have an amazing week my friend! Katie*

Abbster said...

Happy birthday MARC!!! yay! My brother turned 12 on Tuesday!
I really hope I can go to the DC Games! But how do you get tickets? hmmmm.
I can't wait for the second season for Hannah Montana! I wanna see what happens! The episode I saw at the taping was such a cliff-hanger!
I sent you fan mail! I made you a bracelet too! It's such a corny letter, but you know, whatever!

My sister started driving like a month ago, and she drives like a crazy lady! But I bet your a lot better! :)
YAY BILLY RAY STAYED ON! I voted a million times, so I am so happy! I screamed when they said he was safe!

Well, I hope you have a great time driving, yipee! And Happy Birthday Marc!


Anonymous said...

heyyy mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the big post!! you should really come visit texas sometime!! since you are from there and all and thats also where me and alot of your fans live!!!!!!


Kristine said...

Happy Birthday to Marc! i seriously wish i was twelve again being 16 kinda sucks! yeah chicago whoot whoot thats super close to where i live. i actually just got back from chicago i went to the human body works exhibit! it was cool yet it kinda creeped me out. as for the whole fan mail thing i sent you a letter and a bracelet durin febuary and i havent gotten a letter back yet =( oh well i know your busy. the DC games sound like they are going to be cool! and i so voted for Billy Ray i hope he wins because im a big fan of his too. my dad and i always used to sing his songs in the car and i still listen to them =)

brie said...

OMG! YOU'RE COMMING BACK TO CHICAGO?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOO GONNA BE THERE (hopefully!)

I forgot to tell you...my "Characters" play is TONIGHT AND TOMORROW! I can't wait! I'm kinna nervous, but I think I'll be fine! Wish me luck!

Oh, did u ever get my letter and picture and bracelette and guitar pick? I set it to u in January with a poster and I never got it back! :( Hopefully it's on it's way!

that's all for now! can't wait 2 c u in Chicago!

luv, brie

Meshia said...

Hey Mitchel wuz up oR wuz down?!?♣. Tell Marc I said have a Happy Happy Birthday!!! I am rooting for Billy Ray to stay on the show, he is an amazing dancer. It's great that you got your permit, I hope you do really good on the driving part. I'll send you fan mail ASAP. I just wanted to say that you are really hot and I love Hannah Montana. I am a big fan!!! I can't wait for season 2!!! I wish I could come to the DC games but I can't sorrie but I'll still be cheering for you and everybody else.
I ♥ U

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Give Marc a Happy Bday for me! I wish I could come see you in chicago...idk if I'll be able to yet b/c it's about 6 or 7 hours away, but that's closer than LA or Texas! so hopefully i can get my mom or dad to drive me up there! good luck with your driving and with season 2 of HM!!

love ya!


HeateR said...

hey mitchel!! good to kno ur doing good in driving!!! stay safe!! cant wait for the new season of hannah!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARC!! Tell him I said that pleaseee. lol

So your going to Chicago. I really wish I lived there, but I guess i'll have to wait. You really need to come to New York, I'm begging you(gets on my knees). Lol

That sucks I wont be able to see you in Disney. I'm going on the 4th. Your going to be in Disney on my daddy's birthday. I will watch the games when they play on disney, though.

I saw some pics from the premiere, you looked good. It's great you guys had a blast. I really wanna see Meet the Robinsons, the dinosaur looks hilarous.

You got your permit!!! Your a driving man now.Lol Just wait until you get your license.

Hannah Montana second season! Super excited, plus everything seems to be coming in April. Not that im complaining, it's my favorite month.

I've never sent any fanmail, but i think I will now. Don't worry I will remember a return address.

Billy Ray is staying!! I'm sooo happy. I was rooting for him the whole time and i saw you there.

Wow long post, but i'm just in a great mood. Remember the girls i was telling you about. Well they apologized and we're frineds again! I've had a really good week.

I have this project for English and Social Studies(same project), it's about World War 2. I love that time period so im excited.Oh and guess what my birthday is a month from friday. I'm 14 the last day of April.

Anyway, have great week Mitchel!Please paot some italian words if you know any.

p.s. sorry for such a long comment, but hey you might think, That Jackie is one cool girl.lol:)

Nicolr :b said...

