Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey guys!

What's "Elves rule the world"? You gotta explain that one before I quote it. I don't want to join some strange Elf cult without knowing it? Can someone help me? .....and Lauren.....You have the most awesome day ever!!! OK? You guys take it easy!!! PEACE-OUT! Mitchel P.S. Happy Birthday to everyone who had a Birthday today, yesterday, this week, last week or this month!! A Big Happy Birthday to ALL of you!


Molly said...

Well, my birthday's in May, so I don't fall into the! I hope you have an awesome day!


Ashleigh said...

"Elves rule the world"? You know, I would tell ya if I knew. Maybe it's lyrics in a song or LOTR parody? Maybe? Iono.

You are so sweet for remembering everyone's birthday :P :D

Totally on the same boat as Lauren, just the guy I like that likes me back totally asked out another girl. Jerk.

Have a great day, Mitchel! <3

Anonymous said...

Lol..Im SO lost on that one...

Valerie said...

Hi Mitchel!!!
Sorry I really dont know what that quote means....Thanks for saying Happy B-Day for people that had b-days this month..mine was on feb. 9th..good thing you did say it today cause if you said it tomorrow it would be ppl in i just figured out your 2 years and exaclty 5 months older than me.....COOLEIOS! Sorry I cant spell.... You should check out cause theres paper dolls of celebraties can you can dress them up and guess what......YOUR THERE! Also Miley and Emily. They made a drawing of you which it does look like you. Well thats all I have to say. Good luck with the Elf thingy.:D

Tatianna said...

LOL! Elf Cult! hahahahah Can you use the word Cahoots?!!! lol Thats my friend and I's FAVORITE word! Pleaseeeee! You're Awesome Mitchel! I live in Florida when are you coming to Disney like what day in april? Can anybody go and see you? Please comment Back! byezzzz

ps I met you at typhoon lagoon im not sure if you remember me though i was standing behind sterling!! i asked for a picture! let me kno!

Jordan said...

Elves Rule the world!! It's a phrase we use at the MMO Boards. We said that if we ever met you we would say it to you from everyone at the boards!!! It's pretty cool!!

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!! =D

I'm sooo sorry but i don't have the slightest clue to what "Elves rule the world" is either!!!! Where did you hear that???? I would love to help u, but i don't know what it is!!!!!!

I hope u had a GREAT time last night at the Wild Hogs premiere!!!!! And by the looks of the pictures on Mitchel Musso Online, it really looks like you had fun!!!!!!!! (and at the Harlem Globetrotters basketball game!!!!! =D) I SO wish i was seems like i am missing out on all the fun!!!!!!!! It's not like Chicago doesn't have anything does sometimes!! Of course there was EXTREME excitement in Chicago when u were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD lol!!

I hope you had an AWESOME-ER-IFIC day today!!!!! Eh my day was OK, i guess.......i had a typical boring day in a typical boring but that's life i suppose!!! 3 more years of high school and then COLLEGE!!!! I'll live!!

Love and support,

Jacquelyn said...

Oh, thanx for turning to us for help!! =DDDDDD U r like the only celebrity i know of that cares a TON about his fans!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you more than anything!!!!! =DDDD
♥ ♥ ♥ &hearts

Anonymous said...

He is so Nice!!

amy said...

hey mitchel guess what?! i got a callback from disney casting director kim bennink. i'm excited. hope you have a fantastilistic day!

Tiffany said...

oh my gosh! my birthday is tomorrow. march 1st. i'm going to be 15, same age as you :) so thanks for the birthday wish ;)

btw, saw the pictures of you from the wild hogs premiere! lookin' good ;)

you're the always.

peac-out and love you!!

<3 tiffany

Vicky said...

You are so sweet! && My birthday ws February 16th, so I fall into that category. Thanks! Remember Brookfield Zoo? Yeah, I was there! cuz I live in Brookfield! && I was the one who completely grabbed your arm when you reached out to the crown. Sorry about that! Well shows how hopelessly devoted to you I am. Oh, && I was the one who you smiled && waved at. Other people might say you were looking at ANYONE, but I still say it was me. Luv ya!

McKenna said...

