Friday, November 02, 2007

I will be on air in just a few minutes.....

But I wanted you to know that I will also be at the "Fred Claus" premiere tomorrow at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood at if your coming to the show...give me a Big Shout Out!

Now.....CRANK up Radio Disney and let's PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! And if your coming to the Pre-Party tonight....are we gonna have fun or what????



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I am not going to be able to go to the "Fred Claus" premeire or the pre-party but i am going or see you on Dec 22 though.

Have a good week!!

See ya

Your fan,

Courtney #21
P.S I got the Metro Station Album!!! Isnt that sweeet!!

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel,
I so wished i could have listened to it. But i was a school and i dont out until 3:39 and get home at 4:15 I so wanted to hear it. When it was 2 I told my friend "Mitchel Musso is on the radio" she said oh waa. I was so depressed! So can you tell people about it on here please!!! i would really appreciate it.

See ya

leannee =] said...

I specifically came home in time for it to air. I'm waiting for you to come on, they're playing music right now though. I'm almost screaming. I seriously can't wait for this. =]


Smurfy said...

I'm listening right now and I keep getting a busy signal! Grr! This is so annerving!

I want to see Fred Clause! i saw a preview of it last year when they were filming it and wanted to see it so bad.

Love Selah.

megan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

So kewl!!!! so today was the first dance in my school this was kinda boring really.... i requested your music and miley's music.....but sadly....the dj didn't have that music.....anyway g2g!!!!
-Chelsea AKA Chilli

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until December 15 when your coming to Philadelphia!! On that date will be exactly 10 months sinse I fell in love with you!! I am sooo excited!!

Jess W.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Have a great time!!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm listening right now. I'll tell you what I think! *smile*


Anonymous said...

everything is in CALIFORNIA !
ahh i need to move there
you're amazing i still love you

-xo Michele

Tristin said...

This sucks.
My mom cant take me today.
Im so angry...

Oh and theres some new songs from mitchel on the incubator including and extended version of "Leavin" the new samples are "Lisence For Love" and "Red Carptet"

here is the link:

Carly said...

haha. i want to see that movie! lol well have fun! and have fun on at the pre party tonight!! that goes to evryone going too! haha. lol

well mitchel thanks for taltking to me and my freind today! haha had fun! im still listening to u guys!!

well i better go ill ttyl



megan said...

omg good luckk!!
metro station is pretty sweet.i have three of there songs

i cant go to the premeire because i live in rochester, ny lol

but i will see you on december 14!! the day before my birthday


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just heard you and your brother talking on Radio Disney... you two are so funny! lol! It wasn't as embarrassing as you thought it would be though... just funny! lol! *smile* ttyl!


Anonymous said...

ill see u at the fred clause premiere!!!!
ill be cheering just for u!

* * M-I-T-C-H-E-L * *

Jessica said...

OMG, I'm calling Radio Disney right now and I keep getting a busy signal!! 2 times I called it kept ringing and I'm like, "OMG...OMG..." but then it went to a busy signal! But I'll keep trying!! But if you do answer, I don't really know what to say! LOL! :P
And I sent you a Shout-Out on Radio Disney!

Anonymous said...

ugh!....i was in school!!!!...oh well i know u will b on another time and i will listen if i can get the station in!....have fun tonight mitchel!!!! you! <3

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

leannee =] said...

Mitchel~ YOU READ MY SHOUT OUT ON THE AIR! I was Leanne, the on without a question. =] haha. I blasted it when you said my name and state and then read the shout out. My brother was standing next to me and he was like ohmigod and I was like laughing and crying at the same time. I actually didn't even know to put in a question because, I don't know I just didn't know that. I sent it before you came on the air.

I was calling in for about 1 hour and 30-45 minutes. My brother was helping a little on the other phone. Then I finally got in and the woman said you just left for a meet and greet. I think she lied because you were still on the air talking to other people who were calling in.

I liked when Marc called in and the DJ was like tell us something no one knows about Mitchel and you were just like NO MARC DON'T DO IT DUDE I'LL TELL YOU LIKE 12 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT HIM!

And I'm still in shock that you read my shout out. =]

(who had no question in the shout out ;] )

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I wasn't home from school in time to hear you on Radio Disney, but it's on your website. Sadly, I'm not going to the pre-party... :(. Have a great weekend!
Love ya!

Smurfy said...

That was really good. Ernie D. told you to get a haircut. Don't listen to him. I love your hair.

Omigosh, now you make me want to go to Chik-Fil-A, but my mom has the car...again. I could want but someone might drive up on the sidewalk. People's driving here is scary.

