Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The new concert....where will it be??

Ok....last week Radio Disney was having a contest for the newest Disney show called "The Suite Life On Deck". Disney is letting me board the ship along with my band and sing a few of my songs. I have always wanted to take a cruise and not only do I get to do that, but I get to hang out with the awesome cast of "The Suite Life On Deck". We sail out of Florida next week for 3 fun filled days at sea!!

If your on the boat, I'll see you there! I believe they will be taping some of the ships adventures, so hopefully you'll get a glimpse of my show!

I'll have more exciting news in the near future! More shows and even more stuff to share.

We are into our third week of Hannah and we are having a great time. It's great being back with my friends!



DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


Wow I haven't commented in 398742983429. I know you miss me. ;D


Ashlee said...

that sucks. hopefully you come near the west coast for a concert or somethin', cause the west coasters miss yoou.

Shayla said...

That's ossum!! lol. Guess what? I'm going to be in Oz, The Musical Written and Directed by Todrick Hall! He is so awesome!!! He was in Oprah Winfrey's The Color Purple and alot of other productions! I'm so excited!!!


Disa said...

:O Lucky duck.
That sounds like fun. I'm jealous hahah.
I was hoping you'd be in LA or something while I was there but ohhhh well :)

Have fun sailing the briny sea, Mitch :D

Bridget said...

MITCHEL!! You know I love you, but please come to Philly or new jersey? We really need to hang out...soon lol I still challenge you to some sort of game! lol well I hope you have fun on the cruise, all those lucky girls going on that cruise get to spend 3 days with you. I wish I was going too, but then again I'm not lucky at all lol

You should check out my myspace & IM me sometime on AIM. But only if ya want to lol <33

oliviaakiddo! said...

florida AGAINNN
dang. have funnnn
my bday was yesterday ;]

Mariam. [: said...

florida is not california mitchel.

you have i really bad sense of direction, dont you? ):

allyy said...

haha a cruise thats aawesome! have fun! :D
cant wait to hear ur good news in the future! :]
have fun u ducky ducK!

Ewa said...

COOL.!I want go on Florida...of course with YOU.!
I hope when you will return from Florida you will tell everything.!

-Ewa from Poland.

Carly said...

how cool is that! wow! have fun!! and man lucky people on the boat huh! ahaha! but a cruise is different!!

yes there better be more shows in the near future!! cough: chicago... cough cough!....


well have fun filming hannah montana!



Nisha said...

That's Awesome!!!!! I hope I see you on the Suite Like on Deck!!! Maybe some appearances?? That would be cool! I wonder what you'll be singing!? I hop[e you sing License For Love, Leavin, and Wasn't Your Girlfriend!!!! I love those songs!!


Kelseee&Nessaaaa=) said...

thats awesome mitchel!,
mitchel ur so lush<33:)
u always go to florida!
oh well but yer going to at some point come to canada,right?..but hope u have an awesome time at sea!!!
tell us all about it mitchel:).

but if u ever come to canada im guessing.u would go to...toronto....we would go to toronto to see yah:D.

xoxoxoxoxox X44152658475314568734

Joanna said...

Aw wish I could go. I hope its on TV at home! Hope you have a good time and have a laugh for me! ;)


Anonymous said...

A cruise? Awesome! lol
I hope you have lots of fun Mitchy!! lol Hmmmm my guesses were totally off...
I've probably listened to the song on the Clean Hands are Cool Hands site, about...well, I guess i'll just say a lot :)
lol, in the beginning of October I will be in North Carolina, and I will get to see my brother! lol so i'm pretty exited about that. Other then being exited about that, not much going on. We went to the mall yesturday :)...
I was just wondering...did you understand what I said about my dad last time? I was just wondering cause, I went back and read it, and I think I even confused's probably not a good thing.

ANYways...Wish ya luck Mitchel!!
Oh, and can't wait to hear more of your music!! :) lol

-Coral (the girl from RI)

p.s. lol, I like bowling too, and i'm probably not very good at it :)
p.s.s. Cool more exiteing news!!! lol can't wait :D

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel!
man you are so lucky that you'll be on a cruise. I always wanted to be on one too. But I cant =[
Anyways .. I am really jealous x]
haha no joking.
You deserve all this stuff becasue of your awesome work

Mareen ♥

MeLiSsA wAs HeRe! said...

WOW!!!! have funn mitchel!

