Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can't keep up........

I'M SO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I gotta take a minute for my FANS!! I love you ALL! I can not wait for Jingle Jam this week! I am very excited.....I just left was crazy....I am exhausted! But I am going to do my very best to show you a different side of Mitchel this weekend.......I hope you like it!

YES! The Jingle Jam tour is free! Just listen to Radio Disney for details on where tickets are being given away!

Are you a SUPER FAN? I am going to have a BASKET at my Merchandise booth with all kinds of Mitchel Musso Merchandise in it and it's free! You just got to be holding the winning ticket! How do you get a ticket??? Come to my booth! Marc will be say hi! One winner will recieve all sorts of memorbilia from different projects I have worked on!Come learn how to be a SUPER FAN!

And.....I leave for Miami on Friday morning....can't wait to meet all my fans there!

Tomorrow night is final dress rehearsal for me and my band and pray for me! I know.....I don't ever ask you to pray for me....but I need it for THIS to all come together!

And....I leave you with this......

POP Girl, Material girl......she's driven by the finer things of this world....but she's my what I gotta do........

just sharing the opening a line from White Striped Gloves......



Mariam. [: said...

i always pray for you.
every single night before i go to bed. (:

you're so amazing.
and i know you'll be the highlight of jingle jam.

i came up with some ideas for stuff like, a "reasons we love mitchel" scrapbook and stuff.
all the girls on imdb like the idea and want to help-and some of them have decided to make books of their own for you.

i'll give you mine the next time i see you. (:

i know you are wayyyy stressed and you've got an unbelivable amount of pressure on you right now, but we all have faith in you and no matter what-we love you.
so, just try to relax and don't kill yourself working. pleaseeee.
all a true fan wants is to see is the smile on your face!

i love you more than words can describe!
the girl with the big green sign.

Olivia said...

if marcs gonna be there then your dad will be too?
i want that basket :]
ashlee and i will get it
i'm wayy excitedd for sunday i have some surprisesss :]]
anddddd i hope this line from white striped gloves makes people like the song
cause like no one likes it but i keep listening to it and i like it, silly people :]<3


Anonymous said...

O.M.G. I'm like SUPERRRRMAN excited for this weekend mitchel! Ill be there with olivia at like 7 am. So I am gonna try 2 find u when u get 2 the convention look 4 a blonde haired girl who is chasing u. :D I think me&olivia need "special treatment" we r traveling for like 2 HRS on a plane just 2 c u! Oh and if u do wasn't ur gf, leavin, license 4 luv, or red carpet, I swear I'm gonna luv u 4evr&ever&ever&ever&ever. (Now that's a lot of evers!) oh I'm making a binder of just u. Like I'm putting ur autograph in it, and a HUGE collage of ur pics. Oh hey, u owe me a dogtag. :] well I g2g, I have 2 go the rest of my torture homework. Luv,Ashlee

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the whole song. I know it will be super amazing. I will must defintly pray for you to do an amazing job at the Jingle Jam this weekend but I know you wont need it at all because YOU ARE AMAZING!! Have so much fun. I wish I could go to bad you aren't coming up to Washington, that would be soooo cool if you did. Love you much Mitchel.

Lauren said...

praying for ya!!!!!!
btw, good luck, and lol that basket of :)

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel im sooo happy for u and all the stuff ur doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM DEFFINITLY A SUPER FAN OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFFINITLY DEFFINITLY DEFFFINITLY!!!!! have fun in miami and good luck for ur dree rehersal tonight! i kno ull do great! omg i love that openin line I LIKE IT I LIKE IT I LIKE IT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Daniela said...

I'll pray for you! here from Israel..
WOW you so admired!!!:)
and your song White Striped Gloves is AWESOME! one of my favorite!!
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...




leannee =] said...

Come. To. New. York. For. A. Concert.

Good luck at your concert! I'm sure it'll be awesome! And I will pray for you. =]

I can't wait to hear the full songs!
(Girl with no question on Radio Disney) =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I had been very busy last week because my team had to go to North Carolina to play in a soccer tournament and it was really cold up there.But we did good in it but didn't win it though.
I have no clue if i can go to Miami but i know its not that far because i live in florida on the east coast and so i would have my parents drive down there with takes at least three hours but I think my parents will let me go.
But i will go to the jingle jangle concert in december

Gotta go to school Have a good week I praying for you mitchel.