I can't wait to see both of the movies!!!

and yes i voted for Billy Ray, 8 times i think..?
Chicago! i love chicago! wanan knwow hat you need to do? go to the top floor on the Sears Tower and look down XD

HM Season 2 baby! i cant wait!

dallas mitchel, remember :D

-- Nicole

Ashlee said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!! I am so excited for season 2. i saw some of the promos. they are awesome! tell ur bro, Marc, happy b-day and tell him i think he is almost as hot as u. i wish i knew how to get tickets for the dc games. i want to meet u again and all the other disney channel peoplezzzz. oh btw, i was wondering if u remember me and if u like my bracelt i made u. i was the one who put the bracelet on u in san bruno.

i was sooooo happy that billy ray didn't get kicked off last night!! he was so good.

♥ Ashlee

Elissa said...

haha, thanks for the happy birthday, since my 16th birthday is on friday! :]
and happy birthday to marc, too!
goood luck with driving.
my driving instructor was a total creep. didnt like him at alll. and he made me do uturns on vanowen && victory.
(2 major streets in LA.)

hope everythings good!
<3 Elissa

alabamagurl said...

hey mitchel! i saw Billy Ray on Dancing with the Stars. he was great! i also saw miley and their family. hope he keeps on and wins!! Go BiLLy RaY!!

Cassie said...

Good Luck with the driving!

Good Luck to Billy Ray too!

Alex said...

Say Happy Birthday to Marc for me! :) Oh wow, you have your permit? I get mine soon, I hope I pass actually..but anyway, I'm glad Billy Ray stayed in, I totally saw you on it. Well, keep us posted Mitchel, love ya.



I can't wait 2 see HANNAH MONTANA, my fav. show On disneychannel!! Oh and tell ur brother happy birthday from Morgan, and I cant go to the DC games becuase our CRCT testing at school begins on april 23rd and lasts till April 28th! Poor me! I dont wanna do the test Im afraid im not gonna make it to the 8th grade! NO KIDDING,Im not lieing!!! You know its kinda hard to be famous when you live in GEORGIA!!! I've sent DEMO cds to all of the record companies I've heard of and none of them will except me! Im sooo SAD:(! Last demo I sent even had a tape with it saying how much I enjoy siging but they turned me down! That made me feel BAD! but nyway I hope you have a great week, and I'm having a problam I know your not Dr.PHIL, but I like this guy and he knows I like him, but when we talk he never wants to talk about it! PLEASE HELP ME MIRACAL WORKER! LoLz! IDK what to do! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

♥MoRgaN♥ ™

sabrina5856 said...

happy birthday marc!
i wanna see you in chicago
well um one more thing

marc and i arent little !!!!!

im 12 2!!!!

Jenn said...

tell marc i say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :] i hope he has an amazing dayy!

yayyy. your coming back in chicago!
excited muchh? heckk yesssssssssss.
i missed ya last time :/ not cool.

ooooooooh. and i might be able to come and see the disney chanel games, if my uncle is moved in to his house in florida by then. but probably nottt.

thats pretty exciteing that your starting to dirve. its about time. :] i bet you'll get a pretty pimp ride. haha.
im deffinatly excited to start driving.. but its like a year until i get my permit. :/ but im surely not driving with my dad, cus i had a little golf cart insident in arizona last summer. lets just say.. it wasn't pretty. haha. well heres the short version: I was driving the golf cart and we were going over a bridge and there was a fence on each side. i was about to run into one of the fences, and my dad thought i was going to slow, so he puts his foot on the pedal, and we zoom into the other fence, break through it, go down the hill, and into a puddle of rocks. and on the way i fall off, and my big toe like gets a huge cut and its gushing blood, and couldnt walk.. so yeahh.. haha.

I deffinatly can't wait for season 2 of hannah montana. HM pretty much rocksss. i saw that the week of april 23rd there is gonna b like a new episode every week. the episodes sound pretty sweet. :]

i sent you something in the mail like at the end of january, i hope that i get something back sooooon. haha. im pretty sure i put a return address on it.

thats pretty exciting that billy ray is still on. i voted!! he was pretty good the other night. hope he wins.

woahh. pretty long comment.. haha. well i had lotssss to say.


