Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet & Greet in Georgia

Tuesday, November 27

Verizon Wireless
7301 North Point Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30022

4:00 p.m. Meet & Greet begins

6:00 p.m. Meet & Greet ends



Daniela said...

Have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Selah said...

Are you kidding me? If I still lived in South Carolina, I would totally have my mom drive me to Georgia to see you. It's one day of school. I don't skip school so missing one day wouldn't be a problem for her.

Wow. Nothing is going my way right about now. The only good thing about turning 17 t'morrow is that "Seventeen Forever" will finally apply to me.

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I apologize that I didnt come to see you in miami but i would have if it wasn't that far from where i live . But since you are coming to Orlando and its not on a school day i am defintiy coming to see you. No doubt about that.
Hey thank you for coming to Florida and i cant wait to see you again there.

I saw the youtube videos that you told us about. I thought that was the most incredible performance that i had ever seen.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Your Fan,

Courtney #21

Jessica said...

Have funnnnnn!!!!

Sasha said...

i hope you and the fans have tons of fun!!!

Nikki said...

I wish I could see you like live in person but I can't cause I live like all the way in New Jersey. Well, hopefulyl you'll be around there soon! :)

Lizzie (: said...

Have fun (: 17 days 'til you come to IL.

i love youuu

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

As always, I hope you and your fans have fun with all the meeting and the greeting!


And peace out to you, too!

brie said...

Those dolls are adorable! They look just like you! lol!

I can't wait for the new Hannah Episode...December 7th...sounds like a familiar date....if only Mitchel could be more specific about it.....*hint hint*

Anyway, I saw some videos on YouTube of you at Jingle Jam. Man, you have got some MOVES! Incredible...so incredible!

luv, brie

oliviaheartsmitchel said...

hmmm i wonder who will be there.
i'm gonna be in like......an airplane that day i think.
yepp haha ;p]

Melissa said...

Have FUUUNNNN Mitchel <33


Maryann! said...

eek i wish i could go.


dude i havent been there since i was like, 10 haha.

You make it worth going there thoughhh. :]

hopefully my boss will FINALLY give me my paycheck so i can get a VIP ticket.


morgaann x said...

i'm so gonna be there.
it's gonna take us 2 hours to get to atlanta from where we live; but i can't wait.
see you there(:


Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel. This stinks...I was going to be able to go meet you (since I live in Georgia and i've wanted you to come here forever) but I had some mandatory choir practices and man. I really wanted to see you =/

I know you'll have fun though. Wish I could be there!!

Love ya, Rebekah

Anonymous said...

erg...i wanna go!..p.s. oliva u r so lucky u won that basket!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Emily said...

ok first of all, whoever posted that really rude comment should like.....die. well i dont wanna be mean (but THEY do apparently). aww now i really wanna hug you again. hehe. today in spanish i learned how to say "mitchel musso y yo nos abrazamos" (mitchel musso & I hugged) lol im so proud of me ;). and i dont live near Georgia so come back to l.a. soon.

~Emily from san fernando valley

alicia said...

i love the dolls! there cute! im glad u had fun at the jingle jam! hopefully i will be able to go to the one in dallas bcuz i have alot of family there so i mite b able to go! i live all the way in houston sooo mayb mayb not! whos ganna b there? hope u have fun in georgia! lov ya

Anonymous said...


Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

i love you (:

Anonymous said...

I really dont see why you just dont go to the charlotte, nc one since its actually on the 27th. I could really care less but my little sister is a huge fan of yours, but you know whatever, have fun dude.

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

ilyy mitchel <3

have fun!

With Love,

Anonymous said...

after that u come to ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! =)

oliviaheartsmitchel said...

Thanks to whoever said Congrats to me, haha.
No name was included, so I dunno.
Wellll Mitchel...
I'm boredd.


nice nice.


rude commment?
i guess i'm glad i didn't see that 0.0

tiffany said...

eeeesh. i'm sorry. haha

georgia is...o.O. no comment. lol

Anonymous said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

as soon as i get my liscence in janurary,
and a car,
i'm driving EVERYWHERE.
i don't mind long drives =]

so, hopefully you'll see me someplace =]
next year. lol

Hope you're having a great time! :]

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
Have fun in Georgia! My cousins live in Alpharetta, but they came down to Florida! =]
I'm praying for your safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! =)


Dani said...

Hey Mitchel...

Do you know if they sell "Mitch Merch" (Olivia's word lmao) at the preparties? I saw some kids had some at the Flordia Event?

Just Confuzzled! Have fun in Georgia!


Allie said...

Hey Mitchel! I was looking at ur concert and ur music videos, and u are so good! But I think you shouldn't do dances, you should freestyle and go into the crowd with body guards (otherwise they'll rip you 2 shreads). Leavin' is so good! I have Wasn't your Girlfriend from some random site, and I can't wait for ur album to drop! When does it anyway?

Just wanted to ask you, when are you coming back to New York? I really want to see you again and see you perform.

Have fun in the California sun...


PS: Tell ur brother I love his band. Kelsey and Control are my favorite songs.

Jasmine said...

Ahh that's awesome
Georgia is really lucky.
Have funn!

Fer said...


man that would be awesome...I just REALLY want to meet you=(

k have fun love ya!<3

MeganP2010 said...

aldsfkjadfkj I wish we could do san jose jingle jam all over again... I miss that whole scene...



Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great day, and I'll be thinking of you all day long. (By the way, what's your favorite pie?)

Deticated to you forever, and always,
Amanda <3333

Jessiice Rene'ee =) said...

i just wanted to tell you happy thanksgiving!
and that i just have to send you this :


lol i was bored and my dad showed me how to make these things so thought i would make one of you 2 & me lol. i thought it was extremly funny exspecially for the holidays lol.
hope you like!!!

Jessica Benedetto =)

Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

i love youuu! (: just 16 more days.

-Lizzie <3

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mitchel, YOU are BEYOND hot! LOL. I'm serious, man! I just now got a chance to watch a part of the Jingle Jam concert featuring you, and OH MY GOSH. I am about to flip. You were amazing...And the dancing? Woa it blew me away! Seriously now...I need to breathe...LOL. And the dolls, too! Hotter than hot! But still..You're so far away! I wish I could be where you are! Jealousy is terrible...I am so jealous right now, too! Okay well anywho just thought I'd drop you a line!

Love you always
and miss you terribly

Luv Kaci

Anonymous said...

omg!! I was watching the Jingle Jam concert on youtube and you seriosly have mad dance skills like Chris Brown!! You rock my sox off my feet!! Love you forever!!

Jess W.

Breann said...

i hope u have fun i wish i could go tho it would make me feel so much better...i had the worst day ever!!!! this kid i used to like is making fun of me and calling me ugly i wish all the guys were like u, ur so sweet and caring and i know u could cheer me up


Katie R. said...

WOW Mitchel, I was just on Youtube and there are a TONS of your performances on there!! Its AMAZING!! I watched a couple of them and they are GREAT! You looked like you had a BLAST! I prayed for you all day that day. I knew you'd be GREAT! I can't wait to see you December 4th in Detroit! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving Mitchel!

-Katie R.


the one time i move away from georgia... my love comes to alphareta =( lol
are you coming to alabama maybe sometime? =)

xoxo katy xoxo

*Becky* said...

I wish I could go! That's only about 2 hours away from where I live. :( You need to come to Alabama!


Madison said...

Hi Mitchel,

I met you today in Atlanta and it was great!!! You were really nice! My dad was one of the Radio Disney people and we got to talk to you right before you left for the airport. I can't wait to watch you on Hannah Montana!