See ya,

Your fan,

Courtney #21

meeghan said...


Come to mn.



Samantha said...

Man Mitchel, that sounds like a blast. really wish I could go to Jingle Jam, but its just not close enough...

Miami, thats fun! ahah

aw, you may not ask, but I do anyway. =]

You're super busy, but have fun this week!


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Good luck at your rehearsal! I wish I could be a Super Fan, but I can't make it there. Thanks for the opening line of White Striped Gloves! Guess what... I have a half day today! I'll be praying for you! BTW, can you pray for me too? I leave for New York tomorrow to rehearse for a week for the Macy's thanksgiving day parade! I'm so excited! Anyway, good luck at the Jingle Jam concert! I'll have to look on youtube after the concert... all of the places are too far away for me to go, but I can come to the pre-party in Worcester! And it's only three days before my birthday and four days before Christmas! Anyway, good luck! I'll be praying for you! *smile*


Selah said...

AwL Mitchel.
I'm sorry you're stressed. I know how you feel though. We may have different reasons to be stressed, but I feel your pain.

I pray for you all the time. It just something I do.

It brings a tear to my heart when the people I love hurt. I don't want you to hurt. I want you to have fun. If you think of your performances and apperances as fun, then they don't seem so much like work. That's how I think when I have to do homework, though it doesn't really work for Chemistry. But you get to do things that I pray I get the chance to. So, you're extremly blessed, trust me.

But I know what you mean about being exhausted. I didn't go to sleep til 12, getting back from the Dane Cook thing. The man is a genius. Then I had to get up at six this morning for school, sing at 7 for chorus, plus all my other classes. Thank GOD I have an easily math class. I just slept in there. Don't worry, I got my work done, and my teacher's nice, so it's sweet.

But I have a buttload of homework, and I still gotta work out today. I think I may just sleep through Thanksgiving week. Hey, I'll eat the leftovers, celebrate my birthday a few days later, no harm, no foul.

Love Selah.

p.s. I like the lyrics to White Striped Gloves so far. Hopefully, you'll give us a little more soon. -wink wink-

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I'll pray for you, but you don't really need it, I'm pretty sure you're going to rock on stage and everything is going to be great. :D

I love the opening of White Striped Gloves!! I can't wait to read the rest and, of course, listen it! that song is totally going to my Ipod when it comes out!

Good Luck from Spain!

Love ya


Tristin said...

I'll be praying for you love.
And I'll be working my butt off to get some tickets lol.

OMG I wanna meet marc. Ok
I'll have to go now.

Hopefully I get the privledge of meeting you!

Anonymous said...

I know you're busy & I know it's going to get hard but you just have to KEEP AT IT ! I'm up to my shins in homewoooork.studying.socializing.moving=/planning...buuuut you WILL get the hang of things and it will all fall into place TRUST ME ! you have sooo many people that loooove&care for yoooou and SOOO muuch going for yooooou and it might seem like you have everything to lose but think of how much you will have to gain maaaaaaaan!


yuuum=] Charlotte xxOOxx.

Cassie =] said...

mitchel... don't worry it will all come together. you have amazing talent and you are veryyy stressed right now (i can tell lol) but you'll do great! i'll pray for you cause pray never hurts =]. good luck and i'll watch the videos on youtube. lol since i can't be there in person =[ best of luck!

Breann said...

ugh i wish i can go but i live in stupid south jersey && my mom wont take me i'm also sick with a stomach flu && im surprised i can type cuz i'm so light-headed.... but i'm definatly going to Philly!! i pray for you every night right after i do yoga && fall like a billion times lol....&& its so sweet what your doing for that family i kind of know what they're going through cuz of my niece.... i hope the baby gets better.... && good luck at the Jingle Jam you'll do great

Love you

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Good luck with the Jingle Jam. I hope you have fun. :] I wish I could be there, but I don't live close enough. I'm positive that the fans that are there will love the show.

Have fun in Miami!

I know that you will do a great job. I don't want you to stress yourself out and get sick. :(

The opening from White Striped Gloves sounds great. Can't wait to hear the whole song.


Taylor said...

ur soo awsome mitchel!! lol
i always pray 4 ya.
i hope u hav a safe trip on ur way down 2 miami.
cant blieve i get to meet u again there!!
lol. yea, my moms driving 2 hours 2c ya with me and my bff abby.
call us crazyy, rite?
well, ur worth it!
i have some presents 4 ya!
hope ya like when i give em 2 ya!!
cya saturday qt!!

