Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey guys!

Ok...most of you know that I will be in San Bruno on Saturday. I can't wait to meet everyone who lives near there! Meet me at The Shops at Tanforan from 11:00 - 4:00PM March 10th. brothers film "The Last Mimzy" was great! You go to the movie to support your little brother....cause you should....right? But I actually walked out thinking it was really good! Go see it! It comes out March 23rd and Marc plays the best friend Harry.



Anonymous said...

Hey! You're the nicest brother ever! LoL. Too bad I can't come see you. :( I live in Utah. But, anyway. The Last Mimzy is on my list of shows I have to see. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

you know what's crazy?
even though i don't know you, lately god's been reminding me to pray for you.
and i don't know why.
but i guess everything happens for a reason. [:

goodnight mitchel


Anonymous said...

The last mizmy looks like a really great movie and I think ill go see it. Have fun at San Bruno! Hope to some day meet you!


Dani said...

Hi Mitch!

I won't be at San Bruno because I live in IL, but have fun and meet some awesome people!

That happened to me (like the movie thing with your brother) about a year ago...My little sister was in a play as an extra and I was like, "Mom, I don't want to go!" and my mom said, "You have to support your sister, she came to all of your plays!" "Ok, you're right. I'll go." 2 hours later...I eneded up liking the play! Very cute! Go figure?!

I showed that video project in school I was telling you about(w/Freddie Mercury) yesterday! It was actually about a famous oceanographer and after I (as the oceanograph) explained his life and stuff, I interviewed famous people! (Also played by me!) I interviewed Freddie Mercury, Hannah Montana,(lol!)George Bush, and the shark himself, Jaws! The favorites and the ones that got the most laughs were Freddie because I said a line from Bicycle Race that totally fit; "I say, Hey man, Jaws was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars!" and George Bush! It wa great and my teacher loved it, which is great because I'm not doing so hot in that class! =P =D

Anyway, have fun at the signing and I hope to go see the Last Mimzy! Wooh, yup I talked a lot today, but that's ok, because when you're reading you'll be like, "Hmmm...Dani...she's my dude!!!" lol jk Hmmm I don't know how I thought of that....OH!! I remember! The other day, I had to act like a Surfer (surf shorts, sunglasses, the works!) for another project! My name was Mr. Dude! Yeah, it was funny, but its another LONG story!!! lol. And my friends call me "Their dude!" because...yet another LONG story! lol

Have an AMAZING day and a ROCKIN' week!!!


Elizabeth said...


I want to see that movie so bad! It looks amazing! I was wondering who Marc played... Thatnks for sharing!

I hope you have fun on Saterday!

<3 Liz

Monica said...

yeah, i just saw a commercial for the last mimzy and it looks sooooo cool!!!! i cant wait to go see it!!!

BTW- under your name on wikipedia, every time they mentioned your younger brother they spelled his name Mark, so i joined wikipedia, and changed every single Mark, to Marc, so now your page is totally correct!!! lol. yes, i was bored.. :)

Wish i could see you in San Bruno, but i live in San Diego and cant drive up that far... have a great time!!!!

~ Monica

karina. said...

aww, can't wait to see you saturday mitchel =) look out for the weird girl who asks you to say the elves phrase! haha.

and the last mimzy seems like a great movie, i saw the preview yesterday! i'll definitely try to drag my friends to come with me and see it =)


LOVE ME said...

you are a good and kool brother!


come 2 kck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah i HOPE to god nothing happens to a hot guy like you!!!!!!!!!!!

that would be SO bad i would like mourn for weeks


well not to try to put that thought to mind


Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I can't wait to see the last mimzy, sounds really cool!
Anyways, in 6 days I leave for L.A! yipeeee! :)
Can't wait to see you at the Hannah Montana taping!
But anyways, I hope you have an awesome week!

Len said...

Hey Mitchel!
I wish I could go meet you again, (I met you at the Brookfield zoo).

Yes you should go see the movie because your brother is in it lol. Anyway you're a great brother for going AND actually liking it =] lol.

