Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meet The Robinsons Premiere

Hey guys! I will be at the MTR Premiere on Sunday at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA. on Hollywood Ave. I'll be with Marc and we should arive around 1:00PM. Hope to see you there!

I've got some more autograph signings coming up in the near future....I'll be sure to post soon where and when.

You guys have an awesome week!



Jacquelyn said...

!!!!Sounds like fun, Mitchel!!!! =D I hope you have a BLAST!!!!!!

My brother wants to see that movie......i might see "The Last Mimzy" today with my friend Anna.....(She's also one of your fans!!! =D) I can't wait!!! =D

Today is the last day of school today before spring break!!! (half day.....we get out at 12:30!!!) =D yay!!!

So....ur planning on doing some autograph signings soon??? Awesome!!!!!!!! I hope you come to Illinois again!!!! When you came to Chicago it was the best day of my life!!!! That was like....6 months ago now.......geez time flies by in a hurry, doesn't it?!?!?

Weeell....better get going.....i still haven't eaten breakfast yet!!!!!!! LOL!!!! TTYL!!!! =D

Your cooliest fan of all fans.....(not really! LOL!!! =D)
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Dani said...

Hi, Mitchel!

MTR looks like a cute movie. My favorite part of the trailer is when the dinosaur goes, "I have a big head and little arms!" =D

More autograph signings? Sweet. I can't wait to find out when you are going to MN because my family goes there every year, so maybe we'll be going around the same time you are! Coolbeans!

I hope you have a Rockin' weekend! Hopefully you'll get to chill...till the premiere anyway! Have a great time!

From the girl who likes "A Big head and little arms;" lol!!! =D


Shannon said...

Hey Mitchell! This Shannon. I was the fan that meet you at the last mimzy premire. Thanks so much for the hug and picture! Tell Marc that i loved the movie!
You and him are such awesome actors. Keep it up Mitchell and Marc!

your #1 fan in california,

Emelie said...

I wish I could be there! But I live in Sweden, so..

It's so boring here..
Take me away? =)

You'll always be ->#1<- for me :)
// Emelie..

Anonymous said...

that movie looked pretty cool!
hope you tell us how the movie was!

Elizabeth said...


'Meet the Robinsons'! Very cool. I hope you have fun and I hope one of those signing are close to home!

XOXO <3 Liz


hey hey hey!!!!
are you going to be at any other dancing with the stars things?
cause i'll look for you..........
not that that sounds any stalker-ish or anything??
soooooooo i hope you have fun at the premiere!!!!
i think you should definatley find a way to have an autograph signing in pennsylvania!!!
that would be amazing.......................... you dont even know!!!
that would make my life!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like so much fun. I wish I could come and see you and your brother but I live 2 states up from Califorina so I won't be able to come and see you.
Much Love,

Ashley said...

LOVE you mitchel.

Sara said...

Hey Mitchel! I cant wait to see MTR. I'm hoping to go with some of my friends. Hope you like it! Make sure to tell us how it is. :)


Nicole :b said...

Meet the Robinsons!!!
the Jonas Brothers will be there.. WAHH!

haha. i cant wait to see meet teh robinsons.. and the last mimzy!

OHH! i got the Bridge to Terabithia book today! im so excited! i cant wait to read it! have you read it? cause i know you saw the movie.. but yeah.. humm. :b

i cant wait for the signings! come to dallas!!!

well, i gotta go again. early morning theatre rehersals for the musical tomorrow. i need my beauty rest XD

you have a good week to hun!

-- Nicole

Samantha said...

Meet the Robinsons looks super funny. Wish I could be there, but I will be here, in Michigan. At least the weather is getting nicer. Haha.

Hope you have tons of fun at the premiere with that adorable little bro of yours.

Have an amazing time, and a great week!


bigblackdogstar said...

Meet the Robinsons looks so good!