<33 Tay-tay

Stefanie said...

hey, its my bday today (:, i would love for you to wish me a happy bday, i REALLY hope to see you on your busy tour i already put the apperances on my calendar, lol, thanks :)

-#1 fan
stefanie (:
i love youuu, you inspire me !!!

Anonymous said...

I think that all this work is very appreciate from ALL of your too....also if I can't come from Italy to see you...we appreciate all this work that you do 4 your fans!! =)


Lizzie (: said...

I hope you have an amazing time. I'm postive you'll be the best preformer there (:

22 days til you come to Illinois. I'm very excited to see you again.

i love you so much

Kyle said...

Mithcy....ur my man!

Kodhai said...

Good Luck in the concert! You'll be fine, relax. I will pray.....=). Whover gets the basket, congrats!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

don't u worry...i will pray 4 u!!...good luck!...u need it!...oh my gosh! i really wanna go even more!!!!!.....come to nebraska please!!!!!!!!!!....i know i will like white striped gloves cause i like the first line!!!!!!....well i will ttyl!...
<3 u babe!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

Anonymous said...

mitchel is ur brother going to travel wit u everywhere? or just thr concerts lol random question...

ya gotta sing parta ur songs at ur meet and greets! cuz i cant go to any of the concerts! there no where near me!

Fer said...

aww Mitche we ALWAYS pray for you...cuz you rock!!!

hey I really hope you do great in the Jingle Jam concert good luck!!
man, I really want your merchandise...BUT I LIVE IN MEXICO!!!I know I'll meet you someday though...

Well hope you have a great time in Miami and good luck with everything!I wanna hear your new songs!=D you're the best!

love ya<3

brie said...

You don't have to tell us to pray for you because we all do! It doesn't even have to be said. Best of luck on your lirst Jingle Jam performance. I know it will be AMAZING!

I am definatly a Super-Fan, but WHY does Miami have to be SOOOOOO far away?!?!

And are those lyrics AWESOME! Can't wait to hear the whole song!

Still not sure if I can see you in Chicago. All my mom keeps saying is "We'll see...." Me and my friend have been begging our parents to go, but it's the same answer every time! :( They said it really depends on the location. Can you PLEEEEEEEEASE tell me where, if you know?!?!?!

Anyway, the new episode of Hannah last week was AWESOME! So funny! And you looked so Holiday! Very festive...heh.....

Again, best of luck to you the week! Stay kool!

luv, brie

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
I'll pray for you. I haope you have tons of fun. I won't be able to make it. I hope you have some time to relax, Don't be a busy body!!! I'll be glad for the person who win the basket. They are going to be really really happy. I know I would be.

See ya

Erin91 said...

awe yay, u posted on my birthday =)
ill def. be praying for u! i know it will work out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!

So I havn't commented in a while....been busy with school n' stuff....and I've been grounded alot latley....anyway I'M A SUPER FAN!!!! I'm the biggest fan of you out of everyone in my joke!!!! And theres almost 700 kids in my frieds get sooooooooo anoyed cuz your all I talk about!!!!You really should come to London, Ontario, Kitchener Ontario or Toronto Ontario (all of those in Canada) for a meet and greet!!!! Me and sooooooooooo many other people would love that!!!!Anyway g2g!!!!
I'm outy!!!!

-Chelsea AKLA Chilli

MeganP2010 said...


I am sooo excited for this!! Tell Marc my sister is excited to see him! lol we decided that since they are the same age I'm gonna try to get them together...!

I WANT TO WIN THE BASKETTT!! I'm confused about tickets though.. it's a free event, but do I have to get a hold of some kind of a ticket, or can I take care of that once i'm there? I'M COMING EARLYYYY

Tiffany said...

how do you get tickets to the jingle jam????????? i need to know!!!!!!! i don't live in a city where they were having one and i was planning on driving 12 hours to texas to see you, but i need tickets first!!!!!!!!

help me mitchel! i wanna see you!

Elizabeth said...


My parents broke their promise to me... They said I could go to your concert... Then they said "Oh! We're going to Houston on the 16th!"... I couldnt believe it...

I'm sorry I dont have much more to say. I wish you the best of luck for your first concert. And, from what I've read, White Striped Gloves sounds pretty good.