I'll go see The Last Mimzy, I was planning on seeing it anyway and now that you said it was good and it doesn't hurt your brother is in it I'll go see it :-D

I'm really excited it is 6 days until my birthday! =D It's my goldenth birthday too so I'm excited. Well I have to go to bed.
'night Mitchel.

Yvonne said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Wow, I wish I could go to ur signing. HA! You're the awesomess (is that a word?) brother ever.. Lol. I wish u were my brother <3 :p. Anyway, I will totally see ur brothers movie dude. WhEN are U cOMinG 2 NewZealand!!!!! Ah, I'm waiting.

Luf ya,

Rock on.

Yvonne - AUckland New Zealand

Anonymous said...

umm were is that in california ? i live here but dont no lol but yea thats cool and yea we have to support are younger siblings like my lil sisters she 10 lol and well ill go see it lol when it comes out ok love your biggest fan nicole mitchel you rock here somthing *dances yea screams yeah mitchels the bomb oh yea mitchels the bomb oh yea kisses your posters lol*thinks that sliped out * that but yea ok bye have an awsome day and week

Bayley said...


How are you? So...I had never heard of "The Last Mimzy" until last night! I was at the movie theater and the trailer came on. It looks like an amazing movie! And Marc is so adorable.

Well, I hope you are doing fantastic! Keep doing what you are doing because you are great at it! Stay gorgeous.

Buh Bye. :D

Katie R. said...

Your such a sweet big brother!
I wish i had a little sib. But i just have my twin sister Kassie. But we love eachother. we talk about everything! and we're always there for eachother. I want to go see the last mimzy. it looks interesting! Well I hope you get to meet some more of your fans tomorrow! I wish i could go. but you know living in Michigan makes it kind of hard for me to come see you. Besides Kassie and I are helping set up a Spaghetti dinner for our church tomorrow. Its a youth fundraiser, so our youth group can go to Florida in December. Its been pretty fun so far! By the way how is Stitch doing? My dog Shannie is doing great! Well i better go now. Have an awesome weekend my friend! Katie

Anonymous said...

OK, I don't know whether or not I just deleted my comment, soooo... here goes!

Hey Mitchel! I can't come to your speech tomorrow because I live in Connecticut, but I hope you have a FANTASTIC day!


Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel....
u's weird cuz just like Cecile God has been wanting me to pray for you i hope evything is ok and Cecile.....we'll both pray for him 2gether!! oh, and i hope EVERYONE has a WONDERFUL spring break!!!! Love Ya Always And Forever....


Jacquelyn said...

!!!!Hey there Mitchel!!!!

I hope you are doing well!! =)

The Last Mimzy looks like a really cool movie!!!! And, if your little brother's in it, then it must be awesome!!! =D That was extremely sweet of you to go to the movie to support Marc!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a wonderful brother!! Marc is lucky to have you.... ;-)

I would really love to go see u on Saturday......but i live too far away =( Even without me, i hope u have a great time!! =D

Take care, and may i wish u good luck for the future!!

Have a great weekend......good luck with your driving classes on Sunday!! (if u are taking them Sunday....) lol!!

Love and with the greatest amount of support,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I wish I could go to San Bruno, but I live in New York. Anyway have fun.

That's cool that you liked The Last Mimzy. That's never happened to me but its sweet that you went to support him. I saw a commerical for it, and it looks so good. I'm deffinatly going to see it.

I'm trying out for my school's softball team. I am really nervous, seeing as i've never played before. Wish me luck.

School is getting pretty hard(not the work though). I just found out that some girls I thought were my friends, have been talking crap about me. Now there trying to turn all my friends against me.Plus we have a huge project and my friend promised she'd partner with me, but she ditched me for someone else.