Katie.. said...

haha sounds like a lot of fun!!! everyone on the cuise is super lucky... should still come to chicago or something...cuz i really wanna see you again. ok? hehe.

~*Amber*~ said...

That's awesome news Mitchel! Hope you have fun on the cruise! That would cool if you ended up on the new show. =]

More news about shows? Share soon! Lol.

Glad you're having fun filming Hannah Montana. Can't wait for the new season! =D

Hayley said...

mitchel musso :)

still haven't seen you in person

send me a comment on myspace or somethinggg? :)


Faye said...

Well, aren't you the lucky one!

Florida? Jeezum. I'll be in school when you leave! Good times, huh? Have a great time.


Brie said...



I read your article about how you protect sweet! You're such a good bud to her.....gosh I wish you lived in Chicago to help me with the stupid drama that goes on in MY school...........

luv, brie

.audrey. said...

well gahh.
i'm insanely jealous.
i've always wanted to go on a cruise.
oh well.
have fun for me :]]

Elizabeth said...

Yay Florida! I'm gonna discuss it wit my mom. I really hope I can come,I love you very much,so if I could,it would be million dreams come true. :)

Your TRULY biggest fan,

Gina said...

hey mitchel!!! it sounds like ur having fun ! i hope u have fun in FL hopefully ill see you sooon!
u rock hun xoxox

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats mitchel!
that is so cool
more news?
does it just keep getting better or what?
i missed you mitchel!
love you!


Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

wow!!!last night radio disney played lean on me and i started dancing and singing along and my cousin was staring at me like i was a freak!!!it was funny!

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

OMGGGG Metro Station is coming to Arizona and I'm going!!!! November 25th I think? Its going to be awesome!!!!

Allie said...

lucky, I've always wanted to go on a cruise, but my dad is afraid of boats. have fun! I really thought it was gonna be in the city...

..speaking of which, my mom is letting me work at her work, and I get paid whatever her boss pays me, so just say her boos pays me $25, she gives me $25, making in total, $50. On top of that, I get $25 a week for tutoring my friend's little sister in flute, so thats $75! I don't even know if the $50 is for a week or a day. Hope a day! Ha! I'm so horrible.

Have fun! And get one of those rooms under the boat with the window, I hear those are pretty cool. You can see fishies!


Gracie said...

i just have to ask if you are gonna be performing in NorthWest Arkansas anytime soon??

i want it to be known that we are NOT all hil-billeys in arkansas!!!

Just Another Fan

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy...I have REALLY bad news. :( My mom might not let me go! But... I love you very much. If only I could hug you...if only I could do more than dream...if only I could do more than hope...if only I could do more than imagine...if only...if only...

Alana said...

That is wicked cool!
have fun!!!
That would be so cool if we see u on the ship!

can u tell Dylan and Cole and Brenda i said hi?:)

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hi, Mitchel. I just wanted to let you know that I did finally get your picture autograph thing yesterday. But, I asked for a headshot instead. I even told you in my letter. Didn't you say to send you $2.00 and then you would send one to me. Well, I sent you $2.00. Its a very nice picture that I got, but thats not like a real autograph picture. I wanted a headshot and I sent the $2.00 like you said. Why, didn't I get it? I'm just really concerened. Please reply to me. I really need to know.

Mariam. [: said...

can we talk about the OTHER concert dates? AND THE CD RELEASE?

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

hey mitchel,

before the fame even happened did you think any of this was possible?

luv melissa

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you are havin a good week cause im not. We just had to miss four days of school cause of tropical storm Fay.
It flooded so bad here in florida especially on the east coast where i live but thank goodness my neighborhood didn't get flooded because other parts of Brevard were so badly flooded and i felt so bad for them cause it was the worst flood ever.

But thank goodness everyone here is ok and hope to get things back to normal once this storm leaves.

Have a safe weekend!!


Emily said...

that's so cool. the suite life on deck is really cool. debby ryan is so nice and fun, you'll probably have fun hanging out with her and the rest of the cast


KT J. said...

Thats amazing! Too bad I won't be on that ship, but honey, i'd give my left arm for that! lol

I'm glad you're having fun with the new season of hannah!

Live/skate/breathe =)

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

my friend erica loves you and says HI

Nikita Bimson said...

Have fun on that cruise junx.


Miranda said...

Wow Mitchel! I wish I won that Radio Disney contest!

Anonymous said...

MiTCHEL! guess what! today i got tickets to meet metro station in october! i had a spazz attack i was like man the only thing that would be better is if mitchel was there. but that's okay :] you should go that would be cool tehe

Brittany said...