I can't wait till my next birthday...the big 1-6! Unfortunetly...I have to wait until December but it is def. gonna be worth it. You get your permit and a car...sounds good to me haha =]

Carly said...

heyy mitch!! whts up how was the premire??? see a lot of ppl?? yeahh i dont know anything about the elves thing lol! so how is hannah montana going??? hey is there tapings for tht like live?? jw! well i g2gs! ttyl
love ya lots

Elizabeth said...


That update was sorta...random. My birthdays in May but I'll still take that now!

I love the clothes you've been wearing to all the events lately! But then've always had great fashin sence!

<3 Liz

Sara said...

My 16th birthday is next Friday March 9th. Hehe "elves will rule the world" is something from MMO that we all agreed we'd say to you and pass it on to you to quote.

Anonymous said...

elves rule the world???? nice... my bday is in june, but thanx in advance!!! you rock mithcel!!! keep up the good work on HM!!!

Lauren Luvs Timmy said...

omg.....thanx sooooo much! u tly made my day!!! i luv ya tons!!

Dani said...

Hey Mitchel!

You rock! That was cool of you to respond to our stuff!

Haha, my 16th birthday's not till July, so I got a little while to go!

"Elves rule the world?!?" Can't help you on that! Not very in toon with elves... You could say "Queen rocks the world!" Pssh...That's what I'd say! lol

Have a amazingsuperterrificnonboring week!!!....... That's a mouthful...

Rock on!



Hey mitchel!!

ur so awesome @ replying to everybody's comments LOL! i hope you have a great weekend

-- ashley <33

Anonymous said...

elves rule the world..
kinda creepy. i have no idea what that is.
looks like you had fun at the harlem globe trotters game and at the premiere!! thats awesome!!
well right now im listening to metro station's new song!!! haha well have a great rest of the week.

karina. said...

i'll explain about that phrase haha. there's a whole thread about it in the off-topic "general" section of the MMO boards. but basically, myself and some other "olly dollies" were in a chat one night, and we decided that we need some sort of catch phrase, like "that's hot". so, we all started coming up with ideas for random phrases, then i came up with "elves will rule the world!" and we voted on it. haha, we're just all oh-so-random on the MMO boards. =)

don't worry, it's not a cult! hehe.

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel :]

Just out of curiosity, do you know what dates exactly you'll be in Florida in Disney? I might be able to come see you if it's during my April vacation!

<3 Melissa

ashley said...

mitchel im so bummed to hear that youre going to florida soon. i just got back from florida yesterday. but hopefully ill get to meet you soon.

hope you have an amazing week<3

Anonymous said...

You are simply AMAZING. End of story.


Ah, San Bruno? Noo..that's too far Mitchel! haha darn.

I don't think I'll be able to drive all the way there. I'm at San Jose.

I'm going to bug my mom about that. =]

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel
"Elves rule the world". That's an interesting

hope your having a better week than me. I was sick last night. It was terrible.

It's so sweet that you wished your fan's a happy birthdy:D


Devann-Dianna said...

Oooh, you know.
That's a nice little saying our awesome Karina from MMO came up with.

One of our members was going to go see you at a Cheetah Girl concert (It ends up she didn't go ebcause you were going to stay with Mark that night instead)
So we decided that she should get you on video saying something really random-- and it would be our little thing. Like a inside joke only we knew.

We all pitched in our ideas, and eventually Karina came up with "Elves Will Rule The World"
(This was all in a AIM chat I started up one day, by the way-- nothing face to face here)

So we liked it and decided if we ever saw you, we'd get that on film.

I hope you're having a good week.
We just started practice for "West Side Story" this week.
I know I should be jazzed, but right now I'm going through a lot of emotional pain, so I can't really feel the buzz of excited over learning Coreography and harmonizing.

Lol, wow, this is pathetic- I'm sharing my problems with you now, when really this should just be all private and stuff.
Is it weird that it's easiar to tell YOU than it is with someone I know?

Lol, wow! That's kinda freaky that you're wishing happy Birthday's to everyone!
I'm turning 16 on March 20th, the first day of spring!

Have a good week!


Rachel said...