I read that you are Italian.Me too!!lol Do you know wany italin words. If your do, could you post them? Also, do you watch Two-A-Days on mtv? I love that show; its my favorite othere than Hannah Montana:D

Anyway, hope you have fun at the signing and meet some new people.
Sorry for such a long comment. I think it's just easier to tell you.
Ciao Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

Aren't you just the sweetest darn thing I've ever seen. That was so nice of you to support him! And I will, defintely have to see that when it comes out. It sounds great. Well, May life be PERFECTO!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I want to go see The Last Mimzy like everyone else! Yes it`s great that you support Marc I`m sure he loves you a lot for that! I wish I had a little sis or bro to support except I`M the one being supported when I act in plays and even if I say only one line. My family says Who cares if you only had one line you rocked saying it! And it just makes ya feel like you climbed Mt.Everest (Meaning makes ya really proud haha) Lol Stay Awesome

As Always,


tiffany said...

there is going to be a special preview of "the last mimzy" in my town tomorrow, saturday! i'm going to see it. got to support marc. for sure :)

melinda said...

hey mitchel!

wats up?
well anyway that's really nice of you to go see the movie with your brother!
i would never do something like that for my sister.....
wait scratch that......
yes i would!
soooo you should definatley come to a little place called pennsylvania!
ya know its is soooo great here i mean you have well... i live there......
nuff said!
i was in sucha a good mood today!
i dont know why?
whatever doesnt matter because i was in a good mood!
you should definatley at least thinking to come to pennsylvania!!
you wouldnt regret it because you might meet me!
and i know thats what you've been dying to do as much as i've been dying to meet you!

Dani said...

Hey, Mitch!

I just wanted to say....HAVE MUCHO FUN TOMORROW AT THE SIGNING!!!!

Hope you you have SWEET weekend!

Rock On!


iLOVEshoez said...

Hey Mitchel!
Thats too bad I cant go see you!
I HAVE to see "The Last Mimzy"!!

~Andie <3

Samantha said...

Tell Emily Happy Bithday for me Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

coolie . heyyy today's emily's birthdayyy .... i hope you remembered !

emily said...

March 10 is a special day for a lot of people now..

my case isnt meeting you cause I'm on the other side of the world haha.

omg fall out boy dklghkjdfh woah..

just pure love.

indescrible. wow.

take care xx

Ashlee said...

I met you today. You were sooooooooo nice. I was the one who put the bracelet i made for you on you. and give you a hug. thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH. I hope u liked the bracelet!!!!
P.S. I was gonna ask you what was your favorite movie you made?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! How was your speech today? I hope you had a great time!


Abbster said...

Mitchel. I am so mad and sad at the same time.
Something very very very very bad happen.
They were like 'we so sorry, but we have seats reserved for you at the Suite Life taping', so now I am going to the Suite Life and not Hannah Montana!
Sorry, but I am just sooooo sad.
I wanted to meet sooo bad.
They bumped our seats though.
I am so sad.
I have been for 80 days and they told us 5 days before I was leaving that we can't go to the Hannah taping because they bumped us. My dad is going to try everything that he can to get me in. :(
I am so sad.
But, at least I still get to go to L.A. and I still get to go to the Suite Life, and I still get to go the set of that show, House, so not all bad!
And that would be pretty awesome if I saw you in L.A., but dont think that will happen.

But on a lighter note, I just saw Bridge to Terebithia, and it was amazing. Josh and Annasophia are amazing. That movie was just flat out amazing.

Well I hope you have a great week!
God Bless,

tiffany said...

i saw a special preview of the last mimzy today, saturday! and i must agree, it is really good! i was so excited when i saw marc in the 1st scene! i have met him and you before, so yeah! he is so funny. :) tell him he did a great job!

<3 tiffany

karina. said...

mitchel i'm SO happy, i got to meet you today twice! haha yes, my friend and i went to both autograph sessions. we didn't drive two hours for nothing =) yeahh we were the ones who asked you to say "elves will rule the world" and "happy birthday" because my birthday's on thursday, and i got to hug you. thank you so much! my friend and i had an amazing time, and we both got calls from the talent agency for test screenings after the headshots!

xo, karina

karina. said...

oh and i forgot to mention... thanks for being so nice and sweet to everyone even though you were really busy. it really meant a lot =)

cutieluver said...