So not fair that you'll be here but I won't be there. If you know what I mean. I wish I could go on a cruise. Especially this one because you'll be on it and I live in Florida. BUT, a cruise is wayy too expensive and we don't have the money for that and I have school. Yeah, 3 AP classes. Not fun, my friend.

Well, have fun on the cruise and good luck with your shows, concerts and Hannah Montana! Oodles of love :)


ps. Notice I didn't put the "<3" before my name. Thought I'd change it up a bit haha

By the way, I'm watching the Disney Channel Games and you're playing the guitar trying to cheer up your teammates. Way to go Mitch :D

Molly said...

Sweet! No I will not be there, because school decides to take over your life and since I wasn't doing a fall sport this year due to injury I decided to do like 3 clubs and student senate.. I never sleep. But cruises are fun! I went on the Disney cruise when it first came out, I think I was on the first one, Disney Magic.. but then my mom and dad went on the newer one Disney Wonder with my older siblings again..It was really fun, I mean I freaked out when they did the lifeboat drill, but I was like 7 so of course I was scared. Have fun! Keep up the work!
Molly E.

Nicola loves Mitchel :) said...

hey,Mitchel,wish you have a nice day....Hope you enjoy the days with Hannah!!!

Nicola said...

Oh yeah, it's me Nicola.....

Nicola said...

hey,have a nice day and hope you enjoy the time with Hannah!!!

Nicola XD

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchy! I wrote a poem for you last night,in the dark,in my bed.

I don't just love you as a star,
I love you for who you are,
Even if you were a normal guy,
My love for you would reach the sky
For you I'd swim the ocean blue,
Because my love for you is true.

I know it's mushball. lol. But I hope you like it. :)

ravenclawreject said...

Fun. ^_^

Although that shows looks sucky. Eh. I never liked the Suite Life.

Hannah Montana, on the other hand, is like the best show in the world.

GiGi said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO cool! I've been anticipating Suite Life on Deck, it sounds awesome! And it will be even more amazing now that you'll be guest starring on it! That is so so so cool!!

Ah, but when you're finally back in Florida I'm in Virginia. Just my luck right? xD

ALEX said...

i just bought tickets to see your brother November 20th :)

ahh they're headling! i can't believe it! well.... i can... but dang. i saw them almost exactly a year ago at the same venue they're going to be playing at and they played FIRST and like no one knew who they were! haha. dang.

ummm how bout you hit us up with your new cd yeah?

Gina said...

mitchel!!! wats upp so i saw u in Binghamton nd yeah heres the link i hope u watch iitt <3

ilyyy xoxo ginaa

Krystal <3 said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I just wanted to say that you rock!
Life has been super crazy for me, but i love watching your shows because they make me forget about all of the bad things going on. You always make me laugh (:

Well have fun on the cruise!

<3 Krystal
P.S. You should soooo come to texas (:
(Katy,Texas to be specific)

Terry said...

ahhhh where in FL? :DD

you must do a meet and greet before you leave or something..please (:


Good luck on your shows && have fun :)

Alex :) said...

Awesome! I love Debby Ryan from slod. She's so inspiring!!!

tell her i said hi!!!

Rachel said...

You should come to...SEATTLE!!!
I saw Metro Station here...not too long ago haha and I heard they are COMING BACK!! So I will be going to that concert also. You should come and watch your brother because you know....everyone sounds better in Seattle. Yeah I'm not joking. You will have to come here and see for yourself. :]

and tell Miley I say hi. Hahah

Don't forget it would be BOMB if you came to Seattle :]

It would be EXPLOSIVE.

hahahahhaha woww.


Meg said...

Dude that's so awesome!!! I hope all goes well!!! =] =] =] =] =] =]


Austin said...

AWWW MITCHEL RIGHT NOW YOUR PROABLEY LIKE 3 hours away from me somewhere near Mimi right? Hannah seems great can't wait to see it! Loveing you as much as usall! Can' wait to see in more concerts! COME TO FLORDIA!!!!Please I beg you!
Can' wait!

Alana said...

okay i commented already but i said something a little confusing:

when i said :"That would be so cool if we see u on the ship" i meant on the TV show(not real sad)

so i am not on the ship(again so sad).But i don't if u knew wat i really meant..



Anonymous said...

Thats really cool! You are so lucky, you have a great life!!! Have a lot of fun! i love you so much!


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