ELVES RULE THE WORLD! it's an awesome phrase we use at MMO boards! You should so go and read our crazy posts there! Plus you're the President of the IDIOCY CLUB! haha. You MUST go read it... =]

Remember... Elves Will Rule The World!

Btw, I kinda need some advice on guys... what does it mean when you have a GF but you guys are like staring at other girls? haha. Bcuz there's this one guy (my major crush) and like we barely talk but he knows me... and well sometimes I always catch him looking at me... maybe because I'M the one looking at him?... haha. not that I always do. But I'm seriously trying to get over him... because I know I'll NEVER have a chance with him.

So I take my mind off of him by occupying myself with you! & your coolness stuff going on in your life. hehe. ROCK ON, M&Ms!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

iLOVEshoez said...

Hey again Mitchel!! I'm sorry I have no info. on "Elves rule the world"! I would LOVE to help though....

OMG dog died yesterday....she got out and when we went to look for her, we found her lying on the street.....I need some cheering up pleeeeez!!!

love always,
Andie <3 :(

Samantha said...

Elves rule the world? I want an elf for Christmas this year... Hey, I go to MMO all the time, I didn't know what it meant till I read some of these comments.Guess cuz I don't go on the message boards...

My birthday is in September. Darn. Haha.

Have an awesome rest of the week ok Mitch?

Oh, and Amy, if you read the comments like I do sometimes, congratulations!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Mitchel, for wishing everyone a happy birthday. That was so thoughtful. Give yourself, a " pat on the back." Oh my gosh, I feel like a 2 year old. But what can I say childhood is ULTIMATE. Can I get an AMEN?


P.S. Have a great Febuary 28th!

Emily said...

Elves will rule the world you ask?

Haha, Theres a thread all to do with it on MMO. Kinda long story about it but I'm sure someone from there will tell you about it.

Don't worry.. nothing to do with an elf cult haha.

Take care xx

Claire said...

Hey Mitchel, thanks for being so nice and posting on a blog...My name is Claire and I met you at Brookfield Zoo, you sang happy birthday to my little sister Ellen that day lol, on September you're good at saying happy birthday :] lol. YOU ROCK AND I LOVE YOU! you should get an official myspace. and just so you know, i was soooo sad that i didn't win a date with you :[

Paige said...

My birthday was in November... It is kinda late... But yeah. Thanks for saying happy birthday, anyway. Happy birthday to you too, Mitchel!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont think that "elves rule the world" is from anything but I dont really know, sorry. Good luck with finding that out! You have a great day too!!


Tiffany said...

so, like i said yesterday... MY BIRTHDAY IS TODAY and now I'm 15! and we have a snow day on my birthday! which is cool because no school! but, i had a ton of cool birthday stuff planned and i was bringing an enormous sheet cake to musical rehearsal, and now i have to wait till monday to bring the cake and celebrate with my friends and at school tomorrow. which is kinda sad.

but thanks for wishing me a happy birthday (haha)

and of course elves rule the world? haha. that makes total sense, duh mitchel! ;)

hope you have a great day!

Abby said...

I have no clue what "Elves rule the world" is. Hopefully someone else will.

And thanks for the birthday wishes! My birthday is actually on the 14th. Its funny because I'm turning 14 on the 14th lol.

And Lauren, don't worry. Your not the only girl who has either been in or is in that situation. It's happened to me too.

Well have an awesome day Mitchel!!


Anonymous said...

Hiya, Mitchel! The play’s back on! Woohoo!!!!!! We’re going 2 have it 2 weeks from now! I can’t wait!

I saw your pix from the Globetrotters and Wild Hogs premiere. u look so AMAZING!!! u r really photogenic like ME! lol!

The funniest things have been happening @ skool. 2 days ago, I fell UP the stairs and bruised my knee!!! OUCH! Then yesterday, my friend Caroline tripped in Gym and bruised HER knee! Then 2day, my other friend Alex tripped over Caroline’s foot (on accident!) and bruised her ARM!!! lol! Weird, huh?! Ooooo the excruciating pain! Haha!