<3 Liz

Taylor said...

what time does the pre partay start?
need 2 know or else ill prob get there when u leave!

shireen said...

mitchel, i always for you. :]

im so excited and proud for you with all the things you do. i cant wait to see you!

i love you,

abby from texas said...

hey mitchel!
i will def. pray for you! i actuallly do...allready =]

so how do we win the super fan basket thing??? dont we like go to one of your meet and greet booths???

well have fun and good luck at the jingle jam!!!

-abby from texas

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

awwwww mitchel ii pray fer yooh. every single daii (:

yoor amazingg... ii soo wish ii could come to the jingle jam. oh well

ily, best of luck and wishes to yooh <333

With Love,
Christine <3

Lizzie (: said...

..I pray for you every day, regardless of if you ask us to or not (:

Maryann! said...

don't worry mitchel, i bet your going to be the highlight of the whole show. :]

I'll pray for you, i promise!

Good luck to you and your dancers! <3

Only like 6 weeks till i get to meet yahh!

six weeks seems like forever when your waiting for something like meeting you lol.

Anonymous said...

Aww it's so sweet that you have taken the time foor us!! That's the nicest thing a guy has ever done for me!! So I'm going to take about 15 minutes for you! Well do you know what today is? Today is exactly 9 months since I fell in love with you! I've never stopped not even for 1 that's a new record for me!! I've never liked a guy for even 2 months straight. Well maybe because they were definatly not nearly as special and cute as you are! Ah yes the good memeories of loving you even if half of them kind of caused an injury because of not realizing where I am going because I was staring..well just maybe at a poster of you...yea basically. Any more hotter and I might break an arm...oh wait it's not possible for you to be any hotter!! I know that the first thing I noticed about you nine months ago was your amazing smile and hair!! Definatly your awesome hair! Then I realized that you have such a wonderful personality that has turned me into a happier girl who doesn't care what people say about her!! Well I definalty thank you so much for making me happier!! Your the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. The feeling of loving you is hard to describe but it feels like when you go on a ride that goes high enough to give you butterflies in your stomach. I am so happy how much we have in common. I think it is awesome that you do yoga, and not only do you do yoga but you admitt that you do it! I read in a magazine that you like Chris Brown which is totally awesome, I've liked Chris Brown since I heard his first song Run It on the radio. I just got his new cd the day I read that you like him too!! My favorite songs of his are Kiss Kiss and Wall to Wall, and from his older CD I love the song Say Goodbye. Exactly one month until the tenth month of loving you AND I get to go to Philadelphia for the Pre-party!! can't wait to see you!!PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!
*I am the dreamer and you are the dream*


Emily said...

gahh. you should do the los angeles jingle jam lol. when i met you at staples you asked if i was going to jingle jam and i said i didnt know. well i cant :( because its 5 hours away and my mom doesnt wanna drive me that far. oh well, i'm sure there will still be a TON of people there! have fun!

~Emily from san fernando valley

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Don't worry, I'll pray for you! =D You won't need it though, you'll do amazing as always!!

I do have a question, though...does that mean the only way you can get tickets is by calling Radio Disney??

I can't wait to see you on 12/22 hopefully!!


Anonymous said...

aww that's too bad you weren't doing the pre-party things for miley's show earlier in the tour, i went to the 2nd one! ugh i wish i was going to be in florida when ur there!! omg so after ur brother's band had shake it as a free single my friend and i are like obsessed with that song now! i might buy their CD! just telling u props to them for that! =) well have a great day!

Anonymous said...

its free!? i might actually go now!


Dani said...


You think YOU'RE tired?!? Well, I have been........nope I got nothing! haha, Just a math and french quiz...*barf*...Speakin of barf... dude, my stomach has been INSANE over the last 2 weeks! Last week, I stayed home from school cause my stomach hurt so bad.... I couldn't move! Every morning I wake up and I wanna cry. Dude, it hurts.....

On a brighter note....

hope you have fun at your first Jingle Jam. I'll pray for you fo sho...... Say hi to Marc for me! I want to meet the Mini Musso! He seems like the coolest kid! Cooler than my little sister by a long shot.....

Could White Striped Gloves mean your dignity? Like you'll give the girl anything she wants but if it comes down to like the expression, "kissing her feet" you would'nt do it? Eh, just thinking....

