Sunday, November 11, 2007


You guys are FANTASTIC! This trip has been AMAZING! It was so great meeting all of you......and I can't believe I get to go back to Phoenix in just a few weeks! Thanks for making me feel so at home and for taking the time to come out and visit me! at the GirlyGirlz Store in Phoenix, The Borders Book Store in Houston and a few days ago at the STAPLES Center in LA!

My Fans are The BEST!


P.S. I'll be at the Verizon Store in San Antonio today and I am sure it will be a BLAST too! Can't wait.............


Paulitaaaa said...

aw you're adorable

now repeat after me. ;)


oh uhm i know you probably won't answer but i saw this picture of you wearing a fur sweatshirt. and uhm i'm not too thrilled :(

please just. don't :(

brooke said...

mitchieee, i cant wait to see you in 27 days.
im going to be seeing you in indiana, and cleveland.
im extremely excited. im glad your having an awesome time on your tour!


Taylor said...

yay mitchel! lol. im soo glad u had funn.
i kno ur prob gonna post this soon, but be sure to tell us where ur gonna be in sunrise soon! :)
i cant wait 2 c ya saturday!!
<3 Tay-tay

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel i have been counting down the days till u come to chicago!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhh i cant wait! and the girl that said she didnt like u in the fur sweat shirt... well i think u look amazing u could pull of anything!!!!!!!! and i mean anything.... even a hot pink dress covered in sparkles with a big feather boa!!!!!! im not sayin u should but u could lol

Daniela said...

I happy for you :)
please come to Israel! ^^
Daniela ( from Israel)

carly said...

Have fun!



Katie said...

i can't wait until you come to michigan :D

Anonymous said...

yeah u r so cool!....i wish i could met u rite now...please please please come to nebraska asap!!!!!!!...or somewhere near neb......i hope u r having the bestest time ever rite now!...<3 u!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

Sara said...

40 days untill I see you lol.
BUT I am see Metro Station tonight!!!
I got 5 and half hours of sleep and I woke up at like 8:30 and couldn't fall back asleep because I was so excited lol.

I can't wait till you come to Massachusetts!!

<3333 Sara

Mariam. [: said...

i'm happy i got to see you at the staple center. (:

but im even more happy that you're happy. (:

the girl with the big green sign. (:

Fer said...

you're just AWESOME!!!
ok I'll wait=D I'm so glad you're having such a great time=) love you!

Kodhai said...

Wish I could sound like your having a blast! Have fun! I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YESHHHHH, 1 week until ur concerttt! I think u should take 2 girls, by the names OLIVIA and ASHLEE, bakstagee. :] I mite have 2 take a train down there 2 c u, so yea. Ohh u know, ever since I met u last, oct.29, I keep calling u "tater tot" me&my friend had a plan 2 bring u ketchup.....but I'm sure u would just LUV ketchup. :D I will sseeee u next sundaayyyyyyy! *wooooooo!*
Luv, ashlee. :]

Paulita said...

hahah yeah he looks great in everything but i didn't like the fact that he actually wore fur i just don't wanna go to and see mitchel's face.

no drama. <3

mitchel's a studdddd

Olivia said...

I need to know if youre dad got the card! aahha.
seriously x]
1 weeeek until jingle jam!


abby from texas said...


sounds fun!
i wish i could go!
but i live 4 hours away from san antonio. thats where my best friend lives though....=]

have fun!

Selah said...

GRR. I so wish I was in San Antonio right now. It's unfair that all the cool stuff happens there when I moved. But, regardless of that, are you ahving fun? Please tell me you had time to check out the Riverwalk. I loved going down there.

Love Selah.

p.s. I'm trying to get my friend Laural to convince her dad to take her to see you.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!=)....I hope 1 day I'll meet you!


emily said...

Gaahh :( I wish I went to go see you in Irvine on the 2nd! But I was at a HUGE rivalry football game.. (called the Bell game) Funny thing, I saw a ladie and a girl with a sweater/sweatshirt and on the back it said 'MUSSO'.. I wonder if you guys are related O_O Anywho, I hope to see you sometime. /: METRO STATION CONCERT ON DECEMBER 3RD? :) if you're in the area.. Haha.

Anonymous said...


leannee =] said...

I really want to go to the places in NY to see you, but they're like 4 hours away. Actually, Philadelphia is closer. Hope you have lots of fun though!

Today I saw a Volcom shirt that you wore on July 4th in the window of a store. I almost flipped out. My mom was like uhmm okay... Yeah.

(Questionless girl on Radio Disney)

Gabi said...

mitch im gonna see you in 27 days with my bff BROOOKE!! vv

cant wait to meet you

Anonymous said...

mitchel my love,

quick question- is there a fee to see you when you come to auburn hills?


Anonymous said...

that's right, arizona loves ya! it was actually it was scottsdale but close enough since phoenix is the main city. i would so go to the jingle jam thingy buttt i'm poor, lol. i'll catch ya another time.

abby from texas said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm leaving yet another comment,

watch this video of my dad it's really funny was for a contest to win tickets to see miley's concert. =]

sadly i didnt win, but it's still good blackmail for my dad . =]

-abby from texas

samanthaaaa! said...


hey i saw you today(:
it was really fun
meeting you was awesome!:D

i was the girl in brown that gave you starburst.
i hope you remember me(:

we love you alot!
i have plenty of pictures and videos.(:

i hope to meet you again!
and also your new songs sound awesome!

i am definetly buying your cd!