Also, I’M WRITING A PLAY!!!! well, it’s more like a mini-play...our skool is having a Pep-Rally about our ISAT tests in 2 weeks. @ our student council meeting (I’m vice prez!) we decided 2 make a skit about testing and my teacher put ME in charge of the skit! It’s a Wizard of Oz theme and it’s gonna b great! I also get 2 play the Wizard (well, wizardess, as I call myself!) We’re putting on the play in font of the skool next week! It’s gonna b soo KOOL!!

Well, that’s all I gots 2 say 4 now! Have a great weekend! c ya l8r, sk8r!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I've never seen anything about "Elves rule the world" on the MMO site, but I will keep my eyes open! I do get it now though...thanks Jacquelyn!! LOL anyways, I didn't understand about the whole Lauren thing, but Lauren, if you're reading this, best of luck! And hopefully you're having a better day today! Since Valerie said how much older you were than her, I'll join in on the are...11 months and...14 days older than me! LOL but idk if I will ever have the chance to meet you...I hope so because you are the cutest, sweetest (well I'm guessing...I'm sure you are though!!) guy ever! Well sorry this was so long!

Love always,

Ponchia said...

"Elves rule the world"
OK, so the story behind it is a couple of girls over on the mmo boards were talking on AIM chat one night (not me) when they ask each other what they will say when if they ever got the chance to met u (or something like that). And then one girl said "Elves will rule the world"!
And then the saying was born.
Its not really about anything, its just something totally random.
But its totally awesome.
So I pretty much just said what Jordan

Ashley said...

Hey Mitchel,

Just went to see if any updates where up on your official website! Well gotta ask u a question, but not sure you'll have time to get back, but gonna ask u anyways, well I really like this guy and I think he likes me too, but I want him to ask me out, what should I do? An answer would be appriciated, and no answer will be just fine. Thanks so much, you inspire me more and more each second of my life!

I LUV you Mitchel Musso,

Kathryn said...

sorry mitchel,
I don't know what the elf thing is but i still love you! Tell miley and emily I say hi. The girl who won the Popstar date is very lucky. I hope that you two have an amazing time.

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I have seen "Elves rule the world" on the MMO Boards, but I really dont know what it is.
But anywho,
I cant believe you are coming to Disney! I have to go when you are going! That leads me to one question, aren't the DC Games are on like, April 22 or something? It would be great if you could say when it is so I can go!!!
Tomorrow I am having a sleepover with my friends,who also love you, and we are going to watch the premire of "Smells Like Teen Sellout!" Can't wait!!
Well, I know I keep bringing this up but, in 1 week and 6 days, I am going to L.A. for the Hannah taping!! I just can't wait! I have been counting down the days since Christmas, which was like 80 days ago!
Well I hope you have an awesome week! :]
~abby~ ☺

Becky said...

Sorry Hun, i have no clue what the whole elves thing is about, but if i knew i would tell ya. lol
well the last time i posted i told you that i had to write a script about stranger danger and i had to perform it on monday to the preschoolers, and they loved it! Good thing cuz it wasn't easy! lol so how have you been?? i've been ok, but my family is going through a rough time. My dad ownes a business and someone has been stealing stuff from him, and broke into our old house that's a rental now. so it's been pretty tense around the house the past couple of days. i'm kinda scared. but anyway on a happier note everything else has been going pretty well.
ok well i have to go, i hope you have a SUPER week and weekend.

Karla said...

my birthday is april 28
just like jessica alba!!!!

have a the best day!

HeatheR said...

awww ur so sweet!!! well sorry bout the elves thing, dont kno!! ^^

Mal said...

Hey! what's up?

I'm soooo excited! well not really. it's exam block at school coming up soon and i have heaps of exams and assignments,plus we miss some classes next weeks because we have Choral Festival AND we have major assignments due that week. :( i want to crawl into a hole instead. lol. I shall call the hole- Maltopia! free to anyone who wants a place to get away!!!

hope everything is going well for you and your family too!