Do you get a reak for Thanksgiving at all?!? Man, I hope so!


PS WARNING: The absolute worst combo for gas is raw hotdogs and chocolate chip cookies. Don't ask me how I know this...lmao Why am I telling you this?!? Oh, because you a bunch of meet n greets that don't need to be spoiled....Oh! And also fish and Vanilla ice cream.....but that's my friend's story......I'm done now......

Anonymous said...

i prayed for you tonight.

sophie said...

hi mitch just telling you that the lord is on your side and hes got your back for the lord is are stranght so i know you will do great put him first and all the things in your life will go great. may god bless you keep you safe and im praying for you stop stressing dude you'll do just fine give them all you got . wove you latter

BiRtHdAy GiRl[aMBEr] said...

aww Mitch, I'll pray for you. =]
OH! guess what!!!
and you didnt do the birthday wishes for this week. :[
but its ok...i still love you.
but yeah..turning 14 today, and sOOO excited. hehe....
i saw miley and jb in concert, really great job to her. annnd i wish i could go to jingle jam...but i cant. so im slightly disappointed about that...but oh wel..
since its MY BIRTHDAY!!!:)



Sorry I haven't comented in like, FOREVER...I was sooo busy, too!
Anyway, here I am!

Glad to know that things are going so truly are blessed, you know.

I love you too, Mitchel!!! =]


Jessiica Renee'e =) said...

of course ill pray for you
i pray for you everyday anyways =)

but dont be stressed your fans will alwyas love you

Im counting down the days till January 3rd when u come to pittsburgh! so excited lol!!
its been like almost a year in april since the last time i seen u at florida went by so fast =/

oh yah btw you should deffently have another win a date contest lol =)

xoxo Jessiica Benedetto =)

Lizzie (: said...

21 days 'til I see you! (:

I love youuuu.

Lizzie (: said...

21 days 'til I see you! (:

I love youuuu.

Alicia said...

mitchel we lov ya and always pray 4 u hopin for the best! good luck lov ya

Anonymous said...

Today was oriantation at the Macy's day parade... I sooo wish I could tell you all about it, but that would ruin the surprise! ttyl! *smile*


Jessica said...

Aww, thanks for all the love!! And I agree with what Mariam said, don't kill yourself working!! It's so great to know that you're getting recognized more & you're getting a lot of fans and support because we all love you lots Mitchel!!! YAY, December 7th is almost here! I'm thinking of making this scrapbook thingy with all the reasons why I love you!! Well, I hope you have a nice time meeting all your fans and with the Jingle Jam concert and I hope you have an AWESOME week!

meeghan, yo. said...

ay bay bay.

sup kiddo.

I miss you.
and I miss chatting with you on imdb.

so you should basically come back.
cause I love you.

a lot.

I love you, so much mitchel.

and I wish you would come to minnesota, to see your number one fan.

I'll just have to wait.

oh bummer.


brie said...

Hey, Mitchel! Brie, agaiin!

Man, school was CRAZY this week! It was Hunger Awareness Week and there was a contest between all the levels called "Change for Change." Every class had a pig and you had to put change in your pig in order to earn points, and if you put a dollar bill into another class' pig, they lose points. So today, my friend brought a jar-full of coins (no, I'm not kidding) and dumped it into the Freshmen pig. Then, this group of stupid Senior girls put a $20 bill in ours! We got so mad! Well, it doesn't really matter. It's all for charity. :)

Then, today was the Hoops for Hunger tournament. A bunch of people paid to sign up (the money went to the Greater Chicago Food Depository). We had 30 seconds to shoot as many free-throws as we could. I signed up and I was really nervous! But I actually did pretty well! I made 5 shots, and it was a lot compared to the rest of the girls who only made about 3. They were supposed to announce the winner at the end of the day, but they decided to wait until MONDAY! GRRRRR! haha!

I REAAAAALY hope I get a chance to see you in Chicago. i have something REAAAAAAALY special for you that took me FOREVER to make....I wish I could tell you....but that would spoil we'll just have to wait and see.

But I KNOW you will love it!

luv, brie

Jenny said...

Aw I wanna be there! and meet you and Marc..... =/ ha.
Come to Minnesoottttttttttaaaa Mitchelllllll :)



please come to colorado.

have fun at your tour.

Samantha said...