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel. i saw all the new pictures of you in season 2! i can't wait for it! hope you have fun in chicago! i made you an icon:
hope you like it


Devann-Dianna said...

Tell Marc we said happy birthday! I can't wait to see him in more things!

Ha ha, my birthday was on the 20th- the first day of Spring! =] So thank you! I'm older than you now though, 16! =D

Hopefully I can get my temps tomorrow, also!

I wish I could go!
You should talk to your people about sending you to Ohio!
We have lots of fun stuff here, like Cedar Point ("The Worlds Greatest Rollar Coast!") and the Columbus Zoo (which has Jack Hannah there!) And Wyndot Lake and the Olentangy Indian Caverns (Which I will never be able to look at the same since I saw "The Descent"-- scariest movie ever, but fabulous as well!)

I'll have my people call your people ha ha ha. =P

I gotta go now, it's late and I have to be consious to work on my "Career Project" for English- I ahve half of it done just by pursuing acting, but there's still the 5 page essay and cover letter.... ickk

Be safe!

Dani said...

Today's Marc's Birthday!! I know I already said it but...


Just think, Mitchel..In a few years...Marc will be driving....Same with my little sis...Scary thoughts, huh?!? lol! =D


McKenna said...

I am so jealous that you got your permit! Only 9 more months till I get mine. I am pretty lucky that I get my license before junior year...there is one kid...poor thing...that gets his at the very beginning of senior year...he's going to get stuck driving around with us. You sound super busy. Same here...Lacrosse just started two weeks ago but we can't play any teams yet which kinda stinks and people are starting to get ready for finals...even though they are 2 months away. Well have fun in Chicago! =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Tell Marc I said " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"
Wow, 12 years, huh? It seemed like a couple hours ago I was 12...but that was 3 years ago! lol!

In less than 2 MONTHS...I can get my permit too! But my parents are kinda scared to let me drive...maybe because all those "comments" that I make when my brother is driving. Things like "Why'd you stop? You could have made that yellow light!", "Go faster! You drive TOO slow!" and my favorite (and my parents most feared...) "You didn't have to wait for that walker. He was jay-walking. You could have just run him over."
OF COURSE I was joking...But my parents are still a little cautious. But that's good because at least they care and aren't like "Do whatever you want...heck, you can even speed and kill yourself if you want to." lol. I'm glad they aren't like that.

But I think I'll be a good driver because my dad lets me drive our van and car around in my church's parking lot occasionally. It's fun.

I'll be praying for you AND the teacher dude when you go behind the wheel. GOOD LUCK!

I really want to see "The Last Mimzy" and "Meet tge Robinsons". Glad to here you had a fun time.

I finally sent you my letter. I gave you 2 bracelets... and confetti!! lol. Be careful when you open it. lol
Hope you like it...

Good luck with more Hannah Montana episodes.
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.· Jessica
a.k.a HyperFreckles77 on Imdb

Sara said...

Tell Marc happy birthday! Have fun at the Disney Channel Games. I can't wait to watch it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Kaci again...I just read the MMO site & noticed that there's going to be a full week of Season 2 of HM!! I am so excited for that, so please give a huge "Great Job" to the entire cast! I love the show, so keep up the terrific work!

<33 always,


Rachel said...

Hapy late bday Marc! haha.

Heeey Mitchel... OMG. Tomorrow is the PUBLIC PERFORMANCE for my school play!!!! I'm soooo EXCITED & PUMPED. Pray for me please! lolz. But I know it'll be a great success.

About the FANMAIL... I'm definetly sending you something very AWESOME VERY SOON! watch out for Rachel from TEXAS, baby! haha. =]

I sooo can't wait to drive. I can't drive ti'll I'm 16... maaan 1 more year! haha. Good luck in your driving. ROCK ON! =]

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Porter said...

Hey Mitchel-

Wow i am so excited for the 14th i am comming no doubt, I have a rehersal that day =[ but i am still gonna come! (look for me and my friend kris we are the girls whose cells you signed! =]]])

ANGELA! said...

I wish I could see all the DC stars while you're in Florida but I live in sunny California like you. (: Happy Birthday to Marc! Even it's a day late (sorry) Good luck with the driving Mitchel. I have to do my driver's ed. homework over spring break. And it's suuuper long.
I see that everyone is psyched about you going to Chicago ! THAT'S REALLY COOL. I met your disney friend, Ashley Tisdale at Pasadena last month in february but it seemed like soo long ago. (:
Anyway have fun on whatever project you're working on. You must love your life!