Hola Mitchel!!!
Hey um.... when in april ru gunna be at disney? i REALLY want to meet you!!!!! omg ur the coolest actor!!!

Byes!! <3 <3


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! How is everything? I spent my morning yesterday at voice lessons, and then I went to go sell Girl Scout Cookies.... yes, I am in the last girl scout troop in town with my best friend. On the plus side, we're missing two days of school to go to Savannah, GA. On the down side, we only get 75 cents per box (but the boxes sell for 4 dollars) We raised $22.50 for the troop, which can't buy a plane ticket. I'm doing a project on the Fur Industry in school, and it is DISGUSTING. Whatever you do... DON'T WHERE FUR!!!!!!!! OK, that's enough out of me. I hope I didn't weird you out! Finally, spring is here! Have a great day!


Sabrina5856 said...

OMG i am such an idiot AAAHHHH

i did hear about the Last Mimzy i just totally forgot i saw a comercial for it earlier...... it looks KOOL

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchel!---

I just heard two new Hannah songs. "One In A Million" and "Nobody's Perfect". I love both of them. I think your really lucky that you get to hear the news songs before everyone else does.

Can't wait 'till season two next month! Talk to you later!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

What UP Mitchel?

Wow, never posted on here before....
Just wanted to say "HI" and chat a little.

Haha, aww...that's so nice of you to join your lil bro. I kinda wish I had a little brother. Even though an older brother and younger sister is nice too. lol that's why I love hanging around with my "younger-than-11 year old-cousins"... though they can get pretty CRAZY sometimes. But then again, I do too... :D

Whoa...Florida...let's see....dude, thats so far from where I live. (I'm all the way over the river and through the woods....jk. I live in Southern California...but more south than L.A....Unfortunately cuz then I could meet you... one day maybe...) Though I can't come to the DC Games, I hope you and the rest of the DC gang have a BLAST!!

HEY...I saw Bridge to Terabithia 2 weeks ago...It was SO GOOD! Haha, I went with 5 of my friends and basically all of us were bawling our eyes out...well, excluding my sister who never seems to cry in any sad movies... haha. It was sad, but such a great movie! Did you like it? I want to see The Last Mimzy too. It seems really INTERESANTE. haha. Tell your brother CONGRATS for getting the part...

So...what's up with you?

Over here in So Cali (more like San Diego where I live nstead of L.A... :D ) its around 75 it basically feels like SUMMER! (At least to me...cuz I'm weird like that...) Woot woot! I have a soccer game later today so hopefully it doesn't stay so hot... :D

Well, gotta go!

Talk to ya later Mitch.
Good luck on the driving lessons!! I get to start soon too! :D

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.· Jessica (a.k.a. HyperFreckles77 on imdb)

P.S: I told you in a pm that I had a track meet....
Guess what? I made VARSITY track as a freshman... yay, I was happy. I ran 2 hurdle races and I got 1st in both.
haha, ok, I'm done.

Have a SPECTACULAR day dude!

brie said...

hiya, Mitchel! the audition went GREAT yesterday! i tried out for Charlotte and Bet and it went pretty well! i had to have a Brittish accent, though, which was pretty funny! then i had to sing theis song called "As Long as He Needs Me" and i think i did a purdy good job! we won't find out who;s in it 4 a while, but when i find out i'll let ya know!

well, that's all 4 now! have a great week and as they say in London, CHEERIO!!!

luv, brie

lexi said...

DUDE, I just listened to Metrostation on myspace, it was amazing.
just thought I'd say that

Lauren said...

hey mitchel...
how was the signing? i wish i could have gone! we were busy plus the fact that we have lots of ppl 2 take care of odesn't help!! well, i hope i get 2 meet u one day....ur the best actor eva! love always and forever!


coffeeheart said...

I woulda loved to come see you yesturday but, 1) I live on the complete opposite side of the country 2) I had an Odessy of the Mind Competition where my team got 3rd... outta three. Nice to know your the nice brother who supports his lil bro. Ive been doing OM for 4 years now and niether him nor my dad have ever seen me perform.

somebody..... said...

psst.......mitchel please come back to chicago soon!!!thanks!!!

dramafreak925 said...