Sasha said...

ok so your making a CD right? I was wondering if you could guess when it will come out.
Thanks a bunch

p.s my friends like to call you Mitchel Moosey hair...It's kinda weird right.

alexis said...

it was a blast for sure. you are probably one of the sweetest guys i've ever met.

i wish the boys at my school were like you, gorgeous and sweet!

i love you mitchel! don't forget me :) i hope you still have my sign.

xoxo alexis from texas

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Hows it going? I saw you outside the Staples Center in LA back on the 7th, nice job. Anyway, I was just wondering what is the best address to send fan mail to you? Also, is the procedure still the same - send a dollar or a postmarked envolope to recieve something back? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


lauren said...

hey!!!!!!!! glad you had fun!!!!!


Kayce said...

Hey thanks for the wer great on sunday! guess wat?! i drove 4hrs to see you and i want to drive 10 to see you in dallas!

meeghan said...

Mitchel tate!

sup kid?!

you make me smile (:
all the time.

come to minnesota. please.


do it.

Anonymous said...

Mitccchy boy.
If I gave you my number would you call me ?

Anonymous said...



get it?
got it?

Nooooow read & soooak :



Anonymous said...


how was the tooour?

HOW WAS YOUR J14 date?


hearing that you emily and miley went out to the movies and you brought a date and you weren't really talking to her=/ Oh maaaan I can see I am REALLY going to have to give you a girls 101 ? Naaah I think you'll be fiiiine=]

few weeeks=D ! xoxoxoxoxoxxxxoxoox

Paige said...

ahhh, i wish i could go to one of the pre-show party things. ):

what address should i send my fanmail to? i'm going to send you something and i want it to get to you.

are you going to the Metro Station concert on December 3rd at the Disneyland HOB?

i really want to see you and the band. :D


brie said...

This just proves how much of my role model you are. You are so sweet for doing all of this for charity. You're so generous!

Can you PLEASE tell us exactly where you'll be in Rosemont? My mom isn't sure yet, but she knows me and my buddy Jackie hgas been obsessing over this for a while. Please tell us ASAP! Thanx!

luv, brie

brianna said...

mitchel tate musso!!

i am so freakin mad like you have no idea..

ok well my mom drove me like 3 and 1/2 hours to houston on friday just to meet you.

and like you signed my iPod and that was awesome but right when we were about to take the picture the camera said "memory card full" so my mom brought it over to me and i changed it but then the radio disney lady said for me to go over with her to take a pic of me and iPod.

so i got back in line to get a pic with you and right when i was almost up there again you went on break.. :( and when you came back they said you werent taking anymore pictures.

thennn my mom told this one lady we drove 3 and 1/2 hours just to come see you and what happened with the whole camera crap and the lady said that we could meet yall somewhere outside. but the radio disney people wanted to take a pic with you and then they were like "oh just take one now" so then i got in there and well yeahh..

i was totally depressed on the way home because it wasnt the same like taking a picture with only you.

noww if thats not enough.

sunday my mom drove me all the way to houston [4 and 1/2 hours] just so i could get my freakin picture with you and we were group 247. lets just say that i didnt even get inside the building. we were two groups away from the cut off verizon lady! now that pissed me off because that was a waste of time.

and i dont know when i'll ever get to meet you again. so yeahh.

i have come to realize that life offically suckks. :[

at least im dedicated right??

oh well
i still love you.


ally m said...

"lillys mom has got it goin on" is now by far my favorite episode ever =)

you are too funny for words. no joke. you made me literally laugh every second of every scene you were in!

your acting is BEYOND amazing <3 youre unimaginably talented. :]

im just laughing thinking about all of your lines and great delivery!

i love youuuuuu!

<3 ally m.

Nikita Bimson said...

The New episode was totally awesome!!! I was laughing so hard. How many people are in Oakenland's army???

Sasha said...

I get bored so I jsut like to write random things that have nothing to do with the blog you wrote...I hate that word...It's so weird. Well my friends like to call me a Musso-holic. I think its cool. I also hope you have tons of fun in Phoenix again.

See ya

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hi, Mitchel wish you were coming to where I was. Here is not that popular though, I guess. gosh, I like you so much and wanna see you so bad. aww, what am I gonna do? Well anyways just stopping by to say Hi. So, I'll comment you later then.

Emily said...

omg the staples center...

haha so i waited an hour and a half in line and the amount of people there was soo insane! but it was worth it getting to talk to you (and hug you lol). i remember you were originally supposed to only stay till 6 but then you stayed for the whole line! i think youre amazing and that was the sweetest thing ever because i didnt get to meet you until like 6:45. and your jacket looked sooo warm. i was FREEZING. haha i wanted that jacket really bad. anyway thanks for an awesome time that night. and the hug that ive been waiting for since the hsm2 premiere

~Emily from san fernando valley
heres our picture: (i dont look too great but oh well)

nicole :] said...

ok mitchel.
dude...mariam (girl w/ green sign) is in love with you.
i go to school with her and she talks about you NONSTOP.
im serious, it goes on and on and on.
she'll be like: "oh my gosh, 4 days until i see mitchel again!"

or "you guys, mitchel knows my name now!"

or even better: "i talked to mitchel's dad!"

it gets pretty funny...
so you should feel very special.