Anonymous said...

OMG. i like in chicago. i met you when you were at the zoo. i needta find out where you'll be.

Kate said...

Happy birthday to Marc! well I'm excited for your new episode tonight and for your new season. I sent you a fan letter like a gazillion years ago it was in Jan. with a dollar in it but still nothing. It makes me feel sad that you haven't replied to me. Well rock on man.

Katie said...

OMG!!!! I am so excited that youre going back to Chicago!!!!! The only thing I have to do is get my parents to say yes this time!!

lyl <3

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I cant wait to see the new season of Hannah Montana! Its going to be so rad =DD
Do u have anymore info about the Disney Channel games? My mom wants to know, because I really want to go!

MoNiCa said...

hey mitchel my friend katie commented this and said she has to get her parents to say yes....and they are halfway there and my rents already said yes so i am going with katie for my sweet 16!!!!! your the best present ever!!!!!! LOVE MONICA (ps i met you in chicago the last time you were there and i am excited to see you again and i was the one who asked you to homecoming! LOL )

Kristine said...

hey mitchel,
omg i went to see meet the robinsons yesterday & you were right it was totally awesome! the best part was the fact that i predicted the entire movie! i kept telling my friend what was going to happen then it actually happened it was pretty awesome. i really hope that you get the address for the chicago thing cuz i so want to come that is if i can get my mommy to give me a ride! all she said when i told her was dear god save me now please! lol but yeah sorry bout my randomness im gunna go now have an awesome week!

paige said...

Hey I heard that you`ll be in Florida at the end of April. OH MAN!! I`m suppose to go but not till May 12. Can you like ask them to change it till then. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!


Ms.Massacre™ said...

so much info! happy {belated?} birthday marc!!!! i cant wait until hannah montana seson 2! i wish i could go to the DC games! too bad i live in chicago, but at least ill get to see you on apirl 14!!!!=] your so lucky you can drive now! i still need to wait a year! hope you have a spectacular week!!!=]

oohh yea my friends teaching me how to skateboard!! its pretty hard but its really cool!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marc! You know, I remember turning 12. It waz when my little brother waz born! Anywho, Mitchel, you seem to go everywhere...except San Fransisco! What's up with that?! I would LOVE to see you out here some time! It is so much fun (i.e. Pier 39, Woodside [horses], Great America, and also, my dad's boxing gym.) It would be rad if you came here!(By the way, I would have voted for Billy Ray, but my mom wouldn't let me because of how often I voted for American 'Idol' and Dancing With the Stars LAST year!!! lol!)

ali said...

man you talk alot
I would love to read these but there to long me dont like to read even when it was abbout you. Man me and my friends tried calling 411 to see if we couldn't find your number maby your not listed, not even on line. but there is a mitchel musho, and a mitchel p musso who is like 50 sooo man you need to get listed i will love you from now to the day you die.(god forbid) The World Would End if you died, sorry i talk alot. When are you coming back to texas because i want a autograph.I heard you are comeing back in april. What is your fave episode of family guy that si one of my favurite show that and the simpsons. Love Ya

Briana Swift said...

good luck on teh Dc games, im going to florida in June. Grr I missed them, If you plan on going to pennsylvnaia sometime soon then leave a post!

gabi ball said...

hey mitchell,i saw the thing in the popstar mag. about a day with you and saw your bolg and i hope you will talk to me!!!! i think you r awsome and totally hott!!!! well duh! and your a great actor my fav. show is hannah montanna 1. cuz i like it and 2. ur in it!!!! i have a whole lot of posters of you and i saw your blog and freaked out!!! well tell your bro marc happy birthday and im 11 and will be 12 aug.15 ! well i hope i will ever get to meet you all my friends say i dont need to like you soo much cuz i will never meet you!!!! but forget them (i hope!) well i want to be an actress have any advice!!!!!!!!?????/ well if sooo let me know!!! and i live in daphne,al. yuo need to come here! but i will be in florida in san destin from the 20th till the 23th at the luau hotel well i hope i will see ayou and well bye!!

i love you mitchel- Gabi!!!!!