Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baby Bailey- For all my Texas Fans!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to tell you about a Charity Event that I am a part of (I won't be there in person....I donated to this auction) this coming weekend. Saturday November 17th at this address:

Stephanie Cross at 4429 Caruth, Dallas, Texas 75225

There is a baby by the name of Bailey and she was born without a pulmonary system in her heart and she needs to have aother surgery and I want to help raise money for that. There will be lots of vendors there selling their merchandise and there will also be an auction taking place that day. This is what I donated to the auction that you can bid on:

A Special Prize:

Meet & Greet with Mitchel Musso, “Oliver Smoken Oken” from Disney’s hit series Hannah Montana, on December 16th at the Jingle Jam Concert in the DFW area.

Plus a Hannah Montana/Mitchel Musso Gift Basket which includes:

1. “Olivia” the Kissing Build-A-Bear, stuffed with love by Mitchel Musso, with her own Hannah Montana T-shirt, Hannah Montana charms and birth certificate
2. Original T-shirt worn by Mitchel Musso in episode #227 of the second season of Hannah Montana
3. Child’s Hannah Montana T-Shirt
4. “Popstar Profile” Hannah Montana DVD
5. “Life’s What You Make It” Hannah Montana DVD
6. Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus Soundtrack CD
7. Mitchel Musso Headshot with original signature
8. 2 Full Hannah Montana Cast Photos with pre-print signatures
9. Cast photo of Miley, Emily and Mitchel with pre-print signatures
10. Promo Picture of Mitchel Musso

Also....if you win the basket I am adding to it one of my brand new never before seen Mitchel Musso T-Shirts that I will autograph for you at the Jingle Jam Concert.

I will NOT be at this event as I am scheduled to be in Miami that day and my first Jingle Jam event on Sunday in San Jose....but if you live in the area and are interested in bidding on this item....see if your mom or dad feels like driving to Dallas and can visit this wonderful family having the auction on Saturday. Tell them there will be lot's of items being sold to help with Baby Bailey's surgery.

AND......if your parents can't take you.....don't give them a hard time..........I don't want them mad at me........

But...let me know if you go....I want to hear all about it!

And I will see all my Texas Fans on December 16th!




that's nice of you mitchel.
i live in colorado.
so i certainly can't go.

have fun with the rest of the meet and greets.
you won't be meeting me because no colorado.
good luck on your concerts.

Paulita said...

hey i didn't know you were involved in charity!

hm awesome <3

Taylor said...

aww mitchel ur soo sweet.
thats y i love ya. lol
c ya that day in miami.
i ttly cant wait!!
<3 Taylor

Cassie =] said...

that's amazing that you are involved in something like that. i can't participate, but it's great that you can! lol.

Anonymous said...

u r the nicest person in the world mitchel!.....i would so go and donate money if i wasn't like 4 states away....but i am so glad u did.....i really want that hm/mitchel basket!...sounds so cool...but congrats to who ever will get it!! u posted quite a bit while i've been away!...i'll c the next one after this!!...well i will talk to u l8r...<3 u babe!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

Daniela said...

ohh you really good person :)
you're amazing :)
your desire to help to people is awesome!
Daniela (from IsraeI)

Fer said...

aww mitchel you're so sweet! that's really nice of you=D

I would go, but I live in Mexico=( it's so sad...

love yaa<3

Mariam. [: said...

so basically,
this is reason number 26564 why we love you.

cause you're just that amazing.
like, you have no idea. (:

meeghan said...

I would never let my mom be mad at you.


though I want to see you, i'll have to settle for you to come to MINNESOTA.

pplease mitch.

talk to the lady who schedules things at the mall of america.


Biggest shopping mall in the u.s., so come!

Sasha said...

That is so sweet you you Mitchel
I won't be able to go though.
You are such a good guy. Thats why we all love you

See ya

Kodhai said...

Wow thats sounds so awesum! I think thats great what ur doing. Keep it up!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!!

DANG!! I wish I could go, but I can't. It would be perfect if I could, because Dec. 16th is my birthday! Like I said, I wish I could go, and help the baby, Bailey, on my birthday, but I live in Ohio. Oh well. I'll keep her in my thoughts, for sure.