Hey! I'm one of the girls who asked you to say "Elves will rule the world!" heehee. Karina's friend. Yesterday was so fun, it was great meeting you! Thanks for the pic and videos and the autograph, it was awesome!


Hey guess what I'm listen to hannah montana right know!!! LoLz!!!
I hope ur having a very good day!!!
♥MoRgaN♥ ™

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

How's it going?

Softball is going good. I'm really trying hard. I suck at batting Still having trouble with those girls. I'm just get bugged so easy.

I go to florida in 23 days! Soo excited. Hope your there when I am. I would be so happy if i met you.

Can't wait until Last Mimzy comes out. It looks like such a good movie, and if Marc's in it then it must be.:D

My mom made up these things, Vison boards. There really cool. Did you know "Sogni d'ora" means golden dreams in italian. I just learned that.
Well i gotta go. Hope you have a great week and many Sogni d'ora.


I go crazy for life is all for you... said...

Hey remember me??? I gave you that picture I made that said...
Is madly
inlove wiTh
a Cute
Hunk of
burning lovE
Like you

and I gave you the starburst...I'm just a big fan that loves you more than anything or anyone...I promised myself I wouldn't be shy and sceam but when I saw you just look much cuter in person that couldn't controll myself so I sceamed so loud that I started to cry...oh and when you were on stage you looked at me and I smiled...I love to write stories...Right now I'm write this story and I can't stop writing in the book...My friend that was with me her name is Tessa...Oh yeah and in the letter that I gave you I forgot to write that I have two older brothers named Joey(18) and Nick(16)...I think I wrote this in the letter but I'm not sure but I'll tell you again My uncle is in Green Day...He is ...Am I the only one who gave you something??? I wish you can come to my sweet 16 which will be in one more year...I'm turning 15 this mouth...I'm so happy...Here is a picture of me and you...

Peace out Mitchel...

Your #1 fan,
Melina Augustine Mocling

Sabrina said...

yeah i have the live-in-somewhere-other-than-cali-blues 2

mitchel i did a poll on and here is the results:

Who is the hottest?

Mitchel Votes 24
Sprouse Bros Votes 0

tiffany said...

look at you! new layout, new picture. wowwww ;) btw, the new pic is a cute one <3


Im BORED, tomorrow r cheerleadin' tryouts!!! wish me luck, cuz im afraid!!! I'm afraid that I'm not gonna make it cuz I get stiff when im tumbling, well when im nervous and I hope you have a great day tommorrow!I cant wait to see "the last mimzy"! I ♥ YeW!

I ♥ HaNnAh MoNtAnA!

Rachel said...

Hey M&Ms!

I so want to watch The Last Mimzy now. Oh yeah and I saw WILD HOGS yesterday! It was HILARIOUS! what was your fave part? The swimming part was just FUNNY! lolz.

Btw, if I send you a poster will you sign it and send it back to me? I'll be sending you something soon! =]

Keep Rock'n it!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

P.S. I always pray for you like every night. Juss to make sure you're doing GREAT!

kylie said...

hey mitchel,
how are you? are you ever going to come to Connecticut because we have this AWESOME sushi place here called Fuji Garden and they have great California Rolls. I know u love those. lol. You're such a great brother, always being there for Marc and stuff. Anyway, too bad I don't live in Cali or Florida or something, but PLZ COME 2 CT!!!!! lol.

♥ Kylie :)
P.S. Can't wait for the D.C. Games!!!!!!!!!!!

brie said...