Okay well that was my randomness for the day. time to get back to my drama assignment.

love, Mal.

georgina said...

hey mitchel i wont say again what elves rule the world is since people already
hope you have a cool weekend...
update soon...
p.s when its august say happy birthday again coz thats mine lol..
love georgina xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

OMG! MMO answered my rumor about u being ITALIAN!!!!! i could tell that u r! guess what...I'M ITALIAN, TOO!!!!! i show off my Italy pride all da time! i have Italy t-shirts (my fav says "Italy Rocks!") a keychain that says "Everyone Loves and Italian Girl" and a bunch of other stuff! i don't really speak Italian, but I know a few words, like "Mitchel Musso me angelo" means "Mitchel Musso is my angel!" lol! my mom gets made @ dinner when i say "pass the marinera sause" because she wants me 2 say "monanod" (i cant spell, but that's the Italian way 2 say it!) haha! did u ever hear of suprosetta (sometimes its called supersod)? my family makes it every year in honor of my late grandfater (sniffle). Our sod is the BEST!!! every1 pitches in. i tie stirngs so we know whose stick is whose and i pinch the meat 2 get the air out, too! it's so much FUN!!! it's so kool that we haave another thing in common!

as they say in Italy, arivaderchi!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

How cool.
Wow, I've been said Happy Birthday to and my birthday is in September.

I think you've just made my day.

You know, you should come to Japan one day...
Since I'm here...

I doubt there would be a chance that would happen.

Anyway, hope your day is fantastiawesogreatizzle.

And Happy Birthday To You, Too.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what elves rule the world is... sorry. My b-day was Christmas eve, but thanks anyway! Happy early birthday! I bet Lauren appriciates it... I know I would! Wish I could come see you at the DC games, but my April break is the week after. Maybe I'll win disney's contest.... hopefully! Happy Read Across America Day! (March 2, Dr. Suess's birthday)

PS. I think I posted a comment before, but I don't think it worked... I hope my V-day card came (the one that I couldn't send until the day after Pres-day)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I've been looking at this blog for a little bit... I'm a pretty new fan of yours!!! Just wanted to say you're a cool person... don't change! Have an awesome day!
P.S. I'm also a huge Aly and Aj fan... found out you were friends with them!!!

Nicole said...

ELVES WILL RULE TO WORLD ALWAYS! haha fans from MMO where in a chat on aim and we needed a saying from you. i thought id be seeing you on mar17 so i said id get a vid of you saying something just for MMO, but we couldnt think of anything, and one girl said ELVES WILL RULE THE WORLD! ahah, so yeah, it basically just stuck :)

Caroline said...

Elves Rule the World sounds quit strange. I would be worry if I was you. I mean elves are cool, i guess, but that is a little strange.


P.S. Did you get the new FOB cd????

Allie said...

I Love you Mitchel!!! Ha ha you signed my poster. Im like you biggest fan because I absolutely Love the word ENERGYVIEW!!! ha ha Jk well have a good one
LOVE: Allie!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you're on the Green team again this year for the DC Games? If so, Go Green! The other teams would be green with envy. I'll have to work on that a bit... and I'll still find a way to cheer for you if you're on a different team. See ya!

~Margaret :)

sabrina5856!!! said...

no idea mitch

and i did apoll on MMO and more girls like M&M as a nickname than mitch

another is:
Who si the hottest?
Mitchel 100%
Sprouse Bros. 0%

im serious THEY LOVE YOU


How Hot is mitchel?

oooooh get a jug of water 5votes
he's hot 0votes
he's not hes just cool (im a guy)1vote

dontmakefunofemeventhoughim12andmitchelisstillHOTtome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

do you like MCR (my chemical romance) of Panic! at the DIsco?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I was just looking at a youtube video of the disney new year's party and I was wondering... do you speak any languages (other than English)? I take French classes... g2g and Bonne Nuit! (good night)


Kimiya said...

hi mitchel i dunno if u actually read our comments but ive met u like twice now cause you live by me. once i saw u at coldstone and tillys with Miley and another time at the aly and aj amberwatch after party. my friend lives on ur street and i think thats pretty cool. anyways maybe ill see u again at the mall or something but im not an obsessed fan. id probably just say hi cause im chillaxin like that. ok bye!

Esther said...

hey mitchel!

you know ray? he was on hannah montana once as hannah's dancer when hannah gives jackson a job. he was also in a production of high school musical the musical! haha! i went to watch that because my friends mom helped with it! she told me he was on hannah montana and i was like hey mitchels on there! haha. just wanted to know if you know him or not. haha.