You're so busy, and I already left a comment on this blog, but I wanted to help you fulfil that life long dream of yours Mitchel. I know that secret. You've always wanted to be a dancing elf. You are not alone, Yes, I share that dream, and I made it reality. Here ya go...



I'm getting an early start on the holiday spirit. =P

--aashhhleey; said...

goodness. busy boy :)
thanks for taking time for you fans! hope you havea good weekend.
ahh, wish you werent so busy.
you need a huge break sometime soon! ahh goshhh.

well, have a nice time meeting
more fans :) you know you love their lovin ;)haa.


marykateee =) said...

i'm seeing you in about a month.
i'm sooo stokeed.
i'm going to philly with a buch of my friends for the weekend for my birthday and we're coming to see you.
you shouldd post where and when your going to be in philly.
it'd help alotttt.
<3marykateeeee just saw metro station and they were awesomeeee

kristina said...

Good luck mitchel

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Aww! You know we all love you, too!

You seem super busy! I'm so jealous of the people that will be there! Unfortunately, I live somewhere else, but of these days, you'll meet me. Haha.

Don't worry, Mitchel. I'll definitely pray for you. I'll even...cross my fingers!!

Now, I must bid thee farewell, but before I go, I'll leave you with this...

You rock my polka dotted socks!!

Ok, that was random...

Anyway, good luck with everything, and I can't wait to hear your new songs!

Have a snickerdoodley weekend!

Mariam. [: said...

i made that video thats on the front page of MMO. (:

Anonymous said...

you CAN and you WILL cuuuzzz it's TONIGHT and the only way now is up because you're gonnnnaaa rock it ouuuut riiigght? Thought sooooo.
I kinda had to do the same thing last year, I was in the talent show and I was singing acapella and I was nervouuuus but then I thought in my head that if I didn't do it, I would be a laughing stock and a wimp and if I did I would sleeeeep eaaasy and party like woaaaah sooo I took a deep breath..did it and got a standing ovaaationn=] hahaha

just make suuure that at the end, you're a little more modest than I was=P

haha but you're going to do great.

Anonymous said...

no no no.
you will do an amazing job.
we have sooo much faith in you and we're all coming out to see yooou=] it may seem like it's all coming at you like BAM BAM BAM BAM all at once but sooon it will be over and when you're finally able to take a breath, you will realize what a GREAT EXPERIENCE it was. DO it ALL with a SMILE maaaaan.. just keep going.

haha you're a smart guy, you'll figure it out. I'm coming tonight to cheer you on and I'll be the one wearing the world's biggest smile.



Isidora said...

I love you mitchel, YOU ARE SO PERFECT !

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
aww, man! now that your in Florida, I can't go! But I gotta go to the Jingle Jam tour. It's gonna be awesome.
You are so amazing, I will def. pray for you. But I am positive that everything will go awesome.
by the way,
white striped gloves, sound amazing already!
Well, have a funnnn week!

Anonymous said...

aww well we're glad you take time out just for us =]]]

I'm a SUPER FAN! you betcha! lol. but uhhh..i can't go to that lol

and of course i'll pray for you i usually always do! =]

i just got back from washingtonDC for my junior trip today,
and downtown there is a restaurant called
Ollie's Trolley
oh man. it made me laugh =]]
i wanted to eat there.
yep yep! =P
i'm about to go to walmart and then to my friends to scan pictures from the trip then i'm going to school to sing at bearcat madness =]
i'm busy too! =O
but you're like..
SUPER Busy! =]

have fun!

Taylor said...

miami was awesome.
u were soo sweet.
i actually look good this time in the pic.. lol.
i remember u were like, "wow, we go bak a long time. lol." when u signed my pic from last year. haha.
well i think im gonna c ya in orlando.
ur bodygaurd wouldnt lemme give u a present tho. lol.
ttyl. luvv ya.
<33 Tay-tay

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel i met you today @ macy's! i was the firstone in line & i gaved you the scrapbook! i hope you like it!

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hi, Mitchel.. Im gonna try sending you a letter. So, please reply back to it. Im sending it to the disney channel address. Im actually sending one to all of you. So, it will be in the same envelope.. single messages though. I know your busy but, please try to answer it. Tell them to please try and answer theirs also. Miley might open it first though, I dont know. I just hope you all get your letters. Oh, and my name is Jessica Montes just to remind you, because I want you to remember that I am the same one that wrote all of you those letters. So, please try and remember my name. and.. please be looking for the letter soon ok.. and tell Miley and Emily too if you can.