Hey, Mitchel! your new layout is KICKIN!!! i luv your look soo AMAZING!!!

today i went to the park with my friends Suzy, Christina, Mimi (her sister), and my brother. we had a lot of fun. we played tag for a while and then stopped to eat some Nerds. Then Suzy tried climbing a tree. it took her FOREVER!!! then some little boy came and climbed higher than Suzy did but she didn't really care....all that mattered was that she got up the tree!!!

at school, we had our ISATS (that's our big test that decides if we are going 2 go 2 sunner school). they were pretty easy. at lunch, me and the rest of Student Council (i'm Vice President) passed out Oreo because it's "Be a Smart Cookie...Eat a Good Breakfast" day. we have a ISAT theme every day to motivate everyone. it's fun being on Student Council.

i'm not a big reader, but i'm reading this book called "Totally Joe" and it's REALLY good!!! it's about a kid named Joe who has 2 write an "alphabiography" where he descibes his life from A-Z. it's his private thoughts and feelings. it's really GOOD! i want to do that when i'm done reading. i'm also writing my own novel called "The Time Capsule" based on my friends and some true events. it's pretty great!!!

well, that's all for now! talk to ya soon! and as we Italians say...ARRIVEDERCI!!!!! (or as Tracy from Hannah says, ciaaaao....)

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
i went to see you at san bruno!! You looked amazing!! My heart started beating when i saw you!! I'm the girl who asked you to sign my ipod, but i'm guessing there were more people wanting there ipod signed but if not, try to remember me!!! You should come again to the bay area!! I will ask Ally if your coming again, okay bye!! LOVE, Anna

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel.
Well I found out that a VIP requested tickets and had to bump me out. :(
Well I am flying out tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!!!
Well sorry I got to make this one a short one!
Have an ama-za-zing week!

Lexi said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you had a fantastic day, but I have to say (I have already said it but I have to say it again) I love MEtro Station, I personally love 'California'and 'Disco' . Whats you fave Metro Station song?

AND that.... I am rockin' a new knee brace, at least until I have my knee surgery in 15 days, no worries, I'll be back to playing soccer in a few months.

oh, and another question for you, Did you and Miley know each other first or did Mason and Trace know each other first???

so thats all my random thoughts for today.


Natalie said...

Hey Mucho Musso!! (just thought i'd be different) :)

ya know what's weird? i left a comment on here like a week ago, but it never posted! and i didn't write anything bad or stuff like that cuz i just don't do that. so im hoping this will actually post! well, i'm trying to remember what i wrote..... oh yeah, i said something about how i went to LA 2 weeks ago. Guess who we saw? VINCE VAUGHN!! it was pretty sweet. also, i realized when i got back that i was at the el capitan theatre 5 days after u were!!! i was so close to meeting u!! and we were at the kodak theatre a week after the oscars-A-mazing.

a few weeks ago our school had a choir concert, so i had to miss the newest epi of HM!! i was so mad, but then 2 nights ago i watched it at midnight, lol. u could kinda say im a night owl...

So, how has everything been going? are u a complete pro driver now? hahaha, i can just see myself now, smashing into all the cones, hitting the fake obstacles.... maybe for the sake of me and others, u should post some good driving tips on ur blog! u could save the lives of many orange cones, lol.

well, ttyl, and have a fabulous week!!! oh, and happy 4 months to ur 16th b-day!!! (i just wanted to be the first to say that, hahaha)

Always in my prayers!

With all my love,
and god bless,


Abbster said...

Mitchel!!! This is sooo crazy!!!
I told you before that I got bumped out of the Hannah taping, but they got me back in!!!! I just really hope they don't bump me out again!
Dreams do come true!!!
I still get to see you (hopefully)!
Well I got to make this one short too because I'm at school. blah.


jenn!!! said...

awww thats so nice to do for Marc. I wish my brother was as cool as u (b/c no one is cooler than Mitchel Musso!) but thats just a dream that wont come true. I wanna see the Last Mimzy too, because it looks good!
I know its totally random, but i took a Math Chapter Test today and i'm totally worried that i failed it and it counts double on my grade! my grade's only an 84 to begin with!
the GOOD news is, my best friend abby (abbster on ur blog!) gets to go to the Hannah Montana filming now!! somehow the VIP's got bumped back out and she gets to go! i was SO happy for her!!
if she meets u, she's probably gonna mention me (Jenn!!) and our other best friend Danielle. We love u!!
well sorry for the completely long post!
J to the E to the double N!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's really cool that you do meet and greets with your fans! I love Hannah Montana! Do you ever think that you will visit the UK?? Wish i could be in Florida this summer to see the DC Games, good luck with that! I am a really big fan! ttyl <3 Fee xx (

Miss Teenage Dirtbag said...