The dinosaur made me want to see it. ^_^

I hope your week was fantastic. Mine was, 'cause my school is putting on FAME this weekend, and we have a wicked amazing cast. <3

tiffany said...

hey! cool deal. have fun at the premiere.

i'm flying to california next friday! i'm so excited. soi i'm in my school's musical and we performed tonight and it was sold out, and so is saturday's performance. it was pretty sweet. afterwards, all these little girls were like "can i have your autograph" and "you were my favorite." it was cool. i see why you love having fans :)

so yeah, hope you have an awesome day, week, whatever. and i'm gonna be in cali for the kids choice awards so i hope to see you there :)

Abbster said...

That sounds like so much awesomeness Mitchel!
I want to see Meet the Robinsons sooo bad!!
I like the dinosaur! He's funny.
I also like the part when that old guy is like "Bake them cookies Luciele!" That was really funny.
You know what I also want to see is The Last Mimzy! I keep on seeing previews for it and billboards, and I can't wait to see it!
Autograph signings, sounds like fun! I hope that you come to Florida, because last time you came, I was camping. lol.
Well I hope you have a great time at the MTR premiere, the El Captain is awesome!
You rock my LIFE!!

georgina said...

hi mitchel thanks for posting x
have fun at the premiere tomorrow
tell us how it went x
wish i could live america and meet you.x.x
p.s im in the chorus in a show in june and its about children being evacuated in the war, its at a thearte were i live and rehersals start soon... i cant sing that well, and im soo scared,
please give me some advice??
love georgina x

brie said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Boy, did I have a BUSY week this week! I had acting 4 TIMES this week! The play is great! The people are really nice and wer have lots of fun! I almost have all of my lines memorized! I can't wait for the play!

Spirit Week is also great! Next week will be a BLAST! On Thursday we have an 8th Grade vs Teachers Volleyball Game. I can't wait to play! then on Friday, there's a dance! We're gonna have lots of fun!

Later on today, I'm going to the new Bass Pro Shop in Indiana! I luv fishing! It's so much fun! I have a 15 inch largemouth bass on my basement wall I caught when I was 11! It's pretty kool!

well, that's all for now! have a rockin' sockin' weekend! c ya l8r, sk8r!

luv, brie

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
I hope you and Marc have fun at the MTR premire! It looks like a funny movie! Let us know if it is!
Did you and Marc have fun at the Last Mimzy premire?? Well, Got to go, I hope you have an AWESOME weekend my friend! Katie*

Claire said...

hey mitchel, please come out to the midwest again sometime soon, i met you at the brookfield zoo signing but if i met you again that would be a DREAM COME TRUE!!!! xD keep rockin!


i really wanna see meet the robinsons! i always see the commercials and i always laugh at the dinosaur with little arms. LOL!!

have a good weekend!
- ashley <33

Jacquelyn said...

Hey there!!

So......u r going to the MTR premiere tomorrow, am i correct??? Well hope you have a great time!!!!!! =D

...i'm bored.....

well, i better get going......I hope you have an awesome week!! Take it easy this week.. ;-P

yours truly,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to West Virginia? Probably not... nobody ever comes here.

Do you think you could come sometime???

I hope you can I am a really huge fan of you!!My friends always ask me questions about you because I tell them I know so much about you and of course I always get them right!! lol and No I am not a stalker,but I do love you!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i saw mimzy!!!!!
SOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Luisa said...

Hi Mitchel!!!
are you ok ??

that movie looked really cool!

I am you're fan #1 here in Brazil!!


come on you can come here to Brazil!!


have a nice Week!

Kisses Mah

sabrina5856 said...

yeah mimzy looks soooo good

i gope it is good movie!

meet the robinsons i like the dinosar "I have a big head, Little arms" is the CUTEST!!!

hey is your btother the guy who is the little buy who is with the little girl?

the one who is like the main role or someone else???

<3 Sabrina

Katherine said...

I can't wait to see meet the robinsons! most of my friends think that i am so weird because i am 15 and still love the occational disney movie...i am such a little kid inside!

if you ever get the chance, you should try to come down to tucson, arizona for an autograph signing, even though it is usually really hot, and dry, and has its own weird beauty to a dead brown sort of way.


Anonymous said...