Have a GREAT day!!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

simplewords said...

That's so sweet. Is there a place where we can just send a money donation?

abby from texas said...

ahhh man! i checked your blog yesterday all day to see if there was a new post but it never came up! man! i could have gone to that!! =[ thats only like 30 min away. o well that was still really really sweet of you to do that! but i wish i could have bidded on the meet and greet! =]

i hope you have a great day and have fun in san antonio!

Chelsee said...

OMG Mitchel did you name the stuffed bear after Olivia? lol thats cool. And it's so sweet that you're helping out someone who needs it. You rock!


iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

awww dats soo sweetttt

yoor amazingg, we lovee yoohh!!

oh and im still making yoor collages. ill send it here when im done.

ii wanna see yooh again sooo much .. lol ily <3

With Love,
Christine <3

Anonymous said...


leannee =] said...

That's so sweet of you to help raise money for Baby Bailey!

I seriously want to win that basket, but that's no where near me.

Hope it turns out awesome though!
(Questionless girl on Radio Disney) =]

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOH I'm coming to see yoooou=]
it's going to be sooo muuuch fun. you have such a giving heaaart !

aren't you tired though.. jet-lagged..somethinnng??? yet you have enough energy to post this and go out againnnn?

I'm going to call you Boy Wonder !

Nicole xx

Anonymous said...

If I posted my number here would you call me ?

Ashley !

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel!-

I think it's so great that you're doing all of this for Bailey! It really shows you care.

I'm going to have to miss it this weekend because of my grandma's 90th birthday! We have to fly up to Chicago early Friday and we come back late Sunday. Not to mention I have a HUGE project due the following week that I havent even started on.

I MIGHT be able to go see you on December 16th though! I'm very excited for that!

I'll hear from you later Mitchel! We love everything you're doing!

<3 Liz

abby from texas said...

sorry ive left like a catrillion comments today...

but where can you get tickets for the jingle jam in dallas! i've looked everywere on the website and ticketmaster and googled it but cant find any info. can you please tell us or post a link of where to buy tickets?
i also was looking at other comments and other people couldnt find them either..

-abby from texas

alexis said...

mitchel! you are simply amazing.

seriously. your my hero.

i hope to meet you again soon <3
i wish i had talked to you more, when i did though.

i love you! xoxo, alexis from texas

Samantha said...

Aww Mitchel. Its so great that you want to take part in this. Little Bailey will be in my prayers. I'd go and bid on that wonderful prize pack, but sadly I can't get to Texas. The Lone Star State is a tad bit far from the state shaped like a mitten. Hahah. But I'm sure some wonderful person will buy that package and help Bailey and her family out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

That's really nice of you to be raising money for a little baby. I think that you're doing a wonderful thing for a couple or family that is trying to get bigger. I will try to earn some of my own money to be able to bid some money for the fund. I hope it all goes well!

Lots of luv!
Ambrea from Cali

Kylee said...

wooohoo texas!!
haha thats amazing that your doing the charity event for bailey! i hope she does okay! i wish i could go to the charity but i dont think i can go..its around thanksgiving and i think im going to my lake house. but good luck!i love you!! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!

awww It's so sweet that you're going to do that!! You're really nice :D I'd totally go to donate money, but I live really far from there, so, I guess I can't.

Anyways, have a lot of fun on your meets and greets.

Love ya,


Alana said...

wow thats SOOOOOOOO sweet of you!!
i hope Baily will have the surgury and get better!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! That is so sweet of you to donate stuff to auction for Bailey! I'm sure her parents love you for it! Are they family friends? Just wondering =)...I wish I could go...but unfortunately I live nowhere near that so I can't go...=( sad! But I want to win the meet & greet so bad! Or the gift basket...sounds awesome! Either one of those would be the most perfect Christmas present, too...O-man I wish I could wake up on Christmas morning and run downstairs only to find you sitting at the base of the Christmas tree with a bow tied around you...Oh my gosh that would be the best Christmas ever!! **Woa ok I am back!** LOL. Kind of went into LALA land back there, but I'm better now...And another sweet thing? You must really care about your fans and their families if you didn't want to make the parents mad...You don't even know them! But yeah that's really sweet! ;) So anywho have a great week Mitchel!