Well, I'll comment you again later. Have a good day. =)

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL I am gunna be at the Jingle Jam but I have a problem...
if i go to the meet & greet, can I still get things signed?
mitchel, i am praying for you all the time. you are so multi-talented. I LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyy mitchel!!!!!!!! soooooo is it true that u r hosting the new years eve celebration thing on disney channel?????!!!!?????? i sure hope sooo that would make it much much more interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brooke said...

it's only 20 days until i see you.
just thinking about that number gives me butterflies. i love you so much, and i cannot wait to see you.
i'm coming with my best friend maria :D, we made our shirts a couple days ago.
when you see a petite girl with brown hair, that has a shirt saying 'mitch will you marry me?'
thats me :]. we'll be seeing you in indiana & cleveland.
well, keep having an awesome time touring!


baby_rachey said...

Hey Mitchel

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOUR SONG 'LISCENCE FOR LOVE' you sing it awesomely i would love to hear the full version.
good luck with everything.

hope your having fun performing keep up the good work. love rachel

Anonymous said...

Umm... Mitchel. I had a few questions about your pre-parties.

1) Is there a fee ( $$$) , to get in to the pre-parties???

2) Do you have to be going to the Miley concert the day after the pre-party, in order to go to the pre-party??

Those are my only 2 questions. I really hope you have some time to answer them in your next blog! Thanks a ton! -
Your #1 fan from Chicago, Lynn:)

Anonymous said...

I ♥ you.
it's today & I will be there.
don't fret my pet, you'll be fine.

believe me!
ciao4now wonderboy<3.

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER ME : I'm ALWAYS going to say wonderboy<3 at the end of my posts.

charlotte ! xxOOxx

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


ohh my goodnesss!!! I haven't commented you in forever!! I'm so sorry,, i feel like i deserted yuhh!!=[ grr boo me!! lol

yea so I hope everything is goin good for you!! You are so amazing and i love you soo much and everything you do!! I wrote you the longest letter in all creation the other day when I was home sick,, and I made you a bracelet too=] I hope you get them soon!!

So Idk if ur gunna post before Thanksgiving but I just wanted to tell you that I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever with your family and I'll be praying for you!!

I had the weirdest dream about you the other night. You were in Rhode Island and I saw you and you told me that you had to go find the elephants cuz marc was with them or something... it was really weirdd

Your music is absolutly amazingg!! i've gotten all of my friends into you and they love you too!!

~Good luck with all you do and just remember that we all love you no matter waht~

Anonymous said...

This is way late, but good luck at the Jingle Jam concert! Tell me all about it when you get back! ttyl!


Lizzie (: said...

Woooooot. Just 19 days (: I can't wait.

I love you

Natalie said...

Mitchel! you did totally awesome at the concert tonight! i was very impressed! and it was very sweet that i got to meet your family. your brother is such a ham. and your parents are probably some of the sweetest people i have ever met. oh and michelle was pretty cool too! i can't wait to see you in concert again! definitely come by Santa Cruz CA sometime soon. you have a bunch of fans here.

Anonymous said...

the jingle jam was great!!
You were the highlight of the jingle jam!
And the gloves were pretty sweet
You should come back to San Jose and sing again .. well i hope to meet you again

Anonymous said...

O and I hope your eye is okay if something happened to it .... i posted a comment before about how good your concert was. And you looked at me during one of your songs and I got it on video that i will keep always and you touched my hand and asked me a question while you were signing my papers

thanks :)

Breann said...

omg Mitchel i just saw a video on you tube u were soooo goood watching u made me feel so much better cuz im home sick still.... I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! && u actually kinda saved my life...i'd explain it to u on here but i'd feel really weird cuz everyone could read i can tell u in Philly when i see you if u want me to and if u remember just tell me in ur next blog or whatever.


alicia said...

good luck at the concert mitchel WE lov u and r always rooting for u !!!

Chrissy said...

Hey Mitchel! I was so sad I couldn't go to the San Jose Jingle Jam, but I saw videos and you did great! I love your dancing! heehee. Hope you have fun at all the others!

Chrissy (Elves Girl)

KATIIE!:D said...

omg mitchel i lovve you i saw you last night in michigan your my favortie ever :)