Hi,i read in the article that u did in the LifeStory Magazine of Miley Cryus that u just shot a pilot for something called "Mascot Prep"if that gets picked up when will it start airing?could u post it too?thanks have an awesome year

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I just saw The Last Mimzy. Your brother did great and it was an awesome movie! I can't wait to see Meet the Robinsons (since that was what your original post was about!) I read in Tiger Beat that Emily was having guy problems, so tell her good luck for me!


emily said...

That movie looks cool!

Hopefully my local cinema has it in 3D haha.

Have fun!

jenn!!! said...

heyyy Mitchel!

that is sooooo cool! I wanna see MTR it looks so funny (partly cuz of the dinosaur and the "Bake them cookies, Lucille!" thing!) and i totally wanna see the LAst Mimzy! I was watchin tv one day, and a trailer for it came on. And guess who i saw? MARC! i was like look its MARC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on another, more random note: i went to the shop today, and it was in the Mitchel Shopping Plaza!!!(except w/ 2 L's instead of one):[ i took a picture of the sign!

k Mitchel remeber u NEED to come to Florida more often! we absolutely ADORE u down here!

have a fantastically ama-za-zing week!

J to the E to the double N!

Anonymous said...

WOw sounds like fun!! Ya so it turns out im not going to florida foir the dc games....boohoo.. im sooooooo bummed well maybe ill meet ya agen at some random signing or a hannah montana taping..well who knos ..anyways have fun,fun,fun,fun!!!!!

Love, Leslie

Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey Mitch, we wish we could be there for the "Meet The Robinsons" premiere! Popsicle went to see "The Last Mimzy" today, and it was great!!!! Marc did a great job! Izze says she luvs ya lots and wishes to see you soon!!!!!! If only we lived in Cali then we could be at your autograph signings....
Adios Amigo!!!!!!!!

-Popsicle & Izze

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON OUR BLOG!!!! Nobody has yet and we are extremely bored!!!

You Rock! Peace to your bros!! -Izze

Anonymous said...

sounds fun i hope you had fun i should say lol and well yea im going with my freinds to see that movie friday fro my fedins birthda shes turning 15 lol yea im like 14 but we still wanna see it lol well love ya biggest fan nicole mitchel you rock

Anonymous said...

Isaw the Last Mimzy! It was SO GOOD!!!


yesterday(3/26/07) My mom sent a video entry to "Deal Or No Deal"! and she is auditioning! It'll be soo kewl 2 go 2 CALIFORNIA! If she makes It on the show be sure 2 watch it cuz I'll b there! I CAN"T WAIT! have a great week! Hope yew have fun! ♥Ya! ♥ily!

♥MoRgaN♥ ™

brie said...


The BAss Pro Shop was GREAT! It was really BIG!!! I went with my family and my friend Christina's family. We had a BLAST! They had a GIANT fish tank with cute little fishies!(oops...I'm starting 2 sound like a 2-year old, aren't I?) You'll never guess what we ate...not shrimp...not squid...not jellyfish (who would?!)...ALIGATOR!!! At first I though "ewwww!" but once I tasted it, it was DELICIOUS! It was REALLY spicy, though! My mouth was on FIRE!!!! lol!

Spirit Week is going GREAT! Everyone's having lots of fun! Today was Wacky Day and I went ALL-OUT! I wore a customized, cut-up stripe shirt over a black glittery tank top with a pink tie, camo arm warmers, pajama pants (with kisses on them!), a jean skirt, and striped Vans! I looked really cool and really wacky!

By the way, CONGRATS on your site being nominated for a Poptastic! award! That's so AWESOME!!! I'm so glad! Also, I saw the new pix in the Gallery and you look SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!! Especially at the Wild Hogs and Meet the RObinsons have such STYLE!!! (You're bro looked cute, too!)

well, that's all from me 4 now! ttyl, sk8r boy!

luv, brie

Ordinary Girl Diary said...

Hey Mitch! I really want to see that movie! Is it good? Alot of stars don't come down to Massachusetts! Its like a dead town here in New Bedford!!!!!!!!! Well, tell Emily and Miley i said hi!!!
I love yah!