Hey Mitchel! Aww that was soo nice what you dod for your brother! Sweet as! I SOOO cant wait to see 'The Last Mimzy'! And Please, Come to Australia...I know you have no choice to say 'oh lets go here' but please, we LOVE you down here! have a great day, And Good luck on your driving! 2 years till i cand drive...ooh, thats bad news for the other drivers out there...haha anyways, sorry for the long post, keep on Rockin,

Love always,
Miss Teenage Dirtbag [Zoey]

~**JORDAN**~ said...

Hey mitchel,

my name is jordan, and im a big fan, your an idol to alot of people ikno. Ok, well i go to a school in florida called Bak middle school of the arts and im a vocal major ( im a singer ). and i just wanted to say hi. plz write me back. it means alot. THX

lov-ya ~**JORDAN**~ <3

Jacquelyn said...

Hola Mitchel!!!!! How have u been???? I've been OK......I'm just glad this week's almost over!!! =D

I hope u had a great time at the signing last week!!!!! I really wanted to go...=(

Anything exciting happen to you lately??? Nothing really exciting ever happens to me......every day it's the same thing: get up, school, home from school, homework, bed!!!!

.....but my Biology class has been a little loco lately!!!! We are doing this project, where we need to bring a 2 liter bottle and make a little ecosystem inside it. We choose a biome (biomes are deserts, tropical rainforests, grasslands, woodlands, etc..) and we need to bring animals that live in that biome to put in the bottle. I chose a pond, so i bought a fish. I am kinda against this project because we need to keep it alive for 3 weeks, and then what do u do with the animal?!? I just think it's mean to the poor creature.....but i have to do it for my grade's sake!!!!!!!!!! I'm just praying that my fish doesn't die!!!!! Cuz if it dies, it affects my grade!!!!!!! lol

But anyway......

i have a half day on the 23rd, so i am DEFINITELY gonna see The Last Mimzy!!!!!!!!! I just know it's gonna be great!!!! =D

hey, your brother Mason's birthday is this Saturday, am i right?? Well, if you see him, tell him i wish him a very happy birthday!! ;-)

Have an awesome weekend!!! Good luck with your driving classes this Sunday!!!!!

Love and support from...
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥


I didnt make the team! theres alwayz next year!well nyway I hope you have a great week! Tell me how It goes! I &hearts Yew!
(p.s- someone from our school her name is Myeshia her brother just died it wuz sad PRAY FOR HER) ♥MoRgaN♥™

Anonymous said...

hi mitchel
i'm from mexico but i going to go to new york in april 1 to april 5 i want to meet you please if you can go please go i'm your fan!!!!

lizzytoth said...

i rele think yo should some to Pa its so boring here we could use a little spice in our lives

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch I used to live in Chicago!Aint it weird?+ is it fun acting?I want to act.Plus if you know Nat Wolff tell him I love him!

Hillary said...

AWW Mitchel that's sooo good of you, and yeah, it was a REALLY good movie i saw it too! the mimzy thing was sooooo cute. anyway, check out my blog, k??

have a good time for the rest of "spring break (for me at least)" i want to meet you so bad you seem like a really good person. heyy, did ppl at the movies freak out when they saw you there?

mitchelroxs423 said...

heyy mitchel<3
ur awesome nd sooo
is ur brother
i loved the last mimzy<3
best movie ever<3

Lindsay said...

i just watched that movie last night, it was good, but i was confused in a lot of it, i guessss im kinda slow because everyone else understood what was goin on.haha.. but from what i understood it was good..

& your a good brother!
its cool how your always talking about your brothers on here & supporting them and stuff, you parents must be proud of you all!