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

Hi! That was awesome on Radio Disney! I can't wait to hear the new songs, though! I am so tired right now, but that might be because I just stared at the computer screen for the last few hours translating a German website into English. It was worth it, though, because now I have enough information to write my article in the school newspaper. I'll talk to you later. *smile*


Taylor said...

aww, mitchel! i hope u hav soo much funn! c ya in 15 days! :)

Mariah said...

Well this is depressing.
My friend might get to meet you whens he's in the USA. I'm seriously upset, nothing good ever happens to me.
I love you lots, hope everything goes well!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had radio disney! lol dangg!! =//
haha. hope you had fun though!! :D
you're so AMAZING!!


chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

poor me, I dont live anywhere around there.. so I cant see you

Im so sad and I still feel non-existint... oh well, Im just gonna try to figure out what I can do anyways. Oh, and I didnt read your message until now.. so I missed out on Radio Disney.. Im so sorry.
=( But, I'll try to see if I can catch you next time.
Well, talk to you later. Have a good day =)

Dani said...

They posted some more songs on your Incubator at Radio

~White Stripes Gloves(I didn't get
~Red Carpet
~License for Love(I really liked this one!)

Just thought I'd let you know! I missed you on the Radio...I came home like 10 minutes after you got off! Poop! Oh well! I see you in Chicago soon!


Anonymous said...

omg u were amazing onair!!!!!!! cant wait for chicagos pre party WERE GONNA GET CRUNK hahaha

Daniela said...

have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Selah said...

Mitchel, you are so cheetah-licious! I'm sorry, I had to say that. I just saw your Disney 365 segment when you were playing all the Disney video games. When was that filmed? Like August?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I hope you have a great time!!
I am so excited to see you when you come to Chicago! <3
For the pre-party, is there a fee or is it free??
i love you sooooo much!

Rachel said...

Heyyyy. So im soo excited to see you in Rochester!!!!!! AHHH, like never in a million years did i think you would come here!!!! BUT THANKS SO MUCH!
anyway i have a questions
The pre party thing is like free right?
I love you. xox

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...


I was calling. And calling. And calling.... You get the picture! I never got through! I got through right after they stopping taking calls for you. I was SO mad. But i'm ok. I'm glad I got to listen to you anyway.

I'm so excited to see where you'll show up to next!

<3 Liz

tiffany said...

pre-party? sounds funny & i wish i could party with you

Anonymous said...

Mitchel guess what? My birthday is on monday November 5! Im going to be 15!

- Miranda

Sam said...

the pre-party was SOOO much fun!
thanks for the autographs!
it must be tiring to answer all those questions and to sign so many pictures/posters...and to have the flash constantly in your face (i think i was to blame for most of it lol -sorry-)


Anonymous said...

hi mitchel ,
i would have listened 2 radio disney , but i didn't cuz i'm not from the USA .. :(
but i did listen 2 the radio disney podcast it was fun :)

keep up the great job mitchel :)
& have a nice day ;)


Emily said...

i cant go see you at the premiere because i will be seeing miley at her concert tomorrow, but i wish i could do both!!!! anyway i hope you had lots of fun tonight, i sadly didn't get to go...

~Emily from san fernando valley

Olivia said...

i saw you today and it was awesome :D

i talked to your ada for like 30 minutes.
and before he left he gave me this thing that said i go to the miley world bus in anaheim for the concert, cause he's gonna let mariam and i in cause he's AWESOME, but, like, the honda center says it starts at 4, but you're gonna be at this premiere, you should clarify this.
and even if you are going at ALL.
serioouuslllly :]

Anonymous said...

Have a great week!! =)


lea said...


Oh my god. :D I'm Lea and I'm from the Philippines and I would just like to say that we love you here.

I am enthused to find your blog here. :) WOW.

I think you're a very good dancer, singer and actor. I really have a great time watching you on Hannah Montana.

Keep that up!

Lisa B said...

AHH MITCHEL WHEN YOU WERE ON RADIO DISNEY LAST NIGHT I TRIED CALLING LIKE 50 Times. but i think i h ad the number wrong but i still tried. have fun at fred claus tonight, if i live is California i would be there
k bye love you

leannee =] said...

My third comment... but your new songs are AWESOME! I still love Leavin'. License For Love is pretty good, too. I want you on my ipod, so bad.

jessinicole. said...

the preparty at the district was awesome. Youre so freakin amazing, I got in line 3 times to meet you cause im that lame. But I gave you a few cool things including an origami panda so i think it makes up for me being obnoxious :)

shireen said...

just so you know, i heard you on Radio Disney yesterday and i was spazzing! Haha, i was so happy to hear your voice :] i wouldnt let anyone change the station on the radio.
see you dec.4!

you #1 fan
i love you,

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I listened to you on Radio Disney, your a born natural! :D!
I tried calling in like 57 times, and all i got was the busy tone. you are really popular these days!
Have fun at the premiere!
I wish I lived in California! :(
maybe i will one day...
oh well.
have a wicked awesome weekend!


heyy have fun at the premeire!! i wish i lived in cali so i could go to premeires and stuff. i would come see you everytime! lol i really hope i can com see on dec 7th!

Hellen said...

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Anonymous said...

I just made some cookies and heard part of your three other songs on radio disney... the cookies taste great and the songs are awesome! ttyl!


Fer said...

Hey Mitchel!!
aww I would've listened to Radio Disney but I'm not from the USA, that's so sad cuz I can't meet you either=(
I wish you would come to Mexico...
I still love you though, you're AWESOME!
Hope you had fun last night!

Chrissy said...

Hey Mitchel!

I'm so excited for everything that's happening for you! I really hope I can come to the Jingle Jam concert in S.F. That would be awesome. :D Anyways, hope you're great!

Chrissy (an Elves Girl)

Lauren said...

have fun at the premier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooooooooooooooooooo



heyyy! I'm coming to see you Jan 1st in Cleveland! :)

guess whattt!

MY BIRTHDAY IS WED! ( Nov 7th! )
I'm turning 16! wooo.

part of my present it coming to see you in Jan :)
so that's should be exciting.

<3 Ashley
[from ohio]

morganbl said...

heyy mitchel! have fun! look in the gallery there r pics of you and me! ily! mwah

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i have an important question. do all the pre partys start at 6?

anna signore said...

omg omg mitchel!... i just found out that you were comming to chicago!! i was soo happy and i told my mom.. and guess what..? she said "NO!" i cant believe she said no to Mitchel Musso! i was soo sad! all the excitement left my body! and i really really really really wanted to see you too since i never met you before!! i am soo sorry that i cant come and see you. i really really hope that she will change her mind about it! but yah maybe another time. but yah have a good week! oh and i got teh Metro Station Album!! i love it! lol but yah ttyl

♥ anna signore

sam said...

mitch bring ur marc to chicago.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel...i just listen to some more of ur music! is so good!....i really like red carpet and lisence to love...o and i just liek them all!!!!...hope u had the best time at the concert last night!!!....<3 u even more by the second!!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

Dani said...


I have to ask....What the heck are white Striped gloves????



meeghan MEYER said...

Come to minnesota.
I'll like, flip.
please, and colorado.
do it for me and kelly, your number one fans.

+ all the imdb girls.

please, mitch.

Samantha said...

i had the same question.
what are white striped gloves..and what gave you the idea to write about them?


Mariam. [: said...

oh mitchel!
you amaze me. (:

thank you so much for taking the time to come out to talk to the fans.
like me and olivia. (:

i hope you have an amazing time on tour. (:
and that you stay safe and healthy!

tell mr. musso we said thanks. (:

the girl with the big green sign.

wanna tell us about your white striped gloves?
cause you've got us all wondering.
hahhaa. (:
i love the new music.

Olivia said...

i made a youtube video for youre three new songs that were recently added to the incubator

i'll see you on nov. 18th!
iss yourr dad gonna be there?
i wanna talk to him againnn.
hes so nice.
i heart him ahaha.

and you tooo :D


mitchels babe said...

i listened to radio sounded sooo cute!!!

i'm going to the music tour my mom said i could go!!!

love ya always babe

Anonymous said...

I saw a little showing thing on base in Little Rock,AR it was free and we had nothing else to do saw I saw it. It was an ok movie. I guess I liked it.

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...



ughh ii kant wait to hear all of it! ill write here if im gonna see yooh too

ilyyy <3

Erin91 said...

i heard a clip of your new song "license for love"
very catchy, i like it!

my favorite is still wasn't your girlfriend though, that's amazing!


hey mitchel! i just wanted to say thank you for crossing the street at the premiere for Fred Claus! I was disappointed cause I thought that no one was going to come over to talk to us or sign any autographs because earlier on we called for Miranda Cosgrove to come over but she didn't so we thought no one was able to come over. But when i saw you in your purple snazzy jacket (lol) me and my sister called for you and i was so happy that you came! Thanks so much, for being a great guy and caring for your fans, and for the hug. Can't wait for your music to come out and to talk to you again!
Your fan,

Chelsee said...

Aww darn I missed the radio disney thing. But I'm so excited for the Worcester pre-party! My mom actually said I could go! Lol it's still 47 days away, but whatever! haha I'm making you a present... something to do with Queen...yeah...
Ok well see you in 47 days, 5 hours, and 44 minutes!



So I made a video.

Caroline said...

AAAAAAAAAAH! You're coming to Richmond!!! Sweet! Sorry about the delayed reaction, I just read a bunch of your recent posts, I haven't been on the computer in a while. I'm totally gonna come see you... or I would... if I could find out the time... and clear my schedule for that afternoon... Anyways, that's awesome! I can't wait to hear your new music! Oh hey, I didn't get my shout-out in, but I was just wondering, what's your favorite color? I know it's a totally random question, but I think you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite color. Well, have fun at the Fred Claus premiere, and I might see you on January 4 here in RVA!!! :D

~Caroline :D

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

November 2, 2007
all day ii wanted to listen to yooh on radio disney
around 2:30, after ii finished my long history test, me and my friends were running around the school looking for a radio

after searching, we finally found it and ran to the school's auditorium. we went backstage and connected the radio. the minute it went on, ii SCREAMED when ii heard yooh talking! my friends kept on saying "yooh ran around the whole school just to hear him" (:

btw yoor songs sound sooooooo hot! im impatiently waiting to hear all of them!

ii couldnt come to the premiere yesterday cuz ii had a sweet 16 to go to. oh well. hope to see yooh again soon <3

ilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3

-Christine <3

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carly said...

hey mitchel is there anyway u can tell us where ur going for the eaach of the citys or is it too soon?!?


NaTaShA said...

OMG!!!!!! i am sosososoosssosoo furious! that i didint listen to it!!!!1 i heard the podcast and was like omg i missed out! i wish i could have talked to you........that was funny when you talked to that kid timmy and you were like "tell your mom i said wutz up...or hello mamm... to be polite" it made me laugh!!!!!!! well I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meeghan said...

ay kiddo.



Dani said...

Hey Mitchel,

Your AWESOME fan, Jackie, from Chicago is having her 16th birthday this week...Think you could give her or "everybody that's having a birthday this week" a shout-out?


Maryann is CRUNK. said...


Olivia is lucky and got to meet you, but i get to meetcha when you come to Pittsburgh haha.

dang kid things just seem to keep getting better and better for you, im so happy for you. :]

i get to go see metro station this saturday<3!

Anonymous said...

Oh bejeeebers.
I can't get over the faaaact that I'm actually typing this to yooou.

do you read ALL of our comments?
maaajor props if you doooo.

I'll most def. be thereee for the touuur.


Anonymous said...

sounds exciting!
you have so much cool stuff going on, haha.

guess what!? it's my birthday in a month tomorrow.
eeek, i'm so excited. i'm going out to tgi fridays with my friends :)

ohhh, also, there's this competition for disney channel uk viewers. we can get flown out to america and go and see miley perform in new jersey. how awesome is that? i'm entering everyday :D

haha, have an awesome week mitchel.
ily <3 x

brooke said...

license for love is absolutely amazing.
i cannot wait to hear the full version. im coming to see you in indiana :D. i live in ohio, but driving 4 hours wont kill me. i drove 6 last time. haha.


simplewords said...

Have fun at your party, but you got to let me know ehn you get your meet and greet for Boston, I told my friends and they are all freaked to see you!

Have fun!

simplewords said...

oh yeah, and adding on to what I said before, Metro Station's Kelsey was the number one song at my school's dance yesterday, now everyone wants to download it!

Stefanie said...

hey, rochetser, huh?
lol, where are you going to be???

shireen said...

quick question:
when will the info for your tour be posted?

just wanted to know!

i love you,

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel

i have a awesome story for you and it is so true

Ok so I went to Choir practice and we had a mixture of schools and there was this on guy who looked almost like you just with lighter hair and shorter. He is so wickedy hott!!!! ahhh....During the whole choir rehearsal i kept staring at him my friend kept stepping on my foot because i wouldn't stop staring at him. I get to see him on wednesday and I'm gonna tell him he looks like you. And I'm gonna try to get his name...I so CAN'T WAIT until wednesday...Ahhhhh!!!!!


brendasally said...

heyyy mitchel. im pretty sure i saw you in the backround of The Hills on MTV when they showed the Young Hollywood show. :]] i hope that was you haha
it was for like half a second and it was really dark. but yahh hahahah :]]
lemme know if it was youuu!!


Caitlyn said...

Im so probably not coming to see you in Albany, NY and I cant even hear your music because my computer has no sound! :(

Meeghan said...


Come see me.


-Meeghan[the